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CoinGeek Conversations is a weekly podcast update on the thriving BitcoinSV ecosystem - for beginners as well as those already deeply immersed in it. CoinGeek's Charles Miller meets entrepreneurs, technologists and businesspeople to ask about their work and their visions for the future. You don't need to be an expert in computer science or business studies. But you do need an appetite to learn about the most exciting new technology of our time.


Blockchain for health and education in Africa 26:29 06/29/2022
Joe Holles de Peyer: My ‘eureka’ moment about the value of blockchain 31:32 06/22/2022
Patryk Walaszczyk: What IBM is learning from working with BSV 20:10 06/15/2022
Somi Arian: Could BSV be the Microsoft of Web3? 25:34 06/08/2022
Dr Mohamed Al Hemairy: How blockchain can stop academic fraud 21:49 06/01/2022
Calvin Ayre: The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is like Woodstock for those in the industry 21:59 05/11/2022
Jack Liu: The price of Bitcoin matters 49:25 05/04/2022
IPv6 at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention 22:23 04/27/2022
CoinGeek Conversations: A Look Back at CoinGeek Conferences 21:40 04/20/2022
Tony Mugavero: NFTV unites entertainment and blockchain 35:23 04/13/2022
Nick Numas: Genuine Retweets has doubled some people's wages 36:49 04/06/2022
Introducing the eight startups from Satoshi Block Dojo 18:13 03/30/2022
Osmin Callis: The future looks bright for Bitcoin SV entrepreneurs 19:51 03/23/2022
Michael Hudson: We need regulators and big brands to get the BSV message 25:11 03/16/2022
How two old friends are supporting Ukraine with a charity NFT 24:41 03/09/2022
Mandeep Singh: From medicine to rap, with a little help from Bitcoin SV 33:39 03/02/2022
Owen Vaughan: Economics is now part of blockchain research 19:03 02/23/2022
Richard Baker: The Bitcoin SV community must unite to win over the market 26:16 02/16/2022
Eswar Prasad: The cryptocurrency revolution will touch us all 29:47 02/09/2022
Joshua Henslee: Every significant metric is positive for BSV 37:08 02/02/2022
Meike Krautscheid: Europe is waking up to blockchain technology 29:46 01/26/2022
Going Green with Bitcoin SV 31:56 01/19/2022
2021: A year of innovation and litigation 29:17 12/22/2021
Stefan Matthews: TAAL is much more than a one trick pony 21:22 12/15/2021
Ty Everett: Building a better internet 22:09 12/08/2021
Brian Choi: How blockchain can help the food industry 18:01 12/01/2021
Brandon Bryant: It’s game on for Handcash 15:49 11/24/2021
Taylor Searle: Introducing gamers to Handcash 20:55 11/17/2021
Victor Tang: Making NFTs more nifty 23:43 11/10/2021
Dave Perrill: Compute North provides the power behind blockchain 22:32 11/03/2021