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"5 Things I Know Now" A Dorset Growth Hub Podcast

Welcome to 5 Things I Know Now: A DGH Podcast - the innovative and practical new series from the Dorset Growth Hub. Following on from the first two series of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast, we’re bringing an exciting spin to the format, where top business leaders share the five lessons that helped them find success. We'll be releasing a new episode every couple of weeks, and running live events alongside the episodes so be sure to keep up to date by registering your email at Here you can also learn about more support we can provide your business including grant funding, 1-2-1 consultations and online events. On with the show...!


Tips to Overcome Inflation, Recession & The Energy Crisis: Coffee & Catchup with Low Carbon Dorset’s Heather Kiel, Barclays’ Danny Jones & Dorset Business Mentors’ Charles King #S3E12
Welcome back to Coffee & Catchup! September marks the grand return of the hugely popular live online events hosted by Dorset Growth Hub’s Nick Gregory, answering questions and offering advice to hundreds of local businesses.With an economic downturn on the horizon and energy prices at the centre of conversation, it’s high time to offer support to businesses needing assistance with the trying times ahead.We bring together Low Carbon Dorset’s Heather Kiel, Barclays’ Danny Jones and Dorset Business Mentors’ Charles King to discuss the rising inflation, what we can learn from previous recessions, and what support is available for businesses’ energy costs.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Implications of the recent ‘Mini-Budget’ on inflationLooking at prior recessions to help overcome the next oneEnergy price assistance available up until April 2023Details of resources for business support
45:13 09/29/2022
Co-Founder & Creative Director of The Happy Blossoms; Lauren Hooper #S3E11
Business ownership is no easy task, so saving your energy to tackle what really matters is absolutely vital for The Happy Blossoms Co-Founder, Lauren Hooper.We’ve another wonderful episode of the 5 Things I Know Now recorded at We Are F_ND in February, where Lauren shares why finances - boring as they might be - are essential to get right, how to handle copycats, and how she’s grown in confidence & overcome self-doubt.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Preserving your energy for the most fulfilling parts of your businessCoping with copycats and using it to catalyse your own progressThe huge impact of choosing the right social media channelsStrategies for achieving your goals quicker
37:57 07/07/2022
Author & Food Blogger; James Wythe #S3E10
Regardless of your industry, small businesses are all forced to become social media experts to some extent, so how do you beat the algorithm and gain a following?James Wythe’s blog, Healthy Living James, is a great example of how to put your story and personality front and centre, even if it means leaping well beyond your comfort zone!Find out James’ 5 Things He Knows Now on the latest episode of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast, recorded live at January’s wonderful We Are F_ND event, where we hear how to gradually push yourself, build a following, and create content that you can keep up for the long term.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:How to expand your comfort zone and become a more confident presence on social mediaWhich content is likely to help grow your business’ followingCapitalising on emerging platforms & technologies, and directing followers to your own servicesDorset Growth Hub: Wythe: and references at:
38:37 02/15/2022
Cyberpsychologist & Founder of Cybercology; Carolyn Freeman #S3E9
Productivity in a digital age is a hot topic, with hybrid workplaces creating opportunities to take advantage of technology - but it’s not without its caveats to look out for…Carolyn Freeman’s background in marketing followed by a career shift into the intriguing world of CyberPsychology provide her with a myriad of experiences, from the corporate world to mature education to self-employment.Carolyn, Founder of Cybercology, shares with us her unique take on the 5 things she knows now, from spotting burnout and the self-employed community, to work life balance and de-slaving from our tech.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:The early signs of burnout & how to stop itMaking career changes at any stage of your lifeAchieving work-life balance on our own termsReforming your relationship with technologyLinks and references at:
51:23 02/01/2022
Founder of Aspirin Business Solutions; Susannah Brade-Waring #S3E8
Whether it’s putting faith in yourself or believing in your team, the power of confidence can truly bring the best out of your business.It takes a great deal of confidence to set up a business in the midst of uncertainty, but Susannah Brade-Waring did just that in the wake of 2008’s financial crisis, and Aspirin Business Solutions has been co-creating success for leaders ever since.Susannah joins us to share the 5 things she knows now having seen her business through thick and thin, with a focus on emotional intelligence, relationship building, and being selective in the technological innovation you adopt.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Having greater confidence in yourself and your teamThe value of self-awareness, respect and empathy in business scenariosHow to be ‘T-shaped’ and communicate with anyoneWhere to innovate and adopt new tech in meaningful waysLinks and references at:
