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Hi! I’m Cindy Norton from Mountain Practice Journeys, here to guide therapists and counselors on their private practice journey. My mission is to help therapists like you to love the business side of private practice, and provide the inspiration and motivation to keep going even when you reach difficult terrain. Through this podcast you’ll discover helpful tips related to starting and growing your private practice. I’ll cover topics such as branding, niching, marketing, websites, copywriting, sliding scale, cancellation policies, rate setting, client scheduling, business structures, taxes, email marketing, networking, finances, productivity tips, and much more. This podcast will be a mix of solo shows, interviews, and features with special co-hosts and expert guests. Subscribe now for inspirational support for your private practice.


Magick, And Its Special Place In Business [Episode 40] 14:24 12/06/2021
7 Steps To A 7 Figure Business with guest Jamey Schrier [Episode 39] 60:29 11/29/2021
Don’t Be Hateful, Be Grateful - Thanksgiving Special [Episode 38] 09:17 11/22/2021
Keeping The Spark Alive In Your Money Relationship with guest Jane Carter [Episode 37] 56:17 11/15/2021
The 3 A’s Of Having A Sensitive Practice with guest Liz Gray [Episode 36] 24:43 11/08/2021
Overcoming Challenges As A Highly Sensitive Therapist In Private Practice with guest Liz Gray [Episode 35] 39:20 11/01/2021
Managing Fear On Your Private Practice Journey - Halloween Special [Episode 34] 10:34 10/25/2021
7 Signs Of A Bad Business Coach with guest Lindsay Bryan-Podvin [Episode 33] 25:05 10/18/2021
4 Signs Of A Good Business Coach with guest Lindsay Bryan-Podvin [Episode 32] 26:24 10/11/2021
5 Golden Rules To Convert Social Media Connections Into Paying Clients with guest Adi Gabay [Episode 31] 38:22 10/04/2021
Seasonal Inspiration: Autumn [Bonus Episode] 03:02 09/20/2021
Forestmind: A Mastermind for Private Practice Introverts & Highly Sensitive Therapists [Bonus Episode] 15:46 09/13/2021
Demystifying Website Options [Episode 30] 11:56 09/06/2021
Self-Care Isn’t Selfish - Lessons Learned with guest Melissa Zawisza [Episode 29] 38:16 08/30/2021
Considerations For Deciding Between Insurance And Private Pay [Episode 28] 11:11 08/23/2021
How To Make It As An Introvert & Highly Sensitive Therapist In Private Practice with guest Maegan Megginson [Episode 27] 50:48 08/16/2021
Should You List Your Rates On Your Private Practice Website? [Episode 26] 07:05 08/09/2021
Get Unstuck In Your Decision Making In Private Practice with guest Jane Carter [Episode 25] 46:13 08/02/2021
Are You Celebrating Your Successes? (+GIVEAWAY) [Episode 24] 08:02 07/26/2021
Making Time For Vacation In Your Private Practice with guest Patrick Casale [Episode 23] 36:06 07/19/2021
How To Have An Effective Phone Consultation [Episode 22] 12:20 07/12/2021
Should You Offer A Phone Consultation To Potential Clients? [Episode 21] 09:21 07/05/2021
Seasonal Inspiration: Summer [Bonus Episode] 03:16 06/21/2021
Does Your Social Media Account Really Get You Therapy Clients? [Episode 20] 09:23 06/07/2021
Save Time And Grow Your Social Media Following With Automation [Episode 19] 08:19 05/31/2021
How Your Enneagram Type Can Help & Hinder You In Private Practice with guests Hanna & Monica of Empowered Enneagram [Episode 18] 75:13 05/24/2021
Growing Your Social Media Following With Authenticity [Episode 17] 11:32 05/17/2021
How To Launch Your Teletherapy Practice In A Legally And Ethically Compliant Way with guest Raymond Barrett [Episode 16] 37:24 05/10/2021
How To Name Your Therapy Practice [Episode 15] 07:30 05/03/2021
Overcoming Common Fears In Private Practice with guest Jane Carter [Episode 14] 49:42 04/26/2021