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Set Lusting Bruce: The Bruce Springsteen Fan Podcast

Over the past several years, Jesse Jackson has been talking to Bruce Springsteen fans from around the world. He believes that every Springsteen fan has a story to tell and it's his job to record as many as possible. At over 1,000 episodes and counting, fans of Bruce (as well as fans of other musicians) have shared how the magic and power of music has helped them celebrate successes and mourn losses. Music has been part of births, deaths, birthdays, weddings and other major events in their lives. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.


Happy Birthday Bruce Springsteen
Bruce turns 74 on September 23rd and a few of his fans have sent in their birthday wishes! Here is hoping that Bruce has an amazing birthday, continues to heal and enjoys time with those he loves! Happy Birthday Bruce! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
34:00 9/23/23
Holly West - lead vocalist & bassist in Dead Groove Band
Holly West joined me from her car right after sound check for a gig in NYC. In our interview, she talks about growing up in the south, her love of music and how the Bass guitar spoke to her. She is a very busy musician as lead singer for Dead Groove Band, the bassist for Zepparella and also does acoustic material. To find out more about Holly go here - Holly West - lead vocalist & bassist in Dead Groove Band - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
38:27 9/22/23
MIke Blanchard - Springsteen in 5 Lines
In a very personal and moving episode of Springsteen in 5 lines, Mike Blanchard @tfg1Mike joins me to pick the 5 lines from Springsteen lyrics that share his Springsteen journey. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
32:14 9/21/23
Ryan Winter - Southern Storyteller, Author and Entertainer
Ryan Winter is a French Cajun author with a charming yet candid attitude, Ryan is as gregarious as his love of New Orleans and writing is reknown! New to the publishing scene but no stranger to creative writing, his first work, a children's picture book, was conceived through a dare that horror writers couldn't cross genres. Ryan and I talk about music, New Orleans and storytelling in today's episode. Find out more about Ryan here - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48:27 9/20/23
Rob Kassees - podcaster, musician and Springsteen fan!
Rob Kassees is one of the cohosts of the brilliant podcast 1001 Album Complaints, musicians give irreverent takes on "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Rob and I talk music, podcasting and his love of Bruce's music. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
70:01 9/19/23
Patrizia de Rossi - Italian music journalist and Springsteen Fan
Patrizia de Rossi is an Italian music journalist based in Rome. In 1987, she analysed and explored Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics through the big themes of North American literature with her thesis “The poetry of Bruce Springsteen”. Since then, her writings have included the books “She’s the one” in which she discusses the evolution of women’s figures in Springsteen’s songs, and “Last Man Standing”, where she portrays him as the last American hero of the ever-changing idea of the American dream. In a wonderful conversation, she and I explored her Springsteen fandom and her writing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
61:54 9/18/23
George Sirois - writer, podcaster
George Sirois is the author of the international bestselling young adult / science-fiction novel Excelsior, its two sequels, and the five-part science-fiction / sports serial From Parts Unknown. George and I talked podcasting, audio drama and music. Find out more here Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
72:24 9/17/23
David Fivecoat - Author, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur, Veteran
After 24 years as a US Army paratrooper, as well as 4 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Colonel David Fivecoat, US Army, Retired, founded The Fivecoat Consulting Group. He now blogs, speaks, coaches gritty leaders, and helps develop gritty organizations. In today's episode, David and I spent some time talking about music, leadership and buying multiple copies of a release. Find more about David here Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
49:28 9/16/23
Neal Portnoy - Athlete, Coach, Illustrator
Neal Portnoy loves sport, he loves athlete and he also always loved to doodle. Little did he know that one day his love of sports and art would lead to a brilliant career that has brought him fame and acclaim. It has been said that you are not successful in Vegas till you've been Portnoyed. He and I had a wonderful time talking about his background in sports and how he does all his artwork with markers. Check out his art and story here IF you visit Vegas, please go to the gallary. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
51:53 9/15/23
Jon Alba - Hat Trick
Jon @jonalba joined me before the kick off of the new Springsteen tour and he sent me a direct message on twitter a few days before the show saying that the 1st song of the tour would be No Surrender. Since then, he's gone to multiple shows and he joined me to talk about the shows and his experiences. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
44:50 9/14/23
Chris Collins - talking 2023 Springsteen tour, setlists and ticket situation
Chris Collins @bedheadchicken has worked on multiple TV shows behind the scenes including The Sopranos as well as And Just Like That. He shares his Springsteen story and then we have a great discussion about the 2023 tour, the set list debate and how Chris felt after the first round of tickets and dynamic pricing was so controversial. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
59:06 9/13/23
Tod Goldberg Returns!
