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Jon and colin explore our interconnectedness and Oneness, and how Soul Force Ones - different people of different vocational callings and spiritual and cultural backgrounds - find purpose and meaning making through their work


43. Faith, Research, and Poetry with Gabriela Portillo Alvarado
We're back after a brief hiatus! On this episode, we speak with undergraduate student and poet Gabriela Portillo Alvarado about their Quaker faith, their research, and their poetry. Gabriela also shares a brand new poem, written for our conversation! Episode 43 features music by Ruby Ibarra and Cambiowashere.The Soul Force Ones theme song was produced by OJ the Producer.Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and check out for more information. 
61:39 1/25/22
42. "We do this for the community" ft Josh Barousse of San José Spotlight
On this episode of the Soul Force Ones podcast, we speak with Josh Barousse, the co-founder and executive director of the award winning San José Spotlight, a non profit news organization dedicated to independent local reporting. We discuss a variety of topics ranging from journalism and the news to relationships, the differences between prayer and meditation, and work-life balance. After the interview, Jon and colin do the remix, where they reflect on a few of the episodes main themes. Get your notepad ready!Read the San José Spotlight.Find out more about the Soul Force Ones.This episode features the song Headlines by One Be Lo and Paper Boi featured in the FX show Atlanta. 
53:30 11/29/21
41. Creation Justice Advocate Cherice Bock
This week we are joined by Cherice Bock. Cherice works as a Creation Justice Advocate with Oregon Interfaith Power & Light and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, and you can find more about her amazing work HERE. A few themes from  this episode are: our interconnectedness the importance of listening to how other species and parts of creation speak up to usthe notion of watershed discipleshiptraditional ecological knowledge andhope as an actionThis episode also features the song "Unconditional" by Lightheaded.Follow us on Instagram @soulforceones and find plenty of extra info online at
64:44 11/15/21
40. Powers that Be. Powers that Do. Reflections on Violence(s)
On episode 40 (40!!!), Jon and colin do something a little different. The hosts discuss a theme that spans several recent episodes, violence.  Is violence the antithesis of soul force?What does it mean to aspire for peace internally and externally?Is labor violent?... What about working yourself to death?Is there a violence of idleness?40 episodes in, and there's so much more to explore about Soul Force and that C.A.S.H. What’s been your favorite episode so far? Shoot us an email at and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.Music included in this episode is from Oddisee and Cambio, and the Soul Force Ones theme song produced by OJ the Producer. 
58:45 10/11/21
39. Refuge and Refugees ft. Dr. Ted Khoury
Episode 39 features Dr. Ted Khoury, Associate Professor of Management and the Cameron Professor of Strategy, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship at Portland State University. An accomplished entrepreneurship scholar, Dr. Khoury discusses a few of the contributions of his collaborative work in refugee settings. He shares about his Palestinian background and how his family’s experiences have influenced his teaching and his research, and he touches on the refuge he finds in music and his work. After the interview, Jon and colin do the remix, where they discuss a few themes from the interview at depth, or reflect on the conversation at large. You can find more on Dr. Khoury’s work and today’s featured music via the links below. Dr. Khoury's Google Scholar pagePSU Faculty Feature on Dr. KhouryDAM (Da Arab MCs)Omar OffendumAna TijouxShadia MansourMake sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and check out our website for more at
101:46 9/27/21
38. The Good Fight ft José Santos Woss
In episode 38, Jon and colin speak with José Santos Woss, the Director for Justice Reform with the Friend’s Committee on National Legislation. We explore how he came to Quakerism as a young Black Latino man, the meaning he finds in his work, and some of the urgent topics he’s working on at the moment. Following the interview, as always, we do a quick remix where we reflect on some key takeaways from the conversation. This episode features Want Something Done by Oddisee off of his album, The Good Fight.José Santos Woss - FCNL Page- Recent Article from Sept. 1, 2021Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple: Website: www.soulforceones.comFOLLOW US @➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:
72:10 9/6/21
37. Policing and Accountability ft Anthony Miranda
This week's guest is Anthony Miranda, an ex-sergeant of the NYPD after over 20 years on the force. He has brought cases of discrimination against the New York Police Department, is an advocate for police accountability, and an executive chairman of the National Latino Officers Association. Today, we talk about the risks of speaking up as an officer, the need for immediate accountability, the importance of having support from others outside the force, and much more. Following the interview, hosts Jon and colin do the remix, where they take 10 minutes to discuss some of the major themes of the episode in greater depth. Music in today's episode is from Arts the Beatdoctor featuring Pete Philly, Ant of Atmosphere, and Ian Kamau. The Soul Force Ones theme song was produced by OJ the Producer. We reference the documentary Crime and Punishment available on HULU and Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas available on  HBO. Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple: Website:www.soulforceones.comFOLLOW US @➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:
