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Switching from Salesforce to HubSpot with Katie Bevilacqua at ConexEd
Katie Bevilacqua is the Director of Operations at ConexEd, a higher ed edtech startup that migrated from Salesforce to HubSpot. Her and the team are investing in increasingly sophisticated marketing to take their product to market.Laying the right foundation is just the start. Once the finishing migrating from Salesforce to HubSpot, the work began in earnest to see what's working and try new things. We talk about topics like customer journey mapping, lead attribution, and how their B2B marketing efforts are really distinct from what you'd see in a more conventional B2C organization. Jump ahead:(00:00) - Intro (00:28) - Switching from Salesforce to HubSpot (03:11) - Measuring ROI in HubSpot (05:04) - Being strategic as a marketer (07:02) - Managing longer sales cycles (10:25) - Follow Katie Bevilacqua (10:38) - Outro Find Katie on LinkedIn: Find ConexEd online: 
10:53 4/17/23
How personality can drive sales with Brandon Kim at Crystal
Brandon Kim is the VP of Marketing at Crystal, a powerful personality data platform that sales and marketing teams are using to increase sales. It works by understanding your prospects better, primarily with the DISC assessment. Brandon shares how they believe more personalized communication is the future. Whether that's one-to-one conversations, multi-stakeholder B2B deals, or any number of other use cases for the product.Noteworthy topics include Myers-Briggs, DISC, Enneagram, adaptive selling, and how the Crystal LinkedIn extension and free assessment tools can help people get a sense of how the product works.Find Brandon on LinkedIn: Crystal online: ahead:(00:00) - Intro (00:28) - What is adaptive selling? (01:51) - Personality assessments (04:31) - Value for sales (05:28) - How Crystal works (09:10) - Uses outside of sales (10:04) - Applying to ABM (12:08) - Follow Brandon Kim (12:45) - Outro
12:59 2/27/23
Enterprise sales strategy with Aaron Mellman at Aiden Technologies
Aiden Technologies is a fast-growing IT automation platform that serves large enterprise companies. Aaron joins to talk about his enterprise sales and go to market strategy as the first marketing hire. Topics include marketing with HubSpot, cold outreach, sales-marketing alignment, and more. Aaron also talks in detail about how Aiden's sales team is structured, working with SDRs and sales reps, and sales automation. Jump ahead with the following chapter markers:(00:00) - Enterprise sales strategy with Aaron Mellman at Aiden Technologies (00:28) - Enterprise sales strategy (04:17) - Marketing with HubSpot (07:00) - Sales-marketing alignment (08:07) - Cold outreach (12:57) - Positioning (14:38) - Follow Aaron Mellman (15:26) - Outro Find Aaron Mellman on LinkedIn: more about Aiden Technologies:
15:41 2/20/23
Implementing inbound marketing with Pete DeOlympio at Cleartelligence
Pete DeOlympio just implemented inbound marketing at a professional services firm with over 100 employees as the first full-time marketing hire. He shares how it's gone and what's next.He talks about how he hit the ground running, identified early wins, and is moving forward with more advanced tactics like account-based marketing (ABM) as well as customer storytelling through case studies.  Pete also talks about how he works with his counterpart in sales, how channel sales fit into their strategy, and what he did immediately to level up the brand's website and social presence. Jump ahead with the following chapter markers:(00:00) - Intro (00:28) - Getting recruited (01:44) - Establishing an inbound function (02:16) - What's working in inbound (04:05) - Working with sales (05:10) - Lead generation (06:00) - Account-Based Marketing (ABM) (07:22) - Intent-based data (08:24) - Steady growth (10:03) - Follow Pete DeOlympio (11:05) - Outro Find Pete DeOlympio on LinkedIn: more about Cleartelligence:
11:20 2/13/23
Community-led growth marketing with Connie Lund at testRigor
Connie Lund is a marketer who espouses the benefits of community-led growth marketing, driving 4x ROI on campaigns and filling the sales funnel for her sales team. She talks about specific webinars, events, and other tactics she has used, and compares/contrasts them with more conventional marketing tactics. Connie outlines how B2B marketers can apply these tactics and set their sales teams up for success.Jump ahead with the following chapter markers:(00:00) - Intro (00:28) - Marketing as community building (03:16) - Valuable marketing spend (04:14) - Sales with PLG (06:27) - Community in the sales funnel (09:20) - Organic vs SDRs (11:09) - Marketing in a silo (12:49) - Outro Find Connie Lund on LinkedIn: more about testRigor:
13:03 2/6/23
Customer research driving sales with Ryan Paul Gibson at Content Lift
