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Take 15 Podcast Presented by CFA Institute is a series of short interviews with leading practitioners on timely topics in market and credit risk as well as ethics. CFA Institute is a global membership organization that awards the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation. CFA Institute leads the investment industry by setting the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence and vigorously advocating fair and transparent capital markets. Host: Lauren Foster Producer: Mitchell Forst


Announcing a new direction 00:54 08/31/2021
Worried About Inflation? We're Not Going Back to the 1970s 33:40 08/11/2021
What to Make of the Bond Markets? 29:46 07/28/2021
The Boutique Manager Advantage 19:27 07/14/2021
Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead? 41:37 06/30/2021
Finding a Goldilocks Solution for Remote Work 40:35 06/16/2021
Biodiversity Loss is a Key Risk for Investors 38:03 06/02/2021
The Journey to Building an Expert Network 38:40 05/26/2021
The Trouble with Stock Market Bubbles 37:42 05/19/2021
Is a Hybrid Model the Future of Work? 30:34 05/12/2021
Re-Thinking Performance Culture in Asset Management 38:40 05/05/2021
Warren Buffett and the “Money Mind” 32:12 04/28/2021
Truth vs Lies: Using Text-Based Analysis to Detect Deception 26:36 04/21/2021
Investing Lessons: From Baseball to Bitcoin and Brené Brown 41:00 04/14/2021
Understanding Risk Management: From Surfing to Retirement 27:34 04/07/2021
Why Financial Advisers Must Generate Relationship Alpha 36:34 03/31/2021
Cryptoassets: Complex, Risky, and Exciting 41:54 03/24/2021
Investing in Africa: Perspective from the Continent 37:33 03/17/2021
Machine Learning Applications: What We Can Learn from Healthcare Finance 19:39 03/10/2021
Will Digital Asset Securities Revolutionize Capital Markets? 36:33 03/03/2021
Investing in Esoteric Assets 40:53 02/24/2021
How to Make Smarter Decisions about Money 35:59 02/17/2021
Outlook on Emerging Markets: Trading Fixed Income and FX 31:36 02/10/2021
A Quant Pioneer Reflects on Machine Learning, Big Data, ESG, and Value Investing 37:13 02/03/2021
Discovering Young Urban Investment Talent 28:41 01/27/2021
BlackRock's Salim Ramji, CFA, on ETFs and Indexing 40:47 01/20/2021
Trailer: Take 15 Podcast 00:22 01/19/2021
What Lies Ahead for the Investment Management Industry? 29:00 01/13/2021
Why the "A-Game" Is Key to High-Performing Investment Teams 31:11 01/06/2021
Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett to the Great Literary Detectives 27:07 12/30/2020