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Confess every sin to be forgiven?
Is the new covenant a “renewed” covenant? This ministry saved my life! Why does Hebrews 12 talk about God’s discipline in connection with holiness? What are your thoughts about church based on gender, race, etc.?  What about couples who live together? Do we need to confess every sin to be forgiven by God?
54:01 5/19/24
Forever in His Presence - Part 1
Discussion Questions: How has “experiencing the presence of God” been communicated popularly in the church today? How does this perspective fall short of the amazing truth? How has the concept of “fellowship” been misunderstood in the Christian world today? What is the truth about our fellowship with God? What about when we sin? What happens with the Holy Spirit? What does not happen with Him? (Be specific on the consequences of sin and what we retain.) What heresies is John combating in his first chapter? Why is this so important to understand? How do verses 8 and 10 shed light on who needs the solution of verse 9? Explain. React to this statement: 1 John 1:9 was written to sin deniers, and we believers already have forgiveness and cleansing of all unrighteousness, forever!
39:03 5/19/24
You’re never out of fellowship with God!
Is your next sin already forgiven? Is all of Israel going to be saved? Will I recognize my wife in Heaven? I’m afraid of backsliding. Any advice? Do Christians sometimes break fellowship with God? What does it mean that Jesus rose from the dead?
25:01 5/18/24
Closer to God? No!
Are we progressively getting closer to God? Do we have to be baptized to go to Heaven? Did Jesus appear in the Old Testament? From a grace perspective, what is the value of a quiet time?
25:01 5/17/24
“A better deal than Adam and Eve?”
Do we still need to deny ourselves? Who has a reprobate mind? Do we go to be with God immediately upon death or do we have to wait? Did Adam and Eve actually see God? What was it like for them?
25:01 5/16/24
“Lose your salvation? Are you calling God a liar?”
How did some people believe Phillip’s message but not receive the Spirit yet in Acts 8? What ammunition do those who believe you can lose your salvation have? Are we walking a fine line in being saved?
25:01 5/15/24
Does forgiveness mean no confrontation?
Are we immediately with Jesus after we die? When do you forgive and when do you confront someone who hurt you? Why does it seem like there’s a contradiction between Romans and James about when Abraham was justified? I am experiencing anxiety and poor physical health. Can you help me?
25:01 5/14/24
"How do I walk by the Spirit? How do I offer my body to God?"
What does it mean to walk by the Spirit? Which person of the Trinity should I pray to? Do we need to ask for the Holy Spirit to be saved? What happens when we die? Do we see Jesus right away or are we asleep? Can women speak in church or must they always remain silent? What is a grace-based approach to "witnessing"? How do we practically "offer our bodies to God" (Romans 12:1)? I was baptized and raised as a Catholic, but now I feel no comfort, only anxiety, in the Catholic church. What should I do?
54:01 5/12/24
How Much Did Jesus Do?
I’m thrilled to invite you to this enlightening message celebrating the off-the-charts love and grace of God. Join us as we unpack transformative truths about our once-for-all forgiveness and our death to both the Law and sin, highlighting the freedom and new life we have in Christ. We’ll also explore the resurrection power that has radically changed us and provided us with imparted righteousness. Don’t miss out on this empowering message that will inspire you in the profound reality that Jesus really did do it all for you, making you completely forgiven and completely new! Discussion Questions: Why is it important to frame the entire gospel in terms of how much Jesus did? How does past tense in Ephesians 4:32 and “all” in Colossians 2:13 factor into our forgiveness? React to this statement: The Law is an all-or-nothing proposition. React to this statement: The Law gives sin opportunity to be aroused and master you. How is our death to the Law the same as our death to sin? Cite three ways the resurrection of Christ has transformed you. How does circumcision (cutting away) in Colossians 2:11 offer you a new perspective on the flesh (Greek: sarx)? React to this statement: You’re dead to sin, dead to the world, and dead to the flesh!
36:50 5/12/24
Try to "abide"?
