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A podcast for anyone who enjoys a sarcastic and ironic view of everyday life!


Extreme Ironing, Robot Coyotes, and “STINK OUT”
The guys discuss exactly what is the most important item to pack when skydiving, why having an opinion while working retail in Scotland requires wearing a helmet, and how if 2 sailors can scrape up a sign no title is necessary to transfer ownership of a WWII submarine. 
48:45 4/22/24
Pigeon Hats and Baby Nets
The guys discuss why all Mountain Dew should be opened by day 29, how owning a boat directly relates to an endless supply of free goats, and when a “First Name” salutation assures an effective recruitment campaign. 
51:53 4/15/24
Without further ado, we love us some Teacher Vodka & Getting Clapped
The guys discuss how to enjoy a meal on an unstable surface, when violating a statue makes you fertile, and why a brown notebook can literally halt the waffle distribution in Tennessee. 
51:40 4/8/24
Bonus Episode* Thermostat Guarding and A New Balance of Power (April Fools)
The guys discuss how the calendar can dictate entertainment, why it’s important to jump ahead almost an hour today, and when you realize you’ve been had knowing you sometimes just gotta sing along. 
59:33 4/1/24
Episode 200!!! "Speed Hating vegans..."
The guys discuss how smoking in birdcages is next to impossible yet eating a sandwich is not, why being a healthy Frolfer makes you way more popular during wedding season, and when removing your wide-brimmed hat assures you a free fifty pound Tarpon.
80:23 4/1/24
Family Nudist Camps, Meat Naps, & Deceased and Assist
The guys discuss how Damon’s saved soul qualifies him as a hero, when “six to a stick” is the only acceptable measurement for a green coaster on your table, and why turtle tunnels are essential in preventing train derailment.  
61:42 3/25/24
Tobacco & Leather and Hotbedding
The discuss how flexible scheduling only guarantees frustration and not employment, why they will never put ATMs in funeral homes,  and when a dog tossed over the fence to a polar bear will definitely be be caught with left hand and get you free admission. 
50:01 3/18/24
Marrying the Dead, Burying the Alive, and Reeking of Feldman
The guys discuss how  a pizza party makes every bank robbery more memorable, why swimming with pants on is imperative when you have a shellfish allergy, and when it’s justified to shoot a bear with an “alleged” drug problem. 
54:42 3/11/24
“He was Arrested and Kilt”
The guys discuss what’s the actual probability of being shot at 300 yards by a girthy bush, why you would never brag about the 30 acres you inherited from your Uncle Roland, and how path proximity is crucial when sounding the alarm for the leash police. 
58:09 3/4/24
Medicinal Adultery and Wet Astronaut Bus Tires
The guys discuss who really benefits from having a fake family member at times, why a departed loved one should only expect a heavenly high five, and how a reckless semi driver can unknowingly reach hero status in the wake of his chaos. 
70:36 2/26/24
Borrowed Cannonballs, Keistered Batteries, and Ping Pong Pigeons
The guys discuss how you never use the first beak when pulling an accurate measurement, why you can't expect 145 tons of black market chicken to be any cooler than room temperature, and when is the ONLY TIME you'll ever hear a mourner say "we're all better off" at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
54:18 2/19/24
Fish Banging, Prime Medical, and A Diarrhea
The guys discuss why choosing the correct prison activity can definitely change your sentence, how the lower your avocados hang the thicker your guacamole gets, and where your pizza literally comes out of the oven hot as lava. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
56:27 2/12/24
1950’s Appliance Silence, Lilo’s Bird, and A Moose’s Dozen
The guys discuss how timing is everything when it comes to a pebble exchange, why there’s so much collateral damage with Damon’s misdirected wishes, and when is the appropriate time to report a pee-soaked neck pillow. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
62:16 2/5/24
Jeff’s Dip and Clown Pimps
The guys discuss when it is most important to wake up early in Finland, why someone telling you how hot your mom was leads to and early 80’s Rampage, and how death metal was monumental in the 1880’s to detour men from hosiery and booze. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
56:13 1/29/24
Olympic Ducks and The King’s Chimp
The guys discuss why it’s fiscally responsible to always know where your driveway is, what makes the first 60 seconds of a random Central Florida garage sale so dangerous, and when showing “kindness” to your neighbors can get you life in prison. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
53:55 1/22/24
“I got it on a timer.” “Ding Dong.” (Door Mac)
