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Bishop Strickland's Week With Wounded Women
Mother Miriam Live - May 16, 2024 Reading an inspiring article about a week that Bishop Strickland spent in Mexico with troubled women Should we be in a state of quiet preparation when we're driving to Mass? I'm unable to find a reverent Mass - what should I do? How do you go about discerning the apparitions in Medjugorje? It seems many have a deep devotion to it, while others say it is the work of the enemy. Is it best to just ignore it all until the Vatican makes some sort of decision?
46:53 5/16/24
Civil Marriages and Co-habitation: A State of Sin Is A State of Sin!
Mother Miriam Live - May 15, 2024 Continued reading on the role of a Catholic mother Rules for co-habitation regarding civil marriages Possible demonic activity - how to proceed?
48:22 5/15/24
Spiritual Guidance for New Mothers
Mother Miriam Live - May 14, 2024 Spiritual guidance for mothers who have recently had a newborn I would like to start praying the Divine Office and am wondering what resource you and your order use. I would also like to learn more about the Chapter (Rule of St Benedict) and wonder how I might do that? How can we cope with anxious thoughts when sometimes things that we ask for from God take longer than expected or seem like they will never come? A Catholic wife and Mother shares an inspiring story for those who find themselves in a similar role and/or situation
48:15 5/14/24
The Christian Mother: The Education of Her Children and Her Prayer
Mother Miriam Live - May 13, 2024 Discussing the role of a Christian Mother in honor of Mother's Day A Muslim girl is going to convert to Catholicism on the 18th of May, but she is living with a man. She told me that they don't have any sexual relationship and she doesn't want the priest to know that she is living with a man; if the priest knows, he may not give her the sacraments. I humbly asked her to share her situation with her priest and make a true confession before she received the Holy Sacraments, but she got angry. What shall I do? Was the Blessed Mother bound by the old ceremonial law prior to the birth of Christ? And if she was, would it be possible for her to remain pure and also menstruate monthly as all other fertile women do? Or could it be that her first ovulation produced the egg that produced Jesus? Handling increasing anti-Semitism in the world, particularly the United States
47:44 5/13/24
The Teachings of St. Francis de Sales: Spirituality for the Imperfect
Mother Miriam Live - May 3, 2024 The Teachings of St. Francis de Sales: Spirituality for the Imperfect I'm worried that my daughter's therapist may be encouraging her to live a same-sex lifestyle. Cam, or should, I do anything about that? And if so, how? How does one discern what God’s will for their life is, particularly in a career? I find myself struggling with making a plan for my life while surrendering to God’s will. How long should I wait for a response from a potential employer? How do we reconcile our frustration with Pope Francis with our obligation to follow and obey him? Could you explain why Abraham was allowed to have a concubine in addition to his wife Sarah? That doesn't seem to be right, but maybe the sacrament of marriage wasn't really defined yet? I'm a little confused about that whole part of the Old Testament. I pray the Rosary every day, but far too often I feel myself just reciting the prayers without really paying attention. Any tips or tricks? Tips to overcome scrupulosity
47:29 5/3/24
Dignitas Infinita and the Idolization of Man
Mother Miriam Live - April 22, 2024 A Crisis Magazine article regarding Dignitas Infinita and the Idolization of Man For one who is struggling with severe anxiety, do you think it is better to pray on it and offer that up to the Lord, or to seek actual medical help and possibly medications? Is it true that the Bible never mentions a concrete obligation to attend Mass on Sundays? If so, how did the church land upon Sunday as the mandatory day for Mass attendance? My 16 year old daughter has expressed interest in religious life.  What order do you belong to and what is a day in your life like? Is there a right and wrong way to correct others' behaviors out of fear for their salvation? Answering questions about the reception of the Body and Blood of Christ from a lay minister
47:52 4/22/24
Pleading With Our Holy Father: Please Help the Church Return to Its Glory
Mother Miriam Live - April 17, 2024 A final word on Dignitas Infinita A powerful excerpt about a post-Antichrist world Pleading with Our Holy Father Do you think heretical sects like the Palmarian church could have been prevented if we had avoided the sentiments of Vatican II? Mother's upcoming catechism class
47:02 4/17/24
The Strengths and Weaknesses of Dignitas Infinita
Mother Miriam Live - April 15, 2024 The strengths and weaknesses of Dignitas Infinita How should we react to a Catholic apologist's stating that Judas might not be in hell? Should I keep donating to my parish, which seems to already have an abundance of money coming in that may even be misused or wasted? Do you know of a good Catholic book from a saint or priest regarding holy marital intimacy that is pleasing to God? The number of faithful is rising, but the number of priestly vocations is lowering. Discussing this trend and what we can, or should, do about it Can we be encouraged by Pope Francis’ recent speaking out against gender affirming surgeries, or is it all just a smoke screen? Should we be praying for Republican Presidential candidates like Donald Trump to speak out against things like abortion in their campaigns, even if it might have a negative affect on their polling numbers and ultimately lead to a Democratic candidate winning the election? If we were to do this, couldn’t we ultimately be contributing to the re-expansion of abortion across the United States and therefore hurting our own cause in a roundabout way?
