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Our mission is to foster a wiser and more inclusive world by connecting a community of generous mentors and engaging professionals. Our purpose is to share lessons and wisdom gleaned from life experiences so that we become a better version of ourselves.


Professor Alan Davison - Being passionate about a problem doesn't mean your solution is right.
                                Embark on a journey through logic, leadership, and the quest for intellectual diversity with Dr. Alan Davison on our latest podcast episode. It’s time to challenge your perspectives. About Professor Alan Davison Alan heads up Heterodox Academy in Australia, promoting viewpoint diversity in our academic communities.  He has published both scholarly and popular articles on trends in social sciences and humanities research. Alan launched the “Permission to Think” speaker series alongside well-known media figure Josh Szeps in 2021, which invites prominent scholars to openly discuss complex issues during this age of outrage. Examining the role of intellectuals and institutions in public debates, especially those in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) faculties. To date, guests in the series have included the likes of Jonathan Haidt and Alice Dreger. Alan had an unusual educational background, being largely home-schooled and entering university via special admissions. He studied piano privately through his teens before initially undertaking a Bachelor of Music in performance, changing to musicology for his postgraduate study. His long-running research interests cover music and visual culture, art and aesthetics, celebrity studies, and 19th-century European cultural history, but he maintains his knowledge of previous interests, especially in the philosophy of science and the scientific method. Episode notes 0:00 Intro 08:35 Lesson 1: Never Stop Being Curious 13:23 Lesson 2: Being passionate about a problem doesn't mean you have a solution 20:38 Lesson 3: Try to Steelman and not Strawman. 29:30 Lesson 4: Smart people  can use their IQ to rationalize terrible ideas. 36:16 Lesson 5: Be both strategic and tactical and challenging orthodox. 42:43 Lesson 6: Being anti orthodox can be as bad as being orthodox. 44:50 Lesson 7: Humans are apes. 49:56 Lesson 8: Great leaders are both intellectual and ethical. 01:03:07 Lesson 9: Be consistent but be prepared to change. 01:06:25 Lesson 10: Working for and amongst people with diverse viewpoints is fulfilling.
73:10 5/14/24
Barnaby Howarth - Sometimes Stuff Just Works Out For You
                                Join us on a journey of strength, survival, and the simplicity of being a good human with Barnaby Howarth on 10 Lessons Learned. His life, threaded with triumph and tragedy, teaches us the profound impact of resilience and kindness. Listen to the full conversation here About Barnaby Howarth Former AFL footballer, diabetic, host of interview show “Everyday Greatness”, stroke survivor, autocue operator for ABC News Australia, widower and Deacon in the Coptic Orthodox church, Barnaby Howarth has been a resilience speaker for over a decade, telling audiences to try their hardest and be proud of themselves. Barnaby is a real human being living the messages he promotes to audiences – His message that just being a good, solid human being is enough to live a life you are proud of is a real point of difference in today's ever competitive world Barnaby has spoken all around the world to all sorts of groups and organisations.   Episode notes Lesson 1: Rain falls on the just. As in the I'm just like, but there comes a time when you just have to get over it and go and play in the puddles. 04:42 Lesson 2: Focus on the game plan, and the result will take care of itself. 07:56 Lesson 3: He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. 10:35 Lesson 4: Courage isn't the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.  15:49 Lesson 5: Work hard, be good to people. 18:48 Lesson 6: If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. 21:37 Lesson 7: You are better off, knowing a little bit about a lot of things than a lot about a small number of things. 24:55 Lesson 8: Sometimes shit just works out for you. 27:39 Lesson 9: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. 30:10 Lesson 10: Don't be a dickhead. 31:23 
42:37 4/30/24
Dale Stevens - You don't know what you're capable of
                                    In this inspiring episode of 10 Lessons Learned, we're joined by Dale Stevens, an actress with a fascinating career journey across continents, from London to Sydney, and onto the big screen in Mission Impossible. Dive deep into her wisdom on overcoming fears, embracing uniqueness, and the power of acting techniques in everyday life. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry! About Dale Stevens Dale Stevens is an actress from London who discovered her passion for acting at a very young age. Her journey took her from to Sydney, New Zealand and back to Melbourne as she pursued her love for the craft. One of the pivotal moments in Dale’s career was landing a role in Mission Impossible, where she portrayed an assassin in front of famous US actors. This experience taught her that her best work happened when she was most afraid, which led her to make friends with her nerves. Dale founded playright to teach others to use acting techniques to navigate their way through life intentionally… Over the last 11 years, Dale has worked with lawyers, accountants, governments, entrepreneurs, telecommunications and budding speakers. It turns out that there are ways of behaving that are common to all of us and as Dale says - human behaviour drives economics.   Episode notes Lesson 1: Do yourself. 02:45 Lesson 2: Don't try to do better, do different. 05:25 Lesson 3: The truth will set you free. 07:48 Lesson 4: You don't know what you're capable of. 18:21 Lesson 5: Life's a marathon, not a sprint. 20:54 Lesson 6: All the world's a stage. 24:03   Lesson 7: Other people don't know what you know. 28:17 Lesson 8: Your body language tells you who you are. 32:23 Lesson 9: Human behaviour drives economics. 35:10 Lesson 10: Choose your avatar. 36:25
44:14 4/16/24
Melissa Hahn - There are no wasted experiences.
                                        About Melissa Hahn Melissa Hahn is an intercultural professional who helps people collaborate, adapt and thrive across cultures. She earned a master's degree in intercultural relations from the University of the Pacific in California, has lived abroad in Poland, and has an extensive professional background that spans international relations, teaching English to speakers of other languages, and global mobility/corporate relocation. She works independently as a trainer, coach and consultant; teaches intercultural communication at American University; and is on the leadership team of the Global Dexterity Certification. She believes that intercultural skills are for everyone, because we all come from cultures and need to figure out how to live, work, and connect with people who have different backgrounds and life experiences from us. Through her children's book "Luminarias Light the Way" and her upcoming book "Forging Bonds in a Global Workforce" (McGraw Hill), she aims to show how practical, do-able, and even fun this process can be for people of all ages.   Episode notes Lesson 1: Cultural competence isn't memorizing details about another culture. It's building relationships with                                   individuals from those cultures. 09:21 Lesson 2: You're not getting a cultural report card. 11:38 Lesson 3: Don't judge cultural experiences by whether you like them. Judge them by whether they make you grow.                     16:11 Lesson 4: There are no wasted experiences.  20:42 Lesson 5: Think about the messages you are sending, and whether they facilitate trust.  25:08 Lesson 6: Let yourself be ambivalent. 28:06 Lesson 7: Let your light shine - and help others shine their light, too. 32:01 Lesson 8: Prioritize taking care of yourself. 35:16 Lesson 9: When networking, think about making connections with people, not just obtaining business cards or                               sharing digital details. 39:05 Lesson 10: It is truly a small world, so guard your reputation and close doors gently, rather than burning bridges. 42:28  
53:50 4/2/24
Randy Crane - Procrastination is a habit that is learned by repetition
                                                  About Randy Crane Randy Crane also known as The Fearless Marketer is a nationally-recognized Sales and Marketing Specialist. He has held leadership positions in sales and marketing for over 40 years with global brands such as Molson Coors and Konica Minolta among others, as well as many thriving startups. He is passionate about leadership and emotional marketing strategies that deliver Real Value to customers and impact businesses. Randy is a mentor, a visionary, and a true master of his craft, inspiring others to reach for greatness and achieve their dreams.   Episode notes Lesson 1: Human beings make decisions based on emotion - not on the facts. 04:59 Lesson 2: A lot of times what we're is not the absolute truth. 07:28 Lesson 3: Your perception is your reality. 12:23 Lesson 4: We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 18:13 Lesson 5: Human beings connect with other human beings on an emotional level. 23:37 Lesson 6: The world we live in is not a result of people who don't know what they're doing. It is by design that it is this way. 27:48 Lesson 7: It's just the same monkey in a different suit. 36:00 Lesson 8: By the time a human being is 35 years old they are functioning primarily from the subconscious programs that were influenced by other people. 43:36 Lesson 9: Procrastination is a habit that is learned by repetition. 47:58 Lesson 10: The average human being has 80,000 thoughts per day.  51:10  
57:18 3/19/24
Matthew Jacob - The purpose of a goal is to GROW.
