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Need some Entrepreneur Motivation? Look no further. In this show, Chris Bello covers the mindset as well as practical actions that are critical for entrepreneurs at all stages and industries. Chris strives to add valuable information and actionable steps in short and concise episodes. This isn’t just a rah-rah, get hype podcast. While Chris does cover motivation and mindset for those times when you feel like quitting, he also highlights the importance of working towards automation, outsourcing, and more in both your business and life. After starting and failing with several ideas and side-hustles, Chris discovered and committed to real estate, where he has been consistently closing 5-figure deals on a monthly basis. 1.4M downloads and counting. Welcome to the show.


Achieve "optimal" with Adam Courchaine - EMP417
Are you performing optimally? Adam Courchaine and I chat about how to achieve optimal and "feed the beast" within each of us. Connect with Adam: Connect with Chris: 
57:36 2/6/23
Put the blinders on - EMP416
Put the blinders on and remain focused on your key tasks!  Connect with Chris:
05:54 1/30/23
Reach Peak Performance with Schuyler Diehm - EMP415
In today's episode, we talk about what it takes to reach peak performance with Schuyler Diehm.    Schuyler helps his clients out with lifestyle fat loss (how to lose fat without counting all the calories and worrying about every single meal).     You definitely will want to tune in if you're a busy entrepreneur who cares about staying healthy as well.     Resources mentioned:  Eat Smarter:   The Omnivore's Dilemma:   Feeding You Lies:     Connect with Schuyler:      Connect with Chris :   
54:46 1/23/23
Choose your own adventure with Rick Doherty - EMP414
You don't have to have everything all planned out in life... You can choose your own adventure as you go. Rick Doherty's story is an inspiring one and shows that it's never too late to pursue your passions. He followed his gut time and time again throughout his life, leading him to amazing adventures and outcomes.  Check out Vandemic Camper Vans:  Instagram:  Website:  Connect with Chris: 
49:44 1/16/23
Stop cheating yourself - EMP413
Let's make a commitment to stop cheating ourselves. We need to show up and do the things we say we will do, even when nobody is watching. Connect with Chris:
14:53 1/9/23
Implement these 3 things for a successful year - EMP412
Ready to dominate 2023? Make sure to set these 3 things up if so. Schedule a free 15-min Zoom with me:  Recommended resources:  1. Google Calendar:  2. Calendly:  3. Asana:  
15:50 1/2/23
Consistency is everything (New Year starts NOW) - EMP411
Consistency is everything. Being able to stay consistent and doing what you said you'll do is what will separate you from the mediocre. Connect with Chris: 
11:02 12/26/22
The 24-Hour Rule - EMP410
The 24-Hour Rule means you have 24 hours to celebrate a win, and 24 hours to mope about a loss. Then you have to move on.   Connect with Chris:
09:59 12/19/22
Business is a game of memorization with Alex Vonderhaar - EMP409
Business is a game of memorization. It's all about how well people remember what it is that you do. Join me and Alex Vonderhaar as we dive into marketing overall.  Get Alex's Neuro-Insider: (use code INSIDER for first free copy) Connect with Chris: 
58:09 12/12/22
Choose your hard - EMP408
Life is full of choices. In this episode, we talk about "choosing your hard."
14:27 12/5/22
Changing the world through community building with Dr. Xavia Karner - EMP407
In this episode, Dr. Xavia Karner and I discuss the power of community building and the role it plays in changing the world. If you want to leave a lasting impact, chances are you'll need to learn to start or tap into a community of some sort. Connect with Xavia:  Check out her book: Xavia's website: Connect with Chris: 
50:01 11/28/22
How to shift into beast mode instantly - EMP406
How cool would it be if you could summon your "beast mode" on command? Well, you can. Here's how. Connect with Chris: 
10:23 11/21/22
You have to do what it takes to make it with Chris Gould - EMP405
With the market shifting, many people are seeing a significant slow down in their businesses. What got us here may not get us through. In this conversation, Chris Gould and I discuss what we are doing to make sure that we not only survive but thrive in this season. Connect with Chris Gould: Website: Connect with Chris Bello: 
46:08 11/14/22
Your WHY will help find the HOW - EMP404
If you have a strong enough WHY, you can figure out the HOW. Connect with Chris: 
12:25 11/7/22
Need accountability? Here's how to get it. - EMP403
Struggling with accountability? Here's a few tips on how to get it. Connect with Chris: 
12:56 10/31/22
Work life balance doesn't exist - EMP402
Work life balance isn't quite a thing... it's about work life integration. Sometimes we'll be out of balance and that's okay. We just have to make sure to create and follow rules for ourselves.
