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The Gardenangelists

Are you ready to be converted to living a gardening life? Each week, join Carol Michel and Dee Nash, both passionate gardeners, authors, and long-time bloggers, as they chat over the garden fence about flowers, veggies, and all the best dirt on gardening. Carol and Dee have the audacity to call themselves gardenangelists, evangelists for gardening, and want everyone to dig in the dirt, sow a few seeds, and enjoy the simple pleasures and even a few pitfalls of a gardening life. If you are ready to live a gardening life or already live one this is one podcast you don’t want to miss.


All Rabbit Holes Lead to Gardens 35:11 11/24/2021
Winter Interest? Saving Seeds for Spring? Already? (Plus Tiny Houseplants!) 39:12 11/17/2021
Celebrating the Start of Season 4 of Our Podcast, With a Look Back to Season 3! 37:46 11/10/2021
Bulbs, Books, and Lots of Gardening 34:46 11/03/2021
Happy Halloween, with "Grave" Gardening Topics 38:33 10/27/2021
A Lovely Garden Chat on a Beautiful Fall Day 42:06 10/20/2021
Well, We Tried to Make Insects the Overall Theme 48:34 10/13/2021
Pansies, Pumpkins, and October Gardening 38:45 10/06/2021
Flowers for Hummingbirds, Plus Figs, Farming, and More 38:08 09/29/2021
A Gardener's Life: Bugs, Birds, Blooms, and Books 34:52 09/22/2021
Take Time to Watch the Butterflies 36:41 09/15/2021
A Birthday, A Podcast Milestone, and Gardening Too 34:16 09/08/2021
We dig, we delight, we are gardeners! 34:02 09/01/2021
Every Week We Love a Different Flower 31:33 08/25/2021
What's a passalong plant called when you pass it back again? 31:06 08/18/2021
Oh Give Me a Home Where the Lepidoptera Roam 30:29 08/11/2021
This Episode is Savory, and Sweet 33:23 08/04/2021
Beth Chatto, Christopher Lloyd, and Wendell Berry, All in the Same Episode! 31:36 07/25/2021
It's Summer. We Have to Talk About Tomato Troubles! 31:15 07/21/2021
We Almost Became a Math Podcast! Kidding! Still All About Gardening... 33:20 07/14/2021
We Went Down a Few Rabbit Holes 31:46 07/07/2021
What do Baptisias and Collards Have in Common? 28:36 06/30/2021
The Big Fertilizer Question, plus Angelicas 30:50 06/23/2021
Dahlias, Darling. 31:31 06/16/2021
Grow Some History in Your Garden 32:20 06/09/2021
Tiny Little Plants 31:54 06/02/2021
Once again, all about gardening, with pottery! 34:31 05/26/2021
Mad About Flowers of the Night 33:06 05/19/2021
We Are Pro-Clover, and Oxalis, Too 33:49 05/12/2021
Tropicals in Your Temperate Garden! 32:55 05/05/2021