45:10 4/15/24
The Boundaries and Limits of True Love
Mother Miriam Live - April 12, 2024 The principle of human dignity Clarification regarding yesterday's conversation about purchasing blessed objects Reasoning through the limits of true love based off a listener's email
46:06 4/12/24
Dissecting "Dignitas Infinita!" (Part Two)
Mother Miriam Live - April 11, 2024 Continuing unpacking the new Vatican document Dignitas Infinita Why do people converse unnecessarily in front of Our Lord at so many parishes? What can be done to stop the mess? If I was Baptized in a state of mortal sin, was my Baptism invalid? What should be done with blessed items that I have purchased not knowing that it was wrong to do so? Is it a sin to use them and should they be gotten rid of? Do I need to confess any of this? My ex-wife wants our young son to take the MMR vaccine, which I am against because it includes aborted fetal cells. What should I do? Is it unusual for Catholic churches to have full-body immersion Baptismal fonts with steps to walk right in? Is this maybe a regional thing? In images of Our Lady of Fatima (statues and portraits), she always seems to have her head tilting to the left. Is that intentional for any reason? When praying the First Five Fridays/Saturdays Devotion(s), if I miss one of the days, must I then start over from the very beginning?
44:50 4/11/24
Dissecting "Dignitas Infinita!"
Mother Miriam Live - April 10, 2024 Unpacking the new Vatican document Dignitas Infinita Am I able to offer my Nine First Fridays to the Sacred Heart for final repentance of a living member of my family? I remarried to a man whom I later discovered to be a narcissist and I’m not sure what to do. Can you offer me any tips? Navigating long term issues with siblings and other family members
47:05 4/10/24
Practices for Paschal Time: A Time for Spiritual Joy
Mother Miriam Live - April 9, 2024 Practices for Paschal Time A saint’s canonization is supposedly infallible, correct? What is the source claiming that canonization is infallible? Was it a council? Is the declaration of a person as Venerable and Blessed also infallible? Is there an official published list of saints from the Catholic Church? My understanding is that there is a “Congregation” whose job it is to assist in the beatification process. And before this “Congregation,” the authority fell to the local bishops to canonize a saint in their diocese. When the Congregation took over, did they have all the bishops everywhere send in their list of Saints? Is buying or selling Holy Water a mortal sin? Someone told me that if one spouse is saved, their spouse is saved because of the first spouse being saved. This can't be true, right?
47:38 4/9/24
The Annunciation of Mary and Mother's Reaction to the Solar Eclipse!
Mother Miriam Live - April 8, 2024 Reflecting on today's first-class feast, The Annunciation of Mary Mother's live reaction to the solar eclipse The new member of my parish choir uses they/them pronouns. Should I speak to her about this or leave the parish altogether? What is the difference between the Heaven that Jewish people believe in and the Heaven that Jesus sacrificed to give Christians? What are your thoughts on the recent messages from Our Lord given to those in the Order of the Mission of Divine Mercy? Why does the Church have incorruptible bodies of Saints on display?
