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Hospitality Reputation Marketing: Get Great Reviews

Welcome to the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast: Get Great Reviews! Adele Gutman’s mission is to help hoteliers and business leaders of all service industries to leverage the power of guest feedback to optimize team performance, create loyalty, and drive long term revenue. Leading from the philosophy that Service & Product is Marketing and that a brand’s reputation is the foundation of Sales, Marketing, and Revenue success, this podcast is designed for leaders and future leaders in operations, sales, marketing, and revenue. While we may talk about hospitality, these proven principles can be successfully applied to any service business ready to embrace a daily discipline to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. Together, let’s bridge the gaps between what we say about the experience we sell and what our customers say about their experience with us. Each week or two, we will spend 20 minutes or more exploring proven best practices, mindsets, techniques, tips, and tools that drive revenue and loyalty businesses, by consistently inspiring 5-Star reviews. Great reviews are simply an indicator of an agile, guest-centric, well-run business, so with help from an array of successful hospitality leaders, we will delve into a wide range of topics including: LeadershipCompassionCultureCommunicationEmpowermentEntrepreneurial MindsetEmbracing FeedbackTeamworkCreative Problem SolvingCoachingHiringInspiringTrainingCompassionHumilityAuthenticityService InnovationProduct InnovationProcess InnovationThe Customer JourneyBest PracticesTechnologyWebsites, Booking Engines, Emails,Responding to Reviews and so much more!  Please join us, subscribe, share, and help us reach more listeners so we can all GET GREAT REVIEWS! @inspirefivestars


Go from Housekeeping Woes to Housekeeping Wows.
The Art of Housekeeping owner, Lonny Wolfe returns to our podcast with powerful words of advice for hoteliers challenged with mixed reviews due to housekeeping issues. Just as COVID-19 increased the need to inspire trust with travelers on our cleanliness and hygiene practices, the industry was thrown into a second crisis- how to hire and retain sufficient housekeeping staff. The world may refer to “The Great Resignation”, but in the case of our industry, it was simply a lack of desire to return back to work. Even when the enhanced federal unemployment support ended, workers failed to return in full force. Many left for less taxing higher-paid jobs with more benefits, fewer hours, better schedules, and a better work-life balance. There has been a lot of discussion about the need to enhance the employee experience in the industry, but it makes one wonder why it takes a pandemic to think about treating our teams with the care and compassion we want them to give to our guests. The Hospitality Industry recently celebrated Housekeeping Week, a time when hotel leadership takes the time to show extra appreciation for our hard-working housekeeping teams, but the time has come to show appreciation to all our staff every day. Lonny Wolfe, Owner of the new company, The Art of Hospitality, is a former GM who is a shining example of how you can challenge your team every day, set the highest standards and expectations of excellence, and keep a loyal, engaged, high-performance team who stayed with the hotel year after year. The 3-Star hotel was one of the highest-guest rated hotels in Florida, thanks to an unwavering flow of five-star reviews. I hope you enjoy this conversation about how Lonny shows hotels how to create employee and guest loyalty, starting with the hardest working people on any property, the housekeeping team.
36:11 9/24/21
What Restaurant Managers Need to Know About Getting Great Reviews
Ken McGarrie, Author of the Surprise Restaurant Manager joins Adele Gutman on the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast to discuss:   Why even 1-star reviews are great feedback for restaurant managers   How to inspire your restaurant team   What topics you must not forget on your pre-shift huddle   How to build great reviews starting at the interview process  Please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! If you have any comments or questions for Ken McGarrie or Adele Gutman, please leave us a comment below! We are here to help!  Buy the Book Here:  Connect with Adele:  Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
25:09 8/27/21
The KPI Every Hotel Team Should Track Together and How to Calculate NPS
Tracking Customer Satisfaction Score (CSS) can often give managers and teams a false sense security. Alternatively, tracking Your Hotel’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be a shocking experience. But it can also be a very rewarding experience as you identify where you are with guest loyalty and work collaboratively with your team to reduce friction and elevate delight for your guests.   In this 13-minute video, Adele Gutman explains how CSS and NPS are different, why these leading indicators matter to savvy hospitality revenue and marketing professionals, and how to track these KPIs with your team, your leadership, and hotel owners.