                                          Matthew Jacob, a certified mentor and mindset coach, shares his 10 lessons learned, including the importance of mindset, emotional self-regulation, and the choice of happiness. He also discusses the value of service to others and the impact of personal growth on achieving goals and finding joy. Hosted by Diana White  About Matthew Jacob Having started his career as a certified personal trainer and gym owner, Matt quickly realized that true transformation goes beyond physical fitness. He recognized that a person's mindset is the foundation for achieving success in all areas of life. This realization led him to delve deeper into the field of personal development and acquire expertise as a mindset coach.  What sets Matt apart is his holistic approach to personal growth. He understands that true transformation requires a balance between physical fitness, mental resilience, and emotional well-being. By integrating mindset shifts with fitness strategies, Matt empowers his clients to overcome self-limiting beliefs, break through barriers, and create a life of abundance and fulfillment.  Matt's coaching style is characterized by empathy, authenticity, and unwavering support.   With a deep passion for personal growth and a genuine desire to see others thrive, Matt has impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals across the globe.     Episode notes Lesson 1: Best things come from a need to scratch my own itch.  02:42  Lesson 2: I don't have to believe every single thing, I think.  06:42  Lesson 3: Rock bottom could be the best thing that ever happened to you. 08:45  Lesson 4: Clear conscience is an under-rated form of self-care. 11:50  Lesson 5: Discipline is the highest form of self-love. You are only on top for so long, so always look to improve or reinvent yourself. 14:04  Lesson 6: The purpose of a goal is to GROW. 17:09  Lesson 7: Emotional self-regulation 22:30  Lesson 8: Pleasure is not the same as joy.  29:21  Lesson 9: Happiness is a choice. 33:01  Lesson 10: The shortest path to happiness is service to others. Remember that even when things are not going well, there is a lesson to be learned.  36:39 
44:07 3/5/24
James Badman - Someone has done it before you. Find them, learn from them.
James Badman is a published Academic, Entrepreneur, Director and discusses why you shouldn’t “be afraid to ask for help”, that “You should never give up on your passion”, why “you should put yourself out there” and more. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee. About James Badman James Badman is highly dedicated to his work in the animal industry. He has developed expertise in business administration, including state and federal permitting, USDA licensing, and the recruiting and training of animal care staff. He is the Associate Director for the Department of Animal Care and Technologies at Arizona State University where he has worked for over 25 years. He has founded and established several businesses including the Red Mountain Conservation and Education Center since 2002, and the USDA licensed exotic animal pet store, WildSide Pets, from 2007 to 2022, and co-founder of the Phoenix Reptile Expo with partner Drew Rheinhardt. James' involvement within the animal industry is rooted in his lifelong passion for animals, which includes working with a wide range of species from tortoises to warthogs. Episode notes 0:00 James Badman - Someone has done it before you.  Find them, learn from them. 04:41 Lesson 1: Value friendships 07:33 Lesson 2: Never give up on your passion, even if it must be sidelined for a minute 10:18 Lesson 3: Someone has done it before you.  Find them, learn from them. 14:31 Lesson 4: Don’t be afraid to ask for help 20:01 Lesson 5: We all report to someone 22:49 Affiliate Break 23:29 Lesson 6: You are only on top for so long, so always look to improve or reinvent yourself 25:35 Lesson 7: Remember that even when things are not going well, there is a lesson to be learned   27:53 Lesson 8: Put yourself out there   30:55 Lesson 9: You have to work to be happy 33:07 Lesson 10: Give back, when you can
38:10 2/20/24
Jason Wong - Everyone has something to offer.
Join your host, Jeffery Wang, in this inspiring episode of the 10 Lessons Learned, where we discuss invaluable insights for career, business, and life. In this episode, we welcome Jason Wong, an accredited leadership coach, strategy ninja, and a kindness practitioner. Hailing from one of Sydney's most successful Chinese families, Jason shares his unique journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and finding fulfillment beyond material success. With engaging discussions about re calibrating life's priorities, nurturing meaningful relationships, promoting diversity and inclusion, and constantly learning, we uncover some of Jason's key lessons that have shaped his leadership style and understanding of success. Tune in for this enlightening conversation and walk away with practical nuggets of wisdom that go beyond the textbook. About Jason Wong Jason was born into one of Sydney’s most successful and influential Chinese families and has fond memories of running around Sydney’s Chinatown after school.  He was educated at one of Australia’s top selective private schools for boys and with his family’s network of connections, the world was his oyster. But his life didn’t play out the way that he thought it would and, influenced by a number of key people and events, he embarked on a journey involving lots of deep reflection and making plenty of personal adjustments. He has held multiple leadership roles throughout his career but believes that his most important and most satisfying role was being a stay-at-home Dad to his three daughters, which included upping his game as partner to his amazing wife.   He works to improve technology leadership in not-for-profit, for-purpose and community-focused organisations  and he now runs his own coaching & strategic consultancy practice, Tyger Technology Leadership, developing tech leaders of the future.    He is a former president of his children’s school P&C association and is now the Board Secretary of the NSW P&C Federation, working with influential education stakeholders to improve public schooling in NSW.  He also facilitates local Dads groups and events, to support and engage Dads in their parenting journeys. A few people leave deep impressions in your life, and you have certainly left one with me. Of the thousands of people I've come across during business, some just lives out their values in how they behave and treat others around them.