Ryan Paul Gibson is the founder of content lift. Ryan explains how customer research can drive sales, how to make the case for marketing budget, and how to do customer research interviews that don't suck.He has worn business development hats, works alongside demand gen marketers, and really understands what it's like for organizations that are navigating uncertain times right now.Ryan also contextualizes this type of work and shares examples like The Mom Test by entrepreneur and writer Rob Fitzpatrick. Jump ahead with the following chapter markers:(00:00) - Intro (00:28) - De-risking marketing (01:27) - Arguing for your budget (03:12) - Aligning with sales (05:18) - Customer research (08:39) - Beyond personas (10:39) - Research amidst uncertainty (13:16) - Outro Find Ryan Paul Gibson on LinkedIn: more about content lift:
13:31 1/30/23
Content marketing that helps sales with Ashley Guttuso at Audience Ops
Ashley Guttuso is a Chief Strategy Officer. She joins us to talk about how to do effective content marketing that helps sales teams be successful.Her overview on content marketing is an important starting point for the conversation. Flagging where a lot of teams get started on the wrong foot. And considering what Google is really looking for these days when it comes to SEO.Then she introduces the serving vs. selling framework and how this can be applied to product and content marketing. Ashley includes a detailed approach for ensuring that you're always talking to customers to better identify, understand, and resonate with your ICP.Jump ahead with the following chapter markers:(00:00) - Int ro (00:28) - Content worth creating (04:38) - Content that serves (06:23) - Connecting content with sales (07:54) - Talking to customers (11:15) - Messaging to your ICP (14:44) - Outro Find Ashley on LinkedIn: more about Audience Ops:
14:58 1/23/23
[NEWS] Show update for 2023
First, thanks so much for your support. We've seen a lot of success since switching to this new short format, interview-style show in August. Thank you helping spread the word.Second, we're going to be adding video in February. We are going to finish a queue of audio-only episodes over the next few weeks. And then in February we will start publishing video interviews on YouTube.As part of this transition, we will be going back to one episode per week and supplementing with more tutorial and walkthrough content that will also be published on YouTube.If you have any feedback, please email or find Harris Kenny on LinkedIn: ahead with the following chapter markers:(00:00) - Pipeline Meeting Intro (00:28) - Show update (02:49) - Pipeline Meeting Outro
03:04 1/18/23
Jobs-based sales automation with Isaac Ware at UserGems
What if you could automate prospecting efforts for your sales team? UserGems' approach is based on jobs-based changes. Isaac Ware joins to share more.Isaac has an extensive background in marketing and demand gen, working in a wide range of industries and spanning both agency and in-house. He's bringing all that experience to help grow UserGems.They're taking novel approaches to help identify and create opportunities for their sales team that any B2B marketer can learn from. Think post-demo ABM-like paid media. Things like generating net new opportunities based on job changes. And even influencing buying committees.Jump ahead with the following chapter markers:(00:00) - Pipeline Meeting Intro (00:28) - Paid media approach (02:22) - Contact enrichment (03:30) - Fully automated campaigns (05:10) - Sales enablement (07:17) - Workflows (07:55) - Alternatives (09:11) - Guaranteeing ROI (10:19) - Use cases (12:58) - Customer success (13:48) - Following Isaac Ware (14:42) - Pipline Meeting Outro Find Isaac Ware on LinkedIn: more about UserGems:
14:57 1/16/23
Getting senior fractional marketing help with Natalie B. Swan
Natalie B. Swan joins the pod to talk getting help when you're the head of marketing. Natalie shares examples of tasks big and small that can be taken off your plate. (Seriously!)She has been doing fractional marketing work since 2017 and has a lot of experience freeing up marketers to work on strategic projects by taking on important things that feel like they simply can't be done by anyone else.Natalie shares drivers behind this, how it contrasts to working with freelancers through sites like Upwork and Fiverr, and speaks more broadly about the types of projects that tend to be successful. To jump ahead, click the chapter markers in your podcast player:(00:00) - Pipeline Meeting Intro (00:28) - Fractional marketing services (02:20) - Why experience matters (03:32) - An example success story (06:01) - Avoiding putting off work (08:51) - Where to start (11:23) - Rethinking what needs to be done (13:15) - Follow Natalie B. Swan (13:22) - Pipline Meeting Outro Find Natalie B. Swan on LinkedIn: more about her business:
13:38 1/11/23
