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Teller From Jerusalem

The weekly podcast of ever popular author, lecturer, film producer and historian, the inimitable Rabbi Hanoch Teller, takes an intelligent and thought-provoking look at the early struggle to establish the State of Israel. Through analysis of key events of the past, insight is acquired on the present. Every fourth week is devoted to the fundamentals to becoming a morally sensitive, dignified individual; enhancing personal character has never been so uplifting. Teller From Jerusalem is ear candy for those who seek instruction and self-improvement.


ICYMI: Dr Rona Novick 20:30 01/12/2022
Interview with Dr Rona Novick 20:30 12/22/2021
The Underground Jewish Military in Palestine Unite to Fight the British blockade on Jewish Immigration 21:31 12/15/2021
Reactions in Palestine and in Poland 20:58 12/08/2021
Interview with Former MK Dov Lipman 16:09 12/01/2021
Be Heartless and Blame it on National Security 20:33 11/24/2021
At a Time that Every Jew in Europe faced Certain Death, the British Refused Entrance into Palestine 24:56 11/17/2021
The Folly of Appeasement 21:10 11/10/2021
With Special Guest: Charlie Harary 22:47 11/03/2021
TFJ With Guest Shmuly Boteach 23:19 10/27/2021
The Mufti of Jerusalem Unites with Hitler in the War Against the Jews 23:20 10/20/2021
World Peace is Contingent on not Making Cartoons of Mohammed 16:14 10/13/2021
The Farhoud and the Termination of the Oldest Jewish Community 19:37 10/06/2021
1929 was a Year of Severe Unrest in Palestine 11:01 08/25/2021
TFJ Derives a Lesson from the Birth of Israel Regarding Opportunities Lost 16:40 08/18/2021
With Special Guest Rabbi Joseph Telushkin 22:31 08/11/2021
The First High Commissioner in Palestine Made a Huge Mistake 16:36 08/04/2021
The Yale Five & the Conclusion of Rav Kook 15:18 07/28/2021
Napoleon Convened the Sanhedrin and Destroyed Jewish National Hope 23:51 07/21/2021
Interview With Special Guest Dr. David Pelcovitz 20:48 07/14/2021
Speaking from Agenda, not from Knowledge 18:20 07/07/2021
Rav Kook And The Unsolicited Opinion Of Those Unqualified To Opine 25:37 06/30/2021
Dr Weizmann… it’s a boy! 16:04 06/23/2021
Spies 23:16 06/16/2021
Good Environment, Good Habits 18:54 06/09/2021
Arrival of the New Jew  18:12 06/02/2021
The Revival of the Hebrew Language   20:22 05/26/2021
Herzl’s Death and Resting Place  22:51 05/19/2021
Making Good Habits the Default 24:19 05/12/2021
Funding the Jewish State and Sir Moses Montefiore 18:04 05/05/2021