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Need to Know with Dana Jonson

If you have a child with disabilities who has special education needs, congratulations! You have just become the CEO of your child's education! There are acronyms galore, terms of art that are counter-intuitive, and completely new rules for school. When you don’t have all the information you need to properly advocate for your child, things get messy and can escalate. I love speaking to, consulting with, and holding workshops for parents to help them be informed. This podcast will tell you what you need to know to best advocate for your child! As a special education attorney, parent of 4 children with disabilities, and former special education teacher/administrator, I have seen special education from many angles. In fact, I have ADHD and Dyslexia myself and grew up in school systems that didn’t yet know how to identify or remediate these challenges. So far my journey has taught me 2 very important lessons: 1) knowledge is power and 2) you laugh or you cry… in case you are wondering, I choose to laugh! I want to empower you with knowledge and make you laugh with me about the insanity that is my life, and probably yours too. I hope you will join me!