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Come Away By Yourselves

"Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while." These words of Jesus Christ are an invitation to personal and intimate prayer. The meditations offered in this podcast are intended to help the listener enter into his own prayerful relationship with God. By reflecting on scenes from the Gospel, on other passages from Scripture, and on the insights of saints and spiritual writers, we can strengthen our faith in Jesus and our love for God. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says, "I have called you my friends." By regular meditation and dialogue with Our Lord in prayer, our life can be transformed into an ever deepening and loving friendship with God.


Valleys Filled, Mountains Lowered: God's Work in Our Souls 27:13 12/05/2021
Advent: Making Room for Jesus 27:15 11/28/2021
Rebroadcast: "Give thanks in all circumstances": The Greatness of Gratitude 29:58 11/24/2021
The Feast of Christ the King 30:41 11/21/2021
Afraid of the End of the World? 31:01 11/14/2021
"The jar of flour shall not go empty": Trust in the Sufficiency of Christ 29:46 11/07/2021
Feast of All Saints: "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ" 29:53 10/31/2021
"Do not fear, only believe": Our Need for Hope 31:26 10/24/2021
Holiness on Loan 30:10 10/17/2021
Beginning Again 28:53 10/11/2021
(Rebroadcast) The Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael 30:00 09/28/2021
"Run so as to win": Conducting Our Spiritual Combat 30:48 09/26/2021
"To Cast Fire on the Earth": The Fight against Lukewarmness 28:43 09/19/2021
The Triumph of the Cross 28:23 09/12/2021
The Sons and Daughters of God 31:59 09/05/2021
Silent Love, Silent Prayer 32:45 08/29/2021
Mary in Heaven: Her Glory, Our Hope 29:15 08/22/2021
"Do not follow your base desires": The Importance of Moderation 26:18 08/14/2021
A Shortcut to Loving God: The Humanity of Christ 28:15 07/31/2021
The Power of Trust in Jesus 32:01 07/24/2021
"You are the Light of the World": The Urgent Need for Christian Life 27:03 07/17/2021
A “New Name” in Heaven: Our Identity in Christ 30:34 07/09/2021
St. Josemaria and the Vocation to Work 30:23 06/26/2021
Lessons From Jesus Asleep 31:20 06/20/2021
The Sacred Heart of Jesus: A Call to Radical Love 29:43 06/11/2021
The Blessed Trinity: God's Mystery and Ours 30:28 05/30/2021
The Feast of Pentecost: "Come Holy Spirit" 31:03 05/23/2021
"We fly to your patronage": Trust in Mary 28:31 05/12/2021
All for Love: St. Joseph the Worker 31:40 04/30/2021
"Become what you receive": Easter and the Eucharist 27:20 04/18/2021