Tod Goldberg returns to the podcast to catch up and to promote the 4th volume of his Gangsterland Trilogy (that is right 4 books in a trilogy, but that is how he rolls). The new book is Gangsters don't Die is a great end to the series (maybe) and is available everywhere you purchase your books! We had a wonderful discussion about the book, his process and how he is still not seen Bruce perform live! Check out his books here - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
54:09 9/12/23
Eric Wickstrom - Talking 2023 Springsteen setlists and tickets
Eric Wickstrom @IDC_Eric and I had a wonderful discussion on X aka Twitter about Springsteen's set lists this tour. Fresh from the Sunday night show, he joined me to talk about his Springsteen fandom and his thoughts on the current tour. We had a wonderful time and I will be having Eric back on the show soon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
59:36 9/11/23
Lou Sytsma talking about Rush
Lou @louwsytsma and I have been podcasting together for years. We started out talking Farscape and currently we are talking Babylon 5. Over the years, we have discussed Game of Thrones, Stephen King movies and books, The English, Twelve Monkeys, Midnight Mass and other TV series. Earlier this year, Lou, Karen & I talked The Tragically Hip, in today's episode we talk about Lou's journey with another very Canadian Band - Rush. You can hear more of Lou's work at his youtube page Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
49:07 9/10/23
Deana Brown Mitchell Author, Speaker and Award-winning entrepreneur
Deana Brown Mitchell is a driven, optimistic, and compassionate leader. In today's episode, she and I spend some time talking about her journey Deana shares her experiences for the benefit of others. She also discusses her role as President of Genius & Sanity, where she teaches her proprietary framework created from her own experiences... for entrepreneurs/leaders who want to continue or expand their business while taking better care of themselves and achieving the life of their dreams. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
58:35 9/9/23
Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys - 2023 Season Episode 1
Chris, Colin and Jesse are back to discuss the 2023 Dallas Cowboys season. What happens when a dad, talks to his two sons about the Dallas Cowboys each week, chaos! Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21:04 9/8/23
Talking 2023 Set List with Mike Derrico
There has been a great deal of discussion about the "static" set list among fans. For those who are saying that this lack of spontaneity from Bruce is unheard of, I think they should read Mike Derrico's comments on Spontaneity and the Amnesia of Springsteen Fans In today's episode Mike and I talk about set lists and Springsteen fandom. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
50:17 9/8/23
Jay Franze Producer/Engineer/Podcaster
Jay Franze has spent years working as a producer/engineer in the music industry. He and I had a wonderful discussion about this career, his love of music and about this podcast, The Jay Franze Show where he has guests from the music industry sharing inside stories. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
78:05 9/7/23
Allan Walsh - Probably on a Plane
Allan Walsh @walsha loves Hockey, protecting his client's rights and music.  He joins me today to talk all about his journey from Prosecutor to Hockey Agent. We also discuss the current tour and his love of Bruce's music.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48:28 9/6/23
Travis Sivart Fantasy & SciFi Author, Podcaster, Voice Actor
Travis I. Sivart @TravisISivart is a prolific author of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Social DIY, and more. He and I had a wonderful discussion talking about his roots in D&D, creating stories early in his childhood and how he's created a shared universe that connects his cyberpunk, fantasy, and steampunk worlds by a shared thread. His goal is to write characters that readers connect with and who feel real. For more information check out his website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
60:48 9/5/23
Benjamin Hackman founder of the band The Holy Gasp
Joining Jesse today on the podcast is Benjamin Hackman, In 2011 this Toronto-born poet and composer created the multi-genre ensemble called The Holy Gasp. He shares his musical journey in creating a brand of music that strives to entertain fans and of theatrical, darkly comical and literary music. We discuss their new release ...And the Lord Hath Taken Away. To find out more go here - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
51:42 9/4/23
Brad Page - I'm in love with that Song
In today's episode, Brad Page, the host & producer for the “I’m In Love With That Song” podcast joins me for a conversation all about music we love, the joys of podcasting and sharing those loves with others. Find out more about Brad and his podcast here  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
71:21 9/3/23
Rest in Power - Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett has passed from this life, I share a few memories, regrets and get on my soapbox (be warned) som songs NSFW Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09:20 9/2/23
Michael Dolan - Proud Dad, Author, Book Publisher
Michael Dolan @mikedolanny is a writer and a publisher and he is a passionate Springsteen fan. In today's discussion, we talk about how Bruce's music has influenced Mike tell his own stories and helps him help others tell their stories. #30daysofSpringsteen Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
66:39 9/2/23
Welcome to 30 Days of Set Lusting Bruce!
September is a special month every year. Back in 2015, the first episode of Set Lusting Bruce was published. September is also Bruce's Birthday and I'm working to do a new Audio Birthday Card for him. I hope you contribute. #30daysofSpringsteen Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05:50 9/1/23
Rachel Burch - Transformational Comedian and Podcaster
Rachel thought she was living the life she wanted even though she was miserable inside. She reached a point where she had to make a choice and once she did, she no longer looked back. Rachel and I had a wonderful conversation about her successfully changing careers (twice), successfully leaving a marriage and starting over. As she says, we only have this one life - don’t settle. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
60:17 8/29/23
Stephanie Cotsirilos - Attorney, Actress, Singer and Writer
Tapping a multiracial family and prior careers on Broadway and in law, Stephanie Cotsirilos writes about injustice, humor, and resilience. In today's episode, she joined me to talk about her journey from the Arts, to Law School, to writing and how Joni Mitchell has kept her company during her journey. Find out more about Stephanie here and find her new book My Xanthi - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
57:32 8/28/23
Bonus Episode - The Tragically Hip
A few months ago, Lou, Karen and I discussed one of Lou's favorite bands, The Tragically Hip. We released the episode on our YouTube Channel but for some reason, we never released this on Set Lusting Bruce. here is our discussion of a band that never found much success in the US but is beloved by most Canadians. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
63:15 8/26/23
Sarah Gregory - A journey of forgiveness
Sarah Gregory lost her Grandmother in a violent death. This loss sent her down a path of unhealthy behavior and poor choices. She was able to find sobriety, however her remaining "but" was that she was not ready to offer forgiveness to the man who killed her Grandmother, till she was. The catalyst of this forgiveness story started in a Letter to You. Sarah joins me in a heart felt episode where she and I talk Forgiveness, Love, Acceptance and the healing power of music. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
68:20 8/25/23
Gwen Tolios - Independent Author
After bouncing around the world, Gwen Tolios has settled in Chicago to write and coax her cat into cuddles. A magical ace unicorn, she writes short stories and novels for anyone who likes to read. In today's episode Gwen and I have a wonderful discussion about her different stories and her process of writing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
46:41 8/24/23