51:27 2/6/24
Braeden Rhys - Authenticity is Your Superpower
  Braeden Rhys talks about his experiences as an individual, as a professional in marketing and PR, and as a trailblazing entrepreneur. He discusses his journey as a gay man, from being a youth minister to becoming an escort and a drag queen, and how these experiences shaped his approach to business and personal growth. He shares his insights on embracing authenticity, persevering through hardships, and shaping one's own future. About Braeden Rhys Braeden Rhys is a trailblazing marketing and public relations professional, celebrated as one of Australia's Top 100 Entrepreneurs. With a portfolio of multi-award-winning brands, including Sweet Release Agency, the world's leading Adult Industry marketing and PR agency, and Axis Global Co, ranked among the top 100 growth marketing agencies globally, Braeden has made an indelible mark on the business landscape. His journey to success was a testament to resilience and the power of authenticity. Raised within the confines of the ministry, Braeden grappled with the conflict between his true identity as a gay man and the strict beliefs he was taught. Denying his sexuality and convinced that he could "pray the gay away," he eventually found the courage to break free from the confines of the church, embracing his true self with pride. Unafraid to explore uncharted territories, Braeden embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led him to the deep end of the Adult Industry. Adopting the alter-ego name, Jett Black, he thrived as a male sex worker, defying societal norms and leveraging his success as one of the most respected ambassadors in the Australian adult entertainment world. Drawing from his genuine passion and love for the Adult Industry, Braeden established Sweet Release Agency, which quickly gained acclaim as the top marketing and PR agency in its field. Simultaneously, he revealed yet another facet of his identity as Kara Zmatiq, Australia's Premier Live Singing Drag Queen, captivating audiences with soulful performances and earning accolades on platforms like Australia's Got Talent. Braeden Rhys faced adversity head-on, finding strength in humility and authenticity. His journey from sex worker to celebrated entrepreneur showcases his resilience and determination to overcome challenges. Despite creating unique brands and personas, Braeden never lost sight of his roots, remaining grateful to the Adult Industry for accepting him without judgment. A firm believer in the power of authenticity and genuine passion, Braeden Rhys attributes his success in life, business, and relationships to staying true to himself. He constantly emphasizes the importance of dynamic education and making a positive difference in the world, inspiring others to embrace their true identities and pursue their dreams unapologetically. With an unwavering commitment to self-improvement and a passion for blazing new trails, Braeden Rhys continues to redefine success on his terms. Guided by authenticity and an unyielding desire to leave a positive impact, he remains a beacon of inspiration for all those striving to live their best lives while embracing their true selves. Episode notes Lesson 1: The Customer Isn't Always Right 04:52 Lesson 2: Authenticity is Your Superpower 11:44 Lesson 3: Craft Your Personal Brand 23:40 Lesson 4: The Power of "No Learn to say "no" when necessary. 28:04 Lesson 5: Banish Toxic Influences 31:17 Lesson 6: Humble Beginnings Lead to Greatness Stay humble and grounded. 35:54 Lesson 7: Creativity Fuels Innovation Cultivate your creative spark. 40:49 Lesson 8: Own Your Sexuality and strength. 44:25 Lesson 9: Write Your Future Take control of your destiny. 48:37 Lesson 10:  Embrace Change with Open Arms. 52:38
56:54 1/23/24
Re-Broadcast Eric Miller-Know Your Own Bias
                                                  Eric Miller, CEO, Entrepreneur, Director speaks with us why it's important "To learn your tools", "Never to understate the importance of a network", why we should "Know our own bias" and more. Hosted by Diana White About Eric Miller   Eric is a co-owner of Tempe-based PADT, Inc., a provider of tools and services to companies that design and manufacture physical products. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and started his career focusing on applying Computer-Aided Engineering to turbine engine components. As a co-founder of PADT in 1994, Eric also pursued IT, graphic design, 3D printing, database programming, HR, and small business management. Eric is often called upon to write and speak on simulation, design, and 3D printing. He is also steeply involved with the startup community and the high-tech sector. Eric hosts the podcast All Things ANSYS. He is currently Chair of the Arizona Technology Council Board of Directors, a member of the Arizona Technology Investors' screening committee, and serves on several advisory boards. Eric also serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Arizona Commerce Authority and mentors through multiple startup incubators including Chandler Innovations and The CleanTech Open. He regularly contributes to the Phoenix Business Journal with articles about technology, small business, and the Arizona ecosystem. Eric also moonlights as a freelance writer. He enjoys traveling, writing, history, cooking, and learning about new things. Episode Notes Lesson 1. Communication is so important and drives everything. 03:28 Lesson 2. Never understate the importance of a strong network 06:11 Lesson 3. What you learned in Kindergarten works. 09:09 Lesson 4. People and situations change over time. 11:54 Lesson 5. Know your own bias. 15:10 Lesson 6. Feelings should guide you, not constrain you. 18:26 Lesson 7. Be able to do, or at least understand, your employee’s job 20:57 Lesson 8. Letting people go is good for their co-workers, for them, and for your company. 23:53 Lesson 9. Take the time to learn your tools. 27:45 Lesson 10. Understand the real and perceived value 30:41
42:09 1/9/24
Rebroadcast - Ellen Langer - 1+1 doesn’t always equal 2
                                                  Ellen Langer is a professor in the Psychology Department at Harvard University and she speaks with us about how "Certainty is a mindless illusion" why " 1 + 1 doesn't always equal 2" and that if you want "To feel differently, you need to view it differently" along with more great lessons. Hosted by Duff Watkins. About Ellen Langer  Dr. Ellen Langer is a professor in the Psychology Department at Harvard University where she was the first woman to be tenured in the department. She has been described as the “mother of mindfulness” and has written extensively on the illusion of control, mindful aging, stress, decision-making, and health. She is the founder of The Langer Mindfulness Institute and consults with organizations to foster mindful leadership, innovation, strategy and work/life integration. Her books, written for general and academic readers, include Mindfulness, The Power of Mindful Learning, On Becoming An Artist: Reinventing Yourself Through Mindful Creativity, and Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility. Her most recent book The Handbook of Mindfulness is an anthology that brings together the latest multi-disciplinary research on mindfulness. A passionate and compelling lecturer who presents at organizations worldwide, Langer has authored over 200 research articles and six academic books. Her work has led to numerous academic honors including a Guggenheim Fellowship. She is the recipient of four Distinguished Scientist Awards and the Liberty Science Genius Award. Her website is Episode Notes: Lesson 1: Behavior always makes sense from the actor’s perspective 06m 49s. Lesson 2: Certainty is a mindless illusion 08m 24s. Lesson 3: 1+1 doesn’t always equal 2 13m 04s. Lesson 4: Everyone doesn’t know something but everyone knows something else 19m 49s. Lesson 5: Inconsistent is flexible 23m 12s. Lesson 6: Outcomes are neither good nor bad 25m 52s. Lesson 7: To feel differently, view it differently 27m 20s. Lesson 8: Every activity can be done mindlessly or mindfully 33m 31s. Lesson 9: Mindfulness is simply noticing new things 35m 20s. Lesson 10: Life is a people game 45m 19s.
