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Parenting is never easy but Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Ro are here to help you navigate with humor and love. Dr. Cleopatra is a Fertility Strategist who helps parents create their super babies. Dr. Ro is a Pediatric Mental Health Expert specializing in providing integrative mental health solutions for children with anxiety, ADHD, autism and more. Together they have combined forces to bring you the best conversations with parenting experts to help you build your parenting toolkit. Join Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Ro each week on the Parent Coffee Talk Podcast to learn how to handle the most pressing issues a parent can face. We get real and the solutions we provide are more then just theory - we put them to use in our practices each week!


25: Change Your Mindset to Reach Your Goals
Despite all of the confusion and chaos going on around us, if there’s one thing we can control, it’s our mindset. Today's guest, Jen Gotlieb, is the founder of Super Connector Media, a motivational and mindset mentor, as well as a health and wellness enthusiast. In this conversation she shares tangible tips on how you can change your mindset to reach your goals, overcome fear, and stop holding yourself back. Join Dr. Roseann and Dr. Cleopatra in this inspirational episode to learn how you can overcome fear and start shifting your mindset. Show Highlights: How we use the power of our words to make change Shifting how you control your actions and feel your feelings Hows to stay connected to changing your mindset and habits Why people often don’t choose the thing that will make them happy or successful The power of intergenerational fears Using manifestation as a step to reach your goals Easy action steps to propel your momentum Why “realism” is just a fearful mentality How Jen started practicing gratitude Ways to start shifting your mindset Links: (
41:42 06/03/2021
24: Special Education During a Pandemic
When it comes to education, special needs students don’t always get the accommodations and consideration they need to be set up for success. Today's guest, Jennifer Weitz, is an advocate for special ed education and an attorney. As a representative for children with special needs, she shares ways the education system could further support children during this time and what you can do at home to enhance your children's learning. Join Dr. Roseann and Dr. Cleopatra in this information and inspiring episode. Show Highlights: How does the conversation of homeschooling change when a child has special needs The current school guidelines for educating special needs children Why schools need to make resources more available How to utilize time at home to teach life skills What makes the lack of consistency for special needs students Using data collection to dictate whether or not students need compensatory services Jennifer discusses a recently proposed bill that threatens the education of special needs children How are parents and students are dealing with regression What makes students entitled to home-bound instruction Individualized education plans Creating experiences as a form of teaching Curriculum apps for parents What can parents do at home right now Working with dyslexic students Links: ( Contact Jennifer: 917-841-7915
50:00 05/27/2021
23: Functional Nutrition, Inflammation and Optimum Health
Today, we have Shelley Gawith, the Professional Woman’s Functional Nutritionist, as our guest. Shelley is one of New Zealand’s top functional nutrition experts. One of her specialty areas is corporate and professional women. Shelley started her career working for the largest investment banking firm in Sydney. She was ambitious, extremely driven to excel in sporting events, and worked very long hours until she began to struggle with debilitating health issues. Then, she learned to heal her body through nutrition. Since then, she has been using the knowledge from her training to help people from all over the world. In this episode, Shelley shares her powerful story. She talks about how inflammation affects our bodies, eating for your optimum health, and how to read the signals when your body is out of balance. Listen in to find out more! Show highlights: Shelley shares the story of how she got involved with functional nutrition. How Shelley started to see the power of food as medicine. How realizing the power of food as medicine created extra stress for Shelley’s mother. Shelley shares the moment when she started looking into functional nutrition. How Shelley began to heal, layer by layer. Shelley shares some common symptoms and issues that women struggle with today. The benefits of tracking your period and poo health. Red alerts sometimes appear as subtle signs. Shelley shares some nutritional advice for professional women who want to become high-functioning machines. Shelley and Cleopatra talk about various types of protein. Links and resources: (Shelley’s website) Shelley on Instagram Book mentioned: Primal Body Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas
45:00 05/20/2021
