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Home Education and the Survival of the Catholic Family - Part Two
Mother Miriam Live - September 27, 2022 Continuing yesterday's reading and discussion about home education and the survival of the Catholic family Why do so few Catholic churches in the US ring their tower bells? At what point is it okay to "reject" Pope Francis' teachings? Proper procedure for Catholic burial and cremation The Angelus prayer and the "Angel of the Lord" Tithing Did Mother believe in the rapture as an Evangelical? Will the antichrist come from a Jewish background or heritage?
48:49 09/27/2022
Home Education and the Survival of the Catholic Family
Mother Miriam Live - September 26, 2022 Catholic home education and the survival of the Catholic family Modesty - the way we present ourselves to the world is a reflection of who we are and what we believe Sunday obligation while traveling Distribution of Holy Communion by Deacons and laypeople Rejection of organized religion by adult children - how to approach a conversation Interpretation of scripture
47:00 09/26/2022
The Number One Reason for the Destruction of Christianity
Mother Miriam Live - September 21, 2022 Mother lays out the number one reason for the destruction of Christianity and how we can attempt to combat it Should we avoid those who have been vaccinated? Grave offenses against the Eucharist taking place in Catholic schools How to properly counsel a friend who has a desire to change their biological identity Advice for starting a religious community Tithing - what counts and what doesn't? Receiving in the hand - is it sin, sacrilege, or both?
48:32 09/21/2022
Why Doesn't Anyone Say "Roman Catholic" Anymore?
Mother Miriam Live - September 20, 2022 Fr. John Hardon on how to restore and preserve the Catholic family The recourse that comes from using contraception Why doesn't anyone use the term "Roman Catholic" anymore? How to overcome the pain caused by a family member's hurtful comments What does the church have to say about suicide, and what happens to the soul of a person who commits this sin?
49:15 09/20/2022
What Do We Really Need In Order to Receive Holy Communion?
Mother Miriam Live - September 19, 2022 Is it true that "all we need in order to receive Holy Communion is faith?" IVF and freezing fertilized eggs Is receiving in the hand really a bad option in cases where it may be the only option? Avoiding worry when things aren't going the way we planned and remembering that God is always in control
48:56 09/19/2022
Our Lady of Sorrows, Parenting A Self-Harming Child
Mother Miriam Live - September 16th, 2022 Our Lady of Sorrows and the Seven Sorrows themselves Speaking charitably to lax family members Abuse of ecclesiastical authority What can a parent do if their child is self-harming? What does Jesus expect from us in terms of forgiveness?
49:21 09/16/2022
The Exultation of the Holy Cross, Starting A Religious Community
Mother Miriam Live - September 14, 2022 The Exultation of the Holy Cross Advice from Mother for anyone who may be looking to start a religious community When did the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches first appear as distinct from the Roman Catholic Church? Catholic relics in Rome What can we do if a family member wants to re-marry before receiving an annulment?
49:16 09/14/2022
Abusive Spouses, What's Going On With Republicans Lately?
Mother Miriam Live - September 13, 2022 The Republican party has set out to destroy the traditional family (joining the Democrats) with their "Respect for Marriage Act" Mother addresses a wife's concerns about her seemingly abusive husband Is it bad to want a Pius X chapel in your area? Defending yourself and your family in the face of tyranny Why it's so hard to take the USCCB's Eucharistic Revival seriously Attending a non-Catholic service at a Protestant Bible chapel church Are traditional Catholics too strict and harsh about the Latin Mass?
