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The Cloud Accounting Podcast is the #1 accounting and bookkeeping podcast in the world! Join Blake Oliver and David Leary at the intersection of accounting and technology for a weekly news roundup, plus interviews with industry leaders.


Transforming Hotel Accounting With Megan Walker 23:21 12/03/2021
Feed The Pig 52:56 12/02/2021
CPA Evolution Is Missing The Weeds 62:24 11/26/2021
The Sage Advantage With CTO Aaron Harris 24:48 11/22/2021
Accounting Metaverse 56:19 11/19/2021
The Biggest Accounting Firm (And Top NetSuite Partner) You've Probably Never Heard Of 17:50 11/18/2021
The NetSuite Data Warehouse Kicks Excel To The Curb 13:18 11/18/2021
March of Dimes CFO Dave Damond Gives His Two Cents 23:10 11/15/2021
Intuit Kills QuickBooks Desktop 68:23 11/12/2021
School of Rock CFO Schools Accountants 21:57 11/05/2021
What Accountants Can Learn from Apple's $19 Polishing Cloth 63:32 11/03/2021
Using Data To Fuel Growth With NetSuite Founder Evan Goldberg 29:34 10/29/2021
NetSuite's Never Ending Mission 63:18 10/29/2021
1000s Of Apps Could Lose Access To QuickBooks Online In 2022 74:55 10/22/2021
The One With Elizabeth Warren, Britney Spears, And Florida Man 51:19 10/12/2021
Earmark Excerpt: CPA Versus CMA With IMA President Jeff Thomson 10:30 10/11/2021
Excel And QuickBooks Hook Up 56:50 10/08/2021
It's Not Too Hard To Get The CPA, It's Too Much Time And Money 64:14 09/30/2021
Intuit Dome Needs A ProAdvisor Pavilion 51:23 09/21/2021
Survey Says Tax Preparers Charge Too Little, Too Late 68:34 09/16/2021
How Deloitte Created A Marvel Hero 56:24 09/08/2021
The ROI Of An Accounting Degree 64:29 09/02/2021
Intuit's Aggressive Move To Combat Square Cash App 67:17 08/26/2021
Accounting Firm FreshBooks Becomes A Unicorn 59:41 08/19/2021
Square Buys Afterpay for $29B, Could Have Bought Xero for Less 62:31 08/11/2021
Alright, Alright, Alright 56:39 08/07/2021
Why You Should (Not) Work 12-Hour Days 57:58 08/02/2021
The End of the Beginning for Cloud with Ben Richmond of Xero 39:33 07/25/2021
Intuit TurboTax Drops Out of IRS Free File 52:55 07/25/2021
Tax Evasion & Spreadsheets: A Lesson From Trump's CFO 57:20 07/17/2021