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Hospitality Reputation Marketing: Get Great Reviews

Welcome to the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast: Get Great Reviews! Adele Gutman’s mission is to help hoteliers and business leaders of all service industries to leverage the power of guest feedback to optimize team performance, create loyalty, and drive long term revenue. Leading from the philosophy that Service & Product is Marketing and that a brand’s reputation is the foundation of Sales, Marketing, and Revenue success, this podcast is designed for leaders and future leaders in operations, sales, marketing, and revenue. While we may talk about hospitality, these proven principles can be successfully applied to any service business ready to embrace a daily discipline to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. Together, let’s bridge the gaps between what we say about the experience we sell and what our customers say about their experience with us. Each week or two, we will spend 20 minutes or more exploring proven best practices, mindsets, techniques, tips, and tools that drive revenue and loyalty businesses, by consistently inspiring 5-Star reviews. Great reviews are simply an indicator of an agile, guest-centric, well-run business, so with help from an array of successful hospitality leaders, we will delve into a wide range of topics including: LeadershipCompassionCultureCommunicationEmpowermentEntrepreneurial MindsetEmbracing FeedbackTeamworkCreative Problem SolvingCoachingHiringInspiringTrainingCompassionHumilityAuthenticityService InnovationProduct InnovationProcess InnovationThe Customer JourneyBest PracticesTechnologyWebsites, Booking Engines, Emails,Responding to Reviews and so much more!  Please join us, subscribe, share, and help us reach more listeners so we can all GET GREAT REVIEWS! @inspirefivestars


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