14:55 8/9/21
The Tool Your Hospitality Marketing Tech Stack is Missing
What’s in your tech stack enhancement plans this year? Contactless, AI, CRM, CRS, PMS, Revenue Management, all great tools that everyone should have and use to the fullest.   But according to Jordan Ekers, the Co-Founder of Nudge, technology alone will not transform your business’ guest experience nor your ability to retain clients and employee’s loyalty without working to win the hearts and minds of your team. When everyone is fully engaged and aligned with your company’s mission, goals and values, incredible financial results will follow.  No, I am not talking about Reputation Management tools, although they are wonderful to have and very worthwhile.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Jordan, who talked with me about how Nudge, an internal communication tool that can help hospitality leaders transform the culture of companies by facilitating 2-way communication between teams and leadership.  Is that a Marketing tool? I say, 100% yes! Absolutely!   Your Business’ Reputation is the foundation on which to build any commercial strategy for success. Sales, Marketing, and Revenue initiatives will all be greatly impacted by the loyalty created on the strength of your Guest Experience.  Decision-makers will check your hotels' reviews before booking…   after your sales team has made a call to a potential client.after a planner has seen your meetings and events advertising.after your sales manager has made a great presentation at a tradeshow.after a traveler has seen your hotel on a meta-search site.  The list goes on. Great experiences drive loyalty and return visits better than any incentive. Travelers are willing to pay more and stay more often when friction points are minimal and kind, unpretentious service is in abundance. You lower the expense of acquiring new guests when not only do you keep more guests, but you inspire your guest to share their amazing experience with everyone they know and everyone online.  I hope you enjoy the conversation. If you want to learn how to get the maximum impact from a communication tool like Nudge, please give me a call and I will be happy to help you with your Reputation Optimization plan.
35:27 7/23/21
Q&A with Adele on Reputation Management vs Reputation Marketing
Adele Gutman, the foremost expert on Hospitality Reputation Marketing addresses a few of the most commonly asked questions.
20:12 7/9/21
Tripadvisor Success Story, Craig Poole, AHLA General Manager of the Year
I have a great story for you today! If you want a fantastic example of how leadership and the highest standards for guest experience excellence can produce more revenue, more return visits, and more five-star reviews, you won’t find a better example than in the story of Craig Poole, AHLA General Manager of the year and President of Reading Hospitality Management - Doubletree by Hilton. Hear how Craig took a distressed hotel in one of the poorest, most crime-filled cities in Pennsylvania, hired nearly 200 people, many with no experience and no exposure to what service and hospitality looks like. He looked for people who felt hope for the city and the joy of hospitality in their hearts and gave them a chance to build something amazing together that would change people’s lives in the city of Reading. Even ex-felons were given a second chance to turn their lives around for themselves, their families, and their community. Now The Doubletree by Hilton in Reading, Pennsylvania is not only the top-rated Doubletree in the world with a perfect 5-Bubble review score on Tripadvisor, but it also is one of the highest-rated hotels on Tripadvisor in the entire state, and comfortably selling at rates $50 a night its competition. Mr. Poole says that he and his team accomplished this extraordinary level of guest satisfaction, completely aligned with the culture and values of Hilton and Doubletree. Indeed, if everyone at the brand actually embraced the well documented values of Hilton, the entire company would see it’s guest satisfaction scores rise significantly along with revenues and shareholder returns. If you want to hear what might be stopping other GM’s from embracing this more joyful and effective leadership style, you’ll just have to listen. Here are some other great podcasts made by my friends which I am sure you will enjoy: Toni Reese and Craig Poole: Humanize Profit Loren Gray’s Hospitality Marketing Podcast. Lily Mockerman’s Hospitality Revenue Management Podcast: Holly Zoba’s Hospitality Sales Podcast Dean Schmit’s Hospitality Meta Search Podcast: And you can see many of us together on Fridays at 11:30 AM Eastern on This Week in Hospitality Marketing or find us on the Hospitality Marketing Club on Clubhouse! Do you have any questions about how to rank #1 in your market on Tripadvisor, Google my Business, and other Review Sites? Please be sure to send me a comment or message via and we will be happy to help! Thank you so much for visiting! If you enjoyed this content, please listen, subscribe and follow us the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast: Get Great Reviews on YouTube as well as: Audible, itunes, spotify google podcasts,amazon music, acast; pocketcasts, tunein breaker and deezer.