52:14 12/27/23
Per Ohstrom - What makes us different makes us better
                                                                    Join us as we delve into an enriching conversation hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee with global marketing expert Per Ohstrom, as he shares his top 10 life lessons. Per shares his '10 lessons in life and career' which include philosophical insights, experience in management, the importance of diversity, the value of using technology smartly, importance of occasional silence, the benefits of taking up responsibility in public roles, and more. Listen to gain remarkable insight into the invaluable lessons learned by this successful Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. About Per Ohstrom Per Ohstrom is a Marketing and Strategy Consultant with Chief Outsiders, working with small and mid-market private companies. After undergrad studies in Sweden and a career in the Army reserve, he came to the US for MBA studies. Per is an experienced marketing leader and corporate executive working with private and Private Equity-owned industrial and B2B service companies. As a fractional CMO he builds and executes strategies for profitable growth. Get his free eBook "Selecting a Strategy for Market Leadership" here: Per has 30 years of international commercial marketing and P&L leadership in $1-2 bn blue-chip and private industrial companies. He supports CEOs making their companies more market-focused and builds cross-functional teams that consistently perform. With a track record in manufacturing, construction equipment, equipment rental, MRO distribution, supply chain, specialty chemicals and other industries, he brings advanced marketing experience. Per is a creative problem solver and respectful collaborator. He likes to tackle complex business issues and drives for practical results -he learned this as Commanding Officer of an Arctic infantry unit. Episode Notes Lesson 1: “Cast down your bucket where you are. Take what you have and do the best with it.” 05:14 Lesson 2: Manage by objectives, delegate, and decentralize. 08:24 Lesson 3: Officers eat last -turn the org chart upside down and be a servant leader. 11:12 Lesson 4: Shut up and listen, really listen. 13:39 Lesson 5: Be positive, deal swiftly with issues. 16:03 Lesson 6: What makes us different makes us better. 20:15 Lesson 7: Work smart, use technology. 24:36 Lesson 8: Get elected to something. 28:20 Lesson 9: Into the woods -the power of peace, quiet and man’s best friend. 33:23 Lesson 10: “If you’re going through hell, keep going”. 37:35
45:21 12/12/23
Martin Creighan -You don’t have to be a jerk to be successful.
                                                      Martin Creighan tells us why you should “You don’t have to be a jerk to be successful”, why “It’s ok to be afraid”, and that “Real leadership is putting your team out front” and other insightful lessons it took him years to learn. About Martin Creighan Inspired by people, building new relationships and a continuous curiosity of learning, Vice President of Sales, Martin Creighan has joined our leadership team to propel Commvault’s innovative brand and award-winning software and SaaS offerings into the Australian and New Zealand markets. Martin has over three decades of experience and brings a wealth of leadership expertise and knowledge in the software, cloud, technology, telecommunications and defence industries, having held numerous senior leadership and sales positions. Prior to joining Commvault, Creighan was the Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Software Group (Citrix, NetScaler and Tibco) Australia and New Zealand where he was responsible for go to market execution and revenue/profit growth. He previously held senior sales and general management leadership roles at AT&T, Radware, SecureNet/Baltimore Technologies and was an Operations Specialist and Master Training Specialist with the United States Navy. Creighan holds a Bachelor of Business from The National University of San Diego, California, and is a Certified Master Training Specialist from US Navy. Episode Notes Lesson 1: You don’t have to be a jerk to be successful 04:18 Lesson 2: Look after your people and your people will always looks after you! 16:32 Lesson 3: Your “Why” doesn’t have to be industry specific. 21:40  Lesson 4: Tackle each of life’s challenges one step at a time. 28:24   Lesson 5: Always be kind. 31:25  Lesson 6: Real leadership is putting your team out front. 35:42   Lesson 7: Build your team based on Attitude, not aptitude! 38:55   Lesson 8: Don’t be a “Gonna”. 42:15  Lesson 9: It’s ok to be afraid! 46:24  Lesson 10: Never, ever forget where you came from. 49:45 
58:11 11/28/23
Ori Eisen – You can do anything if you don’t care who gets the credit (rebroadcast)
                                                                    REBROADCAST- Ori Eisen has spent the last two decades fighting online crime and he is respected for his business knowledge and leadership. In this episode, Ori tells us why you must "Begin with the end in mind", why "If there is doubt there is no doubt" and the benefit of "Sharpening the saw". Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee.   About Ori Eisen Ori Eisen has spent the last two decades fighting online crime and he is respected for his business knowledge and leadership. Prior to founding Trusona, Ori founded 41st Parameter – the leading online fraud prevention and detection solution for financial institutions and e-commerce. 41st Parameter was acquired by Experian in 2013. Prior to 41st Parameter, Ori served as the Worldwide Fraud Director for American Express focusing on Internet and counterfeit fraud. During his tenure, he championed the project to enhance the authorization request to include Internet specific parameters. Prior to American Express, Ori was the Director of Fraud Prevention for VeriSign/Network Solutions. By developing new and innovative technologies, he skilfully reduced fraud losses by over 85 percent in just three months. Ori holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Montclair State University and he holds over two dozen cybersecurity patents. In his free time, Ori volunteers with Thorn, the digital defenders of children. He founded Ball to All, a charity that donates free soccer balls around the world to children who have never had one. He is a founding member of Security Canyon – Arizona’s Cyber Security Coalition. His website is a treasure trove of information. He resides in Scottsdale and is married with two children. Ori has dedicated his life to fighting online crime. Episode Notes Lesson 1. You can do anything, if you don’t care who gets the credit 6m 41s Lesson 2. The hardest thing to do, is to do 8m 21s Lesson 3. Taking proper vacations is a must 10m 26s Lesson 4. You can coach by just asking questions, you never need to raise your voice 12m 47s Lesson 5. Thinking time is underrated and there is not enough time spent on ideation before action 15m 11s Lesson 6. Begin with the end in mind 18m 14s Lesson 7. Sharpen the saw - spend time to train your team to problem-solve 21m 28s Lesson 8. If there is a doubt, there is no doubt 27m 12s Lesson 9. Family first, always 31m 38s Lesson 10. It’s never as bad as you think it is 38m 33s
47:40 11/14/23
Bob Sewell - Be reasonable–you are not going to “win the negotiation.”
                          Host Siebe Van Der Zee speaks with guest Bob Sewell, a leading litigation attorney. Bob shares his 10 lessons learned, including topics such as listening, asking questions, sharing your point of view, and being nice but firm. He also discusses the importance of being reasonable, breaking all the rules when necessary, and tapping down excessive passion. About Bob Sewell Bob Sewell is a leading Arizona probate litigator, which means he gets involved when there is a dispute regarding wills, trusts and estates. Bob regularly writes and speaks on the subject of estate planning and estate litigation.  His advice is sought by private individuals, practicing attorneys, local and national corporations, as well as local and national news outlets seeking commentary and analysis regarding the news of the day.  Bob is an equity partner in the law firm Davis Miles McGuire Gardner. Bob Sewell is also the host of the popular podcast called “Is That Even Legal?”—a podcast now heard in 87 countries and can be found on Apple, Google and Spotify, as well as most other podcast platforms. Episode notes Lesson 1: Listen, first. 06:41 Lesson 2: Ask questions, second. 09:40 Lesson 3: Share your point of view, third. 12:39 Lesson 4: Never bluff (well, almost never) and almost always call the bluff. 20:27 Lesson 5: Negotiate early in a dispute, except when you should negotiate late. 25:15 Lesson 6: Pride will ruin any negotiation. 29:29 Lesson 7: Be nice, but firm (likability is everything).  36:02 Lesson 8: Be reasonable–you are not going to “win the negotiation.” 37:50 Lesson 9: Get help from an intermediary. 40:25 Lesson 10: Break all the rules when all else fails.  43:58  
49:22 10/31/23
Paul Teasdale - If you want to change tires, bring in the ballerinas.