What does it mean to abide in Christ? Why did Jesus have to be resurrected? I know it's not about feelings, but how can I experience my union with Christ more? I feel like I have been misaligned with Him for some time now!
25:01 5/11/24
"How can I be saved?"
What is the minimum one must believe to be saved? How do we interpret "faith and works" in James 2? How can I respect a godless government? Can an addict be saved?
25:01 5/10/24
"Should I keep attending my church or leave?"
What is the mark of the beast? Should I stay at my church if they don't teach the grace of God? I feel negative and awful every morning. What should I do? Are belief and faith different things?
25:01 5/9/24
"Is it okay to live together?"
Is it okay for Christian couples to live together without being married? How did King Saul really die? Is there a discrepancy in the Old Testament about his death? Is it really possible to use the name of Jesus yet not know Him? Why does Jesus say "Depart from Me" to some people?
25:01 5/7/24
"What is a reprobate mind?"
Why did God turn some over to a reprobate mind? Who are those people? What does that mean? How do we know when God is testing our faith? Can I donate my body to science, or does that offend God?
25:01 5/7/24
Did Jesus heal everyone? Actually, no.
Andrew, how was your father saved? Was everyone around Jesus healed? What perspective on healing is healthy today? Is the discipline in Matthew 18 really for Jews under the Law? Why did David mention eating the flesh of bulls and goats? Isn’t there “high sin” that is unforgivable? What about 1 John 1:9? Don’t we need to confess our sins to be forgiven and cleansed? *previously aired
54:01 5/5/24
Complete in Christ - Part 5
In this concluding message of our “Complete in Christ” series, we will explore the profound themes of Colossians 3-4, focusing on the transformative power of the word “let” and the realization that God has already prepared incredible things to happen within us. We will delve into the liberating truth that everything we do can be done in the name of Jesus, and reflect on the beautiful dynamics of respect and love within relationships. Additionally, we will ponder the assurance that God’s treatment of us will never exasperate or discourage us. I encourage you to tune in to this enlightening and inspiring conclusion to our series. Let’s continue to grow together in the deeper truth of our completeness in Christ! Discussion Questions for Colossians 3-4: The word “let” appears three times (3:15-16 and 4:6) in this passage. What does the word “let” tell you about what God has already prepared to happen in you? Read verse 17 and react to this statement: Everything you do can be done in the name of Jesus. Yes, everything. Read verses 18-19. Paul seems to be implying that husbands primarily desire respect and wives primarily desire love. Does this resonate with you? Why or why not? Read verse 21 and react to this statement: God the Father’s treatment of you will never exasperate you or cause you to lose heart. Read verse 24. How does “the reward of the inheritance” throw a wrench in the common view of rewards being earned through good works? How do you get an inheritance? Read Colossians 4:2-4. Would you consider praying for The Grace Message and The Grace Church that God would “open up to us a door” for the message of Christ to go forth and that He would enable us to “make it clear”? (We thank you for praying for us!)
35:17 5/5/24
"Does God still discipline us?"
Does God chastise us? Discipline us? What does that look like? Was the thief on the cross the first Christian? Does Acts 16 mean that we can believe and our whole family is then saved? How did God divide Israel's land? Why? What does it mean to trust in the Lord and not your own understanding?
25:01 5/4/24
All or Nothing - Episode 3
Here’s Episode 3 of “All or Nothing.” In this three-part series, Dr. Andrew Farley and Pastor Tim Chalas engage in entertaining conversation filled with surprising and powerful truths. This is a fun and freeing series you don’t want to miss!
14:46 5/3/24
"God chose us to be in Him? Calvinism? Universalism?"
How can we understand God's foreknowledge and predestination? My pastor says we only love God about 80% of the time. Is this true? If God chose for us to be "in Him" before the foundation of the world, does that support either Calvinism or Universal Salvation?
25:01 5/3/24
The Obedience of Faith
Are Christians permitted to divorce and remarry? Does the New Testament really say we are forgiven - past, present and future? Why does Hebrews 5 say that only those who obey Jesus are eternally secure? Who are the “lukewarm” people that are rebuked in Revelation 3?
