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Shine: a podcast by Star

Welcome to Shine: a podcast by Star. Here you will get actionable insider knowledge directly from globally leading industry experts and companies. We answer essential questions and take a deep look into technology and design thinking within Star core industries: Health & Wellness, Automotive & Mobility, and Fintech.


Why Digital Therapeutics are a new growth opportunity for healthcare transformation 42:54 05/12/2022
Why your team setup matters most for a successful Fintech product launch 33:59 04/21/2022
Why a great design career starts with leveraging all your skills 29:00 03/31/2022
Why fleet management technology is driving transformational change 33:37 02/17/2022
Why carpooling adoption will continue to rise 18:31 01/27/2022
Why tech has disrupted traditional work models and what comes next 42:26 01/13/2022
Why your approach to product management is so crucial for success 35:16 12/16/2021
Why Open Banking is transforming much more than finance 20:58 11/25/2021
Why design is key to building trust in FinTech 52:04 10/28/2021
Why successful MedTech development leverages regulation as an advantage 41:27 09/09/2021
Why 21st century patient data access rules are a big deal 37:33 07/22/2021
The value behind FinTech’s emerging ecosystem 38:50 07/01/2021
How technology is shaping two-wheel mobility 44:27 06/17/2021
Digital health innovation in mental health 49:14 05/20/2021
Enterprise design: redefining the modern concept 46:51 05/12/2021
Beyond buzzwords: defining empathy in design 42:24 04/08/2021
How Voice Technology is Transforming Healthcare 46:56 02/25/2021
Critical Crossroads: How we learn, live and work post-pandemic 48:16 02/16/2021
Designing Meaningful Products 32:58 01/28/2021
The Future of Voice and Human-Machine Interface in Cars 47:56 11/12/2020
Digital Therapeutics and the Future of Healthcare 45:10 10/29/2020
The Future of Automotive Retail 30:12 10/07/2020
The Impact of AI on Healthcare 39:19 08/17/2020
The Impact of Covid-19 on Telehealth 50:05 07/16/2020
Car Companion Applications with special guests from Nissan & Ford 35:56 06/10/2020
Shine: a podcast by Star - Trailer 03:12 06/01/2020