                                            Paul Teasdale discusses why you should “Look for the eyes”, tells you “Don’t get bitter, get better”, the importance of “Controlling the controllables” and more. Hosted by Diana White. About Paul Teasdale Paul Teasdale helps people perform using insights from his 7 years working with the Formula one team McLaren, while also incorporating lessons from other high-performance organizations he has worked with. From sausage making to banking to Formula one, and lots of other stuff in between, working in both the UK and in New Zealand, Paul has a lot of stories to tell his audiences. Whether you're looking for practical tips for bringing a Formula one mindset to your organization, or stories of how sausage making changed the world of business banking, Paul has some insight to share. Episode notes Lesson 1: Decisions at the point of most knowledge 01:43 Lesson 2: Look for the eyes. 05:24 Lesson 3: Use data to build a culture of responsibility. 07:33 Lesson 4: Data-driven decisions end, not start, with data. 11:06 Lesson 5: If you want to change tires, bring in the ballerinas. 13:39 Lesson 6: Sausages can change banking. 18:22 Lesson 7: Pick up the phone. 22:39 Lesson 8: Control the controllables. 24:50 Lesson 9: Don’t get bitter, get better. 27:26 Lesson 10: Be humble, be kind. 29:10
37:30 10/17/23
Harry Goldberg – If it’s not a priority, it’s a distraction
                                                Harry Goldberg discusses why you shouldn’t “be a slave to society’s expectations”, that “Your strength lies within you, not without you”, “If it’s not a priority, it’s a distraction” and more. Hosted by Jeffery Wang. About Harry Goldberg Harry Goldberg is a director, results coach & meditation teacher at Purpose Advisory. He’s the host of the “Success with Purpose” podcast, proud father of two incredible daughters and husband to an amazing woman. He's career journey has come a long way, from studying Commerce & Economics at University of NSW, to financial services, financial advice and finally to empowering clients and peers to achieve greater passion for life, achieve greater results for themselves and become positive agents of change in their world. To find out more, listen to some amazing mentoring conversations on Success with Purpose, engage with Harry directly on LinkedIn and level up your life Purpose Advisory. Episode notes Lesson 1: Life sucks - or does it? Lesson 2: What’s happening? It’s not what you think… Lesson 3: Don’t be a slave to society’s expectations. Lesson 4: Visualise the life you want.  Lesson 5: If it’s not a priority, it’s a distraction Lesson 6: You can’t control the outcome Lesson 7: “Yet”, ”If” & “When” Lesson 8: Manage your own emotions before you try and manage others’ Lesson 9: You’re standing on the shoulders of giants Lesson 10: Your strength lies within you, not without you
56:01 10/3/23
Sangbreeta Moitra - The only one counting how hard you failed, is you
                                                Sangbreeta Moitra discusses why ”Personal branding elevates hard work”, why “A NO is merely an opinion”, why “A goal without a plan is just a dream” and other insightful lessons. About Sangbreeta Moitra TEDX-awarded Sangbreeta Moitra is a globally renowned keynote speaker, executive leadership coach on neuroscience-driven change, culture, communication and leadership development. With academic background in neuroscience and several years in corporate global management, Sangbreeta is known as a powerful speaker and storyteller, delving into the WHY to drive meaningful behaviour change in teams and leaders. Sangbreeta's trusted clients including Shell, Nike, Booking, Tommy Hilfiger and NN group. She has delivered keynotes in 10+ countries, and has been featured in 20+ global podcasts and publications, including The Huffington Post and The Financial Express. Based in Amsterdam, Sangbreeeta is a champion public speaker, with multiple Dutch and European awards in her 15+ years of speaking, storytelling and debating experience. In her spare time, Sangbreeta mentors ambitious professionals, startups, and social enterprises. Alongside, she enjoys dancing, kickboxing, writing, and freediving. Episode Notes Lesson 1: Fail small, fail fast, fail often. 08:19 Lesson 2: Personal branding elevates hard work. 10:48 Lesson 3: Incremental gains trump big goals. 13:50 Lesson 4: Confidence is a habit. 17:51 Lesson 5: Your network is your net worth. 22:11 Lesson 6: Rejections and failures build mindset. 26:38 Lesson 7: A NO is merely an opinion. 31:33 Lesson 8: Speak up to stand out. 37:08 Lesson 9: The only one counting how often or how hard you failed, is you. 40:32  Lesson 10: A goal without a plan is just a dream. 43:50
50:10 9/19/23
Dr. Jose Luis Cruz Rivera - Calibrate Intentionality Bias
Dr. Jose Luis Cruz Rivera is an Author, Policy Advocate and President of N A U. He tells us why we should “Hire the best, get out of their way”; why we should “Calibrate intentionality bias”, the power of “Unite and conquer” and much more. Hosted by Diana White. About Dr. Jose Luis Cruz Rivera Dr. Cruz Rivera is the 17th President of Northern Arizona University (N A U). Since beginning his tenure in June 2021, he has worked with the university community to create a bold vision for a New N A U focused on the delivery of equitable postsecondary value and to enact several signature initiatives designed to position N A U as the nation’s preeminent engine of opportunity, vehicle of economic mobility, and driver of social impact.   Before joining N A U, Dr. Cruz Rivera served as President of Lehman College of The City University of New York (C U N Y) and as Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost of the 25-campus C U N Y system. He has also served as provost of California State University, Fullerton, vice president of Higher Education Policy and Practice at The Education Trust in Washington, D.C., and Chief Student Affairs Officer for the University of Puerto Rico system, and other faculty and administrative positions. A leading national advocate for policies to expand opportunities and improve educational outcomes for all students—especially those who have historically been underserved—Cruz Rivera is a frequent keynote speaker and writer on higher education issues and serves on several regional and national boards of organizations that work to advance equitable educational policies and practices. Episode Notes Lesson 1. Learn from others but always be you. 02:10 Lesson 2. Leverage your lived experience to inform your future state. 03:42 Lesson 3. Hire the best, get out of their way. 05:54 Lesson 4. Coach more, manage less. 9:14 Lesson 5. Unite and conquer. 11:48 Lesson 6. Stop. Listen. Vision. Act. 15:56 Lesson 7. Calibrate intentionality bias. 19:08 Lesson 8. Avoid controversy as you embark on the road to irreversible progress. 22:09 Lesson 9. Quality of execution trumps ambitious pronouncements. 24:48 Lesson 10. Always remember that the life of you and yours is the ultimate project. 27:39
37:34 9/5/23
Joe Templin - Sacrifice Of Myself, To Myself
                                      Joe Templin is an Author, Founder and Managing Director. He tells us why “Harder is better”; why we should “Be a kid”, that “a strong enough Why, overcomes any How” and much more. Hosted by Robert Hossary.   About Joe Templin Reformed physicist, financial planner, startup founder and autodidactic polymath best described as a Swiss Army Knife, Joe Templin has invested the past two and a half plus decades to helping others reach their financial potential as a planner, trainer, mentor and creator. He has served as a member of NAIFA (the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) on the local, state, and national level, and including three terms on the NAIFA National Young Advisors Team (YAT) Subcommittee and was honored as one of the 2011 Four Under 40. He is a graduate of the Leadership in Life Institute of NAIFA as well as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is an alum of Johns Hopkins University. Joe earned his CFP as well as his CHARTERED ADVISOR OF PHILANTHROPY, CLU, and ChFC designations and has qualified numerous times for the Million Dollar Round Table. He has been a business columnist for the Albany Times Union, Adviser Today Magazine, The Ballston Journal, and Insurance News Net. Joe earned his Certified Executive Counsellor designation as well as his Master Executive Counsellor in 2021. Joe served as the President of the Castle Alpha Tau Foundation for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and as the Chapter Advisor, and is currently a Board Member of The Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region. He has been a member of The Ancient Order of Hibernians for over 20 years, and is the Lieutenant of the Honor Guard. Templin is the Managing Director of the Unique Minds Consulting Group, LLC, and is the author of “Every Day Excellence” and co-authored “Do You Want To Make MDRT, Or Not?” with Dr. John Stolk as well as “Choices: Creating a Financial Services Career”. Joe is a Co-Founder and President of The Intro Machine, Inc. an organization dedicated to teaching professionals in a variety of fields how to build an Introduction Based Business. He has spoken all across the US and Canada on ethical business development. In his free time, Joe enjoys running Ragnars (200 ish mile team relay races) ultramarathons and is a champion-level martial artist. He lives in Ballston Spa, New York, with his hooligan boys Danny, Liam, and Colin. They are huge Yankees fans. Lesson 1: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Mean Nothing. 03:50 Lesson 2: A Strong Enough Why, Overcomes Any How. 09:16 Lesson 3: Sacrifice Of Myself, To Myself. 12:03 Lesson 4: Harder is Better. 17:24 Lesson 5: See It, then Be It. 22:52 Lesson 6: Bad Day?  Help Someone. 26:49 Lesson 7: Truth is Told Through Jokes 32:38 Lesson 8: Be a Kid. 38:41 Lesson 9: Speak Love, and in Their Language. 42:59 Lesson 10: Have Fun, Don’t Die! 48:24
55:41 8/22/23
Rod Miller - Be interesting. Try something new.