40:23 6/25/21
Tripadvisor Success Story, Jamie Holmes, General Manager of the Nantucket Hotel and Resort
It’s time for Part Two of the Nantucket Hotel and Resort interviews! In our last episode, we had a thought-provoking conversation with Gwenn Snider, the owner of Little Gem Resorts, including the Nantucket Hotel and Resort, a hotel distinguished for year after year, topping the Top 25 Best of the Best Hotels in the US on the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Awards.  This time, I was honored to have the opportunity to speak with the hotel’s extraordinary General Manager, Jamie Holmes. Jamie shared with me many insights on how his winning team keeps their guest satisfaction so high, by thinking as a team, working as a team, and even focusing on guest reviews as a team. If you are a hotel manager or aspire to be a great hospitality leader someday, you will not want to miss a single word of this episode of the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast, Get Great Reviews. 
42:48 6/12/21
How to be "Best of the Best" on Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards: With Hotel Owner Gwenn Snider and Adele Gutman
There are so many words of wisdom in this interview with award winning hotelier Gwenn Snider, the owner of Little Gem Resorts. Her hotel, the Nantucket Hotel and Resort in Massachusetts consistently ranks as one of the top three hotels in the USA on the “Best of the Best” TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards- the top 25 most highly rated hotels in the USA, based on the reviews of their guests.   There are many people who will share well meaning posts on “how to manage your online reputation”, who have never actually done achieved award-winning guest review success themselves. The mission of the Hospitality Reputation Podcast is to share the philosophy and insights of those who are truly masters at Reputation Cultivation, and whose results speak for themselves.   In this conversation with Nantucket Hotel and Resort Owner, Gwenn Snider, she shared her tips on how she and her team lead by General Manager Jamie Holmes, inspire five-star reviews.    Being obsessive about the details and committed to creating a unique and welcoming guest experience.   It’s all about the small moments, so it is important that everyone feels empowered to be able to change a guest experience in a positive way.   It’s surprising what small detail or kindness can make a hotel a traveler’s favorite experience.   Never take your guests for granted. Be unrelenting. Things don’t get ignored from an operational standpoint.    Truly listen to every guest review and survey and have leadership respond personally to every complaint.   Kindness goes a long way to change someone from a state of stress to a state of relaxation.   Forget, “it’s not possible.” Find a way to say, “Yes!”     For more show notes, visit   Thank you so much for listening!   Please subscribe, send us a comment, and leave a review on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, or Audible.  You can also join my newsletter by leaving your email on and never miss another episode of the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast.  Here are some other great hospitality podcasts I am sure you will enjoy:  Loren Gray’s Hospitality Marketing Podcast:  Lily Mockerman’s Hospitality Revenue Management Podcast:  Holly Zoba’s Hospitality Sales Podcast:  Dean Schmit’s Hospitality Meta Search Podcast:
28:33 5/28/21
How This Hotel Manager Attracts and Develops Hotel Talent with Jeff Kulek and Adele Gutman
Jeffrey Kulek, the Area Vice President and General Manager London West Hollywood is well known for supporting a fantastic work culture at his hotel.  That great corporate culture has been a supportive environment where employees are invited to contribute to the greater good, grow, learn, and reach for the full potential that they aspire to. An environment like that is life changing for employees, knowing that hospitality offers a path that no matter where you come from, if you are willing to learn and to serve with generosity you too can have a shot at the American Dream.   I hope that hotel General Managers, Hotel Owners, and everyone who aspires to be a hospitality leader will listen and take a bit of Jeffery’s wisdom to heart. It is not only the right thing to do, but this is one of those times when what feels great is also what inspires guest satisfaction, loyalty, and great reviews!   Thank you so much for listening!   Please subscribe, send us a comment, and leave a review on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, or Audible.   You can also join my newsletter by leaving your email on and never miss another episode of the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast.   Here are some other great podcasts I am sure you will enjoy:   Loren Gray’s Hospitality Marketing Podcast:   Lily Mockerman’s Hospitality Revenue Management Podcast:   Holly Zoba’s Hospitality Sales Podcast:   Dean Schmit’s Hospitality Meta Search Podcast:
