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Midlife Mastery

Inspiration and information for creating an amazing second half of life: There is an abundance of information on creating a great life for those in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s, but truly little for those 50 and beyond. The media seems to think we should either be chasing our past glory days by clinging to youth with a white knuckle death grip OR just quietly fading into the background and letting life pass by. Yet, this time of life brings an amazing opportunity to combine our wisdom and experience with our passion and enthusiasm and refine, redefine, and reinvent who we want to be and how we want to live. Let’s get started!


My Dog Saved My Life (with Jeff Goodrich) 36:05 06/24/2022
As Seen On YouTube (with Tad Stahl) 38:20 06/14/2022
Episode 50: Never Too Late 06:04 06/05/2022
Being “Fine” is a Trap (with Lori Saitz) 38:13 05/27/2022
Caregiver Support and Alzheimer’s (with Matt Yaroch) 38:51 05/13/2022
Climbing Midlife’s Mountains (with Jackie and Ray Hope) 51:44 05/07/2022
What Are You Waiting For? (with Lisa Speers) 33:13 04/18/2022
Creating Audacious Change in Midlife (with Adrienne Shubin) 38:58 04/15/2022
Boosting The Longevity Economy (with Andi Kay) 31:52 03/26/2022
Taking Control of Your Time (with John MacDonald) 50:35 02/26/2022
Live Well Forever (with Dave Stickland) 45:19 02/20/2022
Self-Esteem in a Selfie World (with Shobha Nihalani) 36:55 02/05/2022
Focusing on Wellness for a Great Midlife (with Dave Conley) 50:19 01/16/2022
Pursuing Your Dreams in Midlife (with James Burbage) 58:28 12/29/2021
Midlife Reinvention After a Marriage Ends (with Laura Friedman Williams) 46:14 12/18/2021
Getting Fit Over 50, Best Shape of My Life, Working with a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach Update 18:01 11/27/2021
Rock Your Midlife: 7 Steps to Transform Yourself (with Dr. Ellen Albertson) 45:41 11/21/2021
Ordinary Guy, Exceptional Fitness (with Blaine Wood) 46:05 11/13/2021
Regaining Control of Our Lives in Midlife (with The Midlife Mentors) 47:47 11/06/2021
Becoming a Midlife Entrepreneur (with Dwayne Holland) 45:16 10/26/2021
Ideas Last (with Danielle Gillespie) 35:24 10/16/2021
Changing Your Mindset and Upping Your Mental Game (with Laurie Meschishnick) 54:19 10/09/2021
Rebooting and Midlifing It (with Rachael Lee) 34:16 09/29/2021
The Midlife Method (with Sam Rice) 46:03 09/18/2021
Pursuing Your Dreams in Midlife (with Loukia Mastrodimos) 37:20 09/06/2021
Luck, Intention, and Quantum Surfing (with Monica Laurence) 58:41 08/30/2021
Mastering the Middle Years (with Madeline Hardacre, MD) 41:52 08/22/2021
Getting Fit After 50: Two Month Update 14:32 08/15/2021
Focusing On What You Can Control (with John MacDonald) 44:20 08/08/2021
Defying Midlife Stereotypes (with Gail Gensler) 33:37 07/29/2021