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Health Affairs This Week places listeners at the center of health policy’s proverbial water cooler. Join editors from Health Affairs, the leading journal of health policy research, and special guests as they discuss this week’s most pressing health policy news. All in 15 minutes or less.


Tim Jost Previews Supreme Court Impacts On Medicaid Beneficiaries 15:00 05/20/2022
FDA's Proposed Ban on Menthol Cigarettes, Explained 10:01 05/13/2022
Unpacking the Supreme Court Abortion Draft Decision 13:27 05/06/2022
Headlines: Childhood Vaccinations, Title 42, and National Drug Control Strategy 13:49 04/29/2022
A Health Podyssey: Stacie Dusetzina Shares Why Medicare Beneficiaries May Not Fill Specialty Drug Prescriptions 31:21 04/22/2022
Advancing Health Equity in Health Policy & Publishing 11:22 04/15/2022
Biden Wants to Fix The ACA's Family Glitch. What Is That? w/ Katie Keith 14:26 04/08/2022
The Latest Trajectory of National Health Spending 12:45 04/01/2022
Medical Debt Changes & Health Impacts 12:29 03/25/2022
The Role of Private Equity In Health Care 10:58 03/18/2022
Mike Chernew On Payment Reform: From Direct Contracting To ACO REACH 13:16 03/11/2022
Decoding the State of the Union for Health Care 13:37 03/04/2022
Navigating The COVID-19 Off-Ramp for Telehealth and Medicaid Policies 15:00 02/25/2022
Galileo's Thomas Lee on Telehealth, Equity & Access To Care 15:15 02/18/2022
Behind The Pages: Racism and Health Issue 12:32 02/11/2022
California's Fight for Single-Payer Health Care 14:13 02/04/2022
Michael Chernew Makes The Case for Payment Reform 14:44 01/28/2022
Focusing On Mental Health In COVID-19 Pandemic Year Three 09:30 01/21/2022
Health Care Staffing Woes Persist as Omicron Surges 14:50 01/14/2022
Prescription Drug Policy, Drug Pricing & Aduhelm With Rachel Sachs 14:59 01/07/2022
New National Health Spending Data and Introducing Health Affairs Forefront 13:58 12/17/2021
A Year in Health Policy Review 08:44 12/10/2021
Global Health Inequity: Examining Omicron Through The Lens of HIV/AIDS 14:30 12/03/2021
The ACA and Health Policy at the Supreme Court with Katie Keith 15:18 11/19/2021
Public Health In The Off-Year Election Wrap Up 10:42 11/12/2021
Considering (And Making Sense Of) Health Spending 13:25 11/05/2021
Diving Into WHO's Climate and Health Report Before The UN Climate Summit 14:01 10/29/2021
What's Happening with the FDA Commissioner Appointment? 10:21 10/22/2021
Zoning Policy is Health Policy 14:50 10/15/2021
Behind the Pages: Perinatal Mental Health Issue 15:02 10/08/2021