22: Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology
Today’s guest, Sandi Scheinbaum, is a functional medicine coach and positive psychologist. She founded the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in 2014 and has been a clinical psychologist for over 35 years. In this conversation, Sandi shares what it means to practice positive psychology, focus on strengths, and ways virtual connectedness brings us together. She also discusses what functional medicine is, and how it can serve us. This episode is full of positive and practical tips you can start practicing today. Join Dr. Roseann and Dr. Cleopatra in this insightful episode about mind, body, and medicine. Show Highlights: How virtual connectedness keeps us from social isolation Shifting your mindset to make a situation work for you How do strengths develop and what can we do to help parents develop The importance of recognizing what's right with kids instead of what's wrong with them What different character strengths are and how they serve us Ways kids learn by playing What is functional medicine Why we shouldn’t let societal labels define us The difference between someone who walks in their strength vs. someone who doesn’t    Links: (    
44:38 05/13/2021
21: How to Get Clear Messaging about Your Brand
Today's guest is Jennifer Hudye, copywriting queen and founder of Conscious Copy and Co. Conscious Copy is a copywriting firm that helps businesses develop their visions and core messaging in an authentic and compassionate way. In this conversation with Dr. Roseann and Dr. Cleopatra, Jennifer shares what it means to establish core values and how to bring your vision into fruition. Tune into this conversation to learn more about Jennifer Hudye’s amazing work and hear how you can gain positive momentum in your business. Show Highlights: How to get clear messaging about your brand Getting clear on your core values How to make sure everything in your marketing and messaging is consistent What should businesses do in times of crises to support their tribes The importance of positive momentum over scattered motion Sharing your truth with compassion How to manifest your vision What makes vision important during crisis Links: ( (Instagram: @Jennhudye) Facebook
43:31 05/06/2021
20: Naturopathic Insights to Thyroid Disease and More
The thyroid is one of the most vital organs in the body, and it’s connected to more than you might think. Today’s guest, Dr. Alan Christianson, is a naturopathic physician, New York Times best-selling author, and health expert. In this conversation, Dr. Alan shares what led him into his personal health journey, along with many insightful information on what thyroid disease is and tips on how to recognize it. Be sure to catch this educational episode to learn more about the effects of thyroid disease.  Show Highlights:  How Dr. Alan became focused on health in his own life  What do to if traditional methods aren’t working  Ways to brings conscious awareness to habits  Issues can thyroid disease cause  How thyroid antibodies work  Ways thyroid health impacts fertility  The importance of using an iodine substitute  The benefits of Brazil nuts  Why it’s important to pay attention to your body  How stress and other factors impact thyroid health  Links: ( ( (  
38:22 04/29/2021
19: Meal Planning, Vitamins, and Alternative Comfort Foods
Today's guest, Cynthia Thurlow, is the CEO and founder of Everyday Wellness, a nurse practitioner and functional nutritionist. In this conversation with Dr. Roseann and Dr. Cleopatra, Cynthia shares how she finds ways to eat healthy and keep her kids healthy at home. She covers a range of topics from meal planning, taking vitamins, and how to find healthy alternatives to comfort food favorites. This interview is packed with tips on how to pack minerals and greens into your diet, while still having fun.  Show Highlights:  Cynthia shares how she plans for her and her families meals How Cynthia integrates different varieties of foods in her house The importance of incorporating foods with antibacterial properties in your meals Different ways to ingest healthy foods  Healthy and fun food options for kids  Why we need to take supplements and what we should be taking  Ways to get kids to take more vitamins  Finding healthier comfort foods  Cynthia shares her skincare and beauty regimen Things you can do at home for self care The benefits of a magnesium bath Practices you should integrate into your daily life What makes food the best medicine  Taking control of teaching your kids to eat healthy Links: ( ( (  Resources Mentioned: (  
51:35 04/21/2021
18: Eating Clean and Creating Healthy Habits
