Show cover of not a momma life: a podcast not just for childfree women, for childfree humans.

not a momma life: a podcast not just for childfree women, for childfree humans.

Imagine a place where you, a childfree human, don't have to explain your decisions or choices. Being a childfree human is powerful, meaningful, fully unapologetic, and all that is worth celebrating. This podcast is a breath of judgment-free air where all the things in this childfree life are shared and discussed. And oh … I am Raphie (she/her), your host. I am a wife, an entrepreneur, an occupational therapist, and a bird mom to name a few. Let's continue getting to know each other over on Instagram @notamomma. The, not a momma life podcast is life through our childfree eyes. Our views matter. In life, love, relationships, work, entrepreneurship, and much more. There is something for all childfree humans.


Grey's Anatomy and living childfree ! 08:19 12/03/2021
Where the F*CK have I been and what it has to do with plates?! 08:26 11/18/2021
A childfree man's story: TAKEOVER Episode with Sean 07:23 10/27/2021
How to support a podcast, podcaster, creator, small biz and more! 07:24 10/15/2021
Sleeping in the same bed? 05:36 10/13/2021
How many friends does Oprah have? 07:38 10/08/2021
Dangerous side of Facebook, Instagram and more. 07:51 10/06/2021
What are you showing up for? 09:05 10/01/2021
Trichotillomania, it sucks and I have it 08:31 09/29/2021
BONUS: Episode takeover with LiLi Roquelin 04:29 09/28/2021
Are you traveling, or booking travel? 04:39 09/24/2021
I retired, kinda, and landed my dream job! 09:18 09/22/2021
Whats plays nice with audible audiobooks? 06:20 09/17/2021
I don't like listening to music, do you? 06:43 09/15/2021
Introvert, because of a pandemic? 05:31 09/10/2021
Losing friends is ok, I promise! 06:10 09/08/2021
Do you know what TOS is? Do you have TOS? 07:30 09/03/2021
What goes into creating a podcast, a blog or vlog? 06:17 09/01/2021
Why? Keep quiet or scream from rooftops? 07:40 08/27/2021
Where this podcast is going, metaphorically that is! Do you want to join? 06:30 08/25/2021
Game Night are you in? 03:32 08/20/2021
What do YOU look for in a community ? 06:00 08/18/2021
Why I missed Wednesday's episode, an apology & an update. 05:52 08/13/2021
Pride being a childfree human, do you share your pride? 07:46 08/06/2021
Bigger Conversations 06:48 08/04/2021
[BONUS TakeOver] Mental Health, Global Health and Occupational Therapy Event 06:53 07/31/2021
Are you an HSP? 07:16 07/30/2021
Armpits and Liquor 10:42 07/28/2021
How do you spell Childfree? 04:01 07/23/2021
What does your family favor? 03:36 07/21/2021