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Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!


Danny Brown Can't Believe This Is On YouTube | Your Mom's House Ep. 727
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.This week on Your Mom’s House, Christina and Tom welcome Danny Brown back on the pod! Christina opens up the episode with an update on what happened while she was in Canada and her newest Pazsitzky Effect. Enny has a new addition to his Cap Report that may have you scratching your head. Once Danny makes his entrance, he updates Tom and CP on what’s going on with his life and music. Tom nudges Danny into a trying standup soon. Danny is then subjected to the YMH lineup of special videos like cool educational videos, Horrible or Hilarious, and inmate penpal. They wrap up the episode with Christina’s curations of TikToks.
99:41 9/27/23
Farewell Nadav | Your Mom's House Ep. 726
I Love Columbia!! Welcome back to another episode of YMH. This week, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss Christina’s plan after Tom dies, how Tom accidentally “twinned” with cousin Andrew Huberman, attractive men who marry blah women, embracing anti-social behavior, and more! They watch videos of a guy explaining why girls with big butts smell, new videos from the Columbia guy, and some more educational videos.It’s a sad day at Studio Jeans, long-time producer Nadav Itzkowitz is leaving the Jean Team. He sits down with the Main Mommies to discuss his time with the show, what’s going to happen with the marathon, and what next is in store for him.
81:00 9/20/23
High On Stage w/ Dan Soder | Your Mom's House Ep. 725
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.It’s another episode of YMH with Todd and Christine! This week, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss Tom’s new stand-up material, bribing Charo to come on the podcast, the difference between Labor Day and Memorial Day, the Spanish soccer coach who kissed his player on the lips, and much more! They pay tribute to Jimmy Buffett and read the lyrics to a little-known song of his, and watch a video of a cool dude who claims he had homosexual relations with Barack Obama.Dan Soder joins the Main Mommies to discuss missing smoking cigarettes, getting drunk and high on stage, hanging with Dave Chappelle, free climbing, and cave diving, getting hurt as a kid, and much more! They watch New York’s cool new gender training video, some “Horrible or Hilarious” clips, plus Tom shares his infamous horse video.  
95:21 9/13/23
What Are Your Charges? w/ H. Foley & Kevin Ryan | Your Mom's House Ep. 724
We’re Home Here Now for a new episode of YMH!! This week Tom Segura and Christina P watch a cool video of a guy explaining why women in their 40s taste better, another dude who got busted sniffing butts in a bookstore, plus they meet some sweet Idaho inmates who are looking for penpals.Kevin Ryan and H Foley from the “Are You Garbage?” podcast join the Main Mommies to discuss Ozempic, public vs. private meals, getting bribed as a juror, if Christina is Garbage, and why Lauren Compton definitely is, and more! Todd and Christine introduce the boys to their prison pen pals and they play a fun game of “Guess The Charges!” They wrap up by watching some fun “Horrible or Hilarious” videos.
86:45 9/6/23
We Might Be Bi w/ Mark Normand | Your Mom's House Ep. 723
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Comedy! This week on Your Mom's House, Mark Normand stops by to talk about his new special Soup to Nuts, his workout routine, and to enjoy some of Tom's Horrible or Hilarious clips and Christina's TikTok Curations. We also get two new Cap Reports and a follow-up on bisexuality from a fellow comedian. Other topics include: How often to "sharpen your knife", what addiction to choose, and the recent resurgence of the R-Word. Finally, we're imposing a weight limit here at Studio Jeans and Tom calls Dr. Drew with a brilliant idea about educational content.
108:44 8/30/23
Tom's New Glasses | Your Mom's House Ep. 722
This week on YMH, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss Tom’s new transition glasses, and how Nadav feels about them, give an update on Nadav running the New York City Marathon, respond to emails about ED being cap, and reenact Rudy Giuliani’s scandalous audio transcripts. They watch videos of a cool truck stop proposition, more videos from the King and the “Columbia Cool Guy,” a pregnant non-binary person, another video from the infamous Nair hair removal guy, and some TikToks from an extremely productive mom, plus much more!