We all know the secret to being healthy is to “eat vegetables and workout.” However, this can sound daunting and complicated when you have kids, a busy schedule, and a lot on your plate. Today's guest, Becky Wells, is a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner who is passionate about helping others eat clean and create healthier habits. Becky shares her favorite tips and foods to integrate nutritious and energizing foods into your life, as well as how to teach your children to do the same. Join Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Roseann in this episode to take the next step to a simple and healthier lifestyle.  Show Highlights:  What Becky eats in a day  Becky’s strategies to get kids to eat healthy foods  How Becky fasts and structures her meals How Becky became a nutritionist  Why Becky started Hippie Mom  The process of reconnecting with our bodies and improving our health  How we retrain our taste buds  Why it starts with the parents to improve children's diet How to source food in a sustainable and healthy way Ways to keep it simple and sift through the overload of information  Small steps to make better health choices  The connection between how we feel and what we eat  Creating a lifestyle to support healthier choices Links: ( ( ( (  
29:24 04/15/2021
17: Prepare Your Body to Prevent Coronavirus
Coronavirus has placed us in uncharted territory. Many of us may be feeling anxious, overwhelmed, scared, and confused. While these feelings are natural, we don’t have to continue feeling that way. Today's guest, Dr. Elisa Song, is a leading holistic pediatrician who breaks down what is Coronavirus and how we can prepare our bodies and children to prevent it. Dr. Elisa shares practical advice to help parents make immediate and intelligent action. This episode is packed with strategies to handle fever, manage anxiety, and navigate fact from fiction during this period of information overload. Join Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra in this holistic and informative episode. Show Highlights: The focus for Parent Coffee Talk Why we have to help ourselves first to help our children What is the current circulating Coronavirus Symptoms of Corona Why children shouldn’t have contact with vulnerable people during Corona How we can be resourceful and move our bodies during this time What can we do to keep our bodies and brains healthy if we get Corona What to do if you think your child has Corona Why junk food is the worst decision you can make to fight getting sick What is amino compromised What to do for kids with chronic illness to improve their immune system How to treat fever Why we should try to not project fear on our kids What is in our control as parents to manage our anxiety Being proactive and having conversations to alleviate anxiety in children What is the reptilian brain and how can we get out of it Tangible things you can do at home to keep you centered and stress free Things you should stock up on at home to prepare for quarantine Links: (
54:08 04/08/2021
16: Eat a Sustainable Diet Without Hunger or Boring Food
Eating healthy while still getting enough nutrients and tasty bites can be tricky. Today's guest, Maru Davila is a health coach and nutritionist, as well as best-selling author of The Mexican Food Diet. Maru teaches people how to eat a sustainable diet with no deprivation, no hunger, and no boring food. In this conversation, Maru shares her journey of struggling and how it inspired her to help people enhance their own food journey. Join Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Roseanne in this delicious and filling episode to learn more about healthy eating that feels like cheating. Show Highlights: What started Maru's health journey How eating poorly impacts more than your physical health What led Maru back to school to find her career Making food your secret weapon What inspired Maru to write The Mexican Food Diet How Maru found ways to restore her body without unhealthy addictions Maru shares Mexican super foods Food hacks to increase focus Eating to regulate blood sugars and insulin levels Maru shares about her new cooking show Links: ( (  
32:58 04/01/2021
15: Kids and Racism
While many of our collective beliefs and biases have shifted over time, we still find ourselves combatting beliefs that are harmful, detrimental, and even deadly to many minorities. In this week's episode, Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Roseanne discuss  tools to normalize diversity within children and how we can dismantle prejudice thoughts from a young age. Also highlighted are how implicit biases are formed and ways we can be preventative and introspective. Join Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Roseanne in this critically important conversation.    Show Highlights:  How we can do better as parents  The way prejudice works in the brain  Why we have to have difficult conversations  How do we overcome instincts The ways experiencing racism impacts fertility  Ways we’ve adapted as a society and how we can erase explicit forms of bias  The impact of loving other people  Overcoming our prejudices and teach our kids to do better  Critical developmental periods and how they impact our growth  How teaching about bias reduces it The importance of teaching about bias from a young age  The struggle of being black in American society and why having conversations is important  Ways to open up conversations and introduce kids to diversity  Why we should be teaching kids to value empathy  Symbolic representations of equality  Why we have to speak up when other people say prejudice things  The willingness to be uncomfortable and effort we have to implement to make a change  How to help your kids be kinder and more accepting  The risks we all have of being affected by injustice  Subtle shifts we can made in the immediate environment and within our own selves  Putting our money where our mouths are  Links: (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)        
