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Acting is YOU: Actorcast Series Finale | Episode 100
This marks the 100th and FINAL episode of Actorcast! It has been an incredible journey and I can't thank you enough for joining me for the ride. In this final episode, I reflect on creating this series, the guests we had on the show, and the conversations had. I discovered that there was a through-line within most of the conversations we had in these 100 episodes: acting is YOU! Acting is at it's best when you are expressing your authentic self through another character while making distinctive choices. It's my hope that you will always be able to refer to Actorcast as a library of information no matter where you are at in your acting journey. It has been an immense pleasure being your host. Never stop creating! Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew
11:11 12/26/23
Fiona Shaw: Olivier Award-winning Actress | Episode 099
For episode 099 of Actorcast, we are joined by Olivier award-winning actress, Fiona Shaw! I had such a wonderful time speaking with Fiona. I had taken a master class with her several years ago, and ever since then I've been fascinated with her perspective on acting. We discuss what acting means to her, how actors get in their own way, how the entertainment industry has evolved, and how to determine if you are on the right path as an actor. You do not want to miss this episode! Fiona Shaw is an Irish film and theatre actress, known for her work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre, as well as in film and television.  She won the 1990 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress for roles in the plays Electra, As You Like It, The Good Person of Szechwan, and Machinal. She received three Olivier Award nominations for her roles in Mephisto, Hedda Gabler, and Happy Days. She made her Broadway debut playing the title role in Medea for which she earned a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play. She returned to Broadway in the Colm Tobin play The Testament of Mary. In film, she played Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter film series. Other notable film roles include in My Left Foot, Persuasion, Jane Eyre, The Tree of Life, Colette, and Enola Holmes. Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew Photo credit:  © Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons
31:20 12/19/23
Domenick Scudera: Professor of Theater at Ursinus College | Episode 098
For episode 098 of Actorcast, we are joined by Domenick Scudera! I credit Domenick with introducing me to the world of acting, as he cast me in my first production that I was ever involved with. From there, I worked on a handful of other productions with him, he taught many of my theater classes, and he was my advisor in undergrad. In this episode, we talk about his experience working as a theater professor at a small liberal arts college, how teaching theater and acting has changed through the years, and why it's beneficial for non-theater people to enroll in a theater class. To learn more about Domenick, you can visit Domenick Scudera is Professor of Theater at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA.   He has been teaching acting, directing, and theater history at the college since 1997.  As a director, he has directed 40+ plays at the college. Professionally, he has directed at theaters such as the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater (where he served as Resident Director), Delaware Theater Company, the Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center, the Waitstaff Comedy Troupe, and Historic Philadelphia Inc.  He has also worked in the administrations of the Wilma and Arden Theaters in Philadelphia.  As a playwright, he recently finished work on an original full-length play, The Half of It, inspired by the life of Vauedeville drag pioneer Bert Savoy.  Domenick received his B.A. from Colgate University, and M.F.A. in Directing from Penn State University. Follow my work at ⁠⁠ and @patrick.mcandrew
42:03 12/12/23
Federico Mallet: Mexican Actor & Co-Founder of Quemoción | Episode 097
For episode 097 of Actorcast, we are joined by my good friend, Federico Mallet! Federico and I met doing playback theater together, and I've always been drawn to his approach to artistry and his contagious attitude. In this episode, we talk about what inspired Federico to move to New York City from his birthplace of Mexico, what it's like living and working in New York as an international actor, and how actors can create sustainable careers for themselves. We also discuss the mission behind the production company that he co-found, Quemoción. To learn more about Quemoción and Federico, be sure to follow them both on social media @quemocion and @fedemallet. You can also email Quemoción at Check out Quemoción's website at and Federico's website at Federico Mallet is a multi-hyphenate artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Mexico City, he came to the U.S. to get his MFA in Acting at the New York Film Academy. With Alexandra Gomez, he co-founded “Quemoción” a multimedia production company with the mission of shedding light to underrepresented stories within the Latin American community. Federico is the Assistant Artistic Director at Village Playback Theater, an improv-based theatre company that focuses on amplifying the stories of people from underserved communities in Metro NY. He collaborates with “Something From Abroad” an artistic group founded by Hispanic immigrant women, and is a content creator for The Toy Museum of NY.   