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Science of Sports Recovery

The Science of Sports Recovery Podcast dives deep into what the elite athletes are doing for their recovery routines that keep them at the top levels of performance. Guests include Professional Athletes from all disciplines as well as World-Leading Researchers on specific tools, nutrition, and trends in the Sports recovery industry to make sure you know Fact from Placebo to help you develop the recovery routine to take you to the top of your sport. Hosted by Jase Kraft - Recovery Specialist and Mindset Coach - Jase is a former DII All-American, a 4:10 miler, and led his cross country team to a 5th place finish at nationals (2018). Now an elite Obstacle Course Racer, Jase helps athletes develop their recovery routine and come to every competition with a healthy body and mind. For more information on the Jase Kraft and Science of Sports Recovery visit: Instagram:


Re-Run The Great Thaw of the Icing Myth - Gary Reinl 102:42 09/07/2021
Re-Run Periodize Your Nutrition for Optimal Performance -Jenn Giles 65:06 08/31/2021
Re-Run Becoming a Durable Athlete with Kelly Starrett 67:41 08/24/2021
42: The Power of Sleep With Joshua Collins 45:27 08/17/2021
41: The Power of Your CNS and True Health with Dr. Nate DeJong 47:22 08/10/2021
40: Burn Out Catches You by Surprise with Bobbie Kahler 55:37 08/03/2021
39: CBD Oil -> Good or Evil? with Jake Crossman 48:04 07/27/2021
38 - An Overview of Recovery for Athletes with Brian Scott & The Injured List 43:59 07/20/2021
37: How Mental Health Affects Recovery with Coach P 53:03 07/13/2021
36: Intermittent Fasting for Athletes? True or false? with Mike Murray 48:35 07/06/2021
Thank You + Teasers 01:43 06/29/2021
35: 8 Exercises for Avoiding Injuries with Jeff Pelizarro 53:08 06/22/2021
34: Purpose Driven Sleep Routine with Jim Davis 61:05 06/15/2021
33: Mental Prep & Concussions with Jim Davis 60:21 06/08/2021
32: Build Your Entourage with Ari Gronich 50:06 06/01/2021
31: Eliminating Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport with Sarah Schlichter 48:23 05/25/2021
30: Eat More to Get Leaner with Kylie Ohlmiller 43:21 05/18/2021
29: Recovering with Positivity and Slowly Leveling-Up with Alex Weber 44:45 05/11/2021
28: What it means to Be a Life-Athlete with Cory Camp 46:35 05/04/2021
27: How Women Should be Working with Their Body with Dr. Stacy Sims 45:57 04/27/2021
26 - Blood Flow Restriction to Increase Recovery? with Johnny Owens 40:52 04/20/2021
25: Are Probiotics the Super Food Claims Suggest? with Jaimie Pugh 44:58 04/13/2021
24: Count Your Macro Nutrients for Peak Performance with Rich Ryan 60:12 04/06/2021
23: Protecting the Mind with Joe Rinaldi 56:42 03/30/2021
22: How to Balance Entrepreneurship & Training with Faye Stenning 64:56 03/23/2021
21: Periodize Your Nutrition for Optimal Performance -Jenn Giles 64:47 03/16/2021
20: Olympics to Injury to Olympics Again with Jess O'Connell 56:21 03/09/2021
19: Women are not Men. How to work with the Menstrual Cycle for Optimal Performance w/Helene Guillaume 52:51 03/02/2021
18 - How to Recover Like a Spartan Games Champion - Ryan Atkins 63:22 02/23/2021
17: How to Truly be a Healthy Athlete - Dr. Kyle Levers 66:21 02/16/2021