The guys discuss when a wafflestomp proves you did not cheat at Chinese Chess, how Canadians simply do not tolerate pretend witchcraft, and why having a mullet and an unpopular last name will get your bread an end cap display at your local grocer. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
57:12 1/15/24
Fisical Macironi, Cola Hugs, and A Wasted Coat Rack
The guys discuss when 25 minutes means it’s time to drop the purse and start the car, how wood testosterone is 17% greater than ball testosterone, and why holiday eye contact is so imperative in avoiding wang fractures. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
59:29 1/8/24
A TCO Escape Room, Crappy AirPods, and The Wannabe Bus Driver
The guys discuss just how flammable paint CAN be on a Stanley mug, when stage diving CAN cost you a new pair of kicks, why being shot 27 times and getting hit with grenade shrapnel CAN still be better than being at home with the family. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
71:46 1/1/24
Urinal Crumbs and K-Sooooooo Dip
The guys discuss why the new Grand Theft Auto will feature gospel music, how to play the odds of the dead jockey winning the race, and when a smoking corpse is the most expensive Uber. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
53:16 12/25/23
“Come for the CPU, stay for the cookies”
The guys discuss how why when you go on vacation for 15 years your house gets demolished, how a man named Tony’s stories got completely omitted from a very popular book, and when a marketplace motherboard post is far more successful than Tinder. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
60:45 12/18/23
Unenthusiastic Leftovers and Garden Ammunition
The guys discuss why calling 719-266-2837 will automatically make any day better, how the complex anatomy of a turtle works while explaining it to Damon, and what might possibly be the world’s worst law firm representation. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
50:21 12/11/23
Swedish Cannibals, Car Snacks, and Boioioing Powder
The guys discuss when it can be a felony if you “ain’t no hollaback girl”, why Domino’s regrets not thoroughly explaining what constitutes an “emergency” to Damon,  and how Iowa is the hub for a crappy giraffe jewelry smuggling ring from Kenya. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
53:59 12/4/23
Elderly Island and A Ninja Parade
The guys discuss why the answer to “Grandma Ending Thanksgiving $500” is “What Is Defecation?”, when confrontation is the only way to retain your Cheez-Its, and how cussing in front of a baby can result in homicide. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
61:03 11/27/23
A Mouth Fence, Glove Dong, and “Something About Soup”
The guys discuss the hidden dangers of allowing retired opera singers access to their bow and arrow collection, how when you’re the first to invent something nurses lineup to rub it all over you, and why you’ll never have enough washer fluid to remove a corpse from your windshield. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
56:00 11/20/23
Smoking Tigers, Amish Shuns, and The MockKing
The guys discuss why an infection requires the correct anecdote to heal properly, when milk filled bagpipes guarantee you can be a hero for an entire millennium, and how you should NEVER let a woman enter your Dohyō! at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
53:27 11/13/23
Body By Bodi & Bertha Benz Brakes
The guys discuss what it means to Finnish your beer while home alone in your underwear, why cinnamon and a blue raspberry slush guarantees a win for Damon on Holiday Food Wars, and how an attractive flight attendant and an overly confident G.I.Joe game gets you a story you’ll refuse to tell under oath. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
59:22 11/6/23
Floor Rolls and an Epic Bird Turd
The guys discuss when a 3 Casino head start is necessary for a fair race, how adopting a chimpanzee will make your kids dumber, and why Kia is the official car of the unemployed exotic dancer. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
59:47 10/30/23
English AC and Dong Fang Scooters
The guys discuss how big an animal has to be to perceive Damon as adorable, why a routine tank inventory is necessary if you’re next to a scrap yard, and who is responsible for the Drunken-Trash Panda Movement currently plaguing at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
52:51 10/23/23
Viking Kittens, Friday Plans, and A Stoop Poop
The guys discuss how loading your belongings on a cart repeatedly solidifies a new customer discount, why the absence of heat in a snake shape will endanger the entire trailer park, and when a fat guy using an 800PSI bidet in your front yard means your vinyl siding is at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
51:02 10/16/23
The guys discuss why the perfect toilet paper is monumental when cleaning up the sloppiest of kisses, how the ladies couldn’t care less about your scientific prowess, and when a privacy fence, chicken coop, and a blind eye can get you out of child support. at Audiohive PodcastingHosted on
50:27 10/9/23