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Hi, welcome to the Chronic Pleasure Podcast! I’m your hostess with the mostest, Karen Lorre. If you are here, you may be looking for more pleasure in your life? On Chronic Pleasure Podcast, we will talk about all the forms of pleasure that life can provide. We’ll talk about how many people - maybe even you - block themselves from what they really want. And, I will share fun ways to unblock yourself, so you can create a life full of overflowing pleasure, increase your financial abundance, and attract the people and situations and opportunities you desire. I am a former pre-med student who studied mind/body science in college, then became an actor, where I watched my physiology and life shift with each new character I played. Plus, I have had a voracious appetite for learning about the brain, epigenetics- which is the science of how we can influence our genetic expression, health, people and spirituality, I have meditated for over 29 years. I have also been an acrobat, and trapeze artist and have watched my body do what I thought was impossible. And about 12 years ago, I had an incredible spiritual awakening that transformed my body into vibrant health, enhanced every area of my life, and has rendered me in total love with everyone and everything. I have learned how to be totally intuitive, so I feel like I am being constantly danced and guided by the universe. And, I have learned how to really help You get the freedom, power and joy to manifest what you want. On Chronic Pleasure Podcast, I will share my secrets to living the life of your dreams. I want to help you be who you really want to be, and to do and to have what you want to do and to have. To learn more about what I do, go to and get your free gift!


Episode 21: How To Shine Your Light When You Have Resistance 18:21 03/22/2022
Episode 20: How to Stop Resisting Your Own Well Being 18:57 03/21/2022
Episode 19: The Power of Silence 11:50 03/14/2022
Episode 18: How to Remain Playful All Your Life 12:56 03/08/2022
Episode 17 - How to Visualize What You Want if You Can't Visualize 13:08 03/03/2022
Episode 16 - How The Universe Conspires to Give You What You Want 13:42 02/21/2022
Episode 15 - How to Be More Fit, Raise your Human Growth Hormone and Benefit Your Immune System 12:59 02/16/2022
Episode 14 - Let's Talk About Food, Baby! How to Nourish Yourself and the World 13:37 02/09/2022
Bonus: Location Station and Hayden Schade Interview Karen Lorre on Iconic TV Shows 52:45 02/08/2022
Episode 13 - How to Deal with Prejudice 14:09 02/03/2022
Episode 12 - How to Stop People Pleasing and Be Authentic 11:15 01/25/2022
Episode 11 - How to Get Out of the Abuse Cycle in Relationships 11:15 01/21/2022
Bonus - Karen Lorre on Australian News - How to Have Resilience No Matter What 08:19 01/08/2022
Episode 10 - How to Deal with Unrequited Love 13:15 01/08/2022
Episode 9 - How to Visualize What You Want Without Being Attached 12:59 12/23/2021
Episode 8 - Use Blissipline to Deal with Fear 12:56 12/08/2021
Episode 7 - How to Remain Centered in a Crazy World 11:47 12/07/2021
Episode 6 - Use Chronic Pain as Your Guide 12:21 11/16/2021
Freedom from Addiction - Harnessing the Power of Obsession 18:23 11/10/2021
Episode 5 - Divorce the Thoughts You Married 13:03 11/02/2021
Episode 4 - Subconscious Beliefs and their Potential Effects Upon Us 11:54 10/26/2021
Episode 3 - Dont use Discipline, Use Blissipline! 12:08 10/21/2021
Episode 2 - Death and the First Law of Thermodynamics 13:32 10/17/2021
Episode 1 12:15 10/05/2021
Chronic Pleasure Podcast Trailer 04:25 11/12/2020