101:29 8/23/23
Nair Hair Removal | Your Mom's House Ep. 721
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Why do dads love World War II? How is this graphic video still on YouTube? Why is RPC so upset? On this episode of Your Mom's House, Tom and Christina tackle these questions and more. Apparently, it's been quite an interesting summer for the Mommies as Tom almost drowned in the ocean and Christina got into a huge confrontation outside of a grocery store. We also get the return of The King, a discussion on aliens, and two brand new Cap Reports! Finally, Nadav gives us an update on his journey to the New York City Marathon. We're all really excited for him!
105:09 8/16/23
Completely Perverted w/ Yoshi Obayashi | Your Mom's House Ep. 720
Catch Yoshi Obayashi at Fringe Fest! Tickets here:'s%20Adult%20Content%22PULL YOUR JEANS UP!! It's another episode of YMH with Todd and Christine! This week the Main Mommies respond to the feedback they've received about the "ED is Cap" segment, take a look at Robert Paul Champagne's recent social media activity (he's mad at us), and watch a video of a cool guy "slave".They are joined by YMH favorite, comedian Yoshi Obayashi. Yoshi discusses Ted Kaczynski, terrorists, prostitution, the BLM movement, the sexual preferences of elite men, his experience with medical testing, Jeffrey Epstein, his recent trip to Japan, vacationing in Afghanistan, and much more. Tom and Christina show him Christina's TikTok curations, some cool Asian videos, and Tom's favorite horse video.
89:31 8/9/23
The Gift Of Dental Work w/ Sarah Tiana | Your Mom's House Ep. 719
WHAT’S UP CHOMOS? It’s another episode of Your Mom’s House. This week, Tom Segura and Christina P are joined by comedian Sarah Tiana. They discuss working at an amusement park, the importance of dental work, utilizing sleep tape, college football, Sex and the City, and much more! The Main Mommies introduce her to Rex from Humans of New York and Daddy Demarkco, show her videos of a girl getting a very cool neck tattoo, a ride operator prankster, a potentially racist cat, and Christina’s TikTok curations.
80:52 8/2/23
No Pain, No Gain w/ Tony Hinchcliffe | Your Mom's House Ep. 718
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Welcome back to the mommy-dome with Tom Segura and Christina P! Tim and Kirstin try and help dig Nadav out of the hole of negativity he’s found himself in surrounding this marathon, and announce that there will definitely be a punishment under circumstances. We learn from our favorite cool guy who to pick up goth chicks, Gorlock the Destroyer, hear one of Tom’s drunkest stories and we have a HUGE announcement to share: Garth Brooks has completely blocked Tom on Instagram. We then welcome professional roaster, podcaster and comedian: Tony Hinchcliffe! Tony gives some incredibly supportive advice to Nadav, shares some Redban and Joey Diaz stories, and describes the liberty he gets to experience while doing comedy in Austin. They talk about how awesome Austin is (minus all the killings), Demarkco Flemming, and Tony shares his feelings on how terrible Whataburger is. We wrap up the episode with some of Christina’s most fear-inducing curations of TikToks.
104:33 7/26/23
The New Challenge w/ Robert Iler | Your Mom's House Ep. 717
Catch the all new podcast out of YMH Studios “Not Today Pal with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler” every Thursday!Dude, I actually really really have explosive anus! This week we learn PMS is cap, we get some tips on avoiding child support and murder charges, and the mommies imagine what Daddy Demarco would do to Nadav.Then, we welcome back YMH all star and new addition to the podcast family: Robert Iler! This episode was filmed 2 days before the basketball game, so there is basketball talk as well as figuring out the new challenge. Is someone on staff running the New York Marathon?! We watch a clip of a cool guy who found a new way to white, do some Horrible or Hilarious and share some of Christina’s TikTok curations with Rob!
