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The Impactful Parenting Podcast gives useful tips, advice, and resources to parents of school-aged children. Why? Because parenting is difficult and you don’t need to do it alone. I believe that parents need other parents. School-aged children bring different challenges to parenting than the toddler years and babies. Then right when you got things figured out, the kids become teenagers, and now the game changes again. The more support you have and the more help you can get- it will make your journey easier.


How To Have A Happy Divorce 45:34 01/13/2022
Parenting After The Loss Of A Child 30:17 01/06/2022
Looking At Discipline Differently 20:26 12/30/2021
Gifted Education: A New Way To Look At Gifted Education 31:44 12/16/2021
Pelvic Floor Health: Exercises and Benefits 09:47 12/09/2021
How To Avoid Power Struggles With Your Child 16:36 12/02/2021
Toxic Chemicals All Around Us 26:44 11/25/2021
Before You Allow Kids On Social Media 26:14 11/18/2021
Get Out Of Survival Mode 16:53 11/11/2021
Sibling Sexual Abuse Awareness 18:05 11/04/2021
Controlling YOUR Emotions To Be A Better Parent 23:34 10/28/2021
Stop The Nagging. Create A Routine. 08:18 10/26/2021
Healthy Halloween 13:21 10/25/2021
Coping With Your Child‘s Choices When They REBEL 34:05 10/21/2021
Keeping Kids Safe From Offenders: Tips for Parents 09:36 10/20/2021
How To Encourage Leadership In Children 18:43 10/14/2021
Let‘s Get Real LIVE: Episode 1 My Mom 08:20 10/13/2021
Redesigning Life Post Covid 26:50 10/08/2021
All Things Bullying 41:02 10/07/2021
5 Tips For Homework With Fewer Battles 11:59 09/30/2021
How To Get Accepted Into College 30:18 09/28/2021
Behavior Management For Strong-Willed Kids 24:10 09/23/2021
Supporting Children When They Are Wrongly Accused 10:50 09/21/2021
How To Teach Equity At Home 23:56 09/16/2021
Teaching Kids: Life Isn‘t That Good 14:03 09/13/2021
Keeping Your Sex Life Alive After Kids 14:48 09/09/2021
Common Money Mistakes Parents Make 21:40 09/02/2021
When kids say, ”I don‘t think they like me.” 10:32 08/31/2021
Same Gender Couple Adoption 38:32 08/26/2021
How Do I Get My Child To Eat Healthier 31:44 08/24/2021