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Ringler Radio - Structured Settlements and Legal Topics

Stay current with the latest news on the settlement industry, nationwide litigation, trends in the legal and insurance industries and everything in between with Ringler Radio™, the award-winning podcast series from Ringler. Join our hosts Phil Krause and Matt Ross as they welcome accomplished professionals and discuss topics ranging from current noteworthy cases, Medicare Set-Asides, workers compensation, 468B trusts, long-term disabilities, mediation, structuring settlements in large and small litigation and much more. Ringler, the nation’s largest structured settlement company, has been producing Ringler Radio™ since 2005. With more than a decade of award-winning content, Ringler Radio™ is a part of Ringler’s unwavering commitment to leading the structured settlement industry with best-practice innovation, technology and education.


Understanding Structured Installment Sales 21:53 06/20/2022
Settlement from an Injured Person's Perspective 21:56 06/06/2022
The Decision to Defer Attorney Fees 17:59 05/09/2022
Understanding Mediation 17:59 04/12/2022
The Reality of Medicare Denials 30:04 04/04/2022
Preparing for Mediation 28:52 03/10/2022
Trends in the Settlement Industry 17:23 02/10/2022
A Look to the Future 20:26 11/16/2021
Medicare, Updates, and Impacts (part II) 24:42 09/15/2021
Medicare, Updates, and Impacts (part I) 20:28 09/15/2021
Data Reporting That Works 11:45 09/09/2021
Growing Your Professional Network 13:09 08/30/2021
How One Attorney Uses Settlement Consultants 13:18 04/21/2021
How a Structured Settlement Worked for Me 23:17 03/10/2021
What Does a Settlement Consultant Do? 20:06 02/08/2021
Welcome Back! 03:47 02/08/2021
COVID-19 and Workers' Compensation 24:37 05/06/2020
Inside the Roundup Verdict of Hardeman v. Monsanto 19:30 04/20/2020
The Rise in Rideshare Litigation 23:47 03/24/2020
Structured Settlements for Minors 18:39 02/17/2020
Foodborne Illness & Litigation 23:27 01/27/2020
Structured Installment Sales 16:41 01/07/2020
Inside the Vegas Shootings Settlement 26:12 12/09/2019
Technology in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Arena 17:16 11/18/2019
Inside the Controversial Purdue Pharma Settlement 28:11 11/04/2019
Labor Shifts Impact on the Workers' Compensation Industry 33:47 10/24/2019
JUUL Litigation 25:01 09/23/2019
Legal Technology and the Structured Settlement Industry 20:37 09/03/2019
Product Liability and 3M Earplugs 18:14 08/12/2019
The Benefits of the Professional Administration and Structured Settlement Combination 21:09 08/01/2019