58:08 03/25/2021
14: Emotional Mastery for You and Your Children
As humans, we all have a broad wheel of emotions. For many of us, it can be difficult to decipher between those emotions. Which in turn, also makes it difficult to manage them. In today’s interview, Dr. Joan Rosenberg, author of 90 Seconds to a Life You Love and a cutting-edge psychologist, shares what emotional mastery looks like and how we can tactfully tap into our feelings. She also covers the many ways we can set our children up to successfully develop communication skills, build empathy, and cope with emotional issues, such as depression and anxiety. This conversation is packed with knowledge and strategies you can take to enhance your own emotional management, as well as your children. Show Highlights: How does one develop confidence through unpleasant feelings Why have access to your own childhood pain can help you be a more empathic parent How you are showing up for your children will impact how your children show up in the world The importance of teaching kids’ frustration tolerance How can parents best help their children learn to deal with disappointment Breathing into the experience so you do not shut it down Giving children an emotional language to communicate Experiencing the fullness of human emotion without the extremes The overmedication pandemic and why feeling our emotions is more liberating Ways social media has impacted the emotional range How comparison distracts from your own thoughts, feelings, and needs Creating rituals for children to build in breath and meditation Building the muscle of communication skills Links: ( (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)
49:21 03/18/2021
13: Cultivating a Postive Food Culture within Your Family
Many of us are never taught how or what to eat in order to be the strongest, most resilient, and nourished versions of ourselves. Today’s guest, Jessica Sherman is a nutritionist with a focus on kid's health. She helps parents create a vision for their children’s health and reframe their eating habits. In this conversation, Jessica shares the importance of food for kids mentally and physically, and what you can do to cultivate a positive food culture within your family. Join Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra in this episode to learn more about the power of good nutrition. Show Highlights: What inspired Jessica to start her career Why people won’t let go of eating junk food What makes “Your kids won’t eat it” a limiting mentality The importance of language around food How to respect the interpersonal relationship with food for kids and still instill healthy habits How to cultivate a culture around food within our families Nourishing our mind, bodies, and souls with food What are “resilience” foods Top 3 tips to implement nourishing foods into diets How to be healthy role models for our kids Teaching kids how to be in tune with their bodies How getting a handle on breakfast can improve your eating Ways stress and pressure is impacting kids eating Creating cognitive resilience through eating What are good fats and how to integrate them Links: ( (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)  
42:39 03/11/2021
12: Strategies to Get Your Kids Cooking at a Young Age
Many of us grew up in “bubble wrapped” households. We were taught to stay out of the kitchen, let mom do the chores, and that we were “too young” to take on responsibility. Today’s guest, Katie Kimball, is dismantling that misperception by bringing kids into the kitchen and teaching them how to cook, at as young as 3! Katia shares her strategies to get kids cooking young, the sensory benefits, and the responsibility it helps persist. Join Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra in this unique episode to learn the developmental breakdown of teaching kids to cook. Show Highlights: Why 5–7-year-olds are more than capable to learn more Why parents are not teaching kids to cook The return on investment you get from teaching your kids to cook How letting kids take on chores younger can help enhance their intrinsic excitement Ways food brings us together How being involved in the palette can increase your palette and create a better relationship with food The more encounters with food can help picky eaters How Katie started teaching her kids how to cook Simple environment changes that can help teach kids to cook Building confidence in the kitchen Teaching kids the skills to make their own recipes Quick tips for the table Links: ( (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)
36:39 03/04/2021
11: Learning to Be Intentional and Create the Life of Your Dreams
