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Health Affairs This Week places listeners at the center of health policy’s proverbial water cooler. Join editors from Health Affairs, the leading journal of health policy research, and special guests as they discuss this week’s most pressing health policy news. All in 15 minutes or less.


Aggressive policing damages health equity and community health 14:40 04/30/2021
Hospitals at large are failing at price transparency 12:45 04/23/2021
What's the deal with hospital mergers? 09:59 04/16/2021
A renewed effort to address the opioid epidemic 13:01 04/09/2021
Drug pricing on the agenda for massive infrastructure bill 10:07 04/02/2021
Elevating women's voices in health policy during Women's History Month 05:39 03/26/2021
In addressing vaccine hesitancy, how the message is delivered matters 11:27 03/19/2021
American Rescue Plan addresses the Affordable Care Act's unfinished business 14:34 03/11/2021
What nursing home turnover means for quality of care 10:59 03/05/2021
COVID-19 vaccine production is dramatically ramping up 10:32 02/26/2021
What a $15 minimum wage could mean for population health 12:16 02/19/2021
Breaking down the 2021 Momnibus bill 11:44 02/12/2021
What is and isn't in the Biden executive order on Medicaid and the ACA 14:55 02/05/2021
A call for health equity in scholarly publishing 11:57 01/29/2021
More seats at the federal table for health equity 14:48 01/22/2021
What could Medicaid and COVID-19 vaccine distribution look like under a Biden administration? 12:32 01/15/2021
Health policy on the table in 2021 with democratic Congress 17:56 01/08/2021
Overlooked health policy stories of 2020 - Part 2 20:52 12/31/2020
Overlooked health policy stories of 2020 - Part 1 19:20 12/24/2020
Snow can't stop the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain 12:12 12/18/2020
Climate change and the future of health policy 11:09 12/11/2020
Is a COVID-19 vaccine within reach? 13:43 12/04/2020