111:41 7/19/23
Growers Vs. Show-ers w/ Tom Papa | Your Mom's House Ep. 716
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Go see Tom’s new special “SledgeHammer” Available NOW on Netflix!PULL YOUR JEANS UP! It’s another episode of YMH and this week, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss making their Netflix specials, specifically Tom’s newest “Sledgehammer,” middle-aged hobbies, some brown talk, and more! They watch a video of a cool lady giving tips on how to dwell in your vehicle, and a very cool guy named Daddy Demarkco. They also revisit the Humans of New York guy, Rex, who has a new post up, and give him a call to get some tips.Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, and author, whose new book is titled “We’re All in This Together… So Make Some Room”. He joins the Main Mommies to discuss VR games, motorcycles, mid life crises, current politics, slowly turning into your parents, his writing process, and much more! They wrap up by watching a batch of Christina’s TikTok curations.
101:15 7/12/23
Getting In Trouble w/ Adam Friedland | Your Mom's House Ep. 715
Go see Tom’s new special “SledgeHammer” Available NOW on Netflix!HOME HERE NOW!! On this week’s episode of YMH, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss the most sexual cities in the world, Tom’s new Netflix special “Sledgehammer,” issues plus sized people have when traveling, cool mid-life hobbies that Tom and Christina can pick up, and more!The YMH staff basketball game between Enny and Ryan is over! You can watch the video here . The Main Mommies and the boys in the booth recap the game, everything that went into preparing for it, and the upcoming reward for the winner.Adam Friedland is a comedian and the host of “The Adam Friedland Show.” He joins Todd and Christine to talk about living in New York City, meeting Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese, and how a joke about Ice Spice made him come between Taylor Swift and boyfriend Matty Healy. They watch a series of videos of cool girls, weird guys traveling the world to date, a very cool horse video, and Christina’s TikTok curations.
130:57 7/5/23
Joining Jackass w/ Rachel Wolfson | Your Mom's House Ep. 714
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.OH THAT’S GONNA BE GOOD! On this week’s episode of YMH, Tom and Christina call Charo and surprise her with a trip to Israel to check out JC’s old stomping grounds. They read a follow up email about the coolest “Humans of New York” guy, which leads them to discover that a Canadian politician ran for office preaching about semen retention. They watch videos of the “Rub Rub Rub” guy and a cool new “P*ssy Worship” guy.Rachel Wolfson is a comedian and cast member of Jackass. She joins the Main Mommies to discuss joining the Jackass crew, movies today, and of course to meet some cool guys. She is introduced to Leo, watches some “Horrible or Hilarious” clips, CP’s TikToks, and a very cool horse video. She wraps up by showing them her Instagram page Wolfie DMs which features the coolest Instagram messages she gets.
97:52 6/28/23
Exhibitionist w/ Lauren Compton | Your Mom's House Ep. 713
Check out the newest podcast out of YMH Studios “First Date with Lauren Compton!” Episodes come out every Tuesday at 7am CT on YouTube and everywhere you can listen to podcasts!Welcome to another action packed episode of Your Moms house Podcast with Tom Segura and Christina P! There’s too much disrespect coming from the booth, we have a “Who Done It” mystery, and we get tips from a cool guy and where to get the best wife! The main mommies review the old school Batman movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, Horrible or Hilarious, and McDonalds AND Enny discovers that being healthy is NOT cap!We then welcome comedian, influencer, and newest addition to YMH Studios, Lauren Compton! We go over Tom’s red flags when he started dating Christina, the main mommy’s 15 year anniversary coming up, and Gen Z’s newest slang! Lauren talks about getting cheated on, we watch Kevin Samuels, talk about revenge d*ck and run through some cool guys!