31:26 5/15/21
How to Turn Around a Struggling Hotel on the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast
How to Turn Around a Struggling Hotel- with Christine Trippi and Adele Gutman This is Adele Gutman, your host of the Hospitality Reputation Podcast, Get Great Reviews, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this conversation with my guest, Christine Trippi. As a former Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Revenue, I have personally experienced extraordinary success with helping hotel managers achieve astonishing revenue results by focusing on reviews and guest satisfaction. Yet even after being recognized by Tripadvisor as having the #1 hotel in the world and some of the top hotels in the USA on Tripadvisor, and by ReviewPro as having the highest rated luxury brand in the world, I am still seeking knowledge on how others learned to elevate and differentiate their business by creating true loyalty through hospitality. I am continually fascinated to learn from others who have also achieved Tripadvisor and guest satisfaction success, longing to discover what their journey was like. What if any alternate routes they have they taken on the road to Five-Star Review Success? Spoiler alert: You should not be surprised when I tell you that while every business has a different story, the steppingstones that each discovers along the way are full of parallels. There are universal truths at work. When you embrace them and put them into your daily discipline, they always bring powerful results. This is great news. It means that if you want more success at your business, and more revenue at your hotel, these proven principles can work for you too! And as you will hear in our conversation, it is actually easier to inspire and empower your team than to struggle by allowing issues to fester without identifying root issues and finding creative solutions. You don’t have to be a 5-Star Hotel to deliver 5-Star hospitality and receive 5-Star reviews! That’s why I was so delighted to invite Christine Trippi for a conversation about her experience as the former General Manager of the Courtyard by Marriott Waukegan. How did Christine step in and take her struggling property from a “red zone” low-rated select service hotel to the #1 hotel out of 81 hotels in Lake County? Guess what? It’s still ranking high as #2 in Lake County, even though Christine left years ago. That’s the power of a strong culture. As long as it is maintained, the magic will linger for a long time. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from our Christine during our conversation. “Focusing on what you cannot control makes you a victim. Focusing on what you can control makes you a Viking.” “It does not matter what four walls you are in. It only matters who is inside your four walls.” - Christine Trippi, Author of Yes is the Answer. You’ll definitely want to listen in to hear more about the four things within your four walls that you can control and lots more tips and insights as Christine and I share our philosophies that any business can replicate to optimize your revenue and guest loyalty. In these challenging times when hotels and restaurants are either struggling with consumer confidence or employee shortages, it is important to note that this work that Christine and I espouse, serves not only to increase guest satisfaction and revenue goals but also develops strong, empowered, and engaged teams who are happy when they are challenged and contributing members of a successful team. If you enjoyed this episode, please like and share it with your friends and leave a review on Audible or Apple Podcasts. Never miss an episode of the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast! Subscribe and discover more at Do you have any questions about how to rank #1 in your market on Tripadvisor, Google my Business, and other Review Sites? Please be sure to send me a comment or message via and we will be happy to help!