Food is a special language that helps us connect with people in a way nothing else can. In today’s episode, Melissa Mio, author, inspirational speaker, strategy mentor, and food network chef, shares her story and how she found her love language with food. Melissa started her career with a job she hated and nothing in the bank and has manifested the life of her dreams. She also shares how she overcame pain to bring her dreams to life and how you can too. Join Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra in this delicious wisdom-filled episode.   Show Highlights: Melissa shares how she re-invented her life to reflect her dreams Why you have to be specific when manifesting your visionary life Overcoming the scarcity mindset Learning to own your power and being intentional with your mindset Overcoming doubt and the importance of taking risks Taking action and taking control of your life How to move through pain instead of sit in it Using journaling to release yourself from pain How Melissa got involved with the Food Network Melissa shares how she took her experience and look for food into an inclusive retreat Manifesting Miracles in your life Melissa shares what life in Italy is like   Links: (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)  
43:11 02/25/2021
10: Balance Your Hormones with Essential Oils
No one knows what’s going on with our bodies better than us. After Dr. Mariza started experiencing major hormone issues and a doctor incorrectly prescribed her solution, she went on a journey to explore women’s health. In this episode, Dr. Mariza Snyder joins Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra in sharing her story and ways to use essential oils to balance your hormones. Join Dr. Mariza in this episode to learn more about gut health, managing stress, and how to detoxify your liver.  Show Highlights:  Dr. Mariza shares the defining moment that started her health journey  The misconception we’ve been taught about our hormones  Figuring out what’s at play with our bodies  The hierarchy scale that impacts hormones  How we can use tools like essential oils to help with our hormones  How essential oils can be a quick win  Dr. Mariza shares the inspiration and content of her book Where to start to keep it simple  How can we get our digestive system back on track  How the liver can get overworked  Key signs we have too much estrogen  Dr. Mariza’s quiz to help you navigate your hormones  Links: ( (Dr. Mariza’s Hormone Quiz) (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)
37:00 02/18/2021
09: How to Heal from Betrayal and Turn it into an Opportunity for Transformation
Being human comes with many battles we have to overcome. One we all encounter at some point in our lifetime is betrayal. Betrayal can be one of the most difficult offenses to overcome but can give us the opportunity to rebuild something beautiful. Today’s guest, Debi Silber, is a psychologist who helps people heal from Post Betrayal Syndrome and the author of “The Unshakable Woman”. Debi shares her story of being betrayed and how it sparked the most amazing transformation of her whole life. She discusses how it shook her family, her faith, and self-perception, but also how she healed. Join Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra to learn more about the transformation process of healing after being blindsided by betrayal. Show Highlights: What got Debi interested in psychology The impact betrayal has on your identity and your trust How you can rebuild something new with the person who hurt you The difference between repairing and rebuilding Reconciliation can be the best or the worst thing you can ever do with your betrayer The stages of healing How we can get stuck in our healing Boundaries that need to be put in place for people to feel safe 4 Step Trust rebuilding process Why we need to teach women to trust themselves Ways to start strengthening your intuition How to overcome feeling like your body is betraying you Debi shares her motherhood story and experience with a miscarriage Links: The Unshakable Woman Book (Dr. Roseann) Dr. Cleopatra
44:37 02/11/2021
08: Growing Your Business Through Connections while Being an Awesome Parent
Balancing work and parent life can be a difficult balance, but there are ways you can prioritize both. Today’s guest, Chris Winfield, is the face behind Super Connected Media and an AWESOME dad. In this interview, Chris shares how he became an entrepreneur through utilizing connections. He also discusses what being a dad means to him and the ways he uplifts and encourages his daughter. Join Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra in this sweet and inspiring episode. Show Highlights: What is a dad mastermind? How Chris built his business through connections How to balance being an entrepreneur and a parent Ways Chris prioritizes his daughter How to discern the seasons when you’re in the middle of them How to give your children lessons to trust their gut How is reduced travel impacting relationships with children Giving your children the gift of fun Links: ( ( (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)
35:56 02/04/2021