87:43 6/21/23
You're Not Ready w/ Matteo Lane | Your Mom's House Ep. 712
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Go see Matteo Lane’s YouTube Special “Hair Plugs and Heart Ache.” Welcome back to the Mommy-Dome with Tom Segura and Christina P! We get an update on the basketball game between Enny and Ryan, Nadav teaches us about the dangers of haggling, we discuss deep dark secrets, and we review a nightmarish chiropractic scenario.Then we welcome our guest, Matte Lane! He tells us about his hair plug procedure, being stuck in Mexico and growing up Italian. Christina has some questions for Matteo about anal douching, if ED is cap, and if Robert Paul Champagne is his type! We analyze Mark Davis’s (owner of the Oakland Raiders) fashion choices, introduce Matteo to Leo, and finally, show him some of Christina’s insane TikTok curations.
98:23 6/14/23
ED Is Cap w/ Stavros Halkias | Your Mom's House Ep. 711
On this week’s episode of Your Mom’s House, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss the stakes of the upcoming basketball game between YMH staffers Enny and Ryan, watch a clip of Garth Brooks discussing marketing, and discuss Tom’s new special “Sledgehammer,” his VRT combat, and whether or not erectile dysfunction is cap. Also, people are still messing up Bert’s name! They watch clips of a Good Morning America host and Mark Wahlberg flubbing his name, and they have an email from someone who knew Blind Bob!Comedian Stavros Halkias joins the Main Mommies to weigh in on the “ED is Cap” debate, discuss his fat era and new special taping. Todd and Christine introduce Stav to classic cool guys Uncle Terry, Norm Summerton, Joe, and Tony Johns. Plus, Stav shares a super cool video he found himself! They wrap up by discussing Rex from Humans of New York and Mantak Chia’s “Rub Rub Rub” video.
101:01 6/7/23
Breaking Beds w/ Steph Tolev | Your Mom's House Ep. 710
JEANS UP!! On this week’s episode, Tom and Christina recap their time in Europe, look at one of the coolest guys they’ve ever found who was featured on the Humans of New York Instagram page, who is utilizing the Rub Rub Rub Guy’s techniques, get an update about the Enny vs. Ryan basketball game, and discuss Tom's new soundboard. They watch videos of a 56 year old virgin, a cool Swedish sex guy, and an update from Dan Pena. Comedian Steph Tolev joins the Main Mommies to discuss the time an audience member threw a chair at her from the audience, her wild dating life, and much more! They introduce her to the Humans of New York cool guy, and run her through some classic YMH videos and Christina’s TikTok curations.
122:57 5/31/23
YMH Hunger Games | Your Mom's House Ep. 709
Christina P is coming to Canada. She’ll be in Toronto, September 7 at Bluma Appel Theatre and Winnepeg, September 8 at Club Regent Event Centre. Get your tickets at https://christinaponline.comSPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.It’s a main mommies ONLY episode of YMH with Tom Segura and Christina P! They discuss some Hunger Games scenarios with the YMH staff that gets Tim upset, Bryan Johnson the anti aging doctor, and celebrity women who age gracefully. We do Horrible or Hilarious, watch sink hole clips, watch a wild dude with his pet bear, and talk about going out with bigger ladies.
77:53 5/24/23
Return Of The Roach w/ Josh Potter | Your Mom's House Ep. 708
It's an instant classic episode of YMH with Tim Segura and Christine P! We start off hot with some J stuff, wild movies that couldn't be made today, and Christina wonders if she could take a ho year on a military ship for a year. We review a medical quack's tweet about Pig Norm Summerton, give an update on the Enny VS Ryan basketball game, and hair transplants.Then we welcome friendly neighborhood comedian, podcaster and cockroach, Josh Potter! We discuss best strategies for Only Fans, some cool dating tips from a cool guy, weight loss motivation, Lady Gaga, and Josh reveals that someone finally made him come! We introduce Potter to Blind Bob and learn more about the blind community and finish up with some TikTok curations from Christina!