47:05 09/13/2022
The Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, Overcoming Distrust for Priests
Mother Miriam Live - September 12th, 2022 The Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary Dealing with the consequences of failing to raise children in the faith The importance of modest dress in parishes Returning to the church while overcoming a distrust for priests Addressing pro-abortion bumper stickers in the parking lot at Mass
45:49 09/12/2022
Our Blessed Mother's Birthday, Modesty in Latin Parishes
Mother Miriam Live - September 8th, 2022 The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Further explanation about the "electrical grid going down" Passing on tradition A follow-up on mass hypnosis Supporting non-Catholic weddings Can canceled priests join the SSPX? The importance of modesty and how women can learn more about it
49:55 09/08/2022
The Three Warning Signs of A Society Susceptible to Mass Hypnosis
Mother Miriam Live - September 2nd, 2022 What are the warning signs that identify a society that might be susceptible to mass hypnosis? Should we boycott pro-abortion corporations even if we rely on the goods and services which they provide? What defines "unworthily receiving" the Eucharist? How does the church feel about hair coloring, piercings, tattoos, and other bodily modifications? Does God want us to directly confess our sins to him? And if so, what does this tell us about Confession?
44:42 09/02/2022
The Dangers of Mass Hypnosis, Generational Curses
Mother Miriam Live - September 1, 2022 The dangers of mass hypnosis Generational curses LGBTQ content in parish bulletins Female lectors at weddings Preparing for times of crisis The upcoming Padre Pio film How to properly dispose of religious items Why don't Protestants desire the one true church?
47:29 09/01/2022
The Psychology of Totalitarianism
Mother Miriam Live - August 31, 2022 The psychology of totalitarianism and how it relates to the recent pandemic Is it still okay to go to Confession once a month (following Our Lady's request at Fatima) even if you don't really have much to confess? What’s the best way to charitably explain to Protestants that not everyone can receive the Eucharist?
47:18 08/31/2022
Overcoming Nerves for Confession, Muslims vs. Catholics
Mother Miriam Live - August 12, 2022 Continuing yesterday's reading about perseverance Overcoming nerves that may arise when it's time to confess to a priest What happens to an un-Baptized baby that dies? Do we know if their soul goes to heaven or hell? Missing Mass on Sunday - is it a mortal sin? Why are we never taught about sin anymore? Do Muslims and Catholics worship the same god?
46:45 08/12/2022
Mother's First Show From Texas, The Importance of Perseverance
Mother Miriam Live - August 11, 2022 Mother discusses her arrival in the Diocese of Tyler, Texas The need for perseverance Augustine Institute's Bible in a Year Discerning priesthood and seminary How does Mother fast? Is there any problem with boys and young men participating in ballet, including dressing up in various outfits? Catholic handling of cremation 
47:05 08/11/2022
Mother's Next Move, Commandments Are Not "Suggestions"
Mother Miriam Live - July 29, 2022 Mother's next home Commandments are not suggestions, but rather rules that we MUST follow Second-guessing one's conversion to Catholicism Did those who died before Jesus die with sin tainting their souls? How can we help those who don't want to be helped?
44:44 07/29/2022
Mass As A Social Gathering, Presbyterian vs. Catholic
Mother Miriam Live - July 27, 2022 More on the Commandments The role of a father as head of the household Communion on the hand as sacrilege Seeking social interaction at Mass Why Mass should not be treated as a social gathering Getting involved at your parish The difference between Presbyterians and Catholics
46:13 07/27/2022
The Sins Against Faith and Hope, The Seed of Abraham
Mother Miriam Live - July 26, 2022 The sins against faith and hope The Seed of Abraham More on the First Commandment Providing "proof" of need to attend Mass Is it okay to be disgusted with the Novus Ordo? Can we grow in love or grace after we die? Purgatory Can a canceled priest continue to celebrate Mass, therefore ignoring orders? Consecrating oneself to Jesus through Mary
44:05 07/26/2022
Charity and the First Commandment, The Works of Mercy
Mother Miriam Live - July 22, 2022 The First Commandment What is charity? The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy Clarification regarding dying in a state of venial sin Is it sinful to say "Oh my God?" Is the Saturday Night Vigil for Sunday Mass valid? Growing in humility through vocation as a husband and father Finding God's purpose for us
44:01 07/22/2022
Natural Family Planning for Recently Married Couples
Mother Miriam Live - July 21, 2022 Is it sinful for recently married couples to practice NFP? We must not do evil that good may come Struggling with anorexia and navigating the public health system Responding to evangelical citation of scripture
45:39 07/21/2022
How Serious Is Mortal Sin? Do Guardian Angels Get Tired?