                                                          Rod Miller  is an President, CEO, Founder and Strategics. He explains why we should “Put people first”, how “Everyone is the CEO of their job” why we should “Suck it up and drive on” and much more. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee. About Rod Miller Rodrick Miller has emerged as one of the nation’s foremost economic development leaders respected globally for his ability to maneuver in complex political and business environments, and craft strategies and structure deals to provide long-term value to communities and investors. Over the course of his career, he has brought more than $6B in private investment and 50,000 new jobs to communities where he has worked. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Miami-Dade County’s official economic development organization, Miller is focused on attracting and retaining companies that create high-value jobs and actively invest in the community. Miller champions Miami’s unique advantages as a diverse, global business destination, collaborating with key stakeholders in both the private and public sectors to leverage the strengths of the market’s target industries, deliver workforce solutions, and create opportunities that drive long-term economic prosperity and inclusive growth for both residents and businesses. Experienced in leading economic recovery efforts in challenged markets across the country, Miller has launched or turned public-private development agencies around in New Orleans, Detroit and, most recently, Puerto Rico, where he served as Chief Executive Officer of Invest Puerto Rico.  Prior to those positions, Miller served as the Executive Vice President of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, Vice President of International Economic Development for the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) and held several other positions in the public and private sectors. He began his career in the private sector in management consulting and infrastructure finance, is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Portuguese. Miller is also Founder and CEO of Ascendant Global, a boutique economic development firm focused on providing bold growth solutions to help economies sustain themselves, gaining jobs and private investment.  Ascendant Global has led diverse economic initiatives for a range of clients including Living Cities, the Kellogg Foundation, The Fund for our Economic Future, and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Miller holds a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and a Bachelor of Science in International Business from St. Augustine’s College. He also gained a Graduate Diploma in Finance from the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM) in Mexico as a Fulbright Fellow. A scholar practitioner, he has been a featured speaker to organizations such as Google, AIG, and the World Bank, and has lectured at Harvard University, Arizona State University, The University of Michigan and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has written extensively in scholarly and trade publications on the future of work, inclusive economic development, and market competitiveness. Miller is currently a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Taubman Center for State and Local Government where he is building a community of practice to rethink how economic development should be more inclusive and sustainable, training the next generation of economic development leaders, and researching diverse economic development topics including inclusive economic growth, incentives, and the Build Back Better program. Miller is a board member of the New Growth Innovation Network, the Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Board, New Corp (CDFI), and St. Augustine’s University. He is a former board member of the International Economic Development Council and completed a term membership with the Council on Foreign Relations. He has advised various federal agencies on economic policy including the Federal Reserve Board, the Economic Development Administration, and the White House. Miller has received numerous accolades including Young Economic Developer of the Year (2013), Michigan Man of Excellence (2016), the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Harvard Kennedy School Black Student Union (2018), and various others. He enjoys playing the piano, reading, and spending time with his family. Episode Notes Lesson 1: Put people first.   06:25 Lesson 2: Remember, the arc of time is long. 10:04 Lesson 3: You don’t know how much capacity one has until you put it to the test. 11:11 Lesson 4: Everyone is the CEO of their job. Take initiative and lead. Results matter.  Everything else is noise.  17:35 Lesson 5: Be interesting. Try something new. 21:14 Lesson 6: Suck it up and drive on. 23:49 Lesson 7: One’s character is demonstrated when one’s faced with adversity.  26:46 Lesson 8: No one is completely self-made. Everyone has had some help. 28:41 Lesson 9: The world is a large place.  Follow the news and travel.  33:53 Lesson 10: We’ll all have to die one day; make time for the people you love. 36:39  
40:56 8/8/23
Julie Lancaster - Bring Numbers Into The Emotional
                                      Julie Lancaster discusses why you should “Tend to your introvert”; “Solicit interest instead of force-feeding facts”, and the importance of “F/U” hosted by Diana White. About Julie Lancaster Julie Lancaster is a founder and CEO; Leadership Development Expert & Master Business Strategist. Before starting Lancaster Leadership, Julie was: A rock-climber who ran an outdoor education school for 5,000 children per year. She was also a professor turned Dean of Education who taught courses like the Psychology of Motivation. After providing 900 performance evaluations and having 100 direct reports over a few decades, Julie learned what makes people succeed and fail. She started her leadership development company 10 years ago and today has a team that combines the schools of psychology, coaching, and teaching to create transformative programs. With Lancaster Leadership nearly quadrupling its business in last 5 years, Julie is grateful to be part of workplaces becoming environments of productivity and joy. Episode Notes Lesson 1: Prime the experience within the first 5 minutes. 03:28 Lesson 2: Tend to your introvert. 08:01 Lesson 3: Get them to connect emotionally. 12:34 Lesson 4: Solicit interest instead of force-feeding facts. 16:27 Lesson 5: Be meticulous about the flow. 21:42 Lesson 6: Have an ever-growing language bank.  27:52 Lesson 7: Dive in with 1 person. 34:42 Lesson 8: Bring numbers into the emotional. 40:15 Lesson 9: F/U. 48:31 Lesson 10: Know (and use) your power & influence. 53:59
67:57 7/25/23
Lee Eldridge - Understand what you’re hiding
                                                          Lee Eldridge is an Entrepreneur, CEO, and a Performance Coach. He shares why you should “Understand what you're hiding”; “Be careful what you think”, that “Failure is an option” and much more. Hosted by Robert Hossary.   About Lee Eldridge Lee Eldridge is the founder and performance director of Cognitive Athlete a bespoke human performance coaching company, on a mission to lead elite business executives towards obtaining and sustaining optimal results over the long term. Throughout his 20-year career, he has worked with athletes and business executives in elite environments, including professional rugby and football players, world-ranked tennis players and C-Suite executives at multi-national companies. Lee holds an MSc in Human Performance and a BSc in Sports Science and Coaching. Episode Notes Lesson 1: Understand what you're hiding. 05:49 Lesson 2: Develop your tribe of people. 10:54 Lesson 3: Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence. 17:20 Lesson 4: Understand your values. 20:40 Lesson 5: It shall pass. 26:43 Lesson 6: Develop systems, not goals. 33:06 Lesson 7: Be careful what you think. 40:24 Lesson 8: Engagement is the key to sustainable performance. 44:29 Lesson 9: Failure is an option.  47:04 Lesson 10: Define your own success. 50:27