How to grow your podcast with Justin Jackson at Transistor
Justin Jackson is the co-founder of, the podcast hosting company that hosts this podcast. In part two of our interview series, Justin talks about how to grow a podcast audience.His comments about creators, distribution, and arbitrage opportunities exceed well beyond podcasting itself, but if growing your podcast is your goal, then you're in the right place.Justin has successfully grown his podcasting company, his own podcasts, and he's built a platform where major creators have succeeded in distributing their show to every major platform. To jump ahead, click the chapter markers in your podcast player:(00:00) - How to grow your podcast with Justin Jackson at Transistor (00:28) - Introduction (01:09) - Podcast distribution (03:56) - Centralization vs. decentralization (06:53) - Picking your lane (09:37) - Critical mass (11:12) - Choosing a direction (12:48) - Pipline Meeting Outro Find Justin Jackson on LinkedIn: more about Transistor:
13:03 1/9/23
Growing a podcast hosting business with Justin Jackson at Transistor
Justin Jackson is the co-founder of, the podcast hosting company that hosts this podcast. In part one of our interview series, Justin talks about growing a podcast hosting business. He talks about their business model as a software company, how they serve podcast agencies, and provide podcast websites. He also takes a step back to provide his perspective on the podcasting industry and market trends. Justin shares specific insights about the total market, number of active podcasts, and how different platforms compare.  He specifically contrasts podcasting with the video hosting marketing, looking to YouTube in particular.To jump ahead, click the chapter markers in your podcast player:(00:00) - Pipeline Meeting Intro (01:19) - Podcast services (03:29) - Serving podcast agencies (05:32) - Podcast websites (08:18) - Podcasting industry (11:10) - Centralization vs. Decentralization (14:56) - Pipline Meeting Outro Find Justin Jackson on LinkedIn: more about Transistor:
15:11 1/4/23
GPT-3 copywriting for marketing with Richard Lee at SuperCopy
Richard Lee is developing an AI-driven copywriting tool for marketers. It's called SuperCopy and it relies on one tool in particular called GPT-3.He explains how they're building for the best marketers, what this means in practice, and the long-term implications for their product. He talks through some specifics about how these GPT-3 copywriting engines work, circumstances where they thrive and where they struggle.Richard also shares where they're seeing success and his preference for having a small marketing team that has deep understanding of the brand. And how GPT-3 copywriting can make marketers' jobs easier. He contrasts this to having teams of interns doing lower quality work.To jump ahead, click the chapter markers in your podcast player:(00:00) - Pipeline Meeting Intro (00:28) - How does AI write copy (01:22) - Use cases for GPT-3 copywriting (03:53) - Inputs for GPT-3 copywriting (06:57) - Scaling copywriting with AI (09:52) - GPT-3 copywriting use cases (13:33) - Improving engagement with AI (15:09) - Pipeline Meeting Outro Find Richard Lee on LinkedIn: more about SuperCopy: 
15:25 1/2/23
Getting salespeople to care with Mike Schill at The Full Circle Agency
Mike Schill has worked with sales leaders like Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson. Mike joins the Pipeline Meeting podcast to talk about getting your salespeople to care about growing your business. What do salespeople care about? The same thing as anyone else. Pursuing their dreams. Mike talks about how to root organizational goals with personal goals. And how you have to understand your employees in order to get the best results out of them.He does believe it's possible to flip a team from low performing to high performing, sharing his experience playing Division 1 football.Motivation can be both personal and organizational. He talks about how setting big audacious goals can motivate your salespeople to care because they're pursuing something bigger. Lastly he shares an interesting point that while marketing is senior to sales, investing in salespeople is key to getting ROI on marketing spend where salespeople close the deals for your business. To jump ahead, click the chapter markers:(00:00) - Pipeline Meeting Intro (00:28) - What salespeople care about (02:06) - From low to high performance (03:24) - Sales operations (04:24) - Motivating your sales team (07:20) - About The Full Circle Agency (10:20) - Marketing is senior to sales (12:38) - Follow Mike Schill (13:24) - Pipeline Meeting Outro Find Mike Schill on LinkedIn: more about The Full Circle Agency:
13:40 12/21/22
Sales enablement as CMO with Cece Lee at Enable Us
