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Special Ed on Special Ed

Special ed experts on special ed topics for special ed parents. If I could ensure every parent has all the information they need before stepping into their child's IEP meeting, I would. While that may be a lofty goal, I hope this podcast helps you prepare to advocate for your child. If you have a child with disabilities and special education needs, congratulations! You have just become the CEO of your child's education! There are acronyms galore, terms of art that are counter-intuitive, and completely new rules for school. This podcast will provide straightforward information about your rights, information from other professionals, and tips and tricks for working with your school. I'm a special education attorney, parent of 4 children with disabilities, and former special education teacher/administrator. I have seen special education from many angles. In fact, I have ADHD and Dyslexia myself, and grew up in school systems that didn’t yet know how to identify or remediate these challenges.