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Washington Football, Pranks & Interviews!


NFL Commanders Draft, Snyder Sale & a Prank Call!
BREAKING NEWS: The Washington Commanders have been busy with the NFL draft, Dany Snyder sale updates & and we broadcast a new prank call! 
97:53 5/18/23
Chase Young Rumors & New Prank Call!
Chase Young Rumors everywhere! New PRANK CALL! Washington Draft Stress! Is Dan Snyder ever going to SELL??!?
95:01 5/3/23
Bye Bye Dan Snyder?
Is Dan Snyder Gone? Rumors of another Re-brand?! A new Prank Call & Draft Rumors! 
91:45 4/25/23
Amish Table Prank Call
A Lady is selling Amish Tables. I call her from the "Fairness for Amish Council" and demand an apology.
02:06 11/26/21
Politically Correct Dog
I call a guy trying to sell a Black German Shepherd and tell him cancel culture will not allow him to run his ad.
04:08 11/26/21
KY Jelly Prank Call
I call a grocery store and complain that the "Kentucky Jelly" tastes like sh*t.  If ya know, ya know!
02:34 9/14/21
Ebay Scammers Get Scammed!
Ebay scammers want me to give them Ebay gift card codes so they can "Send my account Money" LOL!How dumb do they think we are? I wasted almost 10 minutes of their time, and THEY WERE PISSED!@marcjasontweets@marcjasoninsta
06:47 9/11/21
Virus Spreads by Phone Prank Call
I ask the Grocery store manager to put on his mask, ON THE PHONE, based on new data about the virus spreading through the phone, internet and Dogecoin! 
01:40 5/26/21
Chicken & Waffles Prank Call
I call a Chicken and Waffles restaurant. All is good until I'm asked for my last name. Twitter: @marcjasontweets IG: @marctampabay
00:28 1/28/21
Talking Backwards Prank Call
I Intentionally call a similar phone number as an up-scale restaurant to make reservations. The lady tells me I called the wrong number, but I told her that I was on a pay-phone and she needed to call the restaurant and make the reservations for me. She finally agreed and when she asked what name to put them under, I started talking backwards. Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
01:55 12/16/20
Booze in Recycling Bin PRANK CALL
I'm acting as a call center agent at a Recycling company, calling a guy and asking why there's so many Wine bottles in his recycling. Turns out he's a recovering alcoholic, and a pissed off one at that..... Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
02:20 11/28/20
Pokemon Prank Call
I call a Restaurant and accuse them of stealing my Pokemon's (whatever the hell that means). Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
02:15 11/27/20
Big Ass Prank Call
I'm calling random spots and asking to talk to the girl with the real BIG ASS. Some loved it, Some didn't.... Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
03:01 11/25/20
Wrong Number PRANK CALL
Let's call the same house (repeatedly) and ask for Quentin. Quentin doesn't live there. Finally, I'll call as Quentin, to check my messages. The Ol' woman goes next-level offensive on me. Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
01:26 11/24/20
Gimme My Money PRANK CALL
I'll disguise my voice like a 6 year-old and call a random woman to demand my money back.... She's not cool with it! Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
01:28 11/23/20
Conference-Call Prank Call
I'll call a Restaurant and place an order, then ask them to read my order back. As they begin to recite my order, I'll conference in another Restaurant, who believes that someone is placing a To-Go order. And then.... CONFUSION! Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
02:23 11/21/20
Tanning Bed Prank Call
I call a guy who's selling his Tanning Bed on Craigslist. It's 5k and I think I deserve to know if someone has fornicated in it?! Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
02:24 11/20/20
Baltimore Radio Prank Call
Colts were playing Ravens in HUGE playoff game. A Baltimore radio station was talking massive smack. Our audience was PISSED! So, I had one goal: Get on their station and return the favor! Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
01:56 11/19/20
Dr. House Prank Call
I use clips from the FOX show "HOUSE" and call Rando's! Dr. House was a massive prick and really brings out the joy in people! :) Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
01:55 11/18/20
Turkey is ALIVE Prank Call!
I call the Butterball Turkey Hotline and ask them for help on how to cook a Turkey. A bit of an issue, the Turkey is ALIVE! Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
01:56 11/17/20
Delivery Prank Call
A baby is being delivered, so let's call a Chinese Delivery Restaurant for some help! Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
00:55 11/16/20
Piano Lessons Prank Call
I call a guy who's offering Piano Lessons. Things get awkward because I make them awkward. Zero % chance he's ever gotten a call like this, ever again. Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
03:08 11/15/20
Drive-Thru Prank Call
I call a Wendy's (using a drive thru speaker) and prove why I deserve the Drive-Thru job! Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
01:42 11/13/20
Bird-Flu Prank Call
Let's call a fast-food chicken restaurant. I'm gonna tell the employee that my buddy ate their chicken and is now acting like a chicken?! I'll tell him that this must be the BIRD-FLU! Between him and his manager, they are looking for a solution! Twitter: @MarcJasonTweets IG: @MarcTampaBay TT: @PrankCallPodcast
02:54 11/12/20
Dateline NBC Prank Call
NBC had a show called "To Catch a Predator". I grabbed a bunch of clips from the Host, Chris Hanson, and call random people and see how they'll interact with the questions!
01:32 11/9/20
HOOTERS Prank Call
I'll disguise my voice as a 6 year-old kid and call HOOTERS! Twitter: @MarcJasonTweetsIG: @MarcTampaBayTT: @PrankCallPodcast
01:49 11/8/20

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