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Wellness Radio with Dr. J is a philosophical and esoteric journey on how to recognize the Body, Mind and Spirit oneness through awakening and expanded consciousness while being in this human moment in time. What is the world we live in, how can we see with new eyes, can we let go and heal all aspects of self, and can we step up to be the people we were meant to become this lifetime?Dr. Jeanette is a visionary who can 'see' beyond the words we speak, the pains we suffer, and the longing we seek in our body, heart, and soul. She shares, in casual conversation with her guests, the many paths we can explore to expand our moments in time. Nothing to hit you over the head or break you open to never find the pieces; it is a gentle walk through the mind and heart strings.We promise to tell stories, have a laugh, walk the path with you and cry a few tears at any given moment. We got you! Why? Dr. Jeanette has been there, fallen on the path, excavated fears and emotions from the gut, wailed for eons in time, and felt left alone in the desert of time. She has turned every rock, defined every cloud, and poured oceans of tears over her decades of life and continues each day to see what is next in this expansion of life.Topics covered on the show can range from children's books and End of Life to paranormal and body health support. You will not find politics here, nor will you find 'the way'. You will be exploring a concept that allow you to open your thoughts and be set out on your seeker path. May you find the next step, and if that plunges you into the abyss, I hope you find you always had wings! Be the powerful spiritual being that is bringing all lifetime together in human form, to activate a more cohesive and compassionate society in this century. Thank you for joining me here and exploring our present moment, one sparkling light at a time, and showing up. Stand tall, even if it is from within. Be well and must love to you. For more information on Dr. Jeanette and her events, services, social media, blog posts, and free books and newsletter, visit:


After a life of trauma and challenges, how do you manifest a feeling of joy, love and health if you have never known these feelings. 44:00 08/27/2021
Navigating your soul journey with plant medicines, mushrooms, marijuana, and alcohol 52:17 08/25/2021
Being a master of illusion is the game to challenge your beliefs, truths, and rules in the criminal system 52:15 08/24/2021
Lifetimes of service and showing up as New York City Firefighters and their legacies post 9/11. 49:20 08/22/2021
Healthcare vs Access: Supporting Patients 38:40 08/13/2021
Managing Your Health: Access vs Care Part 1 29:56 08/11/2021
No running, no hiding, and no escape from the mind, body, and reset of the energy frequency. 43:22 08/07/2021
How can Spiritual work and money be in the same sentence and support each other? 35:38 08/04/2021
Our hearts have been diseased, crushed, broken and alone, but what is the heart soul journey? 53:35 08/01/2021
Why is our body rebelling and how did we get here in this sickened state? 58:22 07/30/2021
Gut Issues in Children; Do Not Wait to Ask for Help 34:03 07/28/2021
STD's, Nursing Homes, Lifetime Secrets and Elder Care; Life After 50 56:03 07/25/2021
New Age Children's Book: Bringing Kids back out into Nature 30:45 07/23/2021
Exploring the life of a sensitive, intuitive, and soul awakened spirit 53:40 07/16/2021
Darkness demons now arising as fear, pain, depression, anger and addictions 37:12 07/14/2021
Addiction, Pain and the Soul Journey 33:58 07/11/2021
Creating and navigating your End of Life story 46:57 07/07/2021
Finding wisdom of the soul in the evolution of humanity 43:28 07/02/2021
Humans, animals, and plants are all in a symbiosis of life; how can we support and respect each other? 41:43 06/27/2021
What are the universal principles that will guide us over the Rainbow Bridge towards peace and harmony? 49:33 06/25/2021
Traversing the End of Life through despair and enlightenment to the afterlife; what do we fear? 39:00 06/23/2021
Praying: God are you on a Sabbatical or did you forget me? 30:21 06/20/2021
Wisdom; how is it showing up these days as we venture through our awakening? 45:15 06/18/2021
When to ask for help after fears, beliefs, abuse, addictions, and pain start to arise. 26:09 06/16/2021
Creating a life of possibility, can we really shake our old deep belief structure? 54:12 06/12/2021
A New Age Bible of fantasy and magic to navigate the esoteric soul journey 38:37 06/10/2021
Exploring intuition, psychic abilities, telepathy and spirits through our life decades 47:08 05/31/2021
Decades of terrorism, violations of human rights and destruction in Peru; can there be change? 53:20 05/29/2021
Dancing with words through poetry and the challenges of our life 47:30 05/29/2021
Time to explore the stories of our dreams, nightmares and out of body experiences. 49:46 05/27/2021