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This is the place to help put you on the path to a deeper connection with yourself and your family. Every Monday you'll hear a discussion with a new expert on relationships, family, meditation, spirituality, and much more. Justin provides weekly takeaways on Wednesday and meditations on Friday to send you into the weekend with calm and confidence. It's time to center yourself, reconnect with the people around you, and get heavily meditated with the host of Mindful Impact, Justin Francisco. Email:


113: Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity with Tracee Stanley 53:38 05/24/2021
112: Changing our mental state with words - Core Language Upgrade with Mark England 62:06 05/10/2021
111: Why couples become unfulfilled & how to break free from unconscious relationship roles with Anat Peri 62:33 05/03/2021
110: Venerable Tri Dao - Monk Life and Inside a Monk's Mind. 110:52 04/26/2021
109: Alyse Bacine - What are Akashic Records? Our kids chose to be born to us for a reason. 58:29 04/19/2021
108: Positive ego defense mechanism and the importance of self regulation with Amy Edelstein. 54:49 04/12/2021
107: Being curious instead of being distracted. Heavy Weight of Judgement with Charles Freligh, PhD 67:19 04/03/2021
106: What is self love, how to release tension and stress, taking emotional inventory, and less fighting with your partner with Josh Trent 60:18 03/29/2021
105: Are your Values aligned with your Financial Investments? - Mary Ann Hawley 51:41 03/22/2021
Meditation 10: Natasha Mason - Guard your sanctuary 12:25 03/19/2021
104: Healing Generational Wounds and Parenting Consciously with Yummi Nguyen. 54:47 03/15/2021
Meditation 10: Metta Meditation | Candace Good 13:59 03/12/2021
Top 3: Self Help Genre can be damaging, Cost/Benefit analysis and Patience. 11:38 03/10/2021
103: The Standing Meditation | Nate Rifkin 59:32 03/08/2021
Meditation 9: Dawson Church Tapping Meditation 26:40 03/05/2021
102: Living a Fully Expressed Life and Making Life Changing Choices for You with Lisa Winneke 59:20 03/01/2021
Mediation 8: Five Minutes To Fabulous - Suze Yalof Schwartz 04:56 02/26/2021
Top 3 Takes: Letting go lesson in Tapping into your parental superpowers course 08:36 02/24/2021
101: Letting Go and The Sedona Method with Hale Dwoskin 57:07 02/22/2021
Meditation 7: Northstar Meditation by Michelle Palladini 10:17 02/19/2021
Top 3 Takes: In a loving partnership having shared values, using arguments as growth and scheduling intimacy. 08:59 02/17/2021
100. Prioritizing your partner and growing together with Ellen Boeder 50:24 02/15/2021
Meditation 6: Peace and Tranquility 09:56 02/12/2021
Top 3: Last 20 minutes of the day, four breaths with kids and surrendering. 08:16 02/10/2021
Teaching your children mindfulness and core life values through books with Andrew Newman 53:33 02/08/2021
Meditation 5: Tapping into Love by Nick Matiash 12:06 02/05/2021
Top 3 Takes: Short exercises, chew your food, and finding the cause. 09:52 02/03/2021
98. Functional Medicine, exercise "snacks" and positive psychology with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum 57:49 02/01/2021
Meditation 4: Zen meditation counting one to ten 09:36 01/29/2021
Top 3 Takes: You had no other choice with your past, only you are responsible for your emotional reactions, We can never condemn another without our direct experiencing of the consequences of it. 09:15 01/27/2021