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Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer

The podcast where we straight talk about surviving and thriving breast cancer through support, healthy living, and fitness. Educating, empowering, and inspiring other breast cancer survivors to take back control of their life after a diagnosis to become the best version of themselves. Taking you from not just Surviving, but Thriving!


EP 159-Straight Talk with Dr. Edo McGee 35:05 05/04/2022
EP 158-Straight Talk with Dr. Cynthia Ambres-Chief Medical Officer at Kate Farms 58:53 04/27/2022
EP 157-Straight Talk with Jaimie Sherling-2x Thriver, Founder of YDY Sweets and Author 43:26 04/06/2022
EP 156: Straight Talk with TJ Hills-The Health Benefits of Estrogen Gene Testing 41:09 03/23/2022
EP 155-Straight Talk with Morgan Adams-2x Thriver & Holistic Sleep Coach 36:29 03/09/2022
EP 154-Straight Talk with Latoya Dotson-Founder of Pink Savvy Inc 32:01 02/16/2022
EP 153: Straight Talk with Dr. De Vida Gill-Life Coach and Creative Strategist 46:08 01/19/2022
EP 152-Straight Talk with Joan Hale-Founder of Necessary Comforts 54:35 01/12/2022
EP 151-Straight Talk with Jen Delvaux 35:19 01/05/2022
EP 150- Straight Talk with Tracy Stewart 34:12 12/01/2021
EP 149-1 Year Anniversary! 14:19 11/24/2021
EP 148: Morgan Hare, Co-Founder of The AiRS Foundation 26:57 11/17/2021
EP 147-Dr. Jay Harness, MD, FACS-Chief Medical Officer of the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance 46:55 11/10/2021
EP 146-Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Early Detection Saves Lives 14:39 10/27/2021
EP 145-Straight Talk With Christy Johnson 47:59 10/13/2021
EP 144- Straight Talk With Marine Crile 33:14 10/06/2021
EP 143-Straight Talk With Angela Martinucci 34:57 09/29/2021
EP 142: My 4 Year Cancerfree-versary 20:32 09/22/2021
EP 141-Straight Talk About Suicide & Self-Improvement 12:54 09/15/2021
EP 140: Straight Talk With Stacey Davis, Registered Dietician Specializing in Cancer 53:05 09/08/2021
EP 139-Your Recovery Plan 15:54 09/01/2021
EP 138-Straight Talk with Kelly Seitz 57:06 08/25/2021
EP 137: Straight Talk with Physiotherapist, Beth Hoag, PT, CPT 30:54 08/18/2021
EP 136-Straight Talk with Gareth Nock 51:48 08/11/2021
EP 135-Straight Talk with Christine Handy 47:16 08/04/2021
EP 134: Crafting Your Brand With Your Story with Jennifer Yassen 32:04 07/21/2021
EP 133: Finding My Purpose Through Breast Cancer 19:54 07/15/2021
EP 132: Straight Talk with Dr. William Vinyard, MD, F.A.C.S. 75:22 07/07/2021
EP 131: Straight Talk with Lorna Johnson, 2x Thriver 36:16 06/30/2021
EP 130-Straight Talk with Sheila Perry-Her Journey and Beyond! 57:47 06/23/2021