44:45 4/29/21
Smart Hospitality Operations = Smart Marketing! A talk with Stuart Butler of Fuel Travel
Smart Hospitality Operations = Smart Marketing! A talk with Stuart Butler of Fuel Travel   GM’s, DOSM’s, and HOTEL OWNERS- You won’t want to miss this episode! Whether you are a veteran in the industry or one of the many newly minted GMs and DOSMs out there that rose to the occasion when duty called during the past year of COVID-19, this episode is for you. My guest, Stuart Butler is the Chief Operating Officer of Fuel Travel Marketing based in South Carolina is one of the top Hospitality Marketers in the country and the host of the award winning Fuel Hospitality Marketing Podcast. Stuart and I agree the power of guest reviews is one of the most underutilized and misunderstood marketing opportunities for most hotels. “Reviews are the byproduct of how you operate,” says Stuart Butler. But they are the also foundation of your Hospitality Sales, Marketing, and Revenue success, so they require a team approach. I hope you will listen to this episode and think about how to update or initiate your reputation management strategy with full team alignment. Across the industry, we hear leaders speak about leveraging guest data. Guest feedback is guest data, yet because reputation, guest satisfaction, and guest reviews fall into both marketing and operations, often leaders feel it is not their area. For that reason, reputation is either completely ignored, it’s relegated to someone without the leadership position to truly analyze and leverage the data, and sometimes a third party is paid to make it seem as though the feedback was heard, even though it wasn’t actually dealt with at the property. Instead, let guest feedback be the spark of daily creativity and innovation at the property. Let operations and marketing embrace the voice of the guest for insights as to how to make the experience of booking and staying at the hotel easier, faster, more convenient, and absolutely more delightful. Are you wondering how to change your processes to create more loyal guests? Are you wondering what you need to change in your communications to best win new guests and manage expectations to avoid disappointment for your guests and conflict for your teams to handle? Begin deeply listening to and acting upon the feedback your guest took the time to give you. Every day is a great day to implement innovation. Just look at your reviews for friction points and ask your team to suggest small actions and creative ways to fix or soften friction points to reduce complaints. If you are a GM or a DOSM, you cannot afford to be absent from this conversation with your guests and your line staff. In this podcast, we discuss using reviews, aka “The Voice of the Customer” to: Identify Friction PointsSpark InnovationInform Marketing DecisionsOptimize ROIMotivate TeamsDevelop Future LeadersLower Cost of AcquisitionAttract New GuestsCreate True LoyaltyManage ExpectationsCreate Product and Service DifferentiationElevate Perceived Value Enjoy the podcast and please let us know if you have any questions for Adele.  Send us your email on and never miss another episode of the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast. Also check out Stuart Butler’s Fuel Travel Podcast: Loren Gray’s Hospitality Marketing Podcast: Lily Hospitality Marketing Podcast:   Holly Zoba’s Hospitality Sales Podcast: Dean Schmit’s Hospitality Meta Search Podcast:
58:03 4/15/21
How the Casablanca Hotel Ruled the Top of the Tripadvisor Charts in NYC for 15 Years
How the Casablanca Hotel by Library Hotel Collection Ruled the Top of the Tripadvisor Charts in New York City for 15 Years. Interview with Casablanca Hotel General Manager, John Taboada.  In this episode, we discuss the power of : Embracing Guest Feedback. Making Staff feel Appreciated. Making Guests feel Cared about "Like Family". And how daily coaching and grooming team members on the job so that they can make great decisions and grow their careers, all while winning at making guests happy. Everything we talk about is totally do-able! Do you want more tips on how to achieve extraordinary success in guest satisfaction? Please remember to subscribe to this page, as well as our podcast! For personal attention, I would love to hear from you at
33:45 3/19/21
Tripadvisor Returns to its Traveler-Centric Mission with the new Tripadvisor Plus