48:39 01/18/2022
Owner of The Embroidery Barn; Rosie Lees #S3E7
Building a business from scratch presents common pitfalls that many have learned to avoid, but there’s a unique set of challenges and pressures that come with taking the wheel of a brand with a lengthy history.Rosie Lees has been at the helm of The Embroidery Barn for the past 3 years, building on 20 years of legacy and evolving its mission for premium & eco-friendly embroidery.On this episode of 5 Things I Know Now we learn the value in staying firm & believing in what you do, growing a support network both within and beyond the business, and even a story about her surprisingly speedy pet tortoise.... This podcast is kindly supported by Bournemouth University, so we’re joined in the studio by Tilly, a 1st year Business & Management student for an interesting live Q&A session.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Sticking to your guns and backing yourselfSurrounding yourself with the right people, both within the business and your external support networkTaking time out to focus on your mental wellbeingLinks and references at:
36:57 12/07/2021
Portfolio Finance Director; Andy Brown #S3E6
Although we’re firmly within the world of business, it’s important not to forget the human element behind it all, and the personal values that stand to help us all to make better connections.Andy Brown, a part-time FD/CFO and Founder of 3D FD with experience at Passenger, Armadillo, Salad and many more companies, is well-versed in collaborating with a wide variety of teams. Andy shares the 5 things he knows now, from the age-old adages that stand true like treating others how you’d like to be treated, to the more business-focused premise that a lack of cash should never force you into a bad decision.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Staying memorable through surprising kindnessFollowing through on your goalsNot allowing financial difficulty to force a bad decisionMaking everyone feel valued in business conversationsLinks and references at:
50:34 11/23/2021
Brogan Tate; Digital Content Creator #S3E5
The digital landscape is ever-changing, so to stay at its precipice it’s vital to step out of your comfort zone. Whether by choice or by necessity, accomplished Digital Content Creator Brogan Tate has taken that leap to diversify the videos she makes for her 80k YouTube subscribers, while creating exciting collaborations with the likes of Disney, EE and M&S!Recorded at the fabulous launch event for WeAreFND, a brand new community for supporting young founders & entrepreneurs, Mary chats with Brogan on episode 5 of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast about overcoming the fear of failure, broadening the scope of your offering, and setting huge goals based on your own definition of success.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Breaking away from the crowd & stepping out of your comfort zoneSetting ambitious goals and celebrating those successesOvercoming a fear of failureChoosing to niche vs staying broadLinks and references at:
30:24 11/09/2021
Head of Marketing at Passenger, Matt Lawrence & Corporate Partnership Fundraiser with Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, Nicki Cluley #S3E4
The marketing landscape is worlds away from where it was at the turn of the millennium, so for Matt Lawrence (who graduated with a degree in business & marketing in 2000) to stay on top of his game as Head of Marketing with Passenger, consistent learning is foundational to his successful journey.Matt features alongside Lewis-Manning Hospice Care’s Nicki Cluley on this week’s episode of ‘5 Things I Know Now’ to discuss the essential lessons on their business paths.We dive into why you should ‘eat the frog’ when it comes to gruelling tasks & never stop taking learning opportunities, as well as how Nicki has nurtured her ability to stay adaptive & agile, and the importance of surrounding yourself with trusted, supportive people.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Visualising where you spend your timeHow to start building your networkThe vital two-way street of communicationBenefits of trusting your gut & intuitionLinks and references at:
58:42 10/26/2021
Owner of Blink Lettering; Milly Withers #S3E3
The beauty behind Blink Lettering’s captivating calligraphy is the passionate Milly Withers, an aspirational young business owner applying her design skills in a variety of aesthetic applications.As it happens, variety is one of the 5 key things that have helped guide Milly’s exciting career so far. On this week’s ‘5 Things I Know Now’, Milly joins Mary Lloyd to discuss the value of support & community, the indispensable tools available with the latest social media platforms, and her commitment to creating a life she’s passionate about.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Creating a life that you enjoySharing your knowledge and support with your communityMaintaining variety in what you doTaking an optimistic leap of faithLinks and references at:
