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Welcome to the Green Industry Podcast . This show is all about helping lawn care and landscape professionals take their businesses to the next level. Join us as we chat with Green Industry leaders to discover best practices and practical strategies to maximize profits.


Kujo Yardware: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It's a Game-Changer w/ Shawn Langton 25:25 05/19/2022
What a Good Lawn Care Business Marketing Strategy Looks Like w/ Jack Jostes 42:03 05/18/2022
Building a Lawn Care Business from the Ground Up w/ Kory Ballard 36:04 05/17/2022
The Best Website SEO Tips You're (Probably) Not Doing w/ Chris Hollis From Pure Marketing 27:06 05/16/2022
5 Tips to Organize Your Lawn Care Business- Fast! 22:37 05/14/2022
How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Strategy w/ Dr Frank Holleman 20:29 05/13/2022
Branding and Marketing - How to Stay Ahead of the Competition w/ James Manske From Elkhorn Lawn Care 36:24 05/12/2022
What You Need to Know Before Starting a Lawn Care and Landscaping Business w/ Andrew Martinez 50:04 05/11/2022
Why Solopreneurship is the New Lawn Care Business Normal w/ Jarvis Millender From Kingdom Lawn Care 56:03 05/10/2022
The Ultimate Bookkeeping Tips for Success w/ Megan and Joey Coberly 49:34 05/09/2022
What Is The Best Way To Market Your Lawn Care Business? 18:23 05/07/2022
Avoid Being the Lowest Cost Provider in Your Market w/ Dr Frank Holleman 23:18 05/06/2022
What it ACTUALLY Takes to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business w/ Willie Rodriguez From A's Ornamental 52:34 05/05/2022
How to Successfully Hire New Employees and Build a Better Company Culture w/ James Manske from Elkhorn Lawn Care 36:27 05/04/2022
Secrets to Building a Million Dollar Lawn Care Business w/ Jack Decker 31:27 05/03/2022
Avoid These Common Small Business Owner Mistakes 36:35 05/02/2022
Important Updates about the 2022 Equip Exposition 14:34 04/30/2022
4 Keys to an Effective Website w/ Dr. Frank Holleman 29:23 04/29/2022
The Shocking Truth About a Fertilizer and Weed Control Business w/ Felipe Saldana From Omega Lawn Care 38:35 04/28/2022
Tactics to Identify Your Target Customers w/ James Manske From Elkhorn Lawn Care 47:03 04/27/2022
Part 2 - A Dream Come True: The Full Story of Al Bladez 52:22 04/26/2022
A Dream Come True: The Full Story of Al Bladez Part 1 35:53 04/25/2022
Overhead Cost Recovery Part 3 w/ John Pajak 17:46 04/23/2022
Better Than Advertising w/ Dr. Frank Holleman 40:44 04/22/2022
Improve Your Bottom Line w/ Michael Bedell From Bedell Property Management 69:19 04/21/2022
Recipe for Success for Dealing w/ Lawn Care Business Growing Pains w/ Bryan Martinez 77:03 04/20/2022
Scaling a Lawn Care Business to $4,000,000 Per Year w/ Jacob Godar from Scooter's Lawn Care Inc. 41:40 04/19/2022
$150,000 Jobber Grant Program and How You Can be Rewarded Between $2,500 - $15,000 w/ Nick Keyko 28:45 04/18/2022
What it ACTUALLY COSTS to Hire Employees 20:36 04/16/2022
Remember You Are Not Your Customer w/ Dr. Frank Holleman 36:34 04/15/2022