Alert: this assessment was based on a minimum 10% Discount off BAR for Hoteliers. If you are offered the program based on a higher discount than what the media and I were informed of, please be sure to do the math yourself to see if that new offer will work for you. And remember, I always prefer to give my hotels direct and loyal guests the best offer on our own websites. I won’t lie. Tripadvisor has been my favorite website for two decades. If you sell travel, it should be yours too! Hundreds of millions of people use the site every month. If you know how to make your business stand out from the crowd on Tripadvisor, and believe me, I do, you can leverage the world’s largest travel guidance website, and giving yourself a huge billboard. I have devoted 20 years to honing a five-star review system that is so powerful in attracting bookings I really don’t know why everyone doesn’t work this way. Adele’s Tips: Remember it is a fenced-in rate. Make sure you have an offer that is competitive and enticing to the traveler yet a win for you to get direct and commission-free. You won’t want to have any commissionable rates out there for less that your own websites member rate or Tripadvisor Plus. Make sure you inspire as many 5-Star reviews as possible by treating every guest like a VIP. If you need help with a plan to help your hotel earn consistent 5 Star reviews, I promise, I can help you like no one else can. We can work on this on a short-term coaching program  But first, why not schedule a free, No Obligation, first session with me at I will look at the reviews with you and give you as much free advice if I can. I am happy to help everyone recover as quickly as possible. Make sure that the rate is competitive with the OTAs. It won’t help you get direct business if you give better rates to OTAs. I love that this move by Tripadvisor is making a strong distinction from the OTAs which focus on commission, and this focuses on creating great experiences and providing knowledge and value for travelers. When and if you do try it out, I'm very eager to hear how it is working for you. Please comment below or write to me at If you are a hotelier who needs help with Tripadvisor, please feel free to sign up for a free or low-cost first session with me at
11:24 3/16/21
Carlo Carroccia, GM of the #1 Rated Hotel in the USA on Tripadvisor
Carlo Carroccia, GM of the #1 Rated Hotel in the USA on Tripadvisor How did Charlestowne Hotels and General Manager Carlo Carroccia lead the team at The French Quarter Inn in Charleston to be the #1 hotel in the country based on Guest Satisfaction, not once but two years in a row? According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, there are 54,200 hotels in the USA. To be rated by actual travelers as the #1 hotel in the USA is a monumental feat.  Having personally helped several of my hotels to land on the Top 25 List of Tripadvisor, and one of my hotels achieve the ultimate win of #1 hotel in the World on Tripadvisor, I felt obliged to chat with Carlo to see if they used the philosophy and methods were different or similar to what we found worked so well for the Library Hotel Collection.  You won’t want to miss this conversation!  We discuss:  The importance of a culture of caring, collaboration, and continuous improvement on long-term business success.  The personal characteristics and mindsets that impact guest reviews.  How to continuously keep the team attentive to cues from the guest which creates personalized service.  How authenticity in marketing sets the stage for a great guest experience.
31:06 2/24/21
Ken Patel, CEO of EV Hotels Part Two
Part 2 -- EV Hotel’s CEO, Ken Patel is ready to revolutionize the hotel industry with a new, technology-based hotel concept and a mission to make human life better. He believes by making technology do many of all that it can, our hospitality professionals' life will be better as they will have the time and energy to focus on the guest experience. He questions that while Hotel Brands may have a good reputation, doesn’t it matter as well that each individual property has a great reputation? Let’s re-examine the ways hotels have continued to work and revolutionize the process. Let’s examine all the advancements that have changed how we live, and bring the hotel experience into the new age.
29:50 2/15/21
Ken Patel, CEO of EV Hotels- Part One
EV Hotel’s CEO, Ken Patel is planning to revolutionize the hotel industry with a new, technology-based hotel concept and a mission to make human life better. He believes by making technology do many of all that it can, our hospitality professionals' life will be better as they will have the time and energy to focus on the guest experience. He questions that while Hotel Brands may have a good reputation, doesn’t it matter as well that each individual property has a great reputation? Let’s re-examine the ways hotels have continued to work and revolutionize the process. Let’s examine all the advancements that have changed how we live, and bring the hotel experience into the new age.
