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The Digital Workspace Works Podcast

In the Digital Workspace Works podcast; We will cover the ever-strengthened digital workspace. Together and with the help of experts we will unpack this broad term - Digital Workspace. The ecosystem that blends people, process and technology so that work can get done. We will focus on the various moving disjointed pieces which need to work together in harmony to enable the user with seamless and highly effective end user experience.


Making Hybrid Work 23:20 11/29/2021
Working remote or hybrid-Maybe It's Time for a Move 24:13 11/22/2021
Rethinking Performance Management for Anywhere Work 41:59 11/15/2021
Disrupting Disruption-How Businesses Are Recovering from Pandemic Effects 41:20 11/08/2021
iPad Features that Make Productivity a Breeze 16:49 11/01/2021
Sci-Fi Meets Reality: Dune and The Metaverse 36:39 10/25/2021
Automating Away Annoying Tasks 25:10 10/18/2021
The Future of Work with Technologist & Author Prashant Pandey 48:57 10/11/2021
The Rise of the Remote Work Influencer 32:47 10/04/2021
Business Process Automation for Better CX 32:13 09/27/2021
Developing Open Source Skills in the UK | OpenUK's Upcoming Kids Camp and Digital Gloves Giveaway 44:49 09/20/2021
The Six Elements of Workplace Transformation 43:58 09/13/2021
Overemployed: The Trend of Working Two Remote Jobs 39:08 09/06/2021
How to Work Remotely During a Power Outage 43:03 08/30/2021
Building a Map to Navigate Digital Challenges in Policing 55:15 08/23/2021
Using Tech for Good at Guide Dogs 36:55 08/17/2021
Combating Digital Poverty in the UK #JoiningtheDots 22:54 08/09/2021
Saving Lives Through Digital Transformation 48:40 08/02/2021
The Value of Anonymous Employee Feedback for Hybrid Workplaces 42:23 07/26/2021
How Being the Office Clown Could Help Your Career 26:03 07/19/2021
How to Build a Brand People Love 39:19 07/12/2021
Is Being a Digital Nomad Dangerous? 25:57 07/05/2021
Windows 11: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 61:27 06/28/2021
Digital Nomad: Cape Town 22:59 06/21/2021
Tips for Time-Saving Workflows 55:37 06/14/2021
IT for a Premier League football club 53:04 06/06/2021
Digital Nomads Part 2: Why Do It? 28:05 05/30/2021
Digital Nomads Part 1: Who Are They? 29:28 05/24/2021
Joining the Dots for Digital Inclusion 29:28 05/17/2021
Are Distributed Teams Lower Risk? 37:42 05/10/2021