122:26 5/17/23
Busted Selling Cartel Drugs w/ Johnny Mitchell | Your Mom's House Ep. 707
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.On this week’s episode of YMH, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss Christina’s flossing habits, whether or not color blindness is cap, Tom’s VR game, developing countries, and more! They watch videos of a dude crawling through a cave, a cool girl explaining how she got strep throat from licking brown, and another cool girl revealing her man gets to nut 7 times a day. This leads to a conversation about Scottie Pippen and his then wife having sex 4 times a day for years!Johnny Mitchell is a comedian, the host of the podcast “The Connect,” and a former drug trafficker. He joins the Main Mommies to discuss how he became a drug dealer, graduating to higher levels of drug dealing, where he would hide money, how he sold drugs in the mail, working with the cartels, and how he finally got arrested. He reveals what it’s like to be new in prison, and discusses prison gangs, fights, food, strip searches, and much more! Tim and Christine introduce him to the 4 Stroke Guy and the Gangsters in Syria.
139:24 5/10/23
Tom Saves America w/ Chris Porter | Your Mom's House Ep. 706
Watch Chris Porter’s new YouTube special “There’s No Money In Babies”  available now: Tom Segura and Christina P are so incredibly excited for the Enny VS Ryan basketball game! Tom’s new soundboard is officially up and running, Christina shares some spoiler alerts, and shares things that made you laugh growing up that still make you laugh. Tom continues the fight for our country in virtual reality and the mommies discuss body inclusivity.Then we welcome stand up comedian Chris Porter! We discuss wild snoring habits, totally being okay with not doing stuff with your spouse, airplane seating BS, and the Segura’s getting an invitation to the The White House! We learn more about blind people, Blind Bob, and quiz Christina on the difference between more animals. Then we wrap up with torturing Chris with some TikTok!
109:24 5/3/23
Raising The Stakes | Your Mom's House Ep. 705
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Tom Segura and Christina P. Would like to cordially invite you back to the Mommy Dome! What age range is appropriate to date? We open with a clip of a cool guy who got beat up by a girl, Christina continues to learn about the animal kingdom, we dive deeper into Enny and Ryan basketball game AND Enny seems to have cracked Tom’s color coding system for his soundboard! We get an update on ol’ Sh!t Eyes aka Blind Bob, continue our MASSIVE campaign to send Tom to space, and we reinforce that absolutely everyone you know will die at some point. How neat!
115:55 4/26/23
Dating Apps w/ Jay Larson | Your Mom's House Ep. 704
PULL YOUR JEANS UP!! On this week’s episode of Your Mom’s House, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss Tom’s plan to come in space, the possibility of another basketball game between two YMH staffers, and Tom’s new favorite activity: farting in front of and winking at Nadav. They watch some “Barista I Love You” videos sent in from friends of the show, as well as an update from the Dating Advice Cool Guy on “narcissistic game.”Comedian Jay Larson joins the Main Mommies to discuss his new special, “Sounds Like Bruce,” life as a dad, dating in the modern age, Vespas, and much more! Tim and Crystal introduce Jay to Blind Bob, teach him about narcissistic game, and show his some of Christina’s TikTok curations.
113:47 4/19/23
Is YMH Garbage? w/ H. Foley & Kevin Ryan | Your Mom's House Ep. 703
Get tickets to see the AYG guys at https://areyougarbage.comWe are updating our channel memberships! You now get more content for the same low prices! Become a member today by clicking the join button above or going here: back to the Mommy Dome with Tom Segura and Christina P! We open with a clip of our favorite drunk guy, we talk about how hard it is to be a drunk, drugs, NASCAR and Joe Rogan's new Austin comedy club The Comedy Mothership. We revisit Blind Bob, watch Dr. Now yell at some big patients, talk about one of the pickiest eaters they've encountered, and share stories of their wild kids.Then, we welcome comedians and co-hosts of the podcast Are You Garbage, H. Foley and Kevin Ryan! We talk wash cloths, hygiene, introduce the guys to Blind Bob and give Christina a pop quiz on Cheetahs and Leopards. They talk about garbage food tendencies, garbage education and review Christina's TikTok curations.