38:49 10/12/2021
Founder of Founders; Nathan Roach #S3E2
Welcome back to 5 Things I Know Now: the latest podcast series from Dorset Growth Hub!Condensing the spirit behind Nathan Roach’s successful route into business ownership down to just 5 tips is a difficult task, especially for someone whose innate mindset had him catching ragworms and selling them to tackle shops at just 12 years old...Now the Founder of Founders, a brand creating ‘Cloud Kitchens’ which are facilitating small food businesses and giants in the delivery space alike, Nathan brings a whole host of tales from his journey so far, as he shares his 5 things that helped him become a successful business leader.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:The recent success of the cloud kitchen model5 areas of life that Nathan considers it vital to balanceWorking hard vs working smartThe importance of having an overall vision and driveLinks and references at:
74:53 09/28/2021
Dorset Growth Hub; Nick Gregory, Mary Lloyd & Rich Burn #S3E1
Welcome to 5 Things I Know Now: A DGH Podcast - the innovative and practical new series from the Dorset Growth Hub. Following on from the first two series of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast, we’re bringing an exciting spin to the format, where top business leaders share the five lessons that helped them find success.Kicking off this series are the Dorset Growth Hub’s very own Nick Gregory, Mary Lloyd & Rich Burn, each of whom have brought their own thought-provoking lists in a series premiere that lauds the importance of confidence, creativity, empathy, and travel. This episode covers:The various types of confidence you should try to exhibitEmbracing change and adapting to itThe value of empathy in businessFollowing through on creative ideasThe importance of constantly learningLinks and references at:
41:19 09/14/2021
Forging the Future of Hybrid Events with Founder of We Are The Media, Mark Masters #S2E13
We’re all tired of hearing how tired we are of Zoom events by now - 2021 is the year that events change forever. Whether you’re together in an auditorium or halfway round the globe, Mark Masters’ vision is to craft an experience that’s equally engaging for both parties with the advent of hybrid events.Having staged the first of the ‘You Are The Media Online Offline’ events at the start of July which, very conveniently, is our Future Events month, we hear Mark’s debrief on the lessons learned about this pioneering format, the dangers to consider if you’re planning your own hybrid event, and how he managed to drum up such enthusiasm from both sets of attendees.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:The inception of Mark’s innovative hybrid event at The Lighthouse, PooleCombining the familiarity of Zoom with the extravagance of an exciting physical settingStriking the difficult balance between too much or too little interaction with Zoom attendeesRetaining an audience for events by being continually present week in, week outFinding new ways to engage with audiences both online and offline
36:58 07/13/2021
60 Years of Lava Lamp Innovation with Owner of Mathmos, Cressida Granger #S2E12
The lava lamp is a legendary product that, while recognisable when compared with its original 1963 design, has continued to be iterated upon throughout its illustrious history. Who better to divulge how such a long-standing business like Mathmos continues to innovate well into the future than Cressida Granger, who’s owned the Poole-based company for over 30 years.In this episode of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast, themed around innovation, we learn how inspiration for new products can come from anywhere, the business’ solutions to Brexit barriers as a D2C brand, and the support available to manufacturing businesses in the Dorset area.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:How Mathmos developed the legendary lava lamp designMitigating Brexit’s effects on the business’ D2C modelAdvice for selling into Europe, and which markets are experiencing major growthCressida’s experience hiring talented staff in the Dorset areaLinks and references at:
19:34 06/29/2021
Revolutionising the Marine Technology Sector with Head of Commercial at Actisense, Justin Cohen #S2E11
If there’s one thing businesses can do to extend a product life cycle, it’s innovate. Whether it be small and iterative, or a massive shift to expand your service offering, it pays to be ahead of the game on fresh developments in your sector.Keeping innovation at the heart of Actisense’s offering of boat electronic systems, their Head of Commercial, Justin Cohen, joins Rich Burn on episode 11 of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast to break down the partnerships and programmes that keep Actisense on the cutting edge with their product range, and how they’ve maximised their impact on the sector with digital transformation and cloud computing.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Justin’s views on Iterative innovation vs ‘Loon Shot’ innovationImplementing cloud computing to improve Actisense’s service offeringEnhancing the effectiveness of funding through digital transformationDeveloping unique, interesting partnerships to demonstrate your productsActisense’s constant evolution around new technological developments Links and references at:
