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Welcome to ‘Leadership Bites’, with your host Guy Bloom. I have conversations with amazing people who impact on the world around them . Always about leadership and hopefully in such a way as to reinforce the good you do and to bring challenge to the things you might be able to calibrate. All links for Guy:


Rich Diviney, Naval SEAL Commander (Rtd), The Attributes: 25 Drivers of Optimal Performance 48:51 01/22/2022
Michele Graglia, Male Model to Ultra Marathon Runner 64:12 11/01/2021
Don Schmincke, Strategic Performance Advisor & High Altitude Leadership 49:39 10/24/2021
Craig 'Sawman' Sawyer, Veterans For Child Rescue & Contraland the movie 50:10 10/17/2021
Sheriff Chris Swanson, Walking the Talk & George Floyd protests 57:25 10/10/2021
Amy Edmondson, Professor Leadership & Management at Harvard 53:58 10/04/2021
Afghanistan. HOW? 57:54 08/26/2021
Dan Norenberg, Executive Ownershift 45:56 08/18/2021
RARIFIED AIR. With Professor David Pendleton & Master Coach Guy Bloom 40:53 08/08/2021
Graham Hall, Trustonomics 42:20 08/01/2021
Nick Shackleton-Jones, HR Director, Talent & Learning at Deloitte UK 46:27 07/26/2021
MORALITY. With Professor David Pendleton & Master Coach Guy Bloom 33:35 07/19/2021
Robin Seiger, Natural Born Winners, Author and Motivational Speaker 52:31 07/09/2021
Sarah Le Fevre, Playful learning, gamification and Ludogogy 44:15 07/05/2021
FAIR PAY? With Professor David Pendleton & Master Coach Guy Bloom 41:38 07/01/2021
Nic Askew, Film Maker, Soul Biographies and Inner View 74:21 06/27/2021
Louise Houston, Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Tarmac 52:54 06/20/2021
Sharon Davies, Chief Executive, Youth Enterprise 42:58 06/13/2021
10 years on from the INSPIRE leadership programme 40:42 06/06/2021
N.K Chaudhary, Social Entrepreneur, founder Jaipur Rugs, "The Gandhi of the Carpet Industry" 49:34 05/29/2021
Joel Nielson, Chief of Section (Leadership Development) at UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 44:42 05/23/2021
Leaders have to learn, with Guy Bloom 14:26 04/25/2021
Carmin Romanelli, VP Global Sport, Getty Images 48:24 04/18/2021
Joe Foster, Founder of REEBOK 56:59 04/12/2021
Andy Holmes, Global Head of Wellbeing at reckitt 54:09 04/06/2021
Darrell 'Flash' Gordon, Working with those that need it most 41:40 03/28/2021
Mike Friday, USA Rugby Mens 7's, Head Coach 69:50 03/23/2021
Daniel Burrus, Technology Futurist, Disruptive Innovation Expert 39:54 03/15/2021
Penny Mallory, Peak Performance & Mental Toughness 40:58 03/07/2021
Freddy Caceres, Police Lieutentant, Miami-Second Nature Leadership 39:13 02/28/2021