Cece Lee is the CMO at Enable Us, a seller and buyer enablement platform. She joins the Pipeline Meeting podcast to talk about her first six months as CMO, sales enablement, digital sales room software, and more.Cece walks through her journey from customer to CMO for Enable us, including her 30-, 60-, and 90-day plan, transitioning to the VP- or C-level in marketing, and where you should be six months in.We talk extensively about sales enablement and how she sees marketing's role in this process. Beyond marketing or sales, she shares how she's increasingly thinking about this as the revenue function vs. how traditional corporate structures approach it.She shares in detail about how B2B buyers journeys and sales cycles are changing. And how this informs Enable Us as a product, thinking about every stakeholder in the process of what is commonly described as a digital sales room.Use the markers below to jump ahead.(00:00) - Pipeline Meeting Intro (00:28) - First 6 months as CMO (04:28) - Making things happen (06:53) - Sales enablement (10:15) - Digital sales room software (14:42) - Learn more (15:12) - Pipeline Meeting Outro Follow Cece Lee on LinkedIn: more about Enable Us:
15:28 12/19/22
Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with Daniel Cafiero at Seagate
Daniel Cafiero is a senior program manager at Seagate Technologies responsible for supporting go to market for their Lyve cloud offering. In this role, he is using an account-based marketing (ABM) approach.Daniel joins the Pipeline Meeting podcast to talk about what is account-based marketing, how it compares/contrasts with old school marketing, what ABM selling is, how he owns outcomes, the pipeline development team, implementing ABM successfully, and more.If you think of an enterprise sales cycle, you would use ABM to engage multiple stakeholders throughout a lengthy sales cycle. It is built for 'dark funnels' where there's a lot happening that is not on your radar as a marketer or salesperson.But it's not easy. It's a team sport that requires committing to people, process, and technology to change how you go to market. There is so much to unpack with this topic. This interview will give you an overview and a lot to think about. Use the markers below to jump ahead.(00:00) - 036-pipeline-meeting-daniel-cafiero (00:28) - Defining Account-Based Marketing (ABM) (01:39) - ABM vs. old school marketing (04:01) - ABM selling (05:13) - Owning outcomes (06:38) - Pipeline development (09:11) - Implementing ABM (11:38) - Getting into ABM (13:32) - Closing Credits Follow Daniel Cafiero on LinkedIn: more about Seagate Technology's Lyve Cloud:
13:48 12/14/22
First 90 days as head of marketing with Jennifer Durishin at Prodigal
Jennifer Durishin is the new head of marketing at Prodigal. Well, new-ish. She got through her first 90 days as head of marketing, shares how she approached it, and what other SaaS marketers might want to keep in mind.Jennifer specifically talks about a first 90-days framework that she got from Gartner, which she learned about through a community of go to market professionals called Pavilion and in another community by 6sense. She shares more about what Prodigal is building, how her marketing team is structured, and her first steps in starting her new role.Other topics include the role of marketing agencies, learning and development (L&D), sales enablement, customer onboarding, working cross-functionally, and measuring performance. Use the markers below to jump ahead.(00:00) - Introduction (00:28) - About Prodigal (01:48) - Jennifer's First 90 Days (03:35) - Meet Jennifer's Team (05:33) - Hiring Agencies (06:56) - Marketing L&D (07:47) - Sales Enablement (08:57) - Customer Onboarding (09:52) - Working Cross-Functionally (11:12) - Measuring Performance (12:16) - Conclusion (14:23) - Following Jennifer Durishin (14:42) - Closing Credits Follow Jennifer Durishin on LinkedIn: more about Prodigal: 
14:58 12/12/22
Getting your first customers with Bryan Clayton at GreenPal
Bryan Clayton is the Co-Founder and CEO of GreenPal, an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals. GreenPal has been called the “Uber for lawn care” by Entrepreneur magazine and has over 100,000 active users completing thousands of transactions per day.In this interview, Bryan talks about getting your first customers, building a two-sided marketplace, and building a software company after selling his service business.Use the markers below to jump ahead.(00:00) - Introduction (00:28) - Pre-Interview (01:00) - About Green Pal (02:33) - Getting Your First 100 Customers (04:37) - Two-Sided Marketplaces (07:41) - Things That Don't Scale (09:32) - Scaling the Business (13:39) - Following Bryan Clayon (13:59) - Closing Credits Follow Bryan Clayton on Instagram: Learn more about GreenPal:
14:15 12/7/22
Social selling on LinkedIn with Nicholas Thickett at Alignd