28:57 06/15/2021
The New Age of HR with HR Consultant at ViewHR, Heidi Roper #S2E10
In today’s world where hybrid models of working seem inevitable for a majority of businesses, implementing the best practices for both your business and your team is vital to your continued success!ViewHR’s Heidi Roper has seen the impact of 2020 on a great number of businesses, and is well aware of the risks around new hires, remote working and tweaking meetings for virtual platforms.Heidi joins Nick Gregory for this edition of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast as part of the Culture & The Future Workplace month to share her insights into the fresh challenges faced in the HR space.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast covers:The value of trust in a successful remote teamConsidering staff in your business plans, not just the business itselfAddressing a shortage in workforces in the wake of furlough schemesHiring new staff virtuallyFocussing on an infrastructure that avoids discrimination or biasAn outlook on future hybrid models of remote workingJoin our supporting events at:
28:37 05/19/2021
Growing a Worldwide VFX Powerhouse with Head of Marketing at Outpost VFX, Steve Holmes #S2E9
With VFX credits on massive TV and Film projects like Black Mirror, Watchmen and Jason Bourne, to name just a few, you’d be forgiven for missing the fact that Outpost VFX are based in the very heart of Bournemouth.As a business with teams as far afield as Montreal and LA, they’ve been ahead of the curve when it comes to utilising the tools that bring teams closer together. Kicking off our month on Culture & The Future Workplace, we welcome Outpost VFX’s Head of Marketing, Steve Holmes, to discuss how the team collaborates across time zones, maintaining togetherness in the current age, and Oupost’s unique challenges in a particularly B2B market. This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Outpost’s role in a global market of film and episodic contentKeeping a strong relationship with Bournemouth’s University communitySteve’s helpful tips for remote working and online meetingsKeeping togetherness through regular content and celebrating successesRaising Output VFX’s profile in a low-key, B2B marketJoin our supporting events at:
33:48 05/04/2021
Achieving Global Growth with Founder & Global CEO at Crowd, Jamie Sergeant #S2E8
The world has been made smaller than ever before. With a global uptake in digital technologies that keep countries connected, the way to provide insight that nobody else has is with a team in the target territory. Nurturing a strong team with dozens of staff in 7 countries and counting, Crowd’s Founder & Global CEO, Jamie Sergeant, harnesses the power of a culturally diverse team.Joining Rich on The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast, Jamie shares how Crowd made their global growth through a mix of person-led and strategic opportunities, the agility that comes with keeping each office’s team small, and the vital cultural experience of Crowd’s overseas offices.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Helping businesses break into new territoriesAdapting to local cultures in marketing campaignsJamie’s ‘Rule of 15’ for staff numbersCrowd’s exciting future with new countries and technologiesThe benefit to having people on the ground in each localeManaging high expectations from clientsThe rise of virtual events platforms and hybrid eventsMixing strategic growth with person-led opportunities and projectsJoin our supporting events at:
60:19 04/20/2021
Embracing growth and identifying your goals with Founder & Director of 7PM2 Coaching, Lee Groombridge #S2E7
Growth is a journey that requires you to understand two things: where you want to be and, perhaps more importantly, where you are now. Choosing the right type of coach to help you achieve your goals is vital, and forms the foundation of Lee Groombridge’s 7PM2 Coaching.With a fascinating dive into understanding the mindset and motivations of your team to help you grow your business, Lee shares his early business journey and uncovers the principles he learned from this, which led him to write his book, Get Resilience.Listeners of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast can grab a free copy of Lee’s book by visiting to download the PDF.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Achieving growth through goal-settingCatering to the internal motivations of you and your teamLee’s approach to coaching, mentoring and tutoringLessons learned from early business venturesLee’s understanding of Neurolinguistic ProgrammingJoin our supporting events at:
67:19 04/13/2021
Steering your business to success with Dr Donald Nordberg, Associate Professor at Bournemouth University #S2E6