48:15 4/8/24
What Does It Mean To Truly Forgive?
Mother Miriam Live - April 5, 2024 Continuing with The Mystery of Paschal Time from Dom Prosper Gueranger What does it mean to truly forgive someone and how can we tell if we've done so? I feel I missed my calling to religious life. I'm now married with children, but I still feel the call. What can I do about it and how can I process this? Where in the Bible does it state that we cannot attend the wedding of someone who is not practicing the faith and not being married in the church? How can we defend our decision not to attend such an event?
46:48 4/5/24
What Is the Catholic Position on the Rapture?
Mother Miriam Live - April 4, 2024 Continuing The History of Paschal Time - a reflection by Dom Prosper Gueranger What is the Catholic position on the Rapture of the church? How does the church explain where different races of humans came from? Is it appropriate to give priests gifts for Christmas, Easter and/or Birthdays? If it is, what would be the best? Also, is it okay to invite them for lunch or dinner? What is the proper way to discard broken Rosaries? Why might a person receive ONLY the Precious Blood during Mass?
47:17 4/4/24
The History of Paschal Time with Dom Prosper Gueranger
Mother Miriam Live - April 3, 2024 The History of Paschal Time - a reflection by Dom Prosper Gueranger Is there a specific Psalm that you've remembered since the time when you used to be a Protestant? I found a St. Benedict medal randomly out in the world a while ago. I started doing some research and I noticed that in the one I’ve found, the broken cup and snake are not present - only the bird on the other side. Do you know why that is or what it could mean? I feel as if I'm not doing a great job at defending the Catholic stance on the issue of when life begins. How can I better convince someone who wants to debate without using any religious points?
45:59 4/3/24
Mother Returns From Her Absence!
Mother Miriam Live - April 2, 2024 Mother returns from a three week absence and explains what happened The barren harvest of Protestantism Does "Liberal Catholicism" really exist, or is it something else covertly? How can we politicize the Vatican when there ought to be only one truth? I know a couple who didn't get married in the church and they are now upset because they've been told by their priest that they may not Baptize their child in the church because of this. Should the child really be punished for the sins of their parents?
45:17 4/2/24
An Open Letter to Our Spiritual Fathers!
Mother Miriam Live - March 7, 2024 An Open Letter to Our Spiritual Fathers! Should I avoid a fallen away Catholic's wedding which doesn't have a priest? How to deal with my Step-Granddaughter's who says she is a boy?
50:38 3/7/24
This Election Year: They Want to Reduce the Population!
Mother Miriam Live - March 6, 2024 Lifesite's Letter Regarding the Election and Depopulation. Can you please discuss the neocatechumenal way? How do we endure tremendous suffering? Why do people love their pets more than their children? How do I deal with scrupulosity?  How do I find a faithful woman in today's world?
50:18 3/6/24
Strickland's Letter to his Fellow Bishops
Mother Miriam Live - March 5, 2024 Bishop Strickland on how to be priestly shepherds. What is the reason for papal infallibility?  Do you get 3 chances to redeem yourself at the end of your life? What is Theology of the Body? What if I don't remember some of my sins during confession? Modest apparel at Church.
50:14 3/5/24
What to do if we Mess up our Lenten Promises?
Mother Miriam Live - March 4, 2024 St. Augustine on Lent Why was the Last Supper on Thursday? Was Jesus an Essenes Jew? Should one avoid receiving the Precious Blood if they can't drink alcohol? What type of human nature did Jesus have? Is Eucharistic transubstantiation literal? Can I pray for that my finances will be better?
48:15 3/4/24
Fasting and Almsgiving during Lent, what is the Proper Way to go about it?
Mother Miriam Live - February 27, 2024 A lesson in Lenten Fasting A lesson in Lenten Almsgiving A priest angerly spoke to me at the Communion rail. How did Freemasons infiltrate the Church?  Why doesn't the Church allow people in a state of sin receive Communion?
