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Hope Unyielding

On Hope Unyielding, people from all walks of life share personal stories of God’s faithfulness. It’s one thing to read about God’s faithfulness in Scripture; it’s another to look into the eyes of someone who has been in the depths of darkness you now inhabit but who has come through them with praise on their lips. Whatever you are facing, I pray that the stories shared on this podcast will encourage you with the truth that God is always faithful, and whatever your circumstances, you always have hope. Read more at


Hope in Suffering with Jonathan Walker 28:29 09/30/2021
No Fear in Death with Rachel Opare-Sem 34:17 09/23/2021
God's Faithfulness in the Unexpected: One Family's Journey Through Cancer with Alyssa Marshall 51:56 09/02/2021
Unfulfilled Desires and Longing for Heaven 14:38 08/12/2021
When You Don't Feel God's Love 10:19 07/29/2021
Do I Have to Get Over My Desire for Marriage to Be Fully Devoted to Jesus? 27:30 07/22/2021
Overcoming Destructive Anger with Natalie Hixson 24:09 07/15/2021
God's Guided Vision with Brittany Tyrrell 25:42 07/01/2021
Turning 30 & Being Single 50:04 05/13/2021
Reaching Muslim Refugees in the United States with Marie Matey 41:32 05/06/2021
Turning 30 & True Success 43:55 04/29/2021
Discerning God's Voice with Laurie Fowler 35:28 04/22/2021
The God Who Feels with Us: Freedom from Addiction and New Life in Christ with Shane O'Neill 40:36 04/15/2021
How I Survived the Firing Squad and Other Stories with Fyodor Dostoevsky 26:09 04/08/2021
3 Ways to Fight Depression When Counting Your Gifts Doesn't Help 10:00 04/01/2021
An Atheist's Journey to Christ with Veronica McDonald 49:13 03/25/2021
Finding Peace in a Chaotic World with Cheryl Elton 34:28 03/18/2021
I Have Seen the One Who Sees Me 35:13 03/09/2021
The God Who Hears with Alicia Purdy 51:13 02/25/2021
God's Faithfulness in Transition with Rebecca Loomis 38:06 02/17/2021
Waiting for Love with Dan and Fatin Chevrette 78:14 02/14/2021
One Degree of Freedom: The Stories Behind the Novel with Taryn R. Hutchison 48:17 01/30/2021
Encouragement for Singles in the Church with Bronwyn Lea 41:36 01/22/2021
Freedom from Codependency with Amanda Tewksbury 37:24 01/15/2021
Tales from the Tundra with Jackie Murch 43:28 01/04/2021
Sitting at the Feet of Jesus with Sarah Pearl McTiernan 34:58 12/22/2020
From Criminal to Christ-Follower with Ken Stokes 53:50 12/14/2020
Stop Auditioning for Love! 26:41 12/08/2020
God's Faithfulness in Motherhood with Erica Renaud 44:24 11/24/2020
Companions in the Darkness with Diana Gruver 50:18 11/17/2020