74:28 8/30/21
36. Runnin and Gunnin ft. Patrice Thomas
On episode 36, hosts Jon and colin chat with firearms trainer and certified armed security professional Patrice Thomas. Patrice talks about her experiences as a Queer Black woman training in the police academy, instructing others on firearm safety, as well as the challenges and joys of her work. After the interview, Jon and colin do the remix, where they discuss a few main themes of the interview and make connection to their lives and other SF1 episodes.    Music in this episode is by Zion I. Stephen "Zumbi" Gaines, the MC of the group, passed away earlier this month. A GoFundMe has been set up to receive donations towards a college fund for his three sons. Please take a look and consider contributing if you are able:🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple: Website:www.soulforceones.comFOLLOW US @➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:
67:34 8/23/21
35. Good Grief and Public Health ft Sheila Krishnan
On today’s episode we are joined by Sheila Krishnan, director of career and professional development at the Harvard school of public health. We chat about social determinants of health, explore a few similarities and differences between Buddhism and Hinduism, we talk about grief, and Sheila raises the wonderful question, what if we just made it possible for people to live?  Music this episode is Dessa's "Good Grief" and Seven Star's "Inhuman".Artwork: Faviana RodriguezListen, Subscribe and Review!Apple: FOLLOW US➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:
70:51 7/5/21
34. Virology, STEM and the Sacred Lab ft. Elysse Grossi-Soyster
Elysse Grossi-Soyster is a Microbiology & Immunology graduate student with Stanford University's School of Medicine. She is the founder of the STEM Outreach Collective and a community educator for the Heart to Heart program, facilitating conversations with pre-teen girls about health and well-being. Elysse has also worked for NASA as a senior research associate, she’s created content for Khan Academy, and she makes vegan peanut butter cups. Needless to say, our conversation was SO much fun.We explore her journey to virology and her interest in zoonotic viruses, efforts towards equity and so-called diversity in STEM, her work with NASA, and alternatives to animal testing in science! Don’t let the topics intimidate you, we had a blast, and Elysse is an expert communicator! All music on today’s episode is by the late, great Gift of Gab of Blackalicious. We learned this weekend of his passing. One of the all time greatest lyricists and rhyme writers, a true expert of the craft, he will be greatly missed by the hip hop community at large. Rest in Peace Gift. Find his music as part of the Solesides collective and Quannum, Blackalicious, and his solo music as Gift of Gab🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple: Website:www.soulforceones.comElysse Grossi-Soyster➕ STEM Outreach Collective➕Elysse’s BlogFOLLOW US➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:
92:03 6/28/21
33. Just Dao It: Practicing the Precepts ft. Beau Vandendolder
This week's guest is Beau Vandendolder. Beau is an acupuncturist, herbalist, yoga teacher, meditation leader, and instructor of Buddhist and Daoist philosophy. On this episode we discuss Integrated Daoism that incorporates Buddhism and Confucianism. We chat about the precepts, the practice, and the philosophy of Daoism, healing and the notion of the supreme physician, and the idea of Chi not as a thing, but a process.  Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple: Website: www.soulforceones.comBeau Vandendolder➕ Practitioner SiteFOLLOW US➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:➕ Cunninglinguists - Beyond the Sun ft J-Live ➕ Junk Science - Really, Man➕ OJ the Producer
82:51 6/14/21
32. From Mindfulness to Heartfulness ft Dr. Omid Safi
This week, we are joined by Dr. Omid Safi, professor of Iranian and Islamic studies at duke university. Dr. Safi was the director of the Duke Islamic Studies Center, and his books include Radical Love: Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition and Memories of Muhammad: Why the Prophet Matters.  On today’s episode we chat about: Rumi and Islamic MysticismHow love, care, and compassion are contagious The development of an expansive love and how our well being is wrapped up in others.    🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple: Website: www.soulforceones.comOmid Safi Links➕Dr. Safi’s twitter➕Dr. Safi’s Sufi Heart PodcastFOLLOW US @➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube: List:0:00           Intro2:08           Interview with Omid Safi19:30        Shad ft. Eternia - Love Means37:30         Brother Ali - US1:01:02    Isatta Sheriff - Heartbeat1:02:38    Remix w Jon and colin1:18:11    Outro
79:19 6/7/21
31. Stand(ing) Up and Standing Out with Comedian Myq Kaplan
On today’s episode Jon and colin share some laughs with comedian, musician, and vegan linguistics master Myq Kaplan. Myq has appeared on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, The Tonight Show, and Last Comic Standing. His specials include Vegan Mind Meld, Small, Dork, and Handsome, and his most recent album, A.K.A. was released last year. He also hosts two podcasts, Broccoli and Ice Cream, and The Faucet. But it’s not all jokes here, we also get into Buddhist ontology, the notion of emptiness, and much more.🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple: Soul Force OnesEPISODE LINKS➕Myq Kaplan’s Website ➕Myq Kaplan’s TwitterFOLLOW US➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:
