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Totally Trans: Searching for the Trans Canon

Hosts Katie Coleman (playwright, composer, queer trans woman she/her @katieoflake), Ada-Rhodes Short (activist,engineering academic, and queer trans woman She/her @the_ada_rhodes) and Henry Giardina (write, critic, trans guy. He/they @punkgroucho) discuss finding trans representation in film, tv, and literature. Twitter & Instagram: @totallytranspod


Announcement! 07:38 01/16/2022
Holiday Special 2021: The Life and Death of Beverly LaSalle, Part 2 69:53 12/23/2021
Holiday Special 2021: The Life and Death of Beverly LaSalle, Part 1 66:18 12/21/2021
Introducing Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera 07:29 12/06/2021
Doom Patrol? More Like Big Gender Feelings Patrol! with guest Jacqueline Clyde 72:36 11/15/2021
Olaf from "Frozen" is a SnoiBoi 75:31 11/08/2021
Jean From "The Lady Eve" is a Hot Trans Top 70:00 11/01/2021
Ex-Men The Animated Series with Magdalene Visaggio 52:59 10/25/2021
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Livestream! 120:06 10/17/2021
Repo! is the Eggiest Movie Ever 65:33 10/11/2021
Getting to Know Trans Voices: Harmony Colangelo 10:52 10/05/2021
Wanda and Cosmo are Pregnant Oddfairies 63:25 10/04/2021
Alice Cooper is a Certified Gender Monster 65:51 09/29/2021
Albert Brooks is Stuck in a Trans Afterlife 69:21 09/20/2021
Talking about Suing Her High School to Go to Prom with Diamond Stylz 54:59 09/13/2021
Talkin' Nerd Stuff with Faati the Street 19:23 09/10/2021
Dipper from "Gravity Falls" is a Transmasc Ghosthunter 76:13 09/06/2021
Tranimorphs 71:20 08/30/2021
Getting to Know Trans Voices: Julia Ftacek 09:59 06/28/2021
State of The Pod, Season 2 26:07 06/21/2021
Talking about Prison Abolition with Dominique Morgan, Executive Director of Black and Pink 57:57 06/14/2021
The Dean's GenDean IDeantity 65:35 06/07/2021
Wolverine and the eX-Men with guest Rev. Remington Johnson 83:59 05/31/2021
The Legend of the Orchi Shed with Guest Eilís Ni Fhlannagáin 63:44 05/24/2021
Hamlet is a Gay Trans Jerk 70:59 05/17/2021
Bicentennial Trans Man 77:51 05/10/2021
Ferris Bueller Friend Cameron is Trans and Depressed, with guest Julian K. Jarboe 101:36 05/03/2021
I Identify as a Party Executive: the Spuds Mackenzie Story, with guest Dee Twenty 63:55 04/27/2021
My Life in Pink, Blue, and White 59:14 04/19/2021
Who Wants to Be Our Co-host? 01:43 04/12/2021