07: What is Tapping and How to Use it in Your Daily Life
We all face various degrees of anxiety and stress in our day-to-day lives. Especially during these times of uncertainty and change. Today’s guest, Alex Ortner, is a specialist in a natural healing method known as tapping. Tapping is an easy and accessible way to reset your nervous system and release tension in the body. Join Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra in this conversation to learn more about what tapping is, what are the benefits, and how you can use it in your daily life. Show Highlights: Alex and Dr. Roseanne share funny anecdotes Roseanne shares why she uses tapping when she’s driving What is EFT Tapping How staying in a state of relaxation is important for fertility Alex shares how his family came across tapping How Alex used tapping to find release Analyzing your feelings to help you focus your tapping Tapping for stress and anxiety Allowing ourselves to release tension we didn’t even know we were carrying Why it’s important to tap at night time How the app makes tapping more accessible and helps measure your levels Links: ( ( Resources: The Science Behind Tapping (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)
51:13 01/28/2021
06: Discover the Root of Your Emotional Eating and How to Avoid It
During these times of uncertainty, we all find ourselves walking to the kitchen more. Whether it’s out of comfort or boredom, Tricia Nelson is here to help us avoid the emotional eating at home. Tricia is an emotional eating expert, who has help many women, as well as herself, lose weight by discovering the root of emotional eating. She is the author of Heal Your Hunger, as well as the podcast host of Heal Your Hunger. Join Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Roseanne in this episode to learn more about the psychology of emotional eating, as well as how to overcome it. Show Highlights: Psychology that drives us to emotional eat How to use the “pep” test to identify underlying causes for emotional eating Why makes us all emotional eaters The importance of spiritual nourishment Creating structure and routine even in quarantine Prioritizing movement and working out at home Why you need support to overcome food issues Why none is better than some How to address your emotions so that you don’t have to emotionally eat The importance of having support and finding your tribe Links: ( (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)
37:17 01/21/2021
05: What is "Digital Dementia" and How Posture Can Help Prevent It
There are many contributing factors that make up our bodies alignment and mental health. One important element that often gets overlooked is our posture. Our posture stimulates movement in our bodies in a way that nothing else does, and is vital to our mental health, and preventing stagnation. Today’s guest, Krista Burns, is the founder of the American Posture Institute. She discusses the importance of posture, as well as what “digital dementia” is, and provides ways to prevent it, for you and your children. Join Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Roseanne in this educational and health savvy episode. Show Highlights: The current circumstances of lockdown Why is posture important right now How your posture feeds your brain How poor posture can increase your risks of COVID Actionable tips you can take to improve your posture The correlation between mental health and posture 5 tips all parents can implement with their children for better posture How good posture prevents stagnation in your body How to implement building good posture habits How poor posture and alignment impacts pregnancy What is digital dementia and how to prevent it The importance of healthy tech boundaries How to implement movement and stimulation when using our devices Links: ( ( (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)
48:51 01/14/2021
04: Combat Overwhelm and Align Your Inner Self to Find Peace with Dr. Erin
In times of stress and overwhelm, it can be easy to neglect our needs and spirituality. However, in these times it is most vital that we formulate strategies to combat overwhelm and focus on our inner selves.  In today’s episode, Dr. Erin, also known as Dr. of Divinity, brings an abundance of knowledge to speak into your life. She shares formulas to let go of stress in our lives, embrace change, and releasing ourselves from limitations.  Dr. Roseanna, Dr. Cleopatra, and Dr. Erin discuss the impact of trauma on the mind, body, and soul and healthy strategies to process and release trauma in the body.  Join them in this conversation for brilliant and life-changing advice on how you can align your inner self to find peace.    Show Highlights: How consciousness can solve all of our problems  Why we have to put all of our energy within ourselves Why faith and letting go of expectations is fundamental to life How infertility is a collective issue  Different ways we can exchange without cash  How you can create systems to get organized and alleviate stress  Why doing self-work is the best thing you can do for your children The formula to minimize overwhelm  Why opening ourselves up can release you and those around you from limitations  Why we have to take responsibility for our emotions and perception  The vitality of working through emotional trauma and practicing spiritual connection  What is trauma and how processing it can change your life    Links: ( ( (Dr. Roseann) (Dr. Cleopatra)