58:58 7/11/23
Jan Cavelle – Never lose your thirst for learning
                                                      Jan Cavelle  is an Author,Speaker and Entrepreneur . She explains why ”It’s ok not to be the best”, how “‘Don't Quit’ is a load of baloney“, why “being laughed at shouldn't stop you” and much more. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee. About Jan Cavelle Jan Cavelle is an entrepreneur from the UK who has a few decades of running micro and small businesses behind her.  She is very familiar with all the challenges that go with that, having started one from the kitchen table as a single mother with two young children, and overcome the obstacles to go on to build that into a multi-million turnover business. She has always been passionate to encourage and support other entrepreneurs and has been involved in many campaigns with a view to that.   She was chosen as one of the first 50 women to represent the UK in the European Union on entrepreneurship. She now does this through her writing.  Scale for Success was published by Bloomsbury in 2021 and Start for Success came out in January 2023, aimed at helping aspiring and growing entrepreneurs everywhere Episode Notes Being laughed at – or the fear of it - should never stop you 05:18 It is ok not to be the best – because, actually, that is impossible 09:42 Orders are good, right? 12:07 Values are far more important than they seem 15:38 Value is more important than turnover and learning how to sell a business is vital 18:13 Systems may be boring, but they are a game-changer 22:53  Investment isn’t only for other people 27:16 “Don’t quit” is a load of baloney 30:36 The word entrepreneur isn’t a synonym for superman 34:23  Never lose your thirst for learning 39:22
45:22 6/27/23
Mark Smith - I thought, equals, I’m wrong
                                          Mark Smith  is a Counselor, Speaker Trainer and Podcaster. He explains why ”Comfort is the Casualty of Growth”, how “Words Lie, Actions Lie, but Consistency Doesn't Lie”, asks “What is FREE?” and much more. Hosted by Diana White. About Mark Smith Mark Smith “Curator of a Bigger Vision Within,” Mark Smith specializes in speaking from his personal experience of trials and tribulations in life.   Smith served as Vice President of the Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association and was a former Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment facilitator for the Department of Labor. In those previous roles, he used his gift of sharing words of perseverance and helped individuals push forward through adversity.   Currently, he is a nationally acclaimed award winning STRIVE (Support Training Results in Valuable Employees) trainer at the Center for Urban Families in Baltimore.  With his podcast “The Process,” he outlines and breaks down SITUATIONS we all go through and offers insight on methods to weather the storms in life.  Known for his clever use of acronyms within his messages, Smith gives listeners a way to remember key points as we GROW FORWARD. Mark’s vision statement of “Your Why is Greater Than Your Situation Which is Part of Your PROCESS,” gives us the perspective that we are always GROWING. Episode Notes Lesson 1: Comfort is the Casualty of Growth 04:37 Lesson 2: Words Lie, Actions Lie, Consistency Doesn't Lie 07:19 Lesson 3: Building a trail is good for you. 11:43 Lesson 4: Know the difference of circle vs cage 18:08 Lesson 5: Being busy doesn't mean being productive 21:53 Lesson 6: I thought equals I'm wrong 25:06 Lesson 7: What is a laugh? 27:32 Lesson 8: Rain is the greatest of all weather events 30:26 Lesson 9: What is FREE 33:15 Lesson 10: TIME 38:12
47:54 6/13/23
Troy Hadeed - Everyone fails. Everyone succeeds. That’s what makes us the same
                        Troy Hadeed  is a Social Entrepreneur, Philosopher, Yoga Teacher, Author. He explains why ”Privilege is not a bad word”, why you should “Cultivate a loving relationship with your mind”, how “Forgiveness does not depend on an apology” and much more. Hosted by Robert Hossary. About Troy Hadeed Troy Hadeed was born in Trinidad & Tobago and has lived there for the majority of his life, today he still calls the forested North Coast of Trinidad his home and lives among a community of hummingbirds. He attended the University of Tampa in Florida and graduated with a degree in business. After that Troy returned to Trinidad to open Trinidad’s first Hemp store, which he ran for eight years before starting a bio-fuel business, and then finally nurturing a beautiful yoga studio and community known as One Yoga Trinidad—recently re-branding as Troy has traveled the world on a ship, walked on foot across Costa Rica, sat in silence for 10 days at a time, spent time in absolute darkness, and has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to the practice and teaching of Yoga. He has recently completed his first book, Popcorn in My Pocket; Insightful Reflections For A Better You & A Better World, scheduled to launch in April/May 2023 Episode Notes Do you disagree or are you avoiding having the conversation? 04:38 Nurture a personal relationship with (your) GOD & allow others to nurture theirs. 08:16 Forgiveness does not depend on an apology. 15:08 Hope & Faith are not the same and do not carry the same power. 20:15 Privilege is not a bad word 29:32 The most valuable currency on the planet is our support, attention, and love. 30:23 Everyone fails. Everyone succeeds. That’s what makes us the same. 34:43 Stop asking the question, “How can I change the world?” - Have the courage to ask, “How am I changing the world?” 39:49 Cultivate a loving relationship with your mind. 44:29 Breathing is not something we do, but something that is done to us 50:11
64:08 5/30/23
Terry Tucker - What you leave behind is what you weave in the hearts of other people.
                                                            Terry Tucker is a motivational speaker and author. He explains why you should ”Be part of something bigger than yourself”, why you should “Control your mind or it will control you”, how “You are the person you’re looking to become” and much more. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee. About Terry Tucker Terry Tucker is a motivational speaker, author, and international podcast guest on the topics of mindset, motivation, and self-development. He is the Founder of Motivational Check LLC. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The Citadel and a Master’s degree from Boston University. He has been a college basketball player, a marketing executive, a hospital administrator, a SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator, a high school basketball coach, a business owner, a motivational speaker, and most recently, a cancer warrior. He is the author of the book Sustainable Excellence, Ten Principles To Leading Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life. Terry has also been featured in Authority, Thrive Global, and Human Capital Leadership magazines.  Episode Notes Lesson 1: Control your mind or it will control you. 05:12 Lesson 2: Embrace the pain and difficulty we all experience in life and use it to make you more resilient. 07:19 Lesson 3: What you leave behind is what you weave in the hearts of other people. 11:37 Lesson 4: As long as you don’t quit, you can never be defeated. 15:14 Lesson 5: Be part of something bigger than yourself. 17:24 Lesson 6: Most people think with their fears and insecurities, instead of using their minds. 23:37 Lesson 7: You are the person you’re looking to become. 28:43 Lesson 8: Fail often, especially when you are young. 32:03 Lesson 9: Listen more than you talk. 35:29 Lesson 10: Love is the most important word in any language. 38:56  
44:47 5/16/23
Brad Chan - Success is intentional.