117:17 4/12/23
Bathroom Stunts w/ Ryan Sickler | Your Mom's House Ep. 702
Go watch Ryan Sickler's special "Lefty's Son" on YouTube RIGHT now: Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Pull those jeans all the way over your head, because Tom Segura is coming everywhere and it might get on you. We check in on Unk Shine, follow up on coming with your dad, Lady Gaga and watch another batch of "Barista, I Love You" videos.We then welcome podcaster, standup comedian and oldschool YMH favorite, Ryan Sickler! He tells us about his recent medical flare up, we introduce him to Blind Bob, we have some brown talk, and take a look at a WILD batch of horrible or hilarious clips. Ryan Sickler brings a wash cloth to the table, we watch a WILD Chiro video, we follow up on the TikTok with the cool nose ring, review more tramp stamps, and Christina’s TikTok curations.
114:40 4/5/23
Coming In Space | Your Mom's House Ep. 701
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Welcome back to your favorite mothers’ house with Tom Segura and Christina P! Nadav is back from gambling rehab, we find the coolest blind guy, Tom reports on a murder that’s fun for the whole family, and we recap the incredible basketball game between Tom and Erie weatherman David Wolter. Tim tries to compliment Christine, Tom stands with Hilaria Baldwin, Christina makes a worrying discovery about herself and figure out the difference between cheetahs and leopards. We find out about a cool girl who’s REALLY into aircrafts, we revisit was cloths, and we investigate the questions about space that no one is asking.
98:44 3/29/23
When A.I. Strikes Back w/ Brian Simpson | Your Mom's House Ep. 700
Welcome back to the mommydome with Tom Segura and Christina P! What bodily functions are you ok with in the shower? Where are you ok with taking a Big D? The mommies are asking the right questions. And because it's episode 700, the main mommies review some of their favorite clips from the last 100 episodes.We then welcome comedian and podcaster Brian Simpson! We talk about robot dogs, fighter jets and why Brian apologizes to his Google Home. They talk about the enigma that is Bert Kreischer, fitness, and how Remi Bader wasn't allowed on a horse on a ranch. We review more terrible lower back tattoos, and ho's at work. See Brian live in your town at
97:23 3/22/23
Grossed Out | Your Mom's House Ep. 699
SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Mommies only this week in the mommy-dome with Tom Segura and Christina P. We talk about a fun box of DVD's Tom had, false advertising, and big D problems. Would you rather be 400 lbs or have your spouse be 400 lbs? The fans weigh in! Christina surprises Tom with a disgusting booger confession from Ali Macofsky and Christina asks Tom maybe the coolest question of all time. They discuss sharing tapes with your dad, where the most loads get spilled, some of the worst tattoos you've EVER seen, and Dhar Mann's actors protesting. Christina argues a bold defense strategy for Leonardo DiCaprio, they discuss Jonah Hill's Netflix documentary "Stutz," and we follow up on the roommate from hell. We watch a super cool Chiro adjustment, see more mommies telling their baristas they love them, Starbucks, TikToks and Nature is Metal.
103:43 3/15/23
North Korea Tourism w/ Duncan Trussell | Your Mom's House Ep. 698
Welcome back to the Mommy Dome with tom Segura and Christina P! Tom addresses the rumors about his DSL’s, the general behavior of dudes, Jamie Lee Curtis and where Nadav has been. The mommies review more of the worst tramp stamps the fans submitted and the new Netflix show “My Lover, My Killer.”We then welcome comedian and podcaster Duncan Trussell! They talk about their end of life plans, banging in MRI machines, and burping in space, and death ceremonies. The mommies show Duncan some horrible or hilarious clips, cool people promoting the Philippines and North Korea. Tom talks about meeting Jason Mamoa, we see a roommate from hell, how Duncan got into the Comedy Store, and a cool guy that gives tips to dudes on how to pick up women.
83:00 3/8/23