Previous work as an actor includes productions of  “Romeo and Juliet”, “Venus in Fur”, “Almost Maine”, “The Rocky Horror Show”, amongst others, some of which he directed and produced. He won “Best Featured Actor” at the 2019 NYIT Awards for his work in “Eight Tales of Pedro”. Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew
36:04 12/5/23
Ashlee Mundy: Web Designer, Actress, Writer | Episode 096
For this episode of Actorcast, we are joined by Ashlee Mundy! Ashlee has had an extensive career as an actor, writer, and producer, and has also established herself as a sought-after web designer for actors. In this episode, we talk about how she got into web design, why marketing for actors is so important, and what actors could do for their websites and social platforms to set themselves apart. You can learn more about Ashlee and her web design business by visiting and You can follow Ashlee on social media @tuesdaymundy Ashlee Mundy is a New York City based actor, writer, producer and website designer. She has been acting on film and stage since her days studying theatre at The Ohio State University and for the past 15 years living in New York. As a writer, her theatre works have been produced on stages in Chicago, NYC and San Diego. She also wrote and starred in a short award winning sci-if drama film IN/FINITE that was screened in various festivals around the world, shown in select theatres and distributed for viewing on DirecTV and Amazon as part of the anthology AI Tales. She’s produced a comedic web series and, most recently, three short films. Ashlee built her first actor website 6 years ago and plunged into the world of website design. Utilizing her strengths in technology and design and adding in that specific knowledge of the acting world, Ashlee established a niche for building websites specifically for actors. She has since expanded her business into websites for all vocations large and small with over 500 websites built and counting. Follow my work at ⁠⁠ and @patrick.mcandrew
35:14 11/28/23
Have A Substantial Reason To Be An Actor | Episode 095
For episode 095 of Actorcast, we talk about the importance of having a substantial reason (or reasons) for being an actor. It's a tough industry, as you all know, so it's important for us to have a reason pursuing this craft that grounds us in the artistry. While the allure of fame and glory is tempting, it's not substantial. Rather, we should listen to our hearts, our gut, and trust ourselves when discovering our own path. No one will know it better than yourself. Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew
11:10 11/21/23
Omar Sangare: Founder and Artistic Director of United Solo | Episode 094
For episode 094 of Actorcast we are joined by Omar Sangare. Omar is the Founder and Artistic Director of the United Solo Theatre Festival, the largest solo theatre festival in the world! I had the opportunity to work with the "King of Solo Theatre" himself and learned a lot about the processes involved with running a successful theatre organization in New York City. In this episode, we talk about how Omar began his acting career in Poland. We reflect on how the United Solo Theatre Festival has grown throughout the years. We also talk about why solo performance is such an important art form. To learn more about Omar and United Solo, please visit their website at and follow them on social media @unitedsolo. Omar Sangare graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, Poland, where he studied with the Oscar-winning director, Andrzej Wajda. He was awarded a scholarship to The British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. While there, he worked with Derek Jacobi, Alan Rickman, Michael Kahn, and Jeremy Irons. Omar holds many film, television, and radio credits. For his one-man drama “True Theater Critic,” he was voted The Best in Acting by The New York International Fringe Festival. The New York press acclaimed his lead part in the Arena Players Repertory Theater production of “Othello.” The New York Times wrote—“Omar Sangare was born to play Othello!” In 2011, he was selected by the U.S. Department of State for a video project that appeared as part of President Obama’s trip to Poland. In 2012, he was named “Person of the Year” by for “a significant contribution to the NYC theater landscape.” Omar is a founder and artistic director of UNITED SOLO, the world’s largest solo theatre festival, a resident company at Theatre Row on 42nd Street in New York City. Currently, he serves as Chair of the Theatre Department at Williams College. Follow my work at ⁠⁠ and @patrick.mcandrew