31:22 2/15/21
The Hotel Mogel, Larry Mogelonsky- Creating Experiences that Inspire Great Reviews
Larry Mogelonsky is the most prolific author on hospitality with over 1000 articles published over the last decade, and six books, including the latest two, Hotel Mogel and More Hotel Mogel, which is on my desk now, and I highly recommend it. A few quotes from our chat:About traveling for inspiration, before Covid, Larry and his brilliant wife Maureen traveled 30% of the time and tried to visit over 35 new hotels each year. “The goal in going to a new property any property for or from my standpoint is learning what is it that this hotel is doing that is new or unique or different that can be applied to other hotels to either to improve revenue, improve loyalty, improve guest satisfaction, or create a new experience” “There is so much we can learn from each other so many opportunities so we can take advantage of to enhance how we operate how we live and importantly how we as hoteliers can do our job better and it represents another one of those seismic shifts which are going to change how we look at hotels, and importantly how hoteliers look at their guests.” About the Guest Forward Concept: “It’s all about you- the guest. It’s not about us. We are going to take care of you as best we can within the facility that we have. No, we haven’t put in the fastest elevators, and the world’s thickest mattresses, and the world’s largest bathrooms, because that doesn’t matter to you. Ultimately, what matters to you is, do you feel comfortable. What matters is that the guest feels good about being there and if you do that, that will be reflected in the reviews very quickly.” “The flip side is don't pay attention don't do anything don't handle reviews people start to get surly and nasty and you don't care and watch what happens to your ADR your revenue and your percent occupancy and your staff who won't be happy because guests are not happy and the spiral will spin downward very quickly.”  Larry is also the Managing Director of Hotel Mogel Consulting. Adele Gutman can be reached at
45:33 2/5/21
Charlotte Purvis, Author of The Customer Communication Formula on; Get Great Reviews
Charlotte Purvis, author of The Customer Communication Formula: How to communicate with your customers and boost your customer service brand For over two decades, Charlotte Purvis has used the Customer Communication Formula to help corporate, campus, community, and church organizations boost their customer service brands. She is proud to have influenced millions of customer service interactions. Plus, Charlotte is a Customer Service Enthusiast who enjoys being a customer and observing customer service in action. In this episode, Adele and Charlotte discuss the current challenges of the hospitality industry and the sometimes overwhelming strain it has put on our teams, and the importance of supporting them so that they can help our hotels accelerate the recovery of hospitality and tourism. 
21:58 1/22/21
Sarah Dandashy, Ask a Concierge and Author of Hospitality From Within on; Get Great Reviews
Sarah Dandashy, Ask a Concierge and Author of Hospitality From Within Sarah Dandashy of Ask a Concierge is a very busy woman. Sarah is the host of the podcast Say Yes to Travel, a very inspiring series called Unscripted. Sarah also produces a segment called Hospitality Minute, a regular feature on Hospitality Live with Rupesh Patel with whom she also partners for a Social Media Bootcamp.   Soon, Sarah’s tens of thousands of followers will be able to enjoy Sarah’s first book, Hospitality From Within.   During this conversation we discuss:   Leading by Experiences   Nurturing employees to set them up for success   Sharing Best Practices   Putting things into perspective   Being Authentic   Simple ways to make a lasting impression The Art of the Follow-up Understanding Why Employee’s Roll Matters Equally in the Pursuit of Guest Satisfaction The Unexpected Benefits of Giving Yourself a Break
29:32 1/8/21
How to be the #3 Rated Restaurant in the USA, An Interview with Asst GM, Hall's Chophouse, Sara Faienza
Did you ever wonder how restaurants like French Laundry, Daniel, and Hall’s Chop House top the charts on review sites like Tripadvisor?  I recently had the pleasure to experience dining at the #3 rated restaurant in the USA according to the 2020 Best of the Best Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Awards. The service and experience as so warm, welcoming, theatrical, yet completely unpretentious. I loved it even though it is a steak house and I am a vegetarian! My interview for this episode is Sara Faienza, the Assistant General Manager of Hall’s Chophouse, a lawyer by profession, who could not deny her passion for hospitality. In this conversation we discuss: How the culture of the company was built by Bill Hall, who started his career in Hospitality as a busboy and went on to luxury hotels working in Ritz Carlton among other prestigious and guest-centric brands. Every person who walks in the door is treated like family. Everyone is a VIP. Every day is a special occasion. How they keep the team happy and focused on their mission of building customers for life who will return and share their experiences with others. How their reputation, great reviews, and guest experience success allows them to provide generously for their team as well as their community, all while expanding their business empire to new brands and new locations. By the way, when Sara speaks of SNOB, she is talking about their sister restaurant, Slightly North of Broad. The Hall’s Restaurant Group also includes Rita’s Seaside Grill and High Cotton.
