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Examining the materiality of health & wellbeing ft. IWBI
In this episode of The ESG Experience, guest host Anne Landgraf, a consultant at Conservice ESG, was joined by Minjia Yang and Kelly Worden from the International WELL Building Institute to examine ESG risks and opportunities, specifically those surrounding health & wellbeing and human & social capital, as well as industry trends & emerging regulations.
48:37 09/12/2022
Engagement as a critical aspect of ESG leadership ft. Dale Nirvani Pfeifer
In this episode of The ESG Experience, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Dale Nirvani Pfeifer, CEO of Goodworld, to examine the critical role of engagement in ESG leadership. They discuss the importance and benefits of engaging your business community, including customers, employees, & shareholders, in ESG efforts, the ways that this engagement helps increase the value of ESG for business, barriers around engagement and ways to overcome them, real life strategies & examples of effective employee and stakeholder engagement, and more.
37:21 08/25/2022
Talking politics & policies: Predicting the next 5 years of ESG investing ft. Timothy Kim
In this episode of The ESG Experience, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Timothy Kim, CEO at ibV Energy Partners, to discuss the current political landscape & what the next few years will look like for ESG investing. Topics covered include the current administration’s commitment and progress around clean energy support & implementation, how corporate adoption of ESG goals may affect large-scale solar procurement & pricing, what the next 5-10 years will look like for solar energy installation, and more.
42:08 08/08/2022
How profitability & sustainability go hand in hand ft. Urvashi Bhatnagar
In this episode of The ESG Experience, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Urvashi Bhatnagar. They discuss how firms can incorporate ESG into corporate strategy to go beyond compliance & disclosure, leading efforts & best practices around preventing greenwashing and rainbow-washing, trends in urban sustainability, themes & takeaways from Urvashi’s book, “The Sustainability Scorecard: How to Implement and Profit from Unexpected Solutions”, & more.
38:13 07/22/2022
A deep dive into ESG and DE&I ft. Eddy Soffer
In this episode of The ESG Experience, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Eddy Soffer, ESG Manager at Interactive Brokers, to explore some of the ways that ESG has evolved over last decade, discuss the current state of diversity, equity, & inclusion, examine trends around corporate compliance & greenwashing, and contemplate where the future of ESG is heading & what the next generation of ESG-conscious professionals can do.
32:12 06/08/2022
The anthropological impact of ESG ft. Hannah Nelson
Companies' social efforts tend to center around employees' health and wellbeing, and while this should not be lost nor minimized, companies' focus should also include their surrounding communities. In this episode, Ryan Nelson is joined by Hannah Nelson to discuss the anthropological impact of ESG.
37:01 05/31/2022
Trash Talk: The intersection of ESG & waste management
In this episode, Helee Lev is joined by fellow Conservice team members Adam Sirvinskas, Dax Madsen, & Heidi Stenvig to talk about the intersection of ESG and waste management. They examine perceptions of waste, the challenges of dealing with waste, waste management approaches from both corporate & individual perspectives, how waste management fits into ESG strategies, & more.
43:26 04/21/2022
Viewing ESG through a lens of risk management ft. Chris Patteson
In this episode, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Chris Patteson, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at FRONTdoor Collective, to discuss the relationship between ESG and risk management. They examined industry trends and the direction of ESG in 2022 and beyond, explored the growing emphasis on the social aspect of ESG and how social impact reporting will continue to evolve, discussed approaches for using ESG to support & enhance corporate governance, risk mitigation, and compliance, and more.
40:11 04/15/2022
Solar-powered ESG strategies ft. Yaniv Kalish
In this episode, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Yaniv Kalish, Founder & CEO of SolarKal, to talk about the intersection of ESG and solar energy. They discussed current & emerging industry trends, the evolution of solar technology, best practices for identifying opportunities & selecting vendors, benefits of solar energy for properties & portfolios, strategies for incorporating solar into broader ESG programs, and more.
37:39 03/08/2022
Driving purpose in a business with an increasingly remote-first workforce ft. Susan Hunt Stevens
In this episode, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO of WeSpire, to discuss driving purpose in a business with an increasingly remote-first workforce. They review industry shifts & trends, common challenges that companies are facing & the role of reporting and disclosure in overcoming them, how DEI initiatives support ESG business goals, the importance of employee engagement in the ESG adoption & integration process, and more.
