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Outbreak News Interviews

Editor of the website, Outbreak News Today, Robert Herriman interviews expert guests on topics of infectious diseases, research, medicine and health. In addition, I do short, current news reports on related topics.


Omicron variant: What do we know and don't know with Michael Osterholm, PhD 15:50 12/01/2021
Gonorrhea: An unusual, accidental and non-sexual case with Prof. Felicity Goodyear-Smith 20:43 11/21/2021
C. diff awareness 39:20 11/17/2021
Salmonella and Food safety with Trevor Craig 15:06 11/10/2021
Cryptococcus gattii outbreak in porpoises and dolphins in the Salish Sea 11:46 10/28/2021
Valley Fever with John Galgiani, MD 25:58 10/22/2021
Leprosy in humans and animals: A Livestream 17:13 10/16/2021
Plasmodium vivax: The Global burden is obscure and insidious 16:36 10/14/2021
Outbreak News This Week 10-9-2021: Polio in Ukraine and other news 31:46 10/09/2021
Outbreak News This Week 10-2-2021: Illinois rabies case and more news 29:57 10/02/2021
Rabies Q & A: A World Rabies Day Livestream Special 90:27 09/28/2021
Naegleria fowleri & the host immune response 23:07 09/17/2021
Lewy Body Dementia with Dr. James Galvin 28:45 09/15/2021
Brain aneurysm awareness month with Olivia Hoblit 22:03 09/10/2021
Anthrax infections and it's dark bioterrorism history 22:19 09/04/2021
Legionella: A waterborne bacterium of major concern 08:05 08/30/2021
The Raccoon Roundworm Livestream 32:52 08/27/2021
COVID-19 in the Philippines: An update with Dr. Edsel Salvana 22:33 08/26/2021
Outbreak News This Week Livestream: African swine fever in the Dominican Republic, Tularemia from crabs and more 28:46 08/20/2021
PLAGUE primer and updated treatment recommendations with Christina Nelson, MD 29:54 08/19/2021
Naegleria fowleri with Steve Smelski 60:37 08/18/2021
Outbreak News This Week- California Naegleria fowleri, Marburg in Guinea and more 40:43 08/11/2021
India reports surge of mucormycosis cases. What do we know and not know? 17:40 06/18/2021
Will SARS-CoV-2 become just another common cold? 11:52 06/04/2021
Campylobacter can also be spread through sexual contact: OU study 11:49 05/27/2021
The mental health of children in the time of pandemic 09:14 02/26/2021
Shingles & the Shingrix vaccine with Dr. Leonard Friedland 24:41 02/10/2021
Guinea worm disease 2020 with the Carter Center's Adam Weiss 13:17 01/29/2021
COVID-19 sniffing dogs with Dr. Brittany Busse 08:45 01/28/2021
20 Mosquito-borne diseases 19:54 01/28/2021