96:35 5/24/21
30. Breaking the Bank for Liberation feat. Chabre Vickers
Jon and colin talk with Chabre Vickers, Wells Fargo Vice President of Community Development in Oregon and Southwest Washington. We discuss her work to increase access to resources for underserved folks in the community, what liberation might look like in a corporate environment, the importance of owning our stories, the power of the radical imagination, and much more.  Chabre is also the keynote speaker for  the Oregon Diversity Career Symposium hosted by the University of Oregon and Oregon State University on May 19, 2021.❤️ SHARE THE LOVE: Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple: 🔗 EPISODE LINKS➕Oregon Diversity Career Symposium➕Chabre Vickers - Woman of Influence 2021 ➡️  FOLLOW➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:🎧 MUSIC Sa-Roc - I Am Her K-OS - Fly Paper
82:43 5/17/21
29. Scientific Research and the Spiritual Search feat. Ravi Ravindra
Dr. Ravi Ravindra is Professor Emeritus at Dalhousie University in Halifax (Canada) where he served for many years as a Professor in the departments of Comparative Religion, Philosophy, and of Physics.   Ravi has a Phd in Physics.  He knows science and scientific research.  He also knows spirituality and the spiritual search.  colin and Jon talk with Ravi about that,  how inner transformation is possible only through a serious self awareness, ego, yoga, the search for truth, and much more. 🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple:➕Dr. Ravi Ravindra’s Website➕ Soul Force Ones➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:
117:16 5/3/21
28. Simply Soulful Soul Food feat. Lillian Rambus
Lillian Rambus is the owner of Simply Soulful Cafe in Seattle, WA.  Lilian shares about  carrying on the family tradition of feeding the community,  how great cooking comes from the heart and soul, and how 'soul food' epitomizes the Black experience; the beautiful struggle of  overcoming centuries of oppression, turning lemons into lemonades  and pigs feet and ox tails into delicious soul food.   And then there's Lilian's grandmother's, Elizabeth Hammond’s simple, yet mouth-watering,  sweet potato pie.Warning:  Avoid listening to this episode on an empty stomach.Tracklist:0:00       Intro1:37        Interview with Lillian Rambus of Simply Soulful Cafe7:33       The Roots - Grits47:32     Pete Rock - #1 Soul Brother48:58      The Remix with Jon and colin49:51     Excerpt from Ep. 7 of Soul Force Ones with Tommie Lindsey1:12:07  Outro🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple: ➕Simply Soulful CafeFOLLOW➕ Soul Force Ones➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:
72:52 4/26/21
27. From Room 408 Feat. Marlan Simpson Jr.
This week we’re joined by Marlan Simpson Jr. Marlan is an educator and entrepreneur,  life coach, artist, designer, producer, and  former HS principal. He's also  a former student of Mr. Tommie Lindsey, who we interviewed in episode 7.  Marlan carries on Mr. Lindsey's Legacy from room 408 at James Logan HS to his classroom at Brenkwitz Continuation HS.    Marlan discusses the importance of connecting with students, especially in pandemic times, vulnerability in the classroom, audacious hope, the purpose behind starting his own fashion business, and much more. From Room 408🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review!Apple:➕ Marlan’s Instagram➕ Marlan’s Clothing Line The MSJX➕➕Instagram:\➕Facebook:➕Youtube:       Excerpt from Episode 7 with Mr. Lindsey 23:19     Y Society - This Advice46:05     Y Society - Instrumental from end of “This Advice”
65:56 4/12/21
26. Healthcare: Systemic Inequities and the Spirit of Service feat. Dr. Sofia Adawy
 Dr.  Sofia Adawy, MD is  director of the health center for IMAN, the Inner-city Muslim Action Network in Chicago.  Dr. Adawy shares about the history of IMAN, her Muslim faith, a holistic approach to health care, the importance of arts and culture in health work, and Doctor Adawy’s experiences and lessons as a breast cancer survivor.🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple:➕ A 5 question interview with Sofia Adawy ➕ IMAN’s website: ➕➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube: - Don’t Forget About MeTypical Cats - Thin Red Li
85:00 4/5/21
25. Trust in God, your Gut and shi* feat. Dr. Thomas Sharpton
 Dr. Thomas Sharpton is a Microbiome surveyor, metagenome analyzer, bioinformatics programmer, and Associate Professor of microbiology at Oregon State University. Jon and colin talk about spirituality and science, the gut/brain axis, and the metabolic ballet within with Dr. Thomas Sharpton, and in the Remix, dig into the symbiosis that is the Soul Force Ones and make connections to other episodes. Time to metabolize!🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple:➕ Dr. Sharpton’s Twitter: ➕ Dr. Sharpton’s Lab: ➕➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:       Fatlip - I Got The Shit40:57     Souls of Mischief ft Casual, Opio and Tajai - Big Shit46:16      The Pharcyde - Oh Shit57:43     Kendrick Lamar - Hii Power1:05:07  Saul Williams - Poem from the film SLAM1:05:57  Saul Williams - on Blackalicious’ Release also ft Lyrics Born and Zach de la RochaSOUL FORCE ONESJon Stoll and colin cole host a provocative podcast about purpose and practice that examines how Careers, Activism, Spirituality, and Hip Hop (CASH) rules everything around us. 