43:51 02/18/2022
Flexibility vs. structure in the investment management world ft. Laura Coy
In this episode of The ESG Experience, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Laura Coy, Head of Philanthropy Strategy & ESG Integration at William Blair, to examine how a multidimensional business can integrate ESG while overcoming a historically siloed organization structure.
39:07 01/24/2022
ESG from a lender's perspective: Measurement & risk assessment ft. Tim Kleiman
In this episode of The ESG Experience, Ryan Nelson is joined by Carlos Solano, ESG Manager at Goby, and special guest Tim Kleiman, Managing Director & Head of ESG at Golub Capital, to discuss ESG from a lender’s perspective. They discussed Golub’s longstanding commitment to ESG and strategies they’ve used for incorporating ESG into their corporate values & culture, examined similarities & differences in the approaches that lenders and owners take toward ESG, reviewed methodologies for measuring ESG outcomes, explored factors that make diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs successful, and more.
39:15 01/10/2022
How data helps drive greenhouse gas reductions ft. Chris Laughman
In this episode, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Chris Laughman, VP of Sustainability at Conservice, to explore how data is being used to drive greenhouse gas reductions in commercial real estate. They discuss how real estate portfolios can use utility data to uncover energy efficiency opportunities, methods for reducing GHG emissions across CRE portfolios, strategic application of the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager platform for reporting, tracking, and benchmarking property and portfolio performance, and more.
35:49 11/18/2021
2022 ESG investment trends: Are we ready? ft. Patrick Wood Uribe
In this episode of The ESG Experience, Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Patrick Wood Uribe, CEO of FinTech startup Util, to discuss influences and trends that will affect the ESG investing landscape in 2022. Topics include lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, ESG investment growth and the emergence of required disclosures in the U.S., risks surrounding ESG-related litigation, and more.
38:50 10/14/2021
Improving diversity & inclusion across the portfolio ft. Alisa Mall
In this episode of The ESG Experience, hosts Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Alisa Mall, Managing Director at Foresite Capital, to discuss the state of diversity & inclusion in the investment management industry and examine strategies and best practices for improving diversity & inclusion across portfolios.
36:53 07/27/2021
FCP: Workforce housing, adaptive reuse, & ESG excellence ft. Summer Haltli, FCP
In this episode of The ESG Experience, hosts Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Summer Haltli, Senior Vice President of Strategic Management & Sustainability at FCP. They discuss how FCP's adaptive reuse projects and workforce housing investments relate to ESG and dive into the ways that FCP's disciplined & strategic investment approach has created value for stakeholders while maintaining their dedication to incorporating ESG values & practices throughout their business operations.
25:27 04/20/2021
Factors driving demand for ESG in private equity ft. Pamela Hendrickson
In this episode of The ESG Experience, hosts Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by guest speaker Pamela Hendrickson, Vice Chairman at The Riverside Company, to discuss the driving forces behind the increasing demand for ESG in private equity.
42:46 03/10/2021
Strategies for creating a best-in-class CSR report ft. Kelly Meissner
In this episode of The ESG Experience, hosts Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by guest speaker Kelly Meissner, Director of Sustainability at Ventas REIT, to discuss the process of conceptualizing, creating, and sharing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. Ventas is a prime example of how an organization can create an impactful CSR report, and Kelly shares her experiences and insights she gained during the creation process. She also discusses some best practices and strategies for organizations looking to create a best-in-class CSR report.
59:34 01/11/2021
ESG in the Biden era: What to expect & how to prepare
In this episode of The ESG Experience, podcast hosts Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson are joined by Mari Bishop, an ESG manager at Goby, to discuss how the political future of the US will affect the ESG landscape. They examine the incoming Biden administration’s ESG-related policies and plans and review the administration’s plans to intensify the imperative for organizations to adopt ESG as a core part of corporate culture. Topics covered include the Biden administration’s plans to combat climate change and reduce the United States’ environmental impact, such as the pledge to rejoin the Paris Agreement, and new economic policies and regulations focused around ESG investing and corporate disclosure.
31:54 12/11/2020
Using ESG to support long-term risk management
ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) no longer lives on the periphery of business; it’s front and center for executives and stakeholders, and ESG principles are at the core of business values and operations. The concept of resiliency has gained traction in the last two years, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the inaugural episode of the ESG Experience, Helee Lev, Goby’s Chief Revenue Officer, and Ryan Nelson, Goby’s Chief Executive Officer, discuss integrating ESG into your risk management process.
21:01 11/23/2020