48:16 2/28/24
Trying to Play God, the Worrying Support for IVF
Mother Miriam Live - February 27, 2024 Bishop Strickland at CPAC  The worrying support for IVF Why do Catholics have the Sacraments? (Part 2) Who do Catholics think the real mediator is, God or the Saints? Do Catholics ignore scripture when they call priests "Father"? Were the Dogmas of the Faith created after Scripture? Adoration, Quality vs Quantity  Does Yom Kippur have a place in Catholicism?  Birthday Announcements at the end of mass. Is it proper? 
50:07 2/27/24
Best Practices for Lent and Good News from a Caller!
Mother Miriam Live - February 26, 2024 How we should practice Lent from the writings of Dom Guéranger Another Conversion! - Good news from a Caller What are the best books for Jewish Converts? Why do Catholics have the Sacraments? (Part 1)
49:08 2/26/24
Everything You Need to Know About Lenten Ember Days!
Mother Miriam Live - February 21, 2024 Ember Wednesday and everything you need to know about Lenten Ember Days Responding to spiritual attacks and how to determine if messages are truly coming from God Mother counsels a Turkish Christian refugee Inappropriate uses of church buildings and how to approach the pastor about such an issue
47:48 2/21/24
Dealing with People who Take Our Lord's Name in Vain, Convincing Someone to Receive Last Rites
Mother Miriam Live - February 20, 2024   How do we handle people who curse and use our Lord's name in vain? How does one, as a Catholic man, remain extremely resolute in intense suffering?  Was Jesus a conservative Jew? How to convince a family member that he needs last rites from a priest? How to handle fear?
51:19 2/20/24
Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, What is the Best Bible Translation?
Mother Miriam Live - February 19, 2024   What are the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.   What is a Zionist?   Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition vs. Douay-Rheims Bible    
50:38 2/19/24
Who Should Pick the Maid of Honor: The Husband or the Wife?
Mother Miriam Live - February 9, 2024 Continuing the article "Emptying the Cross of Its Power" My future husband is trying to tell me who I can and cannot have as my maid of honor in our wedding. Is he overstepping boundaries, and if so, how should I navigate this? I'm struggling with how to handle my daughter's lesbian relationship and the idea of inviting she and her "partner" into our home. Any advice? Can a deacon officiate a Catholic wedding without a priest's supervision? Why does the LGBTQ community seem to have a particular fascination with joining the Catholic church, as opposed to any other church that accepts such things, despite the fact that they generally show no desire to change their ways and live in union with Catholic teaching? How did it come to be that any motivation, suggestion or requirement for conversion and fidelity to our Lord become unnecessary and commonplace? How did it come to be that a Bishop would tell a Jewish man that Catholicism was just a preferred way to avoid hell and get to heaven?
48:42 2/9/24
An Eye-Opening Illustration of Jesus' Physical Suffering on the Cross!
Mother Miriam Live - February 8, 2024 Reading an article depicting the true extent of Jesus' physical suffering on the Cross  The importance of upholding modesty, especially for women What are your thoughts on priests and other religious using social media for things not directly related to promoting the faith? Is it wrong to make the Sign of the Cross after receiving the Eucharist? What recommendations/reflections would you have for young men who are looking to make a commitment of engagement to get married? Is there a difference in the process or customs of marriage between Ordo and Tridentine? Are there opportunities for lay people such as myself to have in-person conversations with you?
48:16 2/8/24
Emptying the Cross of Its Power: Have We Lost the Message of the Catholic Faith?
Mother Miriam Live - February 7, 2024 Reading through an article titled "Emptying the Cross of Its Power." Have we lost the message of the Catholic faith? Is Satan taking over the mainstream media? If so, is this a recent thing, or has it been going on for some time now? Why did Jesus say "I'm thirsty" on the cross? Did it have a deeper meaning, or was he just thirsty? Why did water and blood pour out of him when he was pierced after he died?
48:55 2/7/24

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