Nicholas Thickett helps salespeople and organizations with go to market strategies for social selling with training, enablement, and consulting. Their team specializes in LinkedIn and Nicholas discusses authenticity, automation, and thinking beyond content on LinkedIn.Our conversation also explores how sales is changing heading into 2023.Use the markers below to jump ahead.(00:00) - Introduction (00:28) - The end of the anonymous seller (02:10) - Authenticity on LinkedIn (05:48) - The new burden on sellers (07:45) - Thinking beyond content on LinkedIn (10:46) - A better method of LinkedIn automation (11:33) - Following Nicholas Thickett (12:55) - Closing Credits Follow Nicholas Thickett on LinkedIn: more about Alignd:
13:11 12/5/22
Trailer (December 2022)
After launching a new short format in August, we're doubling down on it. We'll be releasing episodes every Monday and Wednesday morning. We'll keep interviewing experts and we'll keep the interviews short—15 minutes. In the new year, we're going to add video interviews and publish them on YouTube.  Use the markers below to jump ahead. (00:00) - Introduction (00:37) - New show format (01:19) - Feedback welcome Find the Pipeline Meeting podcast at: or by searching "Pipeline Meeting" wherever you get your podcasts.Find Harris Kenny on LinkedIn by visiting his profile:
01:37 12/5/22
How to motivate sales teams with Larry Long Jr. at LLJR Enterprises
Larry Long, Jr. founded LLJR Enterprises to help people, teams, and organizations go from good to great. He regularly speaks to organizations of all sizes, and he has been coaching sales organizations for 16+ years. He recently concluded the Flip the Script 12-city, 18-day tour across the United States speaking directly with hundreds of sales professionals. Our conversation touches on the event, his book, motivating salespeople in the current environment, and timeless principles about sales. If you want to learn how to motivate sales teams, listen to Larry Long Jr.'s interview on the Pipeline Meeting podcast. Hear lessons here for founders, marketers, and sales managers looking to engage sales reps, help them hit their numbers, and meet their personal goals.Learn more about Larry Long Jr.: more about LLJR Enterprises:
14:12 11/28/22
Think and act like an owner with Lisa Cox at Teak & Twine
How do you think and act like an owner as a marketer? Lisa Cox at Teak & Twine shares her approach and how it informs everything from coming up with campaigns to running revenue reporting. Highlights include:* Balancing business growth and personal goals. Lisa shares how her past experience as a business owner taught her how important it is to focus on business growth. Now that she's in-house, she finds ways to also drive personal growth and take risks.* Their most successful paid ad. It's a meme. Seriously. And they haven't been able to top it. Lisa shares how they develop creative concepts. They went too far but pulled it back and are striking the right tone.* B2B doesn't have to be boring. Beyond any one ad, they engage with the human-side of their prospects which include HR teams and other marketers. While also supporting a smaller DTC segment of their ecommerce business.* Expanding their definition of success. Strictly speaking, Lisa is responsible for sales pipeline. But she has gone rogue to build her own reports and track revenue since she knows what's what really matters. * Experimenting with ABM. Not wanting to invest heavily in data or tech, they found a scrappy way to experiment with ABM (account-based marketing) and achieved some pretty incredible results. Like a 50% meeting rate! Hear how.Find Lisa Cox: Teak & Twine:
14:39 11/21/22
Customer lifecycle marketing with Madison Zimmerman at Property Meld
Madison Zimmerman has taken full lifecycle marketing on as head of marketing at Property Meld, a proptech (property technology) B2B SaaS company. Our discussion includes:* Generating new leads through webinars. Making webinars that people actually show up to and find interesting -- it's true, it's possible.* Managing inbound with HubSpot. How marketing and their outbound BDR team use HubSpot for marketing and sales automation.* Quantifying pain to justify pricing. Their custom scorecard drives their sales process and helped them increase their prices. * Coordinating with customer success. Beyond generating leads, their marketing team focuses on win rates and retention, all in HubSpot.* Trying new technologies. They implemented a new lead concierge tool called Chili Piper. It works and they learned something else, too.Find Madison Zimmerman on LinkedIn: more about Property Meld:
15:46 11/14/22
From CMO to CEO with Jenn Steele at Kissmetrics
