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Sometimes three, sometimes five best pals and their exquisitely-built equine assistants sometimes get their hands on working audio recording equipment and a stolen WiFi connection in their squatters dungeon. We will declare Jihad on the Blue Man Group.  


Liberal Media "Netflix" Cancels Kanye Album 'Donda III: The Barefootjob Contessa and Me'
Listen to the fully reloaded content in this months episode of Slappin Bird Pod, where we explain where we've been, where're we'reere're going'', and whwerre'er we want to be...Love and Peace SBP 
109:23 1/28/23
The Balducci Scandal Part 1
Happy Holidays and welcome back to Slappin Bird.  This week, Antoine Balducci is accused of killing off Santa's reindeer, and faces the consequences.  Follow us on IG: @SlappinBirdPod
102:21 12/27/21
Hoodie Weather Part 2 Version A
This episode is sponsored by Chicken ParmEnter Promo Code SlappinBird4100236-001988 for 10% off Chicken Parm anywhere!(Only Participating Locations Apply)Instagram @SlappinBirdPodNothing said on this podcast is real. 
84:40 10/11/21
"Allow Me to Introduce Myself - I am Booty Ass" - by Booty Ass
The second single from the upcoming untitled Booty Ass LP has just been released and there are rumors that Dr. Dre AND Rick Rubin Ross will be executive producing the ENTIRE THIGNG! Wow, so glad we've decided to bankroll Booty Ass - clearly he is a musical genius.  Also, host your podcast on Buzzsprout by clicky clicking - Podcast affiliate link:
02:16 8/22/21
"It's a Booty Ass" - Booty Ass ft. Tavis Barcker
This is the first single from the miuch anticipated untitled upcoming EP from none other than Booty Ass!Podcast affiliate link:
02:21 8/22/21
Full Gape
Take it in - take it in the desert!Podcast affiliate link:
84:36 8/22/21
Brown Poem
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
02:52 6/6/21
The Return of Slappin' Bird: Iron Dome?
We are back with a VENGEANCE!! My wife hates me. Anyway…Buy your Amacock5000 on Amazon’s Home Depot account today 
79:52 5/17/21
Live! From 4 Seasons Landscaping and Crematorium - Featuring an Interview with Trent Reznor!
Thanks for joining us again.In the latest installment of the worlds last funny podcast, we discuss how we ended up booking time at the 4 Seasons (landscaping and crematorium) and interview Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails!  Follow us on Instagram! @SlappinBirdPod
90:15 11/11/20
Smegs and Eggs
Hello : Rene, Nico, Ben and Greg gather for another installment of SBP. We chat live with a doctor about the negative health effects of "leaking cheese" and the things your doctor can do if you're experiencing these symptoms.  As always, this podcast is better than Yeah But Still, and Joe Ragaon Experiecne.  Follow us on Instagram:@SlappinBirdPod
97:39 8/24/20
Bear Milk - The Cure to COVID-19
This episode is dedicated to memory of Damien Grubb.  This slow-burner episode features the full cast of SBP - Nico, Alex, Greg, Rene and Uncle Benjamin Netanyoohoo.  We introduce the show again four to five times, each one unsuccessfully, and finally get interrupted by a longtime friend of the pod.  Listen to find out who it is.Follow us on Instagram:@SlappinBirdPod@Wicked_Righteous@ProvoloneSoldier@thehuman.will@three.balled.raven
109:25 7/12/20
Do Alien's Exist?
Welcome back to SBP - the most scientific podcast on the internet.  This week we tackle the topic of extraterrestrial life.  Did alien's create us?Are they watching us have sex?This week on SBpod, you don't want to miss the answers to these questions.  Follow us on Instagram@SlappinBirdPod
100:21 3/9/20
Booty Ass
We're joined by Alex Iovino (@elnatural_al) to discuss how Alex (former host of SBP) died when he was hit by Kobe Bryant's helicopter while holding a basket of prairie dog babies, the multiplicity of John Denver (there are many John Denvers), and how Ricky Gervais earned the nickname "Slick Ricky" Gervais in college.  And remember the band “76 Trombones Leading the Big Parade”? And “110 Cornettes Leading Behind”? They make an appearance with our newest musical act, Booty Ass. Thanks for listening!@SlappinBirdPod
106:55 1/27/20
The Gray Ape
We're in the midst of the ape's Stone Age evolution.  And global warming..what happens next?It's Slappin' Bird by the numbers.  Enjoy!@SlappinBirdPodCheck out my other podcast:@WireNutsPodcast
124:30 1/20/20
Drifter Meat
In this episode Greg and Nico are without guests, without Ben and Alex, left to their own devices...what happens now?Instagram:@slappinbirdpod
101:22 12/16/19
Masters of War
After a lengthy absence, Slappin' Bird returns for a fully reloaded episode with Rene.  Instagram: @SlappinBirdPod
102:53 12/2/19
Hoodie Weather
Welcome back to Slappin' Bird Pod. The only comedy podcast left on the planet. We return with a familiar cast of voices: Ben, Nico and Greg, to discuss the joys of hoodie weather, non-con, and Backshot Season.  We hope you enjoy this installment of our podcast.  If you want to connect with us, visit us on Instagram @SlappinBirdPodor Email
89:43 11/4/19
Autissimo with Damien
The gang reunites to speak on the issues that affect out world today.. 
