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All About Supporting Philanthropy is a podcast presented by the Association of Advancement Services Professionals where we drill down into what advancement services is and why it's so important for success in fundraising.


Episode 16 – Cryptocurrency
According to Fidelity Charitable, a third of cryptocurrency investors have donated some of their assets to charity.  Are you ready to accept donations in cryptocurrency? This episode brings together a panel of seven experts to help guide advancement services professionals through the several facets of accepting and recording crypto donations. The speakers discuss gift acceptance policies, crypto accounts, valuing and receipting crypto gifts, and prospect research.
47:21 10/04/2022
Episode 15 - Tara Watterson & Margaret Griffin
Tara Watterson, Training Coordinator, and Margaret Griffin, Web Applications Analyst at North Carolina State University, share with us how they updated the online portal at NC State University, earning them a Sapphire Award. They took an antiquated intranet that was hard to navigate and created a modern portal to house resources to provide access to all stakeholders to be able to work efficiently with Advancement Services, Development Communications and Stewardship, and Events.
20:46 07/17/2022
Episode 14: Terri Clark
As advancement services professionals, we work hard to ensure that our organizations are in alignment with professional best practices. Every day we innovate and adapt to ever-changing conditions and characteristics of fundraising in non-profit operations. That is why aasp developed the aspire awards program. The only member awards program solely dedicated to celebrating the work of advancement services professionals. Join us as we talk to Terri Clark, Director of Prospect Development from the University of Tennessee Foundation about her team winning the 2021 aasp Aspire Saphire award for the Electronic Gift Agreement Application. She will explain how she built a gift agreement request system based within the University of Tennessee Foundation CRM system, streamlining the process for their frontline fundraisers.
23:34 06/01/2022
Episode 13 - John Taylor
In our industry of advancement services, there are a few rock stars. These are colleagues who we turn to for information and advice. They help describe the right way of recording our donors and gifts. One such individual is John Taylor. He is the creator of the fund services listserv and has worked for multiple advancement services shops. He is now a consultant for many development operations and is also the go-to guy for questions about IRS rules and for general best practices. In this episode, we are excited to bring Jianell's conversation with John Taylor to you.
39:06 02/03/2022
Episode 12 - HigherEd vs non-HigherEd
When we look across our association, a full two thirds of us support higher education. That's a healthy percentage, but that also means the other one third of us support other things. Maybe it's health care or the arts or the environment or maybe education, but just not higher education. What do these other shops look like? Are they similar or different from a higher education mission? In this episode, and for everyone's benefit, we wanted to explore some of the uniqueness and challenges of supporting a non-hybrid cause.
36:44 12/21/2021
Episode 11 - aasp – A Love Note on Summit Eve
Are you getting excited about Summit? Have you used a Best Practice White Paper lately, or did you have a chance to attend the Deep Dive Summer Series? Did you know that all of this content and more are exclusively produced by aasp volunteers?  In this episode of All About Supporting Philanthropy, listen to the voices of our some of our most engaged colleagues about what aasp and volunteerism has meant to them over the years, and why aasp and the value we provide is even more important today!
21:18 09/23/2021
Episode 10 - Small Shop/Large Shop: Benefits, Trade-offs, and Challenges
If you could wave a magic wand and receive additional, fully funded positions for your advancement services shop, what would that mean for your organization? In this episode we hear from a multitude of voices representative of many sectors as they talk about how they allocate positions across large and small advancement services shops – and how they would apply those magical new positions within their organization! Listen in for a lively discussion of the dynamics between shop size and career development, resource allocation, leadership buy-in, and staffing for strategic initiatives that will see your shop well into the future.
44:41 08/06/2021
Episode 09 - Eric and Sandra Billman
In this episode we go back to Australia to talk with Eric and Sandra Billman about the art and science of fostering “Donor Bliss” in cross-cultural fundraising environments. Listen in as they share how they have learned to forge connections between donors, fundraisers, and board members of different generations and backgrounds – all by focusing on a core value that transcends cultural difference: the desire to do good for others.
46:45 05/07/2021
Episode 08 - Ray Li
Advancement services professionals are familiar with the best practices that support fundraising within the context of their own communities. But how many of these best practices would still apply while working with different cultures? In this episode, Ray Li shares tips and tricks on how to conduct a successful international fundraising and alumni relations program like the one he developed for the University of Washington. One of the keys to his success? Approaching international development with a sense of curiosity and openness. Listen in to learn more!
32:30 04/12/2021
Episode 07 - A COVID Retrospective
This month marks a significant milestone: a full year of advancement services professionals managing fundraising operations during a global pandemic. Join us for this retrospective episode which features a collection of insights from thought leaders – some you’ve already heard from and some you’ll hear more from in upcoming episodes. Listen to John Taylor, Cassie Hunt, Ray Li, Sandra & Eric Billman, and Jon Thorsen share their thoughts on how to manage gift, donor, and staff administration while also honoring the human side of adjusting to an entirely new way of navigating our personal and professional lives.
25:20 03/09/2021
Episode 06 - Cassie Hunt
Looking for ways to use advancement services expertise to strengthen relations with colleagues across your organization? Seeking strategies to foster mutual understanding about data best practice across divisions? Join Cassie Hunt, Executive Director of Advancement Operations at Washington and Lee University, as she talks about how to craft conversations about data that nurture relationships with front line fundraisers. Also, she will share tips for how to build flexible solutions that can respond to exceptions both known and unknown.
35:11 02/04/2021
Episode 05 - Jon Thorsen
Meet Jon Thorsen and hear about his accidental career in Advancement Services. Jon will share some of his history, his participation in professional organizations, and some advice on tackling new challenges.
20:04 01/07/2021
Episode 04 - Josh LaBorde
Josh LaBorde, Director of Philanthropy Operations at Sutter Health and member of AHP’s Healthcare Philanthropy Standards Council, joins us for a fascinating discussion about the unique challenges and strategies for managing information in support of healthcare fundraising.  Josh shares his experiences, insights and strategies for centralizing fundraising operations, fundraising for a healthcare system with many diverse entities under its umbrella, and managing data privacy and grateful patient programs for those many verticals.
37:02 12/01/2020
Episode 03 – Gretchen Dobson
Want to hear more about cultivating sustained engagement?  Jianell Present has an in depth interview with guest Gretchen Dobson, a global engagement specialist and 20 year veteran to the advancement services industry. Gretchen takes us through her storied history of starting out, adapting to changing times and what it’s like to work with different philanthropic institutions around the world. 
46:14 11/18/2020
Episode 02 – Dr. Wayne Combs
Looking for practical advice on how to have a fulfilling mentorship with another advancement services professional? Tune in to our latest aasp podcast to hear host Jianell Present and special guest Dr. Wayne Combs discuss what to expect, what to watch out for, and how to nurture mentor/mentee relationships in order to get the most out of this horizon-broadening experience.
34:28 10/21/2020
Episode 01 – Dr. Mark Walcott
Join us as we deep dive into the question “Which came first? The data or the decision?” with Mark Walcott, Executive Director of Advancement Systems at University of Houston.
33:42 10/21/2020