Show cover of Within (U) with Dr. Vivian Carrasco

Within (U) with Dr. Vivian Carrasco

This podcast explores what it means to turn inward and find the answers within us. It helps us listen to our silent voice within and let that be our guide. I’m a teacher and mentor who works with women to help them discover their unique path and learn to Love.Being.Human. I’m your guide to learning how to embrace your life, relationships and meaning with beautiful, inspired action. We can work together in 1:1 mentoring or within my learning community, Within (U)niversity.


My Personal Podcast Journey 34:45 11/21/2021
Self-Love is Always the Answer 47:00 11/07/2021
Finding Yourself Through Change and Growth 31:56 03/14/2021
Developing Deeper Insight On Your Purpose 57:23 02/28/2021
Exploring Love and Self-Compassion 29:25 02/14/2021
Finding Your Divine Calling in a New Normal 34:46 01/31/2021
Cultivate Your Dreams Into Reality with MINE Goals 50:16 01/17/2021
Cultivating Curiosity That Leads to Compassion with Craig Constantine 67:41 12/27/2020
Lessons Learned From Mountain Biking 26:58 12/13/2020
Reinventing How We Gather 19:21 11/22/2020
Gentle Conversations to Bring About Societal Change with Ren Newman 47:23 11/08/2020
Cultivate Your Own Mindfulness Practice with Peggy Freeh 53:11 10/25/2020
Making Ordinary Moments Magical with Sarah Dietman 41:39 10/11/2020
Transitioning Through the Seasons of Life 37:03 09/27/2020
How Time Transforms Our Identity and Relationships with David Carrasco 35:49 09/13/2020
Moving Through Your Own transformation Journey with Rebecca Shisler Marshall 48:18 08/23/2020
Embracing Change and New Beginnings 17:29 08/09/2020
Navigating Life Transitions with Mayda Poc 43:21 07/19/2020
Develop the Freedom to Feel Good in Every Situation 24:47 07/05/2020
Re-Gifting Lessons of My 46th Year 23:58 06/21/2020
Becoming a Change Agent for Racial Injustice 13:16 06/07/2020
Exploring Our Religion From Within 50:53 05/24/2020
The Spiritual Gift of Mothering 24:39 05/10/2020
Connecting to Your Soul Through Prayer 19:12 04/19/2020
Mindful Preparation for a Season of Growth 28:09 04/05/2020
Reignite and Practice Your Own Creativity 19:54 03/22/2020
Evolving Your Identity With Your Growth 24:43 03/08/2020
Soothing Your Soul Through Self-Compassion Practices 29:05 02/23/2020
Finding Your Path to Self-Love and Self-Compassion 20:33 02/09/2020
Using The Practice of Breath To Center Yourself 15:13 01/19/2020