                                        On this episode Brad Chan explains the importance of “living your values” why being an Introvert is a superpower” and how “Challenges are opportunities” along with more lessons learned. Hosted by Jeffery Wang. About Brad Chan Brad is a property professional and the CEO of Banna Property Group, a 3rd generation family business with a vision to transform its shopping centres into community hubs. Brad is also founder of HaymarketHQ, an innovation hub which opened in 2016 with a particular focus on helping startups grow into Asian markets. In 2022, he led a group of community organisations to successfully launch Neon Playground, a festival of lights, arts, music and community to reactivate Sydney’s Chinatown. Brad was a previous board member of the Museum of Chinese in Australia, former President of the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce for five years, sat for several years on the City of Sydney Chinese New Year Advisory Committee and was the first President of the Australian Asian Association of Bennelong. He was recently a Board Director of Northcross Limited for four years, whilst also President of the school P&F for the same duration. He remains involved with a number of other community and local government committees and currently sits on the City of Sydney Business Advisory Panel. He is also a former board member of the DAWN Network a purpose-led business with a vision to build culturally diverse leaders in the future. In 2016, he established the Banna Foundation, the family group’s philanthropy arm which currently supports a range of charities including the UTS Humanitarian Scholarship for the past 4 years.  Brad has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Land Economics), Post-Graduate Diploma in Finance & Investment, a Masters in Real Estate and a Masters of Town Planning. He is also a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has been a Justice of the Peace in NSW since 2010. Episode Notes Lesson 1: Live Your Values 02:53 Lesson 2: Introversion is a superpower. 09:48 Lesson 3: Challenges are opportunities. 17:46 Lesson 4: Learn languages. 22:21 Lesson 5: Just Do It 25:36 Lesson 6: Be Humble 27:20 Lesson 7: Join a gym. 30:52 Lesson 8: Choose Your Response 35:16 Lesson 9: Success is intentional. 39:03 Lesson 10: Become literate…in Money. 44:55
48:18 5/2/23
Mitch Bolnick - “Respect your elders” is a cliche, but listening to them might save you
                                                      Mitch Bolnick is a CEO, Author and Mentor. He explains how “Good communication is at the heart of all success”, how “Loyalty comes from trust” and why we should “Plan for success”. Hosted by Diana White.   About Mitch Bolnick Mitch Bolnick is the principal of The Excel Consulting Group in 2013 to help other entrepreneurs succeed for the long term and obtain funding in the short term. His two books, MItch's Pocket Guide to a Great Business Plan and Mitch's Framework to Business Development were written to help focus entrepreneurs on the things they need to in order to succeed.  Starting in 2018 Mitch joined Greener Pacific, an Oregon LLC, as CEO/member and FocalPoint Security, an Arizona LLC, as an advisor/member. Mitch also is a volunteer mentor/advisory positions for several organizations, including the State of Arizona's Venture Ready (Arizona Innovative Challenge) program.  Mitch’s passion is to help other businesses excel. Mitch has found many rabbit holes to fall into during his diverse career and has learned many lessons the hard way as a result. Mitch’s goal is to help other entrepreneurs and leaders avoid mistakes. Episode Notes Lesson 1: Great leaders spend their lives building their respect by not giving away their integrity. 03:03 Lesson 2: Good communication is at the heart of all success. 06:30 Lesson 3: Balance life and work 08:36 Lesson 4: Loyal customers are the key to long-term profitable success. 13:55 Lesson 5: Loyalty comes from trust. 16:19 Lesson 6: Plan for success. 19:42  Lesson 7: Get rid of the deadwood. 33:44 Lesson 8: Understand risk. 43:56 Lesson 9: Don’t dwell, life is like riding several rollercoasters at the same time. 50:41 Lesson 10: “Respect your elders” is a cliche, but listening to them might save you. 53:35
61:23 4/18/23
Zach Schaefer – Think in terms of time design, not time management.
                                              Zach Schaefer is a CEO, Founder, Speaker, Author, and Professor. He shares how to “Live a meaningful life”, how “Forgiveness massages a pulled mental muscle” and tells us why we should “Share your scars, mistakes”. Hosted by Robert Hossary. About Zach Schaefer Dr. Zach Schaefer (Dr. Z), Founder and CEO of Spark The Discussion, is a speaker, author, professor, and consultant. Spark works with growing companies to provide Data Driven Talent™ solutions. Spark specializes in diagnosing, designing, and deploying a variety of workplace programs focused on solving internal talent challenges from hire to retire. In addition to working with corporate clients through Spark The Discussion, Dr. Z was also an Associate Professor of Applied Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where he researched the relationship between successful workplace cultures, conflict management norms, and leadership behaviors. Dr. Z’s knowledge and passion for communication is contagious and creates the spark that drives his entire consulting philosophy. Dr. Z’s passion for communication is contagious and creates the spark that drives his entire consulting philosophy. Conducted extensive primary research regarding mediation, conflict management, and workplace communication Widely published in both academic and professional outlets Commentary has been featured in a wide range of high-quality media outlets including the Harvard Business Review Blog, MSNBC, and Fast Company Dr. Z is co-creator of a mobile app called the ClashCoach (available on iTunes). He authored a book called American Creativity (available on Amazon). In short, Dr. Z knows that effective communication is a building block to happy, healthy, and wealthy lives – and he vigorously shares this message with all his clients! Service is also an integral component of Dr. Z’s life. He has been a Big Brother through the Big Brother Big Sister organization for nearly 10 years, he is on the Communications Committee of the St. Louis Organizational Development Network, and he is a member of the St. Louis Sports Commission. He is also a former board member of the Association for Missouri Mediators. Episode Notes Lesson 1: Master “no” to unleash your implicit yes 04:21 Lesson 2: Think in terms of time design, not time management. 07:42 Lesson 3: Listen to music, laugh, and break bread with friends as often as possible. 13:34 Lesson 4: The meaning of life is to live a meaningful life. 16:17 Lesson 5: The most fulfilling life is built by consistently hitting the crosshairs of TDJ: Talent, Discipline, and Joy 20:09 Lesson 6: Freedom from money, time, and desire lead to limitless opportunities. 24:22 Lesson 7: Forgiveness massages a pulled mental muscle. 32:38 Lesson 8: The most important conversations are often the ones that are missing. 37:48 Lesson 9: Share your scars, mistakes, and fears when sharing knowledge with others. 41:02 Lesson 10: Isolation is amplification, giving a microphone to your thoughts. 44:08  
53:28 4/4/23