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The remote work revolution is here, yet very few people and companies are prepared for it. Badass Digital Nomads aims to change that, however, by teaching you how to break free from old paradigms and thrive in the remote economy. Get ready to “laugh and learn” with veteran digital nomad, Kristin Wilson of YouTube’s “Traveling with Kristin,” as she teaches you how to master the art of working from anywhere. Professionals of all ages and backgrounds will find value in how Kristin and her guests approach different topics in remote work, entrepreneurship, and travel - all while staying grounded in the timeless principles of philosophy and self-development. What you’ll learn:  How to transition from a 9-5 job to a location-independent career  The many ways to make money online  Where to find high-paying remote jobs  How to start or scale your online business  How to stay productive while avoiding work-from-home burnout  Where to go? The best places to travel or live abroad  And much more! Also stay in-the-know and on the cutting edge of trends in remote work, technology, and travel with Kristin’s “Digital Nomad News” insights - on everything from startup visa programs to where to find the best WiFi. Tune into Badass Digital Nomads every Tuesday at 12pm EST for a new episode to help you stay inspired to design your best life in 2020 and beyond.


From Corporate Lawyer to Full-Time Nomad With Kevin Martin of 30 and a Wake Up 80:11 06/22/2021
Europe Reopening for Summer Travel: France, Spain, Portugal, COVID Certificates, and More 22:45 06/15/2021
Vagabonding with Rolf Potts (Interview from Paris, France) 38:17 06/08/2021
2nd Anniversary Episode - How to Make Money Blogging on Medium with Tom Kuegler (Replay) 46:48 06/01/2021
Inside the Real Bangkok, Thailand (Part 2) with Erick Prince, the Minority Nomad 72:30 05/18/2021
Inside the Real Bangkok, Thailand with Erick Prince, The Minority Nomad (Part 1) 56:54 05/11/2021
How U.S. Expats Feel About Paying Taxes Abroad and Renouncing Citizenship 17:00 05/04/2021
Black Identity Abroad and Creating a Career You Love With Amanda Bates, the Black Expat 76:42 04/27/2021
The Dark Side of Costa Rica - Why Expats Leave 32:12 04/20/2021
Quitting Your Job To Start an Online Business With Mitko From That Remote Life 75:05 04/13/2021
Tulum, Mexico Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Does It Live Up to the Hype? 68:48 04/06/2021
Where To Start in Pursuing a Location-Independent Lifestyle 57:56 03/30/2021
100th Episode - Traveling with Kristin Interview on Travel, Life, and Becoming a Digital Nomad 65:23 03/23/2021
How to Make Any Business Location-Independent 96:23 03/16/2021
What I Hate About Living Abroad 41:10 03/09/2021
What I Love About Living Abroad 42:17 03/02/2021
How To Make $10K/Mo as a Digital Nomad Copywriter in Budapest 64:51 02/23/2021
How To Create and Monetize a Personal Brand in the Age of Remote Work 36:23 02/16/2021
How To Make Money From a Sailboat With No Experience 85:28 02/09/2021
How I See the U.S. After 15 Years Abroad (EXTENDED UNCUT VERSION) 50:48 02/02/2021
How To Overcome Your Fear of Anything With BBC Travel’s Mike Corey 106:37 01/26/2021
How To Overcome Loneliness While Traveling 30:49 01/19/2021
Sailing the World With Sailing Ruby Rose 101:47 01/12/2021
Become a Digital Nomad in 2021 (A Pep Talk) 33:14 01/05/2021
How to Become a Minimalist Digital Nomad 48:20 12/29/2020
How to Build an Online Yoga Empire With Handstand Queen, Marysia Do 94:02 12/22/2020
5 Reasons Why 2021 Is the Best Time to Become a Digital Nomad 33:27 12/15/2020
How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency and Crush Facebook Ads 76:52 12/08/2020
How to Work Remotely from Iceland for Six Months 24:10 12/01/2020
One of the First Digital Nomads From Africa: Agnes Nyamwange 112:04 11/24/2020