71:28 3/26/21
24. Contemplative, Queer and Creative feat. Marilyn Freeman
Marilyn Freeman is a writer, filmmaker, multimedia artist and  author of the Illuminated Space: A Personal Theory and Contemplative Practice of Media Art. Contemplative, queer and creative, Marilyn is a Benedictine Oblate of St. Placid Priory and a spiritual director who offers a contemplative method of guidance anchored in evocative listening.   MUSICMarvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy MeThe Grouch - BreathStrange Fruit Project - Makin’ My WayFOLLOW➕ Marilyn Freeman:  ➕➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube:
83:20 3/15/21
23. Yoga: Service and Spirituality feat. Reema Datta
Reema Datta, an Indian-American yogi, teacher, speaker, mother, humanitarian, author and musician shares about transcending labels and identities, her experience growing up in India and the United States and navigating respect for family while living her truth, and her grandfather’s experience as a freedom fighter alongside Gandhi. 🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple:➕ Reema Datta:➕➕Instagram:➕Facebook:➕Youtube: of Gab - Evolution SOUL FORCE ONESJon Stoll and colin cole host a provocative podcast about purpose and practice that examines how Careers, Activism, Spirituality, and Hip Hop (CASH) rules everything around us.
84:01 3/2/21
22. Keeping Kahm, Calm and Callings feat. Will Duncan
Will Duncan, lavender farmer, lecturer, meditation teacher,  yoga  instructor and musician, shares about the difference between a vocational calling and work, his journey of self discovery, his years in silence at a retreat, the ability to endure the discomfort of the unknown, and so much more. FREE Virtual Event Featuring Will DuncanOregon State University's Contemplative Studies Initiative is hosting "Humility & Avidya: A Yogic Look at the Heart and Depth of the Christian Path" with Will Duncan available to the public, on Wednesday,  February 24th at 6:30pm pst. Register for Will's  free talk at🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple: ➕ Will Duncan:;➕ ➕Instagram: ➕Facebook:➕Youtube: I - Mic Jonez A Tribe Called Quest - Get a Hold  SOUL FORCE ONES Jon Stoll and colin cole host a provocative podcast about purpose and practice that examines how Careers, Activism, Spirituality, and Hip Hop (CASH) rules everything around us.
90:14 2/22/21
21. Centering Clay feat. Laurie Childers
Laurie Childers, ceramic artist, educator, and singer/songwriter, shares about her work with clay, her Quaker faith, and her rather miraculous healing from a fifteen foot fall from a tree.🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple: ➕ Laurie Childers:➕ ➕Instagram: ➕Facebook:➕Youtube: - Clay SOUL FORCE ONES Jon Stoll and colin cole host a provocative podcast about purpose and practice that examines how Careers, Activism, Spirituality, and Hip Hop (CASH) rules everything around us. 