Jenn Steele recently became the CEO of Kissmetrics, an advanced product and marketing analytics platform. She talks about marketing and product analytics, using data, and how other marketers can become CEO themselves.Marketing and product analytics. Jenn spent tens of thousands of dollars when she didn't have to. She talks about why. How marketing and product analytics can work together.CMO to CEO transition. Jenn shares her background working at HubSpot, with private equity firms, MIT, and a bunch of other places. Kissmetrics as a Google Analytics 4 alternative. Jenn talks about how they're adapting their go to market strategy to capitalize on changes to Google Analytics (GA4, specifically).Rebuilding sales and marketing from scratch. Without having any players in sales or marketing seats, Jenn has been recreating those those, recreating processes, and hiring specialists to take these things off her plate.First 90 days as CEO. She walks us through the myriad of tasks on her plate as a new CEO, some of which are not her area of expertise. Like taxes. And all the ways she wants to fire herself.That's not all. We also reminisce about T-shaped marketers. How companies like Carvana use Kissmetrics. And a big risk of her marketing background: Spending too much time on marketing. Jenn Steele: 
14:49 11/7/22
Demand gen strategy with Janelle Amos at Elevate Growth
Janelle Amos helps companies craft--and execute--demand gen strategy. Not just any companies, though. She specializes in working with B2B SaaS startups that are anywhere from seed stage to series C rounds. We discuss:Who she helps. There are three typical scenarios when a head of demand gen might be called in to help. She talks about all three, and two tend to work better than the third.Why marketing first. Janelle explains why she thinks marketing, and demand gen strategy, should come first when a startup is starting to see traction. She contrasts this to a sales-first approach.Why marketing now. She explains how timing is key. There are several specific things she looks for in the market and the product that help her understand if demand gen strategy can help.Supporting sales. Janelle shares interesting insight into how the right demand gen strategy can set up the sales team for success. And beyond a nice to have, it may be vital for the success of that sales team. When done right, they can jump in and do their job--selling!The ideal tech stack: Always a tricky topic, but Janelle talks about a few different popular tools and how they come together like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Outreach, and Salesloft.We cover more topics like the specific tactics she recommends in B2B SaaS, repurposing long form content, sales cycles, message testing, and internal communications for your campaigns. Janelle Amos on LinkedIn: Elevate Growth: 
15:44 10/31/22
B2B sales and marketing alignment with Lucas Stacey at HubSpot
Lucas helps HubSpot partners and customers identify the best ways to attract, engage, and delight their customers. He joins the Pipeline Meeting podcast to talk specifically about how sales and marketing teams can work better. Topics include:Bringing sales in the loop: Even a high performing marketing team using marketing automation, lead scoring, and analytics is going to want to bring their sales team onto the same platform to make the most of it. Sales and customers win: Lucas shares how both sales teams and customers benefit when marketing insights are fully incorporated into the buyer's journey. Marketing has skin in the game: Having visibility into sales activities and the full sales pipeline also means marketers can make better, data-driven, and revenue-informed decisions about how they spend their time.Operations, or RevOps, is the glue: These two teams can connect with other platforms, tools, and other teams through HubSpot's OpsHub. You can also automate things like data cleaning and enrichment across your CRM.Partners are key. HubSpot is a powerful platform. But the average scaling company is using 242 pieces of software in their tech stack. HubSpot both plays well with others and can handle some of these workflows. We also talk about emerging tools like Arrows, built for onboarding, which is a native HubSpot app.Lucas Stacey on LinkedIn: on LinkedIn: more about HubSpot: Choose HubSpot:'s New in HubSpot's Software:
15:32 10/24/22
Virtual events with Emma Biskupiak at Mystery