25:01 5/2/24
“Witnessing” by the Spirit
Do you have information on Jesus‘s life between age 12 and 30? What does “help meet” mean in Genesis 2:18? How can I know God is actually listening to my prayers? What does the Bible say about gold-diggers? I’m remarried now, and my husband’s children will not accept me. What can I do? I’ve struggled with witnessing and finding a happy medium. What is the healthy way forward?
25:01 5/1/24
What is the sin that leads to death?
What is the sin leading to death? Could the “if” in 1 John 1:9 really be a “since”? Will I always believe? What if I lose my memory? Does Revelation really say not to worship Jesus but only God?
25:01 4/30/24
“How do so many miss the truth?”
Why were the books of Enoch and Mary not included in the canon? Are there any contradictions in the King James Version? How can so many churches and ministries miss the truth of God’s grace? What does “outer darkness” refer to in Matthew 25?  How should we view heavenly rewards? What does the Parable of the Ten Virgins really mean? My ex-wife won’t let me see my son, and I feel like I hate her. I don’t want to feel this!
54:01 4/28/24
Complete in Christ - Part 4
In this illuminating journey through the first half of Colossians 3, we’ll uncover the inspiration Paul offers for renewing our minds and thinking differently. We’ll also delve into the beautiful concept that our lives are hidden with Christ in God and celebrate the truth about our closeness to Him. And we’ll unpack what it means to “put on” the outside what’s already on the inside, reflecting what we’ve received from God to others. I look forward to exploring these transformative truths with you as we deepen our knowledge of our new identity in Christ! Discussion Questions for Colossians 3: Read verses 1-2. What inspiration does Paul offer for thinking differently? Read verses 3-4 and react to this statement: Your life is hidden with Christ in God. Christ is your life! Read verses 5-8 and react to this statement: Don’t walk like them because you are not them. How do verses 9-10 demonstrate (via past tense) that we believers can now “be ourselves”? What is being “renewed”? Does “chosen of God” in verse 12 support Calvinism? Why or why not? Why does verse 13 appear to be the opposite of what we see in the Lord’s Prayer (if you forgive others, then God will forgive you)? How do we explain the discrepancy? Read verse 14 and react to this statement: Put on love (on the outside), because love has been poured in your heart (on the inside).
38:40 4/28/24
“How do you know you’re right about God’s grace?”
How do you know that a grace-centered perspective is the most accurate interpretation of the Gospel? Why does Jesus tell some people “depart from Me”? How does God view your spirit, your soul, and your body? Is your body evil? Or is it holy?
25:01 4/27/24
Die to self? Or count yourself alive?
Why did Jesus sometimes ask people to keep His miracles a secret? Do we need to take up our cross every day? Die daily? If not, does this mean there’s no struggle? Is this just semantics? How is this an important and powerful truth in the moment of temptation?
25:01 4/26/24
“No sacrifice left?”
Why did Jesus say “go and sin no more” if He knew we’d still sin? What does Hebrews 10 really mean when it says there’s no sacrifice left for those who sin willfully? Why does God allow autism? Which of the Old Testament laws still apply today?
25:01 4/25/24
“Are the desires of my heart good?”
How do we deal with disappointment with God? How can we say God is good when so many bad things happen? Why did Jesus say the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath? Is it okay to express the desires of our heart to God and ask Him for them?
25:01 4/24/24
Forgiven but judged?
Do angels have gender? What purpose do they serve? Why does Passover come after Easter? Should all Christians observe Passover too? If we believers are totally forgiven, why do some say we will have to answer for every idle word at the final judgment?
25:01 4/23/24
Did Jesus heal everyone? Actually, no.
Andrew, how was your father saved? Was everyone around Jesus healed? What perspective on healing is healthy today? Is the discipline in Matthew 18 really for Jews under the Law? Why did David mention eating the flesh of bulls and goats? Isn’t there “high sin” that is unforgivable? What about 1 John 1:9? Don’t we need to confess our sins to be forgiven and cleansed?
54:01 4/21/24

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