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MODERN ELDERS are not like the former elders in that we have zest for life, and passion for adventure and exploration. We are not content to spend all our days in a rocking chair on the porch. We are active and social. We don’t feel old (although our bodies sometimes do.) We have a youthful mindset, believe that the best is yet to come, and we want to get the most out of life. This bi-weekly podcast is about growing older with a healthy body, mind and spirit - for 50+, baby boomers and seniors. Award-winning holistic health professional, Debra Jones' mission is to change negative attitudes towards aging and reinstate the reverence it deserves. Our society tells us that aging is undesirable. Why? As soon as we're born, we're aging. At OWN THE GREY, we believe that our age should be worn as a medal of honour. As we get older, we gain the power of perspective and WISDOM; an asset gained only by age. Let's change the conversation and set new, healthy, POSITIVE attitudes, and eliminate outdated stigmas. At OWN THE GREY, we uncover the hidden wisdom from the MODERN ELDERS of society so that ALL ages can be inspired by, and benefit from their stories.


About that Belly Pouch ... 35:50 08/15/2022
What's REALLY Eating You? 34:55 08/01/2022
Rebellious Wellness Over 50 32:11 07/15/2022
Heal Your Hunger 36:14 07/01/2022
WISDOM of the Modern Elder - Jill Phillips 24:29 06/15/2022
Divorce Recovery in 8 weeks 36:47 06/01/2022
Wisdom of the Modern Elder Series - Amy Greenberg 40:35 05/15/2022
Take Control of your Finances 42:22 05/01/2022
6 Essential Keys to Fulfillment 42:16 04/15/2022
Managing Midlife Transitions 31:51 04/01/2022
Everyone Has a Story Worth Telling 43:41 03/15/2022
Mental and Emotional Resilience in a Crazy World 44:42 03/01/2022
Never Too Late To Start Over 39:50 02/15/2022
How To Retire Rich 55:12 02/01/2022
Wisdom of the Modern Elder Series - Mary Morrison 33:22 01/15/2022
Artificial Intelligence - a villain or a hero? 34:18 01/01/2022
Family Judgment & Separation 37:14 12/15/2021
BROWNIES for BREAKFAST! Whaaaaat? 54:36 12/01/2021
How to Silence Your Inner Critic 11:02 11/15/2021
If Life Begins at 50, What's Next? 10:16 11/01/2021
Energy Vampires - Cord Cutting to Take Back your Power 14:43 10/15/2021
RELAX: Guided Meditation to Release Judgement, Struggle and Suffering 15:56 10/01/2021
The Helpers Paradox 38:33 09/15/2021
CBD - simply explained 31:54 09/01/2021
THE MODERN MIDLIFER™ 28:11 08/15/2021
RELAX: Guided Meditation to let go of the past and move on 18:01 08/07/2021
MENOPAUSE - symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment AND BENEFITS!! 42:36 08/01/2021
You are the Guru! The Basis of Ayurvedic Healing 35:29 07/15/2021
Aging is the Best Thing to Happen to You 29:05 07/01/2021
Walking With Ease - a mental practice 38:06 06/15/2021