Show cover of not a momma life: a podcast not just for childfree women, for childfree humans.

not a momma life: a podcast not just for childfree women, for childfree humans.

Imagine a place where you, a childfree human, don't have to explain your decisions or choices. Being a childfree human is powerful, meaningful, fully unapologetic, and all that is worth celebrating. This podcast is a breath of judgment-free air where all the things in this childfree life are shared and discussed. And oh … I am Raphie (she/her), your host. I am a wife, an entrepreneur, an occupational therapist, and a bird mom to name a few. Let's continue getting to know each other over on Instagram @notamomma. The, not a momma life podcast is life through our childfree eyes. Our views matter. In life, love, relationships, work, entrepreneurship, and much more. There is something for all childfree humans.


Summer [FLASHBACK] Is my childfree story like yours? 06:50 06/23/2021
Are we sick of virtual events, yet? 03:30 06/18/2021
Lifting up childfree humans! 04:03 06/16/2021
BONUS Wait ! Before you hit record 03:21 06/14/2021
NO is a complete sentence ! 04:40 06/11/2021
What are your thoughts on choices and the justification or disclaimer with choices? 08:45 06/09/2021
Friends Like Family ? Are they really? 06:58 06/04/2021
Are you ready to take over this podcast for an episode? And FUN over on Instagram! 05:18 06/02/2021
Oh they can stay late, they don't have kids! Being Childfree @ work. 04:57 05/28/2021
As seen on TikTok a message to childfree women; re:friendships. 09:57 05/26/2021
Chronic Illness, Living & Being Childfree 06:36 05/21/2021
Is being a childfree human relatable? 03:30 05/19/2021
I have a toddler and throwing a party ! 05:04 05/14/2021
My childfree friend - look - a NEW thing - Question of the month ! 05:03 05/12/2021
Are you living an unapologetic childfree life, my friend? 04:47 05/07/2021
Childfree humans what is in your fridge? I have Jam in mine ! 05:48 05/05/2021
[BONUS] Happy 2nd Birthday "not a momma" 04:29 05/03/2021
[CHILDFREE MEN SERIES] PART 2 Do you relate to Sean? 05:18 04/30/2021
[Childfree Men Series] Part 1 Can you relate to these childfree men? 05:56 04/28/2021
Have you ever tried Tapping (EFT)? 05:10 04/23/2021
Childfree Humans: Are you as frustrated with meal prep & plan as I am. 03:50 04/21/2021
Do you want to be a Childfree Entrepreneur? 04:47 04/16/2021
This one is for YOU, all my childfree human friends! 06:02 04/14/2021
BONUS Monday PSAs 01:24 04/12/2021
Why I changed the description to read "childfree humans"? 06:14 04/09/2021
Three things I do on social media to help with self-care! 10:17 04/07/2021
I am childfree and love children! I said what I said. 05:56 04/02/2021
Do childfree humans deal with stress differently? 06:15 03/31/2021
Who am I, in addition to be a childfree woman! 05:32 03/26/2021
Are you a childfree man? Join Clubhouse for community. 06:07 03/24/2021