38:31 1/1/21
Shep Hyken, Customer Experience Author on Get Great Reviews
Welcome back to the Hospitality Reputation Podcast. I have a holiday season gift for you. This episode is a conversation with one of my favorite Customer Experience authors, Shep Hyken. I’ve already read Be Amazing or Go Home, and Amaze Every Customer Every Time. I’m currently reading The Cult of the Customer and The Convenience Revolution: How to Deliver a Customer Service Experience that Disrupts the Competition and Creates Fierce Loyalty will be next. I highly recommend you follow Shep Hyken for continuous inspiration as well as following us here at the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast: Get Great Reviews.  In this episode we discuss:  The success of French Laundry and Daniel, the #1, and #2, rated restaurants in America according to the 2020 Best of the Best Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Awards.  The importance of repetition and daily devotion and excellence in every task. Every contribution to the team is critical for an organization to succeed.  How grand gestures and empowerment create the legendary service Ritz Carlton is known for.  How even the smallest gestures of kindness and compassion, when executed with care can leave a guest or customer with a lasting positive impression.  How permitting teams to miss the mark on occasion without fear, also gives them the freedom to reach for the stars and achieve amazing results.  Shep explains the philosophy, It takes one to say yes, but two to say no.  Don’t miss this wonderful conversation with Shep Hyken and Adele Gutman Milne. If you have any questions on how to implement a culture of caring, collaboration, and continuous improvement at your workplace, please feel free to contact us personally on the Aspire Reputation Marketing website or via LinkedIn.
41:03 12/18/20
Interview with Lonny Wolfe GM of Sun Dek Beach House on Get Great Reviews.
If you need proof that you don’t have to be a 5-Star Hotel to deliver 5-Star service and inspire 5-Star reviews, this episode is for you. I had the great pleasure to interview Lonny Wolfe GM of the Sun Dek Beach House, a 3-Star Beach hotel in Florida, yet it has a pure 5-Star/5-Bubble rating from the members of Tripadvisor. Only 61 of the over 3,200 hotels listed on Tripadvisor in Florida have achieved this coveted score! Listen in and see how this GM helped the team at this modest beach house hotel win big on guest satisfaction and on getting great reviews.
22:54 12/11/20
Sally Beck GM of the Royal Lancaster London on Get Great Reviews
Conversation with Sally Beck - General Manager of the Royal Lancaster London “Running a good culture brings definite profits to the bottom line.”- Sally Beck, General Manager, the Royal Lancaster London It was a great pleasure to speak with Sally Beck, the General Manager of the Royal Lancaster London, who led her team through a multiyear renovation while open and their rise from #272 to #17 (and now up to #15 as I write this) on Tripadvisor out of 1,154 hotels in London. During our conversation, Sally shares inspiration concepts for hospitality leaders: Why she does not believe in SOPs for guest engagement.Techniques she uses to empower her team.How she uses an inverted pyramid management philosophyHow she runs meeting in a way inspired by the book, Time to Think by Nancy Kline.Her hiring process and much moreThe cost savings in staff turnover enjoyed when you create a positive culture A few of my favorite quotes from Sally Beck: “Investing in Tripadvisor, understanding, and looking at those comments, it is your best advertising tool.” " …it just generates good feelings and the guests genuinely feel it.” “We’ve noticed the further we have gone up (on Tripadvisor)…generally our rates have gone with it.” I hope you will find this episode with Sally Beck as inspiring as I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and share ways you inspire your team to deliver 5-Star experiences where you work. Please subscribe and share with others who may find these conversations helpful! Please join us, subscribe, and share so that we may reach more people and help everyone GET GREAT REVIEWS!
25:30 11/30/20
Hospitality Consultant Tom Nolan the 6 E's of Leadership Get Great Reviews
Getting great reviews begins with leadership and inspiring the best in your team. Look online and you will find many variations, the 4 E's of Leadership. the 5, the 6, the 7 and beyond. But my first guest co-host Tom Nolan, a multi-decade veteran of hospitality joined me to discuss his version of the article, which so impressed me, the 6 E’s of Leadership, where he applied this classic format to Leadership in Hospitality. I enjoyed this conversation so much, and I hope you will too. Thank you for joining us! Adele
42:03 11/20/20