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The Root Of The Science Podcasts

The Root of the Science Podcasts airs Monday biweekly. Hosted by Anne Chisa aka Anne with an E. This show has interviews with guests involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) . The purpose of the podcasts is to highlight #AfricansInSTEM across the globe and give them the opportunity to tell their stories in their own voice (literally) about their research or projects. We find out why they are in the STEM field (the ROOT of their science) and have in depth conversations about the individual away from the science. Lastly, by bringing the podcasts into mainstream media, the hope is to inspire others to get into STEM as well as those who are already in the field to persevere and strive for more after hearing about the prospects available from my guests. For the"non-STEM" people this podcast is also for you. You will be afforded the opportunity to broaden your horizon and you will learn something new, guaranteed from each episode! *Disclaimer: The views expressed by the guests in this podcasts do not reflect my own* Follow on Twitter & Instagram : @RootofSciPodFacebook group : The Root of the Science Podcasts


EP 99: Tsumbedzo Ramalevha- PhD Student in Plant Functional Ecology 37:28 05/09/2022
EP 98: Tasvi Daya- PhD Student in Cancer Science 40:28 04/26/2022
EP 97: Dedication to Ndoni Mcunu- Climate Scientist, Founder and CEO of BWIS 28:42 04/19/2022
EP 96: Lubablo Tybosch- CEO of Uniqova Software Development Company 40:14 04/11/2022
EP 95: Remous Ocloo - PhD Candidate in Medical Microbiology 41:01 02/28/2022
EP 94: Letta Mahlohonolo- PhD Candidate in Chemical Engineering 31:06 02/20/2022
EP 93: Kaylan Reddy - PhD Candidate in Botany 31:08 02/14/2022
EP 92: Oageng Modise - PhD Student in Entomology 30:53 02/07/2022
EP 91: Rufaro Samanga - Epidemiologist & Cultural + Science Writer 41:20 01/31/2022
EP 90: Lindelwa Msweli - PhD Student in Ecological Science 45:10 12/16/2021
EP 89: Yannick Agbana- MSc Student in Plant Research and Drug Development 39:25 11/29/2021
EP 88: Nyasha Manyika - Commercial Pilot & Co-Founder of African Leaders in Aviation 39:14 11/15/2021
EP 87: Kalonde Chanda - Chemical and Process Engineering Graduate 40:59 11/01/2021
EP 86: Khuthadzvo Muvhano - BSc Student in Biochemistry and Botany 24:04 10/26/2021
EP 85: Nolwandle Khumalo - PhD Student in Environmental Science 34:43 10/17/2021
EP 84: Caleb Munemo - BSc Student in Computer Science + Co-Founder of Science Exploration Zambia 38:00 10/11/2021
EP 83: Sandiso Ngwenya- PhD Student in Chemistry 33:11 10/04/2021
EP 82: Jethro Dlamini - Agricultural Advisor Intern 31:00 08/30/2021
EP 81: Tracy Mapfumo - Founder of Eny’s Treats & Crop Scientist 26:43 08/15/2021
EP 80: Dr. Joseph Malinzi -Lecturer in Department of Mathematics 38:13 08/10/2021
EP 79: Dr. Cosnet Lerato Rametse- Clinician Scientist, MD & PhD Candidate in Immunology 42:50 08/01/2021
EP 78: Lonwabo Manqana- Msc Student in Soil Science 27:54 07/26/2021
EP 77: Faith February- PhD Candidate in Oceonography 37:18 07/12/2021
EP 76: Mishumo Nemathaga- Msc Student in Agriculture 26:12 07/05/2021
EP 75: Tosin Adewumi - PhD Student in Machine Learning 29:00 06/28/2021
EP 74: Mongezi Majebe- BSc Chemistry Student 33:55 06/21/2021
EP 73: Tamuda Chimhanda- Entrepreneurial Leadership + Computer Science Student, Co-founder of The Book of Everything & Glimmer Virtual Reality 35:48 06/07/2021
EP 73: Chris Emezue- MSc student in Mathematics and Data Science 43:39 05/31/2021
EP 72: #YouAreAScientist Finale 59:21 04/27/2021
EP 71: UKZN Students 46:52 04/19/2021