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That Checks Out

That Checks Out! Friends since first grade, Damon and Ted sit down to banter about their past, present, and future experiences. Although these "self proclaimed comedians" share the same opinion on what is funny, they will often choose sides as they look to answer once and for all who is funnier. No one has to listen, but everybody should. That Checks Out!


A Bird Clock and Some Butt Eels 58:49 09/27/2021
Chuck Incognito and The Yaris Armory 63:59 09/20/2021
Have Mercy, A New Boss is Crowned! 60:27 09/13/2021
Mud, BUTT It's My Last Day! 56:26 09/06/2021
Horny Sea Snakes and The Meatloaf Kid 73:32 08/30/2021
Shanked by the GOAT 68:32 08/23/2021
Colon Ecuador and His Riding Weed Wacker 60:05 08/16/2021
Dry Beef and the No Condiment List 56:20 08/09/2021
Let's Get Physical, Physical, Drop 'Em, Turn Your Head, and Cough. 54:49 08/02/2021
Kinko's Hypnotherapy & The 10 Mile Movie 81:18 07/26/2021
A Real Bundt Kicking and Conveyor Sushi 60:20 07/19/2021
Hanging With Monster "Just Read the Copy!" 69:13 07/12/2021
Hell's Bathroom and Dude, Where's My Nuts? 66:37 07/05/2021
The Pharaoh's Anus Blower and A Secret DMV 63:09 06/28/2021
Part 2: Drain It Twice and The Layaway Murderer 55:08 06/21/2021
Part 1: John Da Cosse and a Lesson In Comedy 46:35 06/21/2021
Three Day Old Future Comedy and Pie Ala Commode 77:50 06/14/2021
Squeaky Neuticles and the WTMF Storm Door 68:30 06/07/2021
Axe Smashing and the Border Meat 61:40 05/31/2021
A Chat with Chad Daniels 57:06 05/24/2021
Fudge Brian and the Johnson Keeper 67:40 05/17/2021
The Endless 5k and Damon for 2 Please 66:50 05/10/2021
C.H.I.P.S. 'N' Salsa and a Complimentary Roo 52:42 05/03/2021
Teddy Muskrat and the Manger of Potato Salad 45:24 04/26/2021
ExtravaDanza 17:09 04/22/2021
A Weekend at Philip's with the Gobble Champ 65:57 04/19/2021
Waffle Stomp and the Chain Smoking Psychic 56:16 04/12/2021
Handrew Andrew and Crossing the Delaware 72:09 04/05/2021
Walmart Camping with Roy and Cashing in Toenails 44:24 03/29/2021
Roy Gregory and Running the 100 Yard Ash 56:02 03/22/2021