On the growth journey that many SMEs take, it’s easy to overlook corporate governance as an area that keeps you on the right track. To some it feels like an unnecessary barrier, but consider Dr Donald Nordberg’s alternate approach; it helps you in the same way brakes on a car help you drive faster...Donald, Associate Professor of Strategy and Corporate Governance, joins Rich Burn to round out this month’s in-depth focus on Strategy and Planning. Vouching for the benefits of having a board behind you, Dr Nordberg considers how corporate governance is a broad category into which we throw a variety of operations, and the ideal ways to set a strategy and have it permeate through a small business.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Corporate governance’s role in keeping directors in checkThe potential danger of obstructing opportunitiesA need for cognitive dissonance and diversity of opinion on a boardThe role of a cash cow and the origin of the dog in a Boston MatrixPropagating your strategy through the businessHow often SMEs should self-evaluate their position and directionJoin our supporting events at:
63:31 03/23/2021
Beating market adversity with a flexible strategy with Aetha Design Co-owner & Director, Sophie Parsons #S2E5
If the past year has done anything to business strategies, it’s ripping up the playbook that we might have taken so much care in writing up. The key to staying on top of the times, according to Aetha Design’s Director Sophie Parsons, is staying agile, flexible, and keep moving forward. Having secured a number of valuable clients well outside of their original scope, Aetha Design is a perfect example of how taking projects which initially may seem ill-fit could actually lead to a thriving, family-like business partnership!Sophie also delves into their tailored approach to new product development, the amazing opportunities on offer from crowdfunding sources, and the ‘dating game’ of identifying the right client relationships to nurture.This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Approaching new product development fresh each timeTaking on challenges outside of initial targeted sectorsConsidering a business strategy with agility in mindMaking best use of crowdfunding platformsIdentifying good and poor client fits for your businessThe lessons learned from failing fastSophie’s advocacy for university placement yearsJoin our supporting events at:
64:56 03/10/2021
Launching a niche sports clothing brand with Flyhawk Founder, Stephanie Essex #S2E4
It takes an admirable degree of confidence to launch a business at the best of times, let alone launch a sports brand while team sports aren’t being played. But becoming netball’s #1 brand is a goal which, with the advocacy of England’s finest players, is well within reach for Bournemouth-based Flyhawk.Having been her own target market, Stephanie Essex has Founded what promises to be the brand to fly the flag for netball, breaking down barriers to entry to the sport, and strengthening the community around it. Hear how Stephanie created Flyhawk, and the promising future that lies ahead for the business, on episode 4 of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast!This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Launching an ambitious sports startup in lockdownRemoving barriers to entry with a varied product rangeCreating natural brand partnerships with international playersRaising the profile of netball and women’s sportBeing your own target marketJoin our supporting events at:
36:40 03/03/2021
Curating a local team with a global impact with Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, MarComms Director, Kasia Bigda #S2E3
This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast was recorded shortly before the passing of Mr Lee’s Noodles’ Founder, Damien Lee, whose enthusiasm, energy and inspiration runs tangibly through the business, through to the highly dedicated members of the team. Speaking of the growing international presence of Mr Lee’s Noodles and the innovation taking place at Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co. is their Marketing and Communications Director, Kasia Bigda.Rounding out the podcast’s contribution to Dorset Growth Hub’s sales and marketing month, Kasia shares an emphatic view on how the relatively small team has made a global impact in markets which require a tailored approach to marketing campaigns and product development. She also details the level of personal investment and ownership which contributes to the success of the multi-award winning team.This episode of the Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Methods of measuring success of marketing campaignsBuilding a brand for more than just return on investmentTips for marketeers starting their careerNurturing an open-minded, passionate marketing teamNavigating differences in marketing internationallyIn-house marketing teams versus agenciesRevising the business’ focus on different revenue streamsJoin our supporting events at:
45:46 02/16/2021
Building a trusted brand with Bournemouth University’s Associate Professor, Dr Chris Chapleo #S2E2