34:52 11/14/23
Joshua Lastine: Entertainment Lawyer | Episode 093
Entertainment Lawyer, Joshua Lastine, joins me for episode 093 of Actorcast! Many actors don't consider the importance of having a good lawyer at their side when negotiating contracts, which is a big reason why I wanted to have Joshua on the show. We talk about what an entertainment lawyer does, when and how actors should look for legal representation, and what questions actors should be asking lawyers. We also discuss the implications that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence have on actors' careers from a legal perspective. To learn more about Joshua and his practice, you can visit And you can follow him on Instagram @lastinelaw Joshua Lastine is the Founder and Managing Partner at Lastine Entertainment Law. As a former Lionsgate and ViacomCBS attorney, Joshua Lastine launched Lastine Entertainment Law in 2021 to protect the artistry and livelihood of actors, production companies, writers, producers, directors, animators, social media influencers, and podcasters. In addition to his legal negotiations, Lastine also serves as an adjunct lecturer on entertainment business law at The Los Angeles Film School. Joshua’s production legal and talent transactions have spanned a wide breadth of media and projects from $100M+ Netflix series to $30K YouTube branding, endorsement, and commercial deals. Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew
28:39 11/7/23
Kaisha Huguley: Actress & Content Creator | Episode 092
Kaisha Huguley joins us for episode 092 of Actorcast! I had a wonderful time speaking with Kaisha. I learned about her work after taking a workshop with her on how to develop your social media as an actor and I decided that I had to have her on the show for you all to listen to and enjoy. In this episode, we talk about Kaisha's journey into the wide world of acting, why content creation is important for actors, and how actors can get started in making content. To learn more about Kaisha, please visit or following her on all social media platforms @kaishacreates. Kaisha S. Huguley is a New York based multi-hyphenate (actor, theatre maker, & creative) originally from Washington, D.C. Kaisha’s recent stage credits include Kinky Boots (Arts Center of Coastal Carolina & John Engeman Theatre), The Full Monty and Miracle on 34th Street (Argyle Theatre) Kaisha has performed in a solo cabaret at The GreenRoom 42 in promotion of her first EP Villain Era which is available on all music streaming platforms. Most Recently, Kaisha is in production of Clue! Kaisha creates content on TikTok, Instagram, & YouTube documenting her journey as a musical theatre artist & creative living and working in New York City. Kaisha’s audience knows her as the woman who quit her full time job with the federal government to move to New York City to become an actor and she’s been taking them on this journey with her ever since she took the leap.  Kaisha is the quintessential multi-hyphenate as she works as an actor, arts administrator, educator, EDI Professional, and is currently training to become an Intimacy Director. Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew
37:19 10/31/23
James Brill: Meisner Acting Teacher | Episode 091
For episode 091 of Actorcast, we are joined by James Brill! Jim is an acting teacher who teaches the Meisner Technique at The Neighborhood Playhouse. I had the opportunity to study with Jim this past summer and it was an incredible experience. In this episode, we talk about Jim's experience studying with Sanford Meisner himself, what the Meisner Technique is exactly, why actors must work from a point of view, and much more. You can learn more about the Neighborhood Playhouse by visiting their website at You can visit them at 340 E 54th St in New York City, or call at 212-688-5770 to learn more about their program. Jim also teaches at his own private studio. You can learn more about that by visiting his website at James Brill has been teaching acting in New York for close to three decades both privately and at The Neighborhood Playhouse. In 1983 he graduated from The Playhouse where he studied acting with Sanford Meisner, William Alderson and Richard Pinter. After graduation he began his career as an actor and has worked in theatre, film, & television. Early on Mr. Brill was drawn to the idea being a teacher of the Meisner Technique and began an apprenticeship under his artistic mentors from the Neighborhood Playhouse to learn the craft of teaching acting. In addition to being a faculty member at The Playhouse he has also taught at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, and runs a successful private acting studio in NYC.
50:17 10/24/23
Randy Mulder: Co-founder of Village Playback Theatre | Episode 090
For episode 090 of Actorcast, we are joined by Randy Mulder. I've had the opportunity to train and work with Randy and I thought it essential to have him on the show to talk about playback theatre. He talk about what playback theatre is, why it's so great for community building, and how actors can benefit from awareness about playback. You can learn more about Village Playback Theatre and the NY School of Playback Theatre by visiting the following links: Randy Mulder is the artistic director and co-founder of Village Playback Theatre in New York City. As an applied theatre company, VPT has performed in diverse settings, from homeless shelters to Lincoln Center. Under his leadership, the company has performed throughout metro New York, many parts of the U.S., and overseas. He has led performances and workshops in schools and universities, corporations, government agencies, social services, prisons, professional conferences, psychiatric hospitals, and several shows in traditional theatres. Randy is co-director and trainer of the New York School of Playback Theatre, which attracts students from all around the world. He is a faculty member at Kansas State University School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, where he teaches drama therapy graduate students. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in music (vocal performance) and a Masters in drama therapy. Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew
34:02 10/17/23
Applied Acting | Episode 089
In this episode of Actorcast, we are discussing Applied Acting! More commonly known as Applied Theatre/Improv, Applied Acting is a wonderful career path for actors who can teach others from other industries their craft and how it applies to their work specifically. We talk about some of the skills that are easily transferrable from acting to other industries and why these skills are so important today. Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew
08:42 10/10/23
Creating Social Media Content as an Actor | Episode 088
For episode 088 of Actorcast, we talk about social media. I know I have a love/hate relationship with social media and it's important, as actors, that we find a way to use it that works best for us. In this episode, we talk about different ways to create content, why you must enjoy the process, and what to do if you are not feeling compelled to make content. Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew
10:19 10/3/23
Luisa Tascone: Australian Actor & Singer | Episode 087
For episode 087 of Actorcast we are joined by my friend, actor and singer, Luisa Tascone! Luisa is such a wonderful person. I had the opportunity to meet her through my time at the Neighborhood Playhouse and was excited to have her on the show to share her story of training and working in the industry. We talk about what inspired her to pursue this career, why she enjoyed her training at the Neighborhood Playhouse so much, as well as her experience working in the United States as an Australian. To keep up with all of Luisa's work, be sure to follow her @luisatascone and visit her website at Luisa Tascone (AEA, MEAA) is an Italian Australian actor and singer trained in the Meisner technique and contemporary and classical singing. She is an alumni of the world-renowned acting school The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in NYC. Recent credits include lead actor in the short films ‘Through Fault’ (awarded Best Australian Short Film at PRIDE Film Festival), ‘Blue Belt’ (awarded Best Youth Short Film at St Kilda Film Festival) and ‘The Keys’ (awarded Best Short Horror at Bloody Mirror Film Festival). Luisa has also performed Off-Broadway in the premiere musical production of ‘Oceanborn’ (part of the Rave Theatre Festival produced by multi-award winning Broadway Producer Ken Davenport) and appeared in commercials for some of Australia’s highest-ranking businesses including Fox Footy, Medibank, Commbank and Chemist Warehouse. Recently she co-founded a new Melbourne theatre company Mi Casa Theatre (@micasa_theatre) and performed in their first production‘Tales from the Vault’ in April 2022. Follow my work at and @patrick.mcandrew
40:19 9/26/23
Todd Susman: Acting Coach and Actor | Episode 086
For episode 086 of Actorcast and the season 5 premiere, we are joined by Todd Susman. I had the opportunity to train with Todd Susman at the Neighborhood Playhouse and he is just a wealth of knowledge when it comes to acting and the entertainment industry. In our conversation we discuss everything from preparation, auditioning, decision making, imperfections, and much more. You can learn more about Todd by visiting Todd Susman has been a professional actor since 1969.  He’s been a regular in six television series and a recurring character in fifteen or more, including five years recurring as “Officer Shifflett,” the town cop in “Newhart.” Todd has done twenty-two television pilots, myriad movies made for TV, and performed in countless episodic television shows, voice-overs, and on-camera commercials.  He was the “Public Address Announcer” in the TV series “MASH” for eight years, and the “Man From Mitsubishi” for another eight years on radio.  Todd starred as “Wilbur Turnblad” in "Hairspray" on Broadway.  He recurred as Jason Biggs’s father in “Orange Is The New Black,” and recently filmed episodes of “Blue Bloods,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “The Good Fight,” “For Life,” and “Bull.”  Todd worked with Denzel Washington in “The Taking Of Pelham 123” and Al Pacino in “You Don’t Know Jack.”  For the past ten years, Todd has added writing plays, teaching and coaching to his repertoire.   Follow my work at
43:12 9/19/23
Trusting Yourself as an Actor: Minisode Series | Episode 085
For episode 085 of Actorcast, and our final episode of the Minisode Series, we talk about the importance of trusting yourself as an actor. There are so many unknowns in this industry and so much that is out of our control. Because of this, it is crucial that we maintain perspective on things, that we enjoy the process, and focus on becoming the best actor we can be and why that matters to us. Follow my work at
09:29 9/8/23
Simplify Your Acting: Minisode Series | Episode 084
For this episode of Actorcast, we are talking about the importance of simplifying your acting. As actors, it is often tempting to over complicate things. We need to do all of the research, analyze every last detail of our character, and dissect every one of our lines. But this often leads to us loosing focus and forgetting what really matters: being in the moment of the scene. Prep work is important, but it's also important to leave it behind you when it comes time to perform. Follow my work at
06:11 9/7/23
Ten Great Books for Actors: Minisode Series | Episode 083
For episode 083 of Actorcast, we talk about ten great books for actors. There are so many great books out there that it was hard to narrow it down to ten (and I, in fact, include two honorable mentions, so it's actually twelve books). We give a brief overview of each book and why you need to go out and get them. Follow my work at
10:07 9/6/23
Doing Background Work: Minisode Series | Episode 082
Doing background work as an actor is an excellent way to learn about how a professional TV or film set operates. In episode 082 of Actorcast, as part of our Minisode Series, we are talking all things background work. We talk about the benefits of doing it, what to get out of it, and what it's not. Follow my work at
10:01 9/5/23
Finding an Agent or Manager: Minisode Series | Episode 081
For episode 081 of Actorcast, we talk about the different ways that you can find an agent or manager. It is often a confusing pursuit, but we discuss three main ways that you can at least begin the conversation with them: cold submissions, referrals, and having them see your work. Follow my work at
14:52 9/4/23
The Audience Isn't Stupid: Minisode Series | Episode 080
In this episode of Actorcast, we talk about how the audience isn't stupid. It's so tempting for actors to feel like they have to explain what's going on in the story through their character. Sometimes actors worry that the audience will be completely lost otherwise. While there are plays and movies that can be confusing at times, most of the time the audience is right there with us. So long as actors remember this, their performances will be much stronger. Follow my work at
05:29 9/1/23
Auditioning: Minisode Series | Episode 079
For episode 079 of the Actorcast, we do a deep dive into auditioning. It is so important that we have the right perspective when we go in to audition for a project. In this episode, we discuss why we must see our auditions as performances and why we should allow our work to speak for itself when making connections in the industry. Follow my work at
07:50 8/31/23
Letting The Text Do The Work: Minisode Series | Episode 078
In this minisode episode of Actorcast, we are talking about the importance of letting the text do the work. It's all too common for actors to feel like they have to explain the text and what is going on in their performances. Through over-the-top embellishments or large facial expressions, actors trap themselves when they don't trust the text. Rather, actors should lean heavily on the text and let it lead them through the script. Follow my work at
05:00 8/30/23
Memorizing Lines: Minisode Series | Episode 077
There are a lot of opinions out there regarding the best way for actors to memorize their lines. In this episode of Actorcast, I chat about what has worked for me in the past, why I believe it to be one of the best ways to memorize, and why every actor must find their own process for doing so. Follow my work at
09:41 8/29/23
Self-Tapes: Minisode Series | Episode 076
Self-tapes can sometimes be a tricky thing to navigate for actors. In this episode of Actorcast, as part of our Minisode Series, we discuss how to make a proper self-tape, what is doable, and setting yourself up for a successful audition. Follow my work at
12:18 8/28/23
Signing Up For Your First Acting Class: Minisode Series | Episode 075
For people beginning their acting journey, it can often feel overwhelming deciding where to start when it comes to choosing an acting class. In this episode of Actorcast, we discuss a couple of options to get you started and why these particular classes could be a great start to your acting journey. Follow my work at
12:53 8/25/23
Casting Websites: Minisode Series | Episode 074
For episode 074 of Actorcast, we are talking casting websites! It is essential for actors to submit themselves for projects, especially when they are first starting out. We discuss Actors Access, Casting Networks, Backstage, and other websites that actors should be checking out. Follow my work at
11:09 8/24/23
The Essential Materials for the Actor: Minisode Series | Episode 073
In episode 072 of Actorcast we are discussing the three essential materials that actors need in their arsenal: the headshot, the resume, and the demo reel. We discuss how important each one is, what is to be included within each, and why they are so crucial for all actors to have. Follow my work at
17:29 8/23/23
Things to Consider Before Pursuing Acting Professionally: Minisode Series | Episode 072
For episode 072 of Actorcast, we are discussing things to consider before pursuing acting professionally. The decision to be an actor is certainly not a light one, and in this episode we dissect some of the important things to think about before making that leap. We chat about having a life outside of acting, developing valuable skills, as well as knowing the business side of the industry. Follow my work at
14:12 8/22/23
So You Want To Be An Actor?: Minisode Series | Episode 071
Kicking off our minisode series is episode 071, which covers the all-too-well-known question, "So do I want to be an actor?" In this episode, we discuss how to determine if acting is something you want to do professionally, as a hobby, or just something you tried once. We talk about the importance of taking classes, getting involved in community and school productions, and more. Follow my work at
08:21 8/21/23