84:38 10/14/19
Jeffey’s Closet/Mehalemeklemelehmeh Meditation
Greg and Alex instruct a session on deep meditation and talk about missing Jeffrey Epstein. 
43:04 9/30/19
Bonus: The Handjob Witch - "The Bohemian Fapsody"
The Handjob Witch sings her own Bohemian Rhapsody...the Bohemian Fapsody.Why does this exist?@SlappinBirdPod on InstagramDM us for a free Beanie Baby.
05:52 9/18/19
Focus on the Chaps with Jesse
We welcome Jesse to the podcast, a local vagrant and war criminal, and we discuss the lengths we went to get him on the podcast.  We migrate into conversations about necrophilia, bukkake, the Handjob Witch sells her milking table, among other terrible and horrendous things.  Enjoy!Follow us on Instagram!@SlappinBirdPod
76:08 8/31/19
Jeffrey Epstein is Alive, and He Is Ice Cream Jones
Jeffrey Epstein reportedly dies by suicide by hanging. A mysterious suicide "tape".  Ice Cream Jones.  The Handjob Witch. Stericycle? How are they all connected?  In this episode we take you on a rollercoaster of drama and action as we begin to unravel the story of how Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, and why.  We are joined by Damien as we uncover disturbing details about the relationship between Epstein, the Handjob Witch, and hog meat.  Follow us on Instagram:@SlappinBirdPodDM us for free SBPR podcast stickers and magnets!Thanks for listening!
68:30 8/19/19
Donald Glover Does Cokes with (De-boned) Elvis
Without a guest and without Alex again, we are left to our own devices.  We imagine what its like at Graceland; if Elvis was "alive", and much more. Step into the weird world of Slappin' Bird. Enjoy. Leave a comment.  Get some stickers and magnets.  Follow us on Instagram@SlappinBirdPod
86:58 8/5/19
Epstein Island with Turtle
This week we're joined by Turtle, a vagrant from Warwick who spends his time on Twitter making fake accounts just to harass and stalk Lebron James. We're also joined by Ben, a longtime substitute for Alex, who is dead. We break tradition and check in on everyone's mental health (very important) and namedrop everyone who spent time on Epstein's Island, a billionaire's trading colony for the trafficking of children among powerful oligarchs.  Send us a DM with your feedback on the episode!Follow us on Instagram!@SlappinBirdPodEnjoy!
92:38 7/22/19
The Ballad of Bryan, the Boy Made of Dick-Headskin
In this episode we are joined by Brian, one of three people in the world to have his body totally encapsulated by the same skin that comprises your dick head (or glans).  He is joined by his surgeon, Jean-Claud Long, who explains how the entire mix-up happened, and then our halftime musician performs a new song for us, "Pizza Bun"! We are so excited to hear their material, you may have heard of them, the Barenaked Ladies? After that, we reminisce on some Rhode Island-specific things, and round it off with a good ole shout out to our friend G Johnce.  Love you G Johnce.  Also, fuck you G Johnce! Visit Gjohnce.comFollow us on Instagram:@SlappinBirdPod
88:13 7/8/19
How the Handjob Witch Milked Joe Rogans with Rene
In this episode we welcome back Rene Reyes, a longtime associate, who offers some wisdom on milking tables, UFOs, Joe Rogaine, and who to vote for on 2020 and we embark on a strange journey with the Handjob Witch.  Enjoy.  As always, this Podcast is Way Better than "Yeah But Still", "The Joe Rogans Experience", among others.  Please do not confuse the quality of Slappin' Bird with the pitiful content offered by our competitors.  Follow us on Instagram:@slappinbirdpod;Follow Rene:@thehuman_will.
64:01 6/25/19
Mons Enlargement Therapy with Ben
The Slappers return with Benjamin Netanyoohoo, recently released from prison, to interrogate him on his motives for the dreaded incident of moist chamber invasion and proceed to a casual evening of discussing mons enlargement, strange anus (and what that means for the future), and we admonish Stericycle of all wrongdoing as per our contractual obligation. Intro song: “Jesus is the One” by Zack Fox and Kenny Beats Outro song: “KRIT HERE” by Big KRIT 
79:22 6/17/19
Facts About Circumcision (RIP Scatman! Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub!)
We miss you Scatman! Love you.  Follow us on Instagram@SlappinBirdPod
63:02 5/25/19
The Three-Balled Raven
Ben commandeers the podcast after drugging Greg and Nico and hiding them in the Vatican root cellar. Ben becomes an official member of Stericycle's Soul Squadron, forming a small cadre of acolytes that worship the occult and form a suicide pact.  Ice Cream Jones launches an assault on ice cream made from cow's milk, and things round out after a moving rendition of "Don't Stop Believing."  Follow us on Instagram:@SlappinBirdPod
64:59 5/6/19
The Dirtbike Man with the Best Horse Meat in NYC with Rob Pierce (@robpiercestand_up)
Welcome back to Slappin' Bird Podcast. Our first guest after a much-needed hiatus is a man who lost feeling in his penis and then got it back. We have Rob Pierce with us, a stand-up comic who performs at the Comedy Connection frequently, sit down with us and razzle your frazzle for a show bedazzled with creampies, werewolves, and vocal male orgasms! Follow Rob Pierce:@robpiercestand_up on InstagramRob Pierce on YouTube: us on Instagram@SlappinBirdPod
89:31 4/29/19