07:08 10/24/22
Showing up is half the battle - EMP401
Showing up is half the battle. When you're not feeling 100%, it's better to show up and do something than to skip out overall. Imagine how much further you'll be doing this while the competition skips the workout, doesn't do the sales call, or hits "snooze" 3 times every day. Connect with Chris: 
15:43 10/17/22
You are more than your job title (what's your AND?) with John Garrett - EMP400
We are so much more than our job titles. All of us have hobbies and passions outside of what we do for work. You may be an accountant AND something else. What's your AND? That's what John Garrett and I talk about in today's episode.   Connect with John: Get John's book:  Connect with Chris:
43:56 10/10/22
Chasing (and finding) freedom with Matt Cavanaugh and Tim Winfrey - EMP399
In this episode, I chat with Tim Winfrey and Matt Cavanaugh, hosts of the Freedom Chasers Podcast. We talk about chasing (and finding) freedom, and how you can do it if you are feeling stuck. Join their Facebook Group: Check out the podcast:  Connect with Chris: 
51:46 10/3/22
Focus on the GAINS - EMP398
Reminder to focus on the gains... pay attention to what you have and not what you lack. Get "The Gap And The Gain" Book: Connect with Chris: 
16:29 9/26/22
Sales Tips That Actually Work in 2022 with Donald Kelly (The Sales Evangelist) - EMP397
Sales doesn't have to be slimy, and what is working in 2022 is very different than the sales tactics that worked just 5-10 years ago. Tune in to hear from Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist. Connect with Donald: Website: Get his book: Connect with Chris:  Resources mentioned: $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi:
47:11 9/19/22
Follow up is key - EMP396
The magic is in the follow up. Are you following up enough to see results? Connect with Chris:
12:42 9/12/22
How to network effectively - EMP395
Your network is your net worth as the saying goes. But how do you actually go about the networking part? That's what we dive into in today's episode. Connect with Chris: 
16:09 9/8/22
Make more money AND impact with Linda McKissack (live a BIG life) - EMP394
What if you could live a big life? Well, there's good news. You can! My guest today shares an amazing story of going from $600K in debt to selling 300 properties a year and owning several Keller Williams franchises. Connect with Linda:  Connect with Chris: 
47:02 9/5/22
What do you want?! - EMP393
What do you really want out of life? Do you know? Can you share it with someone? Can you explain it clearly? Connect with Chris:
17:18 9/1/22
Clarity leads to results - EMP392
Clarity leads to results. If you aren't where you want to be, you might just need to get more clear on what you want. Connect with Chris:
11:52 8/29/22
You control your reality - EMP391
You control your reality. If you are not happy with where you are, you have the power to take initiative and change it.  Connect with Chris:
08:23 8/25/22
Spoiler alert: you never really "arrive" - EMP390
Sorry to burst your bubble, but you never really "arrive." There is always more to go. Once you achieve what you think you want, the goalpost will most likely move. And that's okay. Connect with Chris:
10:51 8/22/22
Buying and selling land from home with P.J. Reilly - EMP389
Can you succeed in life even with a 2.0 GPA in school? Absolutely! P.J. Reilly shares how he's been flipping land from home and how more importantly, he started to take action before he knew how it all worked. Connect with P.J. Reilly: Connect with Chris: 
46:39 8/18/22
What to focus on during tough times - EMP388
What exactly should we focus on during tough times? Listen in to find out. Connect with Chris:
13:20 8/15/22

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