Mother Miriam Live - July 20, 2022 How serious is mortal sin? Can guardian angels get overworked and become tired? We are all sinners, but has that message been lost? What can a person do if they've given up hope that their loved ones will return to the church?
45:57 07/20/2022
Leaning On Saint Dymphna in Times of Darkness and Hardship
Mother Miriam Live - July 18, 2022 Learning about the life of Saint Dymphna Overcoming deep emotional scars through God
46:58 07/18/2022
More About the Effects of Sin, Changes in Holy Communion Over the Years
Mother Miriam Live - July 15, 2022 The horror and effects of sin Is it okay for a woman to get cosmetic surgeries? Catholic scrutiny after the Dobbs decision Changes in the reception of Holy Communion throughout the years Counseling a neighbor and friend in charity
46:08 07/15/2022
Everything You Need to Know About Sin
Mother Miriam Live - July 14, 2022 Types of sin - mortal, venial, original, actual, etc. The seven capital sins/vices and their contrary virtues The six sins against the Holy Ghost The four sins crying to heaven for vengeance Denying the existence of hell Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson Bishop Barron's views on salvation outside the church Fr. James Martin and LQBTQ agendas within the church
46:34 07/14/2022
Mother Responds to Critics, Jewish Understanding of the Messiah
Mother Miriam Live - July 13, 2022 Mother responds to criticisms related to her stances on Bishop Robert Barron, Pope Francis, and more Jewish understanding of the Messiah and redemption Reconnecting with family after a fallout
42:41 07/13/2022
The Life of Saint Benedict, Non-Religious Pro-Life Arguments
Mother Miriam Live - July 11, 2022 The life of Saint Benedict Church community groups Non-religious points for the pro-life argument Is the Latin Mass more valuable than other forms? Does Mother think a third temple will be built in Jerusalem? How might that relate to the Antichrist prophecy? Papal infallibility and non-binding teachings 12 year old Jesus in the temple
47:50 07/11/2022
The Need for Perseverance, Mother's Top Homeschooling Resources
Mother Miriam Live - July 8, 2022 The need for the virtue of perseverance Attracting a Jewish person to the Catholic faith while maintaining their sense of identity What Catholic homeschooling resources does Mother recommend? Is the Byzantine rite a valid Mass? How to deal with other Catholics who boast about their holiness Did all religious communities mandate vaccination? Does a priest have the right to change the Eucharistic prayer?
48:16 07/08/2022
Bishop Schneider Defends Holy Communion, The Truth About Hell
Mother Miriam Live - July 6, 2022 Why is Pope Francis encouraging Bishops to allow pro-abortion politicians to receive Holy Communion? Bishop Schneider defends the sacredness of Holy Communion Methods for reception of Holy Communion Does Catholicism allow for freedom of belief in a secular state? The truth about hell, purgatory, and repentance
47:24 07/06/2022
A New Birth of Freedom, "Word On Fire" Bibles
Mother Miriam Live - July 5, 2022 A New Birth of Freedom Bishop Barron's distribution of "Word On Fire" Bibles Children avoiding the Sacraments Using worldly excuses as reasons not to attend mass in person Navigating hurtful family relationships The difference between the Messianic Jewish movement and Jews becoming Catholics
44:11 07/05/2022
Catholic Responses to Pro-Choice Objections
Mother Miriam Live - July 1, 2022 Catholic responses to seven pro-choice objections Encountering Jesus through the Rosary How should you proceed when your child doesn't believe in God?
46:01 07/01/2022