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Read It With Whiskey

This is an interview podcast featuring self-published authors of sci-fi and fantasy books. The purpose behind this podcast is to introduce You, the reader, to your new favorite author, all while splashing you with a little bit of whiskey.This podcast is hosted by Laura Juntunen, a self-published author, creative entrepreneur, speaker, reader, and bunny-mum. Laura interviews self-published authors, because…let’s get real, as a reader, it’s not easy finding the next rising author on your own!Each interview includes exclusive book information, directly from the authors. Topics include behind-the-scenes curiosities; we talk character, plotline, and setting inspiration stories; and we always mention whiskey, of course!Let's get to know the person behind the page. Sit back, sip some whiskey, and lean in to these self-published authors!


R.S. Williams, Kingdom of Lies 31:28 05/10/2022
Laura Juntunen, The Shockwave Series 38:13 04/26/2022
J.P. McDonald, The Invisible Tether 48:48 04/12/2022
Seth Overton, The Mortal Gate 38:35 03/29/2022
E.A. Robins, Scion of the Oracle 46:36 03/15/2022
Destiny Hawkins, The Descendants 29:47 03/01/2022
Danielle M. Orsino, Locked Out of Heaven 39:52 02/15/2022
T.S. Beier, Escaping First Contact 29:15 02/01/2022
Catherine Downen, The Markings 38:19 01/18/2022
Suzette Arellano, The New Dawn 31:00 01/04/2022
Exclusive Book Club Sign-Up Opportunity 09:35 01/02/2022
Sacha Black, Keepers 42:48 12/21/2021
A.L. Hooke, Daughter of the Antediluvian World 29:54 12/07/2021
Patrick Johns, Junkland 40:51 11/23/2021
Kristen Martin, Shadow Crown 38:56 11/09/2021
Kia Carrington-Russell, Token Huntress 41:41 10/26/2021
Ireen Chau, The Herbwitch's Apprentice 29:17 10/12/2021
Lisa Johnston, Wakeless 28:47 09/28/2021
Douglas W.T. Smith, The Shadow of the Wicked 37:11 09/14/2021
Max B. Sternberg, The Rhise of Light 32:55 08/31/2021
Todd Mika, Tales From Grimmgard 36:47 08/17/2021
Nathaniel DeZago, Cries of Battle: Selstra 34:20 08/03/2021
Jack Casey, The Royal Green 31:52 07/20/2021
Updated Trailer + LJL Update 10:13 07/13/2021
What's next for RIWW? 00:59 07/13/2021
Nova McBee, Calculated 30:50 07/06/2021
William R. Hincy, Without Expiration 36:15 06/29/2021
K.A. Masson, Alter Ego 37:39 06/22/2021
Dan Petrosini, Cory's Dilemma 39:59 06/15/2021
C.S. Wachter, The Sorcerer's Bane 35:06 06/08/2021