Creating a brand is often considered as the customer-facing image of the business, but the visuals are just the tip of the iceberg. Associating the right values with your imagery, and backing that up through business operations and decisions is equally vital to create a brand that people know, remember and, most importantly, trust.In episode 2 of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast, we hear from Associate Professor in Societal Marketing, Dr Chris Chapleo from Bournemouth University, whose extensive career in academia, industry and research has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of societal marketing, and the co-creation that occurs in the branding process.This episode of the Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Creating associations with brand imageMeasuring a brand through awareness, finance and distinctivenessPersonal vs corporate brandingHow branding can help struggling sectors right nowTelling a story through brandingThe issue with trying to appeal to everyoneJoin our supporting events at:
53:32 02/09/2021
Big brand partnerships and securing international sales with Founder of Hawthorn Handmade, Stephanie Carswell #S2E1
Welcome to the start of Series 2 of the Dorset Growth Hub podcast! Joining us to kick off the series is Stephanie Carswell, Founder and Creative Director of Hawthorn Handmade, whose offering of embroidery kits has found domestic and international success, particularly within the last year as their sales flew! Stephanie shares the high points and valuable lessons from her journey building a team which has grown to accommodate Hawthorn Handmade’s increasing demand. From ensuring authentic marketing material on social media and standing out on Etsy, to partnering with giant brands like John Lewis and negotiating the best deal with suppliers, this episode kickstarts our Sales and Marketing month with a variety of tips to upgrade your marketing strategies. This episode of the Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:Partnering with large brands as an SMENegotiating with suppliers to reach the best deal for allMaintaining authenticity in marketing materialOvercoming fear of marketing yourself on social mediaBenefits of delegating more responsibility to your teamThe impressive jump to selling overseasVarious methods of getting your products in front of peopleJoin our supporting events at:
41:02 02/02/2021
Live Q&A "Future Thinking" with Samantha Kingston, Jennifer Quigley-Jones & Cas Paton #S1E17
In this special bonus episode, we are delighted to run a live Q&A with all of the guests from episode 14-16 to answer your key questions surrounding "Future Thinking". This episode was recorded as part of BEYOND 2020 audio conference in October 2020.Find Samantha: Jennifer: Cas: with Dorset Growth Hub:
56:43 01/05/2021
"Building the fastest growing online marketplace globally" with Founder of, Cas Paton - BEYOND2020 - #S1E16
Cas Paton is the Founder of, the fastest growing marketplace in the world and Amazon alternative, who have seen a record 24,000% growth in the past four years since the company’s launch.They boast an 8 million strong customer base and have recently secured an exclusive £1m deal with ITV to reach 44 million consumers across the nation.This episode was recorded as part of the BEYOND 2020 audio conference in October 2020.Find Cas: with Dorset Growth Hub:
22:31 01/05/2021
"The rise of Influencer Marketing" with Digital Voices CEO Jennifer Quigley-Jones - BEYOND2020 -#S1E15
CEO of Digital Voices, YouTube influencer marketing agency Jennifer Quigley Jones is passionate about telling stories. She builds powerful YouTube creator campaigns for brands such as Rolls-Royce, the Royal Air Force, Universal Music Group, the Post Office and the Trainline, balancing data and creativity to make memorable content that develops customers into brand advocates.As a speaker at BEYOND 2020, Jennifer will provide an insight into influencer marketing, the opportunity it creates for brands and how to start implementing it within your own marketing strategies.This episode was recorded as part of the BEYOND 2020 audio conference in October 2020.Find Jennifer: with Dorset Growth Hub:
29:29 01/05/2021
"Implementing VR in your marketing strategy" with Virtual Umbrella CEO, Samantha Kingston - BEYOND2020 - #S1E14
Samantha Kingston is the Co-Founder & CEO at Virtual Umbrella, a marketing consultancy helping businesses tap into the commercial and creative potential of immersive technology. They provide support with immersive marketing, consultancy and events for brands such as DHL, SKY, UBER, Gucci and San Miguel to name a few.Samantha is part of the BIMA100, has been nominated for Unsung Hero in MCV Women in Game Awards 2016, was featured in The Drum’s 50 under 30 - Women disrupting the status quo and one of the evening standard’s #Progress1000 2017.This episode was recorded as part of the BEYOND 2020 audio conference in October 2020.Find Samantha: with Dorset Growth Hub:
16:26 01/05/2021
Live Q&A "Winning New Business" with Liz Willingham, Adam Perry & Katharine Wright #S1E13
In this special bonus episode, we are delighted to run a live Q&A with all of the guests from episode 10-12 to answer your key questions surrounding "Winning New Business"This episode was recorded as part of BEYOND 2020 audio conference in October 2020.Find Liz: Adam: with Dorset Growth Hub:
51:00 12/15/2020