Emma was the first marketing hire at Mystery, and in her time with the company, it has evolved a lot. They've gone from only 10 people to 70 and counting and she shares what she's learned along the way.Measuring brand marketing: Never an easy topic, Emma shares how brand is rooted in everything they do and has been from the beginning. There are ways they measure though, like impressions, visits, and through the success of their product and growth marketing teams.Why now for virtual events: The company has seen a lot of growth, in part because people are more interested in virtual events than ever. Think Zoom fatigue and quiet quitting being major headlines in the press.Demos that don't suck: They make an experiential product. Emma talks about how they've used this to their advantage in the process of introducing new prospects to their product. Experience design plus data science: There's an interesting angle they're taking which is bringing principles of data science to make virtual events that scale. Emma explores this.Connecting sales and marketing: Sometimes the best way for your sales and marketing teams to talk to each other is for them to... Talk to each other. Mystery uses their own product to bring the two teams together. Learn how it impacts sales and marketing alignment. (Hint: It works!)Emma Biskupiak on LinkedIn: on LinkedIn: Learn more about Mystery:
16:07 10/17/22
Partner sales with James Urie at Close
James' partner sales responsibilities run the gamut, from identifying partners and to co-marketing and helping them succeed. He shares his insights building this program, including:Ways to partner: Close offers three distinct partner programs: Affiliates, experts, and integrations. James walks through how each works and how they are incentivizing and engaging growth levers that were previously underutilized.Integrations: This is a hot topic and an increasingly important one in the SaaS (software as a service) world. James shares an example of their partnership with QuotaPath, how they identified the opportunity, executed on it, and how it's going. (Hint: It's going well!)Incentives: Several times in our conversation James talks about incentivizing partners and how financial motivation is an important part of the equation for partner sales... But it's not the only one. Sales support and training is another important consideration.Complementing vs. Competing: One area we explore is that it looks like to have a complementary partner sales relationship versus a competitive one. Product roadmap, customer base, and other factors come into play. One to Many: When it comes to integrations, if you build one, chances are you are going to build another. So how do you know where to start? And how does that affect your sales and go to market motions? James Urie on LinkedIn: on LinkedIn: more about Close:
10:48 10/10/22
Digital sales rooms with Tara Pawlak at GetAccept
We're joined by Tara Pawlak, head of marketing at GetAccept. For starters, this episode kicked off when Tara posted the following tactical exercise on LinkedIn, encouraging people to rethink how they do events: In this episode, we cover a lot of ground.Sales-marketing alignment for events and trade shows. How Tara has flipped the conventional way of doing events on its head and is including the sales team with digital sales rooms. Plus the one key that is required for this to work.How outbound sales can complement marketing's events strategy. That's right, when coordinated appropriately, outbound sales efforts can co-exist with marketing's conventional event and trade show strategies. Digital sales rooms. It's an emerging category and Tara talks about GetAccept thinks about this new tool for salespeople and how they interact across the org chart. And she makes the case for how digital sales rooms can help salespeople sell more!Sales-marketing communication around events. If marketers often use project management software and salespeople often use CRM software, how do they meet in the middle? Hear how they do it at GetAccept.Revenue goals. Tara shares her personal experience that led her to become a marketer who is not only comfortable talking about sales, who wants a revenue number.Find Tara on LinkedIn: more about GetAccept: HubSpot INBOUND:
15:23 10/3/22
New customer onboarding with Stuart Balcombe at Arrows
Stuart shares incredible insights into the new customer onboarding process, topics include:Sales-Marketing-Service Alignment: Gaps in this area aren't because of your internal teams per se, but because of not knowing your customer. And they feel it. He shares valuable advice on how to avoid this trap.Failed Onboarding: This has proven controversial online, but the Arrows team is opinionated about it. Onboarding can be considered either a success or a failure. What does this mean in practice? Stuart breaks it down.Cost of Failure: It's easy to think about new customer onboarding as a short-term concern. However, there are long-term financial ramifications of failing to retain customers. And it could cost you your business.Who Owns Onboarding: This is a tricky one. Stuart talks through the nuances of sales or service teams owning new customer onboarding, and in particular, what that looks like in HubSpot (in deals vs. tickets).Onboarding Velocity: This is the one metric that Stuart is thinking about right now. He explains what it means, how they think about this at Arrows, and why it matters.Learn more about Arrows: Stuart on LinkedIn:
15:40 9/26/22

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