62:32 2/8/21
Side B. "Love Poem for Parker Palmer" (Skee-lo "I Wish" Remix by JSoul)
Side B features the intro from Episode 20 - I Wish I Was a Lil' More Palmer (The Remix w/ Jon and colin) - set to the instrumental of  "I Wish" by Skee-lo 
05:25 2/2/21
20. I Wish I Was a Lil' More Palmer (The Remix w/ Jon and colin)
Colin and Jon put in some work, working out their inner workings in contemplation of the contemplative's remarks.  Colin and Jon reflect on last week’s discussion with author, activist, and educator, Parker Palmer. The episode features: "A Love Poem for Parker Palmer" by JSoul“Reflections” by Mystik Journeymen ft. Aceyalone" Me, Myself and I" by De la Soul
48:37 2/1/21
19. The Godfather feat. Parker Palmer
Parker Palmer, the Godfather of contemplative studies, shares about the paradox of retirement and life,  contemplation and action and being true to self while navigating projections and pain.  We also talk with Parker about radical equality, the mentorship of Merten, and much more. Dr. Palmer is an educator, activist, and author of many books, essays and poems including The Courage to Teach and On The Brink of Everything: Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old.  Parker is also the founder of the center for courage and renewal. 🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple: ➕ ➕Instagram: ➕Facebook:➕Youtube: - ArchipelagoNas ft Q-Tip - One LoveLightheaded - Soul Power SOUL FORCE ONES Jon Stoll and colin cole host a provocative podcast about purpose and practice that examines how Careers, Activism, Spirituality, and Hip Hop (CASH) rules everything around us. 
83:01 1/25/21
18. Putting Out Fires feat. Will Coker
Will Coker, a firefighter, paramedic, and therapist specializing in trauma-informed care shares about his path to prosperity and presence, the recent fires along the west coast, and the importance of public service and truly listening to one another.   The interview is followed by the Remix with co-hosts, colin and Jon.🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple: ➕ ➕Instagram: ➕Facebook:➕Youtube: FEATURE➕ ➕firstresponderfamilies@gmail.comMUSICRJD2 - FireThe Roots ft John Legend - The Fire Blue Scholars - Fire for the PeopleLupe Fiasco - Streets on Fire SOUL FORCE ONES Jon Stoll and colin cole host a provocative podcast about purpose and practice that examines how Careers, Activism, Spirituality, and Hip Hop (CASH) rules everything around us. 
80:24 1/18/21
17. Original Prose and Poetry feat. Anis Mojgani
Anis Mojgani,  Oregon’s tenth Poet Laureate and a two-time National Poetry Slam champion, shares about his Baháʼí faith and practice,  the purpose of poetry and a Poet Laureate, poetry during a pandemic, living in Portland, and the juxtaposition of the recent protests and riots in Portland, OR and Washington D.C. FREE Virtual Event Featuring Anis MojganiOregon State University's Contemplative Studies Initiative and The School of Writing, Literature and Film, is hosting "Interrogating the Spirit" a free, virtual lecture and performance by Anis Mojgani available to the public, on Friday, January 15, 2021 from 7-8pm PST.  Register at🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple: ➕ ➕Instagram: ➕Facebook:➕Youtube: & POETRYJon Stoll - Episode 17 Intro2pac @ at the 1993 Indiana Black Expo 1993 Anis Mojgani - Here Am IAnis Mojgani - Shake the DustS.Maharba - Afternoon
107:37 1/11/21
16. Hip Hop and Religion feat. Dr. Anthony B. Pinn
From Kanye West to Dr. Cornel West and the second coming of 2pac and Jesus, professor of Religious Studies, Anthony B. Pinn, "raps" with Jon and colin about the connections between Hip Hop and Religion.  Pinn also speaks about the value of engaging community, resisting white supremacy and questions of agency, authority, and freedom. 🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple: ➕ ➕Instagram: ➕Facebook:➕Youtube: music on Episode 16 was created by the late MF DOOM, aka Viktor Vaughn, aka King Geedorah, aka Zev Love X.  SOUL FORCE ONES Jon Stoll and colin cole host a provocative podcast featuring Soul Force Ones - people making a living, making meaning, and making C.A.S.H. (Community and Contemplation, Authenticity and Activism, Soulforce and Spirituality, Healing and Hip Hop. We talk to them about the inner workings of their Purpose and Practice and how C.A.S.H. Rules Everything Around Us.
63:12 1/4/21
15. Hardcore Porn, Parenting and Podcasting feat. Candice Horbacz
Candice Horbacz shares about finding purpose in porn, parenting and podcasting.  She also shares about  getting lost in a false sense of fulfillment from her character, Eva Lovia's celebrity and the transferable skills, business takeaways and navigation of racism in the adult entertainment industry. 🎧 Audio Podcast -- Listen, Subscribe and Review! Apple: ➕ ➕Instagram: ➕Facebook: SOUL FORCE ONES Soul Force Ones is a weekly interview show hosted by Jonathan Stoll and colin cole. We talk with people in different positions that start with "P" about their Purpose and Practice, their work and inner workings, and how making cash is less important than making CASH (Community, Contemplation, Authenticity and Activism, Soulforce and Spirituality, Healing and Hip Hop. 
82:45 12/21/20

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