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At Golden Shovel, we believe thriving communities improve everyone’s lives. Everything we do connects businesses and talent with communities they’ll thrive in. We do this by empowering economic developers through groundbreaking economic development communications.


Connecting a Region, Tribes and States In a Shared Vision for the Future: Arvin Trujillo CEO • Four Corners Economic Development (NM) 46:47 11/16/2021
A NextGen Economic Developer Tackles Transitioning Economies: Sara Harris, Executive Director • Midland (TX) Development Corporation 33:00 10/25/2021
A Leader's Perspective: Caring for Our Communities & Caring for Ourselves: Lisa R. Hurley, Executive Director • York County (NE) Development Corporation 59:06 10/03/2021
Building An Economy That Works for Everyone, A Leader's Perspective: Commissioner Steve Grove, Minnesota DEED 36:59 08/01/2021
An Economic Architect Rethinks How We Grow Communities: Mark Lautman 40:05 06/23/2021
Preserving History and Surviving a Pandemic on Main Street U.S.A.: Molly and Tom LaFleche, Brunson's Pub (St. Paul, MN) 50:39 05/19/2021
Powerful Things Come in Small Packages: Amy Madison, Pflugerville (TX) Economic Development 49:32 05/04/2021
From Juilliard and the Cowardly Lion to Landing Major Projects for East Kentucky: Chuck Sexton, One East Kentucky 33:44 04/13/2021
From Legos to Entrepreneurship: Aniki Allen, Creator of Ice Cream Bowties 30:20 03/23/2021
Dedication to Dream: Ryan Tanke, Minnesota Timberwolves/Lynx 49:06 02/26/2021
Supporting Entrepreneurs and Startups: Steve Radley and Erik Pedersen, NetWork Kansas 44:36 02/02/2021
'From the Projects of D.C. to Rural Nebraska:' Garry Clark, Greater Fremont, NE Development Council 46:02 01/04/2021
'Eyes Wide Open:' Horton Hobbs, Greater Springfield OH Economic Development 45:22 12/02/2020