45:48 01/07/2021
03: Regulate Your Mind, Energy and Emotions to Heal with Debora Wayne
Often times, the power of thoughts, emotions, and energy can be overlooked. When dealing with chronic pain, and mental or physical illness, the culprit is often more than skin deep.  Today’s guest, Debora Wayne, is a speaker and energy healer who specializes in helping people heal through recognizing damaging thought patterns.  In this conversation, Debora shares many tips to regulate the mind, emotions, and energy to have a clear and calm conscience. She also discusses the impact of anxiety, the healing power of animals, and shares her gift of healing live on the podcast.    Show Highlights:  How depression and anxiety are paralleled to fertility issues  Ways to find calm throughout chaos  The importance of being present  Techniques Debora uses to help people heal  Debora shares success stories of people she’s worked with  Why animals and children heal faster  What makes animals hypersensitive and how they mirror vibrations  How anxiety threatens your nervous system and can cause secondary illness  Breathing techniques that can override stress Relaxation techniques to center yourself    Links:  Contact Debra:
54:52 12/10/2020
02: Creating Homeschool Structures and Strategies That Work for You with Dr. Catherine Clinton
Navigating parenthood is one of the most difficult, but fulfilling, things you can ever do. Parenthood on its own can be tricky, but throwing an expected pandemic, an election year, and vast political movements on top of it is a whole other challenge. Whether this years’ series of events have prompted you to homeschool, or you’re simply already a homeschool parent, this weeks’ conversation is packed with knowledge, tips, and resources for you to utilize.  Today’s guest, Dr. Catherine Clinton shares how she’s created her own homeschool structure, her strategies to balance work and home life, as well as how to navigate teaching for different personalities. Tune into this episode for an abundance of tangible and helpful strategies to maximize your homeschooling experience.  Show Highlights:  Catherine shares how she started homeschooling  How Catherine created a structured schedule with flexibility  Tips to overcome children’s boredom at homeschool How to navigate being a working parent and homeschool The importance of self-care  Integrating activity to counterbalance screen time  How to communicate stress and energy to children in a healthy way  Creating an inviting workspace and making your schedule around activities  How to use audiobooks, Podcasts, and Legos as a learning experience  How you can use homeschooling as an opportunity to connect with your kids  Should you adjust your homeschool schedule to a public-school schedule or not  How to transition into a consistent sleep schedule  The importance of integrating different learning activities  What are lap books and how they can benefit your learning?  Navigating homeschool during the quarantine    Links:  Contact Katherine: (
61:33 12/10/2020
01: Caring for Your Children and Yourself During the Pandemic with Dr. Elisa Song
This year has presented us with a lot of uncertainty. When it comes to the Coronavirus we all have a lot of questions, anxiousness, and concerns. Today’s guest, Dr. Elisa Song is here to put our uneasiness to rest.  As a holistic pediatrician, Dr. Elisa shares how to navigate all of the faulty information we’ve been bombarded with, as well as how to care for ourselves and our children during this time. She talks about how to take preventative measures, how to identify if you may have COVID, and how to treat it if you do.  Join your hosts in this wisdom packed episode to hear more actionable steps you can take to care for you and your children during this time.  Show Highlights:  What is the goal for parent coffee talks  How inaccurate information is causing families more stress  Dr. Elisa shares her experience navigating being a mom and professional during this time  What are the symptoms of COVID and how are they showing up  How can this time by used to teach our children to be resourceful  What can be do to keep ourselves and our communities healthy and safe  What to do if you think you have coronavirus  The importance of eating healthy to prevent illness Ways to specifically help keep kids with chronic health concerns or special needs healthy  Why you shouldn’t have fever phobia and how to treat a fever  How to approach your children with calmness and ease stress  The best supplements for glutathione  How talking to your children and having conversations can help protect them from anxiety of the unknown  What is the reptilian brain and how can we navigate it Things you can do to manage anxiety  Upcoming events and guests  Links: Instagram:
53:11 12/07/2020