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** JJ Redick ** on Survival of the Fitted
For this week's episode, I choose Survival of the Fitted when JJ Redick joined the boys. A masterpiece of an interview where Joe met his idol JJ Redick and got to clear the air on his fandom. From the ultimate maaaaaaaan to one of the greatest to ever dawn a Blue Devil jersey. This was also an episode where I think Joe showed how great he was at this craft. Duke fashion, NBA career and a lot more to break down with JJ Redick as dawns his presence on one of the funniest podcast episodes to ever grace our network. Duke fashion, NBA career and a lot more to break down. Hope you all enjoy one of my favourite episodes and a legendary discussion.
36:21 10/07/2022
WSLAM - Addressing Mental Health and Turning Pain into Power
From Morgan - for this week's TLP submission, I chose Jordan Nixon’s episode on Get With It called “Addressing Mental Health and Turning Pain into Power”. I chose this because I found that what Jordan had to say really hit home for me. As a former athlete, you always hear coaches drill into their players the idea of “Mental Toughness” and the connotation that if you can’t handle the environment your in then you’re mentally “soft”. Young Athletes need to hear, more often, athletes like Jordan talking about how important it is to prioritize your mental health! The stigma surrounding the topic needs to be beaten! Follow us on Instagram:  
64:44 09/30/2022
International vibes and Tidal League updates
Start-up life means busy life, the team is scattered across the continent, Keegan and Kurt bring us up to speed with all the updates and organized chaos at Tidal League. Follow us on Instagram:  
15:44 09/30/2022
Tipping The Scales - Keeping The Flame Lit
Submitted by Mat - For my TLP episode, I've gone with "Keeping the flame lit" from Tipping the Scales. A perfect gateway episode, as it shows you who Shea and T are, with some great, sometimes hilarious advice to help with a problem most relationships have.  Follow us on Instagram:  
10:59 09/23/2022
NFL: The Bills Won’t Lose a Game
Week 2 is finished and we witnessed some great games! Will the Bills lose a game this year and will the Raiders win one? Hey, are the Giants 2-0? Is Jalen Hurts an MVP candidate? Hear the answers to these questions and many more! Tune in! Follow us on Instagram:  
57:52 09/21/2022
Phil Handy the Champ and NBA coach who trains the best in the game.
Tidal League team submission from Rohit: The reason I chose this episode is that this was very early in the Tidal League career, and to have such a big name in the NBA come on our show just validated who we are and what we do. I remember the day when I first listened to this episode and I just got to sit back and say "wow, we truly are on to something" and the guests since then have never ceased to surprise me, but this show really was the beginning for me personally.  
52:40 09/16/2022
The Fast Lane With Keegan and Kurt
Sheesh, where does the time go? Keegan and Kurt catch up regarding all the changes and constant evolution of a start-up! Tap in and stay tuned!  Follow us on Instagram:  
12:12 09/16/2022
Formula 1 - Will Mick Schumacher Have A Seat Next Year?
Is there a world Mick Schumacher is not on the grid next year? Daniel Ricciardo, Nyck de Vries, Mick Schumacher, amongst others are all fighting for a seat in F1. Nicholas Latifi should not have a seat next year! Follow us on Instagram:  
33:22 09/14/2022
NFL: Week 1 Recap
Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books! The guys watched the games together and they had a lot to talk about. Baker, Wilson and Flacco did not have success in their revenge games! Are Geno Smith and Jacoby Brissett the real deal? Also, the Cowboys need a new quarterback! Are they going to make a move for our favorite quarterback Jimmy G? Tune-in to stay caught up with the league! Follow on Instagram -  
57:44 09/14/2022
F1 : 5 in a Row for Max Verstappen
Max is in his own class and he has now won 5 Grand Prix in a row. Red Bull seems to be in it's own class since the summer break, while Ferrari might be more in Mercedes class. Lewis Hamilton had a solid drive, and the same can be said for George Russell. Nyck De Vries continues to impress... Did he earn himself a seat next year with this performance? Last but not LEAST... What's going on with Valtteri Bottas?
13:16 09/11/2022
F1 : Nyck De Vries impresses in Monza
The Tufosi are going to be excited going into race weekend, with Charles Leclerc starting on pole. What’s going on with Latifi as he got beat by De Vries a Formula E driver. Max Verstappen and Red Bull opted for more downforce so we’ll see what happens on race day. While George Russell and Mercedes start on the front row! 
10:44 09/10/2022
Inked NBA - Chris Brickley
Submitted by Kurt! Chris Brickley know for his famous BlackOps runs at Lifetime Gym in NYC joins Inked NBA to talk about tattoo culture and the story behind his ink. This conversation proves that passion, perseverance and consistency will fuel your dreams and that you don’t need to play in the NBA to be in the NBA.    
36:38 09/09/2022
NFL - Betting on Week 1 Games
It’s like Christmas in September! Week 1 of the NFL is upon us and the boys have all the money-making bets you need to be set for the start of the season. Are there any underdogs who will come out on top with some surprise wins? Also, Flacco, Mayfield, Wilson are all playing in massive revenge games against their old teams. How will they fare? Finally, tune in to hear Rick’s “Saddle Up” underdog pick of the week! Follow on Instagram -  
43:10 09/09/2022
NFL Football - The Season Is Here
The boys are back together! Week 1 of NFL football is finally here and the boys are over the moon. This Thursday we will see two heavyweights go head to head. Who will win and what are we in store for this year? Also, who do NFL execs think will win OROY? Tune-in to hear some money making bets and the boys getting after each other. Follow us on Instagram:  
34:00 09/08/2022
Formula 1 - Italian GP Preview
Lift and Coast is back for race week in Italy. Tap in for race predictions and more.  Follow us on Instagram:  
23:26 09/08/2022
Rohit Bhatia A True Day One
Making his podcast debut, Rohit Bhatia a friend, colleague, and the CFO for Tidal League joins us in the office. Since the pandemic, Tidal League has changed, grown, and evolved drastically. Marking his first ever visit to HQ, Rohit shares the growth from his perspective and how being present physically fills in the gaps. Follow us on Instagram:  
28:53 09/07/2022
Formula 1 : Lewis Hamilton's Meltdown in Zandvoort
Max Verstappen is the best driver in the world and is poised to win his second Drivers Championship. Zandvoort was a drama filled event and a lot of fun for all F1 fans. Who do you have at fault for Lewis Hamiltons' "meltdown" at the end. Another podium for Mr. Consistency aka George Russell. Ferrari continues to make a lot of mistakes and don't seem to have the fastest car anymore. Is Mercedes making a lot of mistakes as of late? Alpha Tauri with a disastrous decision with Yuki Tsunoda. 
15:48 09/04/2022
Formula 1 - Dutch Quali
Verstappen beats Leclerc to Zandvoort pole by 0.021s! Mercedes look great, do they have the pace to get a win tomorrow? Mick over K-Mag! McLaren has some serious questions to answer regarding how they dealt with Danny. Follow us on Instagram:  
34:49 09/03/2022
Formula 1 - Dutch GP Preview - Will Lewis Hamilton win at Zandvoort
McLaren has announced their driver pairing with Oscar Piastri and all eyes are on Zandvoort for the Dutch GP. Follow on Instagram -  
26:13 09/02/2022
NFL - Are the Eagles a top team in the NFC?
Ricky and Jake hold it down while Keegs is out of office, talking about everything going on in the NFL and with just one week until the regular season there’s plenty to get into. The boys go into Tua being named captain, the Lamar Jackson contract situation and went in-depth on Rick’s eagles which according to him have the best roster in the league! Listen in to stay caught up with everything NFL! Follow on Instagram -  
31:23 09/02/2022
Pen Moodz - Lawyer Poet and Wordsmith from “CEBL Life”
This episode was one of the first where an interview-style podcast left me feeling a wide range of strong emotions. Submitted by Trish! Pen Moodz not only speaks to the audience, he inspires us, and in this conversation Season 1 host Kat Stefankiewicz, is an excellent guide to take us through all the feels. Tap in - you won’t be disappointed.  
51:52 09/02/2022
It's Hong checking in today! I'll give you a break down of the shows on our network and our incredible hosts! We've got some great podcasts coming down the pipeline that we can't wait to share with you. We've also got some updates in terms of what this feed will look like in the near future. Make sure you follow or subscribe and send it to three people!
17:18 08/31/2022
NFL: Malik Willis is the Future
All the guys are back together in the office. A lot of random transactions are going down over the past few days as we get closer to final roster cuts. The boys give their final thoughts on preseason and who has impressed. Have you heard of this guy on the Jets named Denzel Mims? Listen in to stay caught up with the league!  
33:54 08/31/2022
Climbing a Mountain with Keegan Poulton
The last 12+ months from a different perspective. Keegan jumps on the pod today to discuss his love for the Buffalo Bills and how Tidal League has evolved since he joined.  
15:13 08/29/2022
Formula 1 : Max Verstappen is in his own Class
Spa is here to stay! A perfect race for Red Bull and a tough day for Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari is clueless. Does Mercedes finish 2nd in the constructors?
42:18 08/28/2022
Formula 1 - Did Mercedes drop the ball? | Lift & Coast
What a weird comeback after the summer break. Multiple drivers taking penalties and Mercedes looking very slow. Who will stand on the top step of the podium at Spa? Follow us on Instagram:  
34:54 08/27/2022
This is Tidal League - Paying Homage to Peter Calder
Welcome to Tidal League, things have grown and changed over the last 3 years. Today, we relaunch the pod with its new intentions and pay homage to our very own Peter Calder!  
16:07 08/23/2022
Wordle’s World Domination
When software engineer, Jeff Wardle created a fun word game for his partner, he never thought it would eventually be played by millions, and then sold to The New York Times for a low seven-figure sum. In just a few months however, this fun free word game has taken the world by storm. Trish and Kurt discuss the rise of Wordle, what makes it so special and what the sale to the NYT means for its fans. Follow Tidal League -  
16:08 02/07/2022
Neil Young vs Spotify
This past week rock titan Neil Young sent a letter telling his management team and record label that Spotify would have to choose between hosting his music and hosting The Joe Rogan Experience. Specifically because of the podcast broadcasting false information about COVID19 and vaccinations. Spotify, Young wrote, could “have Rogan or Young. Not both.” Spotify chose Rogan, and what has taken place since this decision has shook the content platform and has caused an initial loss of $4billionUSD. Kurt and Trish look at this ongoing battle to discuss what led to this decision and what it means for the future of Spotify and other streaming platforms. Follow Tidal League -  
28:08 02/01/2022
Remembering Kobe Bryant
24 months since the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers are 24-24 sitting in the #8 seed. Kobe's legacy will forever be remembered. #mambaout 
28:37 01/27/2022