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Alternative Investing with MyConstant

Join Chris Roper and Trevor Kraus of MyConstant (an asset-backed P2P lending platform) as they take you on a monthly journey through alternative investing. Discover what's new and lucrative in the market, understand complex and emerging investment vehicles, and learn how to do more with your money to reach your financial goals, fast. As always, if you want to get onboard with MyConstant, click on the link below to try our 15-day $4000 trial bonus.


Investing your cryptocurrency for higher returns and real world value 17:42 04/05/2022
Crypto scams: What to look out for and how to avoid them! 22:42 03/01/2022
Moments that rocked the cryptosphere in 2021 15:45 01/10/2022
Cannabis: Medicinal, euphoric and a worthy—if unusual—investment 22:45 12/06/2021
The Squid Game crypto collapse: What you should consider when investing in new crypto 19:16 11/08/2021
The 'future' is here: What you need to know about bitcoin futures ETF 16:02 10/25/2021
100 years of investing: The triumphs and catastrophes that changed investments forever—part III 20:51 10/11/2021
An interview with MyConstant customer: Krishna 17:30 09/27/2021
100 years of investing: The triumphs and catastrophes that changed investments forever—part II 19:55 09/13/2021
100 years of investing: The triumphs and catastrophes that changed investments forever 20:42 08/30/2021
How to create, market and sell your own NFT for a (possible) tidy profit 20:08 08/16/2021
Angel investing: Getting started, the risks and why it’s more accessible than you may think 21:08 08/02/2021
Yield farming: Turbo charging your crypto assets 22:59 07/19/2021
Why gold, crypto and foreign investments should be on your radar 15:04 07/05/2021
A crypto boom: Why cryptocurrencies are the hottest alternative investment of the moment 21:50 06/21/2021
Collectables: How toys, coins and comics hold more value than you think 19:23 06/07/2021
The pros and cons of crypto-backed lending 26:50 05/24/2021
Why wine could be your most profitable long-term investment in years (as long as you don't drink it!) 28:04 05/10/2021
What are the market forces affecting your investments and how can you prepare for them? 20:01 04/26/2021
What is sustainable investing and why should you care? 22:39 04/12/2021
What are NFTs and should you buy one? 27:30 03/25/2021
5 common mistakes new investors make (and how to avoid them) 31:08 03/12/2021
What made bitcoin a trillion-dollar success story? 34:51 02/26/2021
Special: GameStop and The Big Short (squeeze) 24:54 02/09/2021
How to create financial goals that make you happy 26:47 01/28/2021
How to make investing fun with Milan Kovacevic of Finny 27:19 01/13/2021
How to be a better investor with Johnny Lee of Investment Bootcamp 28:19 12/23/2020
An introduction to cryptocurrencies 17:33 12